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nonexistent physiology

  1. Psychomaster35

    Nonexistence Above Every Incorporeal Level?

    If a character is able to interact with nonexistent beings, does this mean they can also interact with conceptual/abstract/thought beings by default? I'm thinking that given how the latter still exists while the former doesn't, it would logically make non-existent beings on a higher scale of...
  2. TheGatememer

    Does NEP Type 2 inherently grant any type of Nonduality?

    Title, basically. And as a bonus, would it be an anti-feat of Type 2 Nonduality if other characters have feats of interacting with them? Or does that just mean said characters can interact with characters who have Type 2 Nonduality?
  3. TheGreatJedi13

    Granblue Lucilius Zero

    This CRt aims to completely overhaul Lucilius profile with the new one New Profile https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/User:DivinumAeterna/Sandbox Old https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Lucilius_(Granblue_Fantasy) Legend Marking for the sandbox ?: Moved to a different key ??: moved with new...
  4. Robo432343

    can a guy with CM type 1 interact with nonexistent physiology type 2 aspect 2

    Basically character A has type 1 concept hax, has no feats of interacting with NEP 2 aspect 2 is fighting B who has nonexistent physiology type 2 aspect 2. However, character B is a type 2 concept. can character A interact with B?
  5. Astral_Trinity439

    Tensei Shitara Slime no Datta Ken Revision (Light Novel)

    Requested for closure
  6. Braking

    Question about NEP and poo

    How does one differ type one and rwo of NEP? Like. Materialistic? Fundamental? Really? What does it MEAN to be fundamentally nonexistent or materially.
  7. ChoursDropoff

    Question about Nonexistent physiology

    Would a character who can either AP nuke, Erase, or destroy their cosmology via any other methods have non physical interaction or EE that can touch NEP? Assuming their cosmology had nonexistent universes and or places in the cosmology that are non existent.
  8. Nexus_still_slams

    Some upgrades for Han jee Han (like a nonduality) - The Gamer

    Since this thread was accepted, i will try to push my luck this time : Nonduality type 2 : we already see in the previous CRT that Tongcheon has Nonduality type 2, i will in this CRT try to prove that Jihan posses the same. Bosmon is the armor of jihan, it is made of slime metal and is fused...
  9. Astral_Trinity439

    TenSura Upgrade [WN]

    Since the last thread was successful, lets go over a WN revision now, shall we :D Please refrain from being toxic, and refrain from derailing the thread, we want a meaningful discussion here! Now lets start with the thread, this will be quite long for some, so please bear with it Introduction ...
  10. Robo432343

    NEP vs character with Higher D AP

    character A has 4D NEP and character B is also 4D but has 8D AP can character B defeat character A by nuking the cosmology by 8D AP??
  11. Pedonar

    Is this enough for Nonexistent Physiology

    Whenever the MC overuses his power, he enters something called Narivana or infinity realm. It was stated that when he enters, he becomes nothingness and also becomes one with the universe. The MC still exists, but at the same time, his consciousness or mind only becomes nothingness for limited...
  12. Nekobako

    Interaction by NEP

    If characters with Nonexistent physiology Aspect type 1 don't have a feat or description that they are able to interact with reality Will they have this limitation by default? As the user no longer exists, they may be unable to interact with reality.
  13. Astral_Trinity439

    NEP Nature and Void relation

    So.... let's say there is something that is called a Void, and this void has an "energy", to be precise its called "negative energy"[-1]. Said energy and void erase anything that come into contact with it, and the void remains as long as the negative energy remains, or say, doesn't turn to true...
  14. Robo432343

    God Nonexistent Physiology

    I was looking at the profile for God and i saw this: Maya is the dream of God. While Maya is the illusion, God is the ultimate Reality, the true reality beyond Maya, the Reality from which all dreams emanated. He is beyond duality (Including the duality of space and time, Infinity and...
  15. Jozaysmith?

    Tensura short upgrade

    Hello there Everyone i didnt copy ultima, This is Jozaysmith, back with one of the last hax upgrade for tensura that will ever be Made or done until Volume 19 real Translation will be out(atleast from me), so until then i will definitely be inactive and hold no any kind of responsibility...
  16. LN Rimuru Nonexistent Physiology Nature type 1 and Aspect type 1,2

    In Vol 16 it is stated that True Dragon are conceptual beings or non physical/spiritual entity that only dies if their conceptual self is destroyed As for Rimuru Ciel stated that He is a Conceptual displayed of Nihility/Nothingness What do you guys think?
  17. Aseka

    Crowley's Nondualism.

    Aleister should get Nonduality Nature 1 Aspect 1 because he is existed and surpassed the realm of 0 or 1. Because of this, he can exist in multiple locations at the same time. He also described as someone who exist in different dimension and destroyed the basic concept of counting. - OT 22 Due...
  18. EL_xWatcher1234x

    SR or NEP ?

    What abilities you could get from this? Does it qualify for Subjective reality or NEP? This the power they were using: 1)Creation Magic (生せい成せい魔法まほう, Seisei Mahō?) grants the user control over any object, structure (be it physical or magical) or mineral, allowing the user to shape or...
  19. TheGatememer

    Being between existence and non existence?

    Would a character be granted anything if they neither exist, nor not exist?
  20. Agnaa

    NEP Aspect Question

    Why isn't there an aspect of Nonexistent Physiology for being physically nonexistent? I don't know many series that feature nonexistence, but that seems to me like it would be way more common than having their "information which shapes reality" be nonexistent, so why does that get a type while...
  21. Wikisource

    Quick question

    A character A is declared or proven to be beyond/transcends existence & non-existence (in the field they are dualistic because I'm not sure if they are dualistic or not :> ). Will character A achieve NEP2 and TD1 and why?
  22. Wikisource

    How about this ?

    A strange question. If a character A is proven to have an AE1 Concept but he also lacks any aspect other than the concept (soul, mind, information, etc...). So should we provide AE1 Concept and NEP1 for character A ?
  23. BreezeHM

    [Fate/Grand Order] Kama CRT and NEP Interaction

    Kama's profile has been fixed with English scans and formatted nicely. Old Profile Now, let's talk about NEP interaction for Servants. Let's move onto NEP Type 3 now with Maxwell Demon. As for Musashi, I'll touch on her in her own thread with a rework for her profile.
  24. Overlord_Darkness

    Adventure Time: Primordial Monsters update

    Hi. Here I'll try to explain why Primordial Monsters should have more powerfull abilities due to their origin. As Lich says, Primordial Monsters existed before the nothingness that predates exsitence. This is actually not Resistence to Void Manip, rather Primordial Monsters have: 1)...

    Better exemples for NEP

    Nonexistent Physiology Page Currently there are only 3 examples for NEP even when it is a very complicated and specific power (Also, of the 3 examples 2 are with horrible profiles). So let's change it for the sheer sake of quality Thats it
  26. Shallow Vernal effecting on NEP beings

    I heard many claims that Shallow Vernal cannot affect NEP being cause NEP can be considered an Immunity of the epilogue from anyone perspective but Countermeasures and Immunities against the epilogue is meaningless in the first place: NEP = Immunity of the epilogue Immunities & Countermeasures...
  27. Migue79

    Non-Physical Interaction: Abstract vs. Nonexistent

    Interacting with which of these two would be more impressive? And why?
  28. AizenSosuke

    Chaos FGO abilities addition

    Hello everynioneeeeee This thread is about abilities addition of Chaos So gets get to it straight 1-Nonexistent physiology Chaos is a formless and void beyond Nonexistence Type 2 as being beyond conventional nonexistence and space-time 2-Large Size The scale of its existence far surpasses...
  29. ShionAH

    What the **** are these haxes?

    Character B thinks and Character A appears in his thought somehow he is alive in the thought bubble and even reaches out and eats a food on the table, he doesn't even exist but effects reality. Then we have another one Character C thinks and Character A appears again talking to Character C...
  30. Rose_of_Ragnarok

    Can Yogiri affect/kill characters with Transduality or Type 2 NEP?

    ^ As the title
  31. hajime

    About Nonexistent Physiology and types

    Can you summarize Nonexistent Physiology and its nature types? with examples (I still don't understand because my english is bad)
  32. Highness

    Kama still be nep 2 right?

    now Is Kama still nep2? Give me a reason. because of her profile, the description is outdated. and sorry if I got anything wrong. because this is my first question here.
  33. AzuRizzz

    Question: Non Existent Physiology.

    Are NEP bound to their dimensionality? For example, can Character A with no nep or means of interacting with one but is a higher dimensional/can affect higher dimensional affect Character B who has 3D nep but is lower in terms of dimensionality?
  34. TheGreatJedi13

    Granblue Fantasy NEP for Avatar and Otherworld

    a quick CRT to update NEP for Granblue fantasy as always Black Background = Read from bottom to top Firstly Primal beast. As explained by the Otherworlders. Primal Beast is created using The Essence of Sky-God (Sky-realms Core) and Astral-God (Astral Power). First, we'll discuss Astral Power...
  35. NatzuX

    FGO Nonexistent?

    Is there any Fate that has nep2? Is Kama still nep2? Give me a reason.
  36. Lesser_Goddess_Alexia

    Tensura Web Novel Revision : Our Slime Doesn't Exist

    This time, I will try to push my luck. First of all, let's talk about Nihility Collapse (Or people are more familiar with Turn Null). Nihility Collapse (Other translations are Nothingness Collapse or Turn Null) is the Primordial Energy that created the world as well as its concept (Great...
  37. Oliver_de_jesus

    could these beings be killed with time travel?

    Character A travels back in time to kill character B, before B becomes Abstract type 1 (Concept type 1 Based) Character A travels back in time to kill character B, before B becomes transdual (Type 1) Character A travels back in time to kill character B, before B becomes transdual (Type 2)...
  38. Oliver_de_jesus

    Mind haxed a 2-A scale Omnipresence being?

    then we scale the power of the mind hax to be able to affect a 4-D being that exists in infinite universes, would it be better than affecting a 4-D being or no? the same but being Omnipresence has AE? the same but being Omnipresence has Nep?
  39. Worenxss1

    About Sertrous

    Can sertrous interact with nep 2?
  40. Fixxed

    NEP aspect type 5 for Graham. Maou Gakuin

    Graham's true nature is pure nothingness without order, root, and even reason Order is law and also fate And root is encompasess life and death So graham must have type 5: lack of law, fate, life and death