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  • Hello, I had a small question regarding the cosmology of SCP. Was this blog ever addressed in a thread and if so, could you perhaps link it? Thank you.
    I remember addressing it somewhere, let me see if I can dig it up...

    It had way more issues than just the chaoskampf thing.
    I addressed it in this reply.

    In short, the quotes either aren't as high as he says they are, can't combine in the way he suggests, aren't usable due to rating issues, or already scale to everyone they legitimately scale to on the profiles as they are.
    Thank you Agnaa!
    Hey agnes, sorry to bother but I have a question on 3812

    How high is he into 1-A+ and how fast he transcends cus I have found different stuff out there

    Some say he is not that high and that his transending takes time, while other say he is infinitely into 1-A+ and trandsend instantly
    Sorry to bother you but do you still wanna do that monogatari CRT?
    Oh shit that's awesome.

    We don't see him doing it without permission, but he's the source of Azra Livbar's powers, they both do the same spirit world stuff, and she's done it to people presumably without their permission (many of them are confused when they're first sent over, and she once sent thousands over at once and I doubt she asked them all for permission).

    tl;dr probably but we don't get explicit confirmation.

    Thanks dude!
    (Also, if you wanna keep messaging me can you make a new post? It's hard for me to check for replies here since people have left newer posts on my profile)
    It's fine, the original mediawiki page was more than enough to figure out how to use it.

    I'll repost my old explanation of the blog post comments thing which includes screenshots.

    Blogs used to display the number of total comments rather than just the number of comment threads. Right now it's the latter which makes checking for blog evaluations much more annoying. If you don't quite get what I mean, in this screenshot it shows my blog as having two comments, while it used to show it having 17 comments, as it had that many replies in two comment chains. Since calc members often leave follow-up evaluations in replies, this makes it more difficult to know when members have commented further.
    By the way, another little annoyance I found, despite my default editor being the source editor, and despite it almost always defaulting to that, whenever I create a blogpost it defaults to the new visual editor, and when switching to the source editor after typing in that visual editor, instead of switching it instead displays an error that "This blog page does not exist".

    Is there anyone I should be forwarding this to instead of handing it to you directly?
    Yep, we got that bug on the list of things to fix. Had it for a while now, but atm, since it's just a minor annoyance, the priority is pretty low. Fandom knows, though. Thanks =)

    Btw I also sent that feature request in for blogposts, but as you probably guess bugs take priority over Feature Requests atm. Replies have been added to Notifications, though. (now they just need to make Notifications customizable so we can stop getting annoying upvote notifications)
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    Your comment: https://vsbattles.com/threads/steve-upgrade.80269/post-2734202
    I think the update is going to change that. Maybe just maybe...

    Nether Theory:
    Devs have said that the nether is not below the Overworld the eight to one ratio was inspired by the wheel of time book series and the advancement we need to go deeper is a reference to the movie inception where deeper doesn't refer to physical altitude there's also the advancement subspace bubble in reference to this mechanic further disproving the theory. Also I clearly remembered that in the Minecon 2019 Livestream answered that the Nether is separate dimension. But I forgot the time stamp.

    Aquatic Update:
    -The people says Packed/Blue Ice doesn't melt is game mechanic.
    -The people says infinite basalt/cobblestone generator is game mechanic.
    -Packed Ice and Blue Ice doesn't melt because it's extremely necessary to have variants of Ice in the game. Packed ice is slippery, causing most entities to slide, including items. Blue ice is a solid block similar to packed ice and ice, but much more slippery and essential block to create basalt generator. Ice produces water when broken is Works As Intended, MC-100036. Packed ice produces water when broken is A Bug, MCPE-10385. Breaking ice creates water source block in the Nether is A Bug, MCPE-15052.
    -The basalt generator solidifies the fact that Minecraft physics was made to distinguish between Water and Blue Ice as they made basalt/cobblestone generator. By that logic then Minecraft physics was made to distinguish between all ice. Ice block, ice made from Frost Walker and Snow from the ground were the only thing that melt as Works As Intended. Packed Ice and Blue Ice was never made realistic. But it's safe to say that Snow Block never melt is game mechanic. But Blaze, Enderman and Strider that interacts snowy weather is weirdly Works As Intended, MC-194697 and MC-176689. Which further solidifies the fact that was made to distinguish between basalt generator and cobblestone generator, same thing to snowfall and rain. Therefore it's less about "temperature" and more about "physical interaction" between entities, items, blocks and biomes.

    Nether Update:
    Before: The people says respawn is game mechanic.
    After: The respawn anchor solidifies the fact that respawning is canon. The end poem be like "always has been"

    It has been clear a lot of game mechanic features being made become canon further in their updates.
    Now. This is my thoughts/prediction about Cave and Cliffs Update.

    In Cave and Cliffs Update:
    If the Bundles filled with item's weight can interact with more elaborate in redstone mechanics such as pressure plate, redstone comparator and maybe dispenser, it will further solidifies that stacks/slot/inventory is canon.

    I just wanna know your thoughts.
    Imma bookmark this talk cuz I making a collection of Minecraft Trivia.

    How All Fiction isn't 4D if it can erase the Consept of time itself?
    Because erasing the concept of time doesn't make an ability 4-D. It's just concept manip on time, no 4-D potency is required for that.

    You may as well ask "How isn't All Fiction 4D if it can freeze pools?"
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