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nero (devil may cry)

  1. Palito266

    DMC Hax Revisions 2: Electric Boogaloo

    Good evening yet again, today I will present to you some miscellaneous abilities of DMC that were found by me whilst I was doing a research on a bigger project on the same verse. This should be fairly easy to add anyway, so here it is: - 1) Air Manipulation: The Demon World can cause the air...
  2. Mister6ame6

    Minor Nero Upgrade - DMC

    Well, maybe a minor upgrade for Nero, so lets see how this goes: Low Multiverse level: (After training for one month to get stronger to face Urizen once again, by simply killing demons, he was stated by Nico that thanks to her he have regained his lost strength from his DMC4 self and stated...
  3. Jozaysmith?

    Two kings fight for a spot in top strongest

    two battle lords fight each for the spot in top strongest in 2-C Nero vs Veldanava who takes it Speed unequalised Every key is allowed Velda: Nero: Tie:
  4. Deagonx

    [DMC] Yamato/Nero Hax Removal

    Currently, the sword Yamato has Resistance Negation and Power Nullification based on the claim that it nullified Nero's Resistance to Absorption when the Vicar stabbed Nero with it. Nero's resistance seems to come from the Demon Physiology page which lists Low Tier demons (and up) as having...
  5. chosen

    Sparda Heritages can't heal from all that

    Okay so simple as that, sparda heritages mid godly regen don't fit the definition at all Sure what happened to nero was om physical spiritual and mental level but issue is "The ability to regenerate from the COMPLETE ERASURE of one's body, mind, and soul." While yes Nero was Pretty injured he...
  6. Oliver_de_jesus

    Laser, pls don't kill me: Satoru Gojo vs Nero Sparda

    To lazy to write a good story DMC4 Pre-DT Nero vs Old Satoru Gojo SBA, Speed equal and in-character Deadweight: The Ex-strongest sorcerer: oh no bro:
  7. Palito266

    Devil May Cry: Finale of Combat (Hax Thread)

    Hello everyone, it is me again back with another thread to argue a lot of hax's in favor of DMC, and to give you some more context into things that haven't been seen yet... Without further a do, let's begin. - 1) Resistance to Probability Manipulation and Death Manipulation: (For Dante) The...
  8. Mister6ame6

    Minor DMC CTR

    Well, there was a tiny thing i'm wanted to add so lets get to it. DMC5 Devil Breaker Nero Low Complex Multiverse level (After training for one month to get stronger to face Urizen once again, by simply killing demons, he was stated by Nico that thanks to her he have regained all his lost...
  9. Devil May Cry Discussion thread

    Hello! well, as there wasn't any discussion thread made in regards of Devil may Cry, I decided to make this one myself. Hope we all have fun! 🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕
  10. BlastX

    Nero VS Garou

    Both High 4-C, DMC4 Nero is used, battle takes place in Mallet Island(more specifically were Dante fought Nelo Angelo for the final time), Nero starts in Devil Trigger. That Cocky Punk Nero:0 The current most spammed character:0 Nero gets bored and leaves/Draw:0...
  11. GilverTheProtoAngelo

    Nero vs Nero - Fate vs DMC

    DMC5 Nero Vs Nero Cladius No Instakill hax, speed equal. 6C versions.
  12. Kodai_no_Kami

    Question about Sparda's sons

    So do Dante, Vergil and Nero have high godly regen in their base? They're only stated to have that in their devil trigger, but they have both high demon physiology and Sparda heritage in their profiles?
  13. Kisaragi_Megumi

    6-C Tournament "Journey Through Ride of Mystery and Supernatural Power" Round 1 - Match 9: DMC5 Nero vs Platinum Sperm

    ALTERNATIVE TITLE: "DESPITE BEING A POWERFUL MONSTER, IN THE END YOU ARE NOTHING BUT USED FOR...." Another day, another job for this hot-headed demon hunter to exterminate the demons or monsters that has been rampaged on all the way he went As you know, the Round 1 of Island Destroyer...
  14. Theglassman12

    DMC PoC continued

    Continuation of this thread. Considering numerous people kept derailing the thread to hell and back with stuff not relevant to the discussion, I'm moving this to here. And I'm allowing @Sevil Natas @Lightning_XXI @Tony_di_bugalu @GilverTheProtoAngelo and @KLOL506 to comment here. If any normal...
  15. Sevil Natas

    Damn you PoC! (Devil May Cry Revisions)

    this revision aims to add the new Powers and lore we've got from DMC Peak of combat, this includes some big things, so let's start with the biggest. Souls : The Soul It continues to hide mysteries that humans and demons don't understand, mysteries but every human has such. A basic...
  16. Mister6ame6

    Yhwach fights against a deadweight

    Nero Yhwach Speed Equalized Both are in characters They start 5 meters apart from each other
  17. Mageman460

    DMC Nero Upgrade (and potential downgrade)

    So I got into the DMC series kind of recently and something seemed off about Nero's profile. Specifically some of his tiers seemed wrong. DMC 4 In the current DMC 4 scaling for Nero's Pre DT state, Nero is rated above Echidna who he doesn't fight until after he awakens his DT. He still fights...
  18. Aetheric Pariah

    Devil May Cry's Contentious Ratings

    Off site for a while now, there has been a blog circling around regarding DMC and it's current standing (Universal-Low Multiversal). Hell, DMC is now straight up 2-C on the site now. I think it's best to bring the blog to the wiki officially beyond talking about it in some general discussions or...
  19. Tony_di_bugalu

    DMC regeneration possible update

    I'm tired so lets go straight to the point. The proposal for this thread is something along the lines of Low-Godly Regeneration for demons : Low Tiers/Lesser Demons: In the Devil May Cry universe, demons are many kinds of evil spirits and they also can send their consciousness from the Demon...
  20. Tony_di_bugalu

    The Star King vs The Young Devil Hunter: The Battle for the Blue Rose

    I was requested to do this so don't expect me to be very active here Nero vs Kirito got into a battle to decide who has the best Blue Rose this wiki has seen in like 2 weeks. Speed Equal, SBA. Nero: Kirito: Incon:
  21. Scottycj256

    Nero (Devil May Cry 5) vs Nero (Fate/EXTRA)

    The Battle of the Neros Speed Equalized DMC5 Nero at 6-C versus Fate/EXTRA Nero at 6-C All Devil Breakers allowed and all Noble Phantasm techniques allowed Deadweight Descendant of Sparda: 1 (KnightofSunlight) Padoru Padoru Servant: 1 (Expectro2000xxx) They give up: 4D Sparda Soul Hax...
  22. DragonLord

    Silver The Hedgehog (Game) Vs Nero (DMC)

    You ever noticed how gaming Duos who are Red and Blue get a third Addition that initially has mixed reputation but get fans over time?, I just thought that was interesting Silver: 0 Nero: 1 Inconclusive: 0 Speed Equalized, 2-C Used for Both (Super Silver vs DMC5 Nero)
  23. Mister6ame6

    Sparda Heritage CTR (Devil May Cry)

    Well, as you can see from looking in Dante, Vergil and Nero profiles, they have a lot of similar abilities and resistances that they share from having the same power source, Sparda's blood and soul, so to make the profile less clutter to see from both the supporters and the people that just want...
  24. Cloozuma

    Johnny vs Johnny

    Johnny time travelled with the infinite spin then met Nero in Redgrave City. Apparently this is Johnny vs a Character voiced by Johnny. Act 4 Johnny and DMC 5 Nero Speed Equal Paraplegic Man with Sleep Paralysis Demon: Deadweight Grandson of Sparda: 1 Aight, bringing the others:
  25. SheevShezarrine

    Which Video Game Am I Thinking Of?

    Japanese Name of the studio that made/published it starts with a K/hard C sound Stars a white-haired anime boy with a sword, who fans of the series initially disliked due to their demeanor and due to taking the spotlight from the previous fan favorite protagonist White-haired anime boy with a...
  26. BlackDarkness679

    Demon Hunter johnny Yong Bosch (Nero) vs Shinigami Johnny Yong Bosch (Ichigo) (7-0-0)

    DMC4 and Post Bankai Training Speed = SBA DMC4 protagonist: 7 Bleach protagonist: 0 JYB voices a tie: 0
  27. LordGriffin1000

    Danny Phantom vs Nero (Devil May Cry 4)

    Yup, I'm doing this!. Ghost Hybrid vs Demon Hybrid Season 3 Danny Phantom vs Devil May Cry 4 Nero 6-C versions, Speed is Equalized, both In Character. Ghost Hybrid: Demon Hybrid: 1 (GliverTheProtoAngelo) Inconclusive: 3 (Tony di bugalu, Cloozuma, Mister6ame6) Important Note: I'm using 6-C...
  28. Lightning_XXI

    Dante Vs Nero, but with the forgotten versions

    Uncle and Nephew go to kill each other with Vergil watching and drinking monster energy drink - DMC1 Dante Vs DMC5 Devil Breaker Nero, both At least 6-C - Sparda Sword and DT are restricted - Nero has one of each Devil Breaker, and Dante has only the Devil Arms from 1 + Rebellion, since...
  29. GilverTheProtoAngelo

    Johnny Young Bosch Vs Byakuya Kuchiki

    Recreation of Soul Society Arc finale.... Instead of Ichigo Vs Byakuya its Nero vs Byakuya... 6C Versions for Both. DMC5 PreDT Nero for this match, will change to DMC4 if necessary Speed Equalised. Soul Hax restricted for both. Byakuya Kuchiki Nero This is my first time ever...
  30. Lightning_XXI

    New feats, support and re-scalling for DMC Mid Tiers

    Hello guys Once again, everything detailed and explained in my blog Please read carefully, it's long and needs full understanding in order to be discussed
  31. Seventy96

    Stand user vs almost stand user (Funny Valentine vs Nero)

    Devil May Cry 4 Nero Funny have Holy Corpse Nero knows that Funny is a stand user, but don't know about his powers Speed equalized In character
  32. BlackDarkness679

    Ichigo vs Nero (Johnny Yong Bosch edition)

    Well now that Bleach upgrades went through this must happen True Bankai Ichigo vs DMC5 Nero Speed equalized Who wins? Devil Hunter Johnny Yong Bosch: 9 Soul Reaper Johnny Yong Bosch: 0 Recasting Johnny Yong Bosch: 0
  33. Shmooply

    Overprotective deadweights duke it out!

    Seiya Ryuuguuin vs Nero RULES: Speed equalized, dummy Seiya is in his Level 37 key, and Nero in his DMC4 one Nero has the Yamato (obviously) Seiya has some speed seeds so he doesn't get immediately AP stomped Seiya: Nero: Incon:
  34. Stillwinston

    Ky Kiske vs Nero (DMC) - We're as good as they are!

    Might as well try this, if Sol vs Dante is a bad idea this is probably one too. Speed is equalised. Both are Low 2-C, SBA otherwise Nothing can be achieved without hope: 2 I'm not deadweight: 0 Incon: 0 https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Ky_Kiske...
  35. Cultivator_Daemon

    Nero (Devil May Cry) VS. War (Darksiders)

    The Rookie Devil Hunter Nero VERSUS! Rider of the Red Horse War Conditions: DMC4 Nero and Darksiders War. Both are in-character Speed is equalized Voting: Nero (Devil May Cry): War (Darksiders): Inconclusive:
  36. KnightOfSunlight

    DMC Low 1-C upgrade via scaling the Demon World's size

    This video summerizes my arguments. Thank you for your time
  37. Lightning_XXI

    Blue Monsters Hunters Fight

    I hope this works - Nocturne of Recollection Richter and DMC5 Nero, both Low 2-C - Speed is equal - Both are n character - Starting range is 30 meters Blue Hunter with focus on Vampires: Blue Hunter with focus on Demons: D makes them curious:
  38. ZackyD2

    Nero runs the gauntlet

    End of DMC5 Nero goes through previous bosses. R1: Mundus R2: Argosax (both phases] R3: Arkham R4: The Savior R5: Post-Fruit Urizen
  39. Oliver_de_jesus

    Deadweight vs purple man

    now that the MCU is 7B we can do this 7B deadlift without yamato (I don't want slices of thanos) and thanos base (if thanos can't then change it for thanos with an infinity gem) speed = y sba Dante soul hax lol so I didn't make the fight deadweight: 1 purple man: Patty shoots:
  40. Lightning_XXI

    Nero Vs Lucia - The Final Battle

    The last one might be outdated so I'll make this again - Both at least 7-B, Endgame DMC4 Nero and Endgame Lucia - Both in character, here Nero doesn't have to save Kyrie from someone so he's not that pissed as he was in 4 - Fight starts with 50 meters between them The Deadweight: The...