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  • Mister6ame6
    Well, let's see if even universal Bleach was accepted nowadays, it may go through lol.

    Assuming that it goes through, Yhwach will be extremely busted, since he can bypass his own resistances when he absorbs the SK if i'm not mistaken. Fate, causality and precognition that works on Type 4 Acasuals is a very broken ability to have tbn.
    Would this qualify for you?
    The new soldiers, who were informed that this was the current Rei-o, were extremely confused.
    'Looking at' the riot going on in the Kyogoku, the monk thought that perhaps this was a good
    opportunity for them to learn the Soul Society's secrets. After discovering that the soldiers guarding the
    Phoenix Palace had been violated, the monk had asked Oetsu and the others to assemble so that they
    could all delve into the past.
    "During that age, all of creation was in a state of ambiguity. There was neither life nor death;
    progression and regression flickered to and fro. Swaying and swaying slowly; this waning and waxing
    world waited for a hundred million years to cool down. Eventually, Hollows became a part of the
    circulation of souls."
    The monk spoke in a matter-of-fact tone; quietly reminiscing about the world that existed before the
    birth of Hueco Mundo and the World of the Living.
    "But before long, Hollows began devouring humans. And so, the circulation ceased. All those souls came
    together to form a gigantic Hollow, a Menos. The world became completely still. But you know, it's a
    strange thing. A new life came into being. As if the world itself naturally rejected it, he destroyed it and
    turned it into sands of reishi; thus, circulation began once again."
    "That was the Rei-o of the first era...?"
    "That's right. Others; with special powers, including myself; appeared, but it is fair to say that the Rei-o
    stood out; his powers very close to omnipotence and omniscience."
    The monk paused, recalling the former Rei-o who had already disappeared from this throne.
    "As the Rei-o continued to protect the world from the Hollows by annihilating them; to prevent the
    world from stagnating, the world itself began to slowly sink into chaos."
    The monk went on, stroking his beard.
    "However, there were those who did not find this state of affairs agreeable. There were five of them.
    Although not as much as the Rei-o; they were strong. They were the original founders of the Five Great
    Noble Houses, including the Shiba family."
    The monk told them.
    Each of them had different motives.
    The Tsunayashiro ancestor was afraid that this mighty power would someday be used against them.
    The ancestor of the opposing clan said that it was necessary to have a world that would serve as the lid
    to cover up the 'pit' that would later be known as 'Hell'.
    The Kuchiki ancestor believed that a new order was necessary to solidify the world more.
    The Shihoin ancestor said that it was necessary to form a larger circulation to advance the stagnant
    And the Shiba ancestor wanted to explore the path of purification of Hollows rather than destruction;
    since they too had hearts.
    But their widely varying motives strangely led to the same goal in the end; to split the world. A world of
    order, a world of implementation, also a paradise of sand where Hollows from two sides would end up
    Perhaps another form of the world would be born, but the essential thing was the clear separation the
    world of the 'living' from the world of the 'dead'.
    In order to turn this division into a reality, what was required was the power of a man who transcended

    Rei'o originates from the original universe which is fundamentally different. Iirc working on a different system is type 4.
    Well, sorry for my very late reply, i was bery busy with irl stuff.

    Since the existence was in state of ambiguity at that time, i would say the implications leads towards Type 4, but i can see people saying that is vague without being more specific in the statement, however, you can get immortality type 5 for then when they mention that at that time when Rei'o originates ''There was neither the concept of life nor death'', meaning that this concepts never applied to him, since he was born.

    When they mention that Rei'o transcended everything, seems to imply for me that he exist outside the laws/logic of the Living World and Hueco Mundo, meaning that he is not going to get affected by anything that happens in this 2 universes as a whole (For example, messimg with space-time fabric. past, present and future, laws that exist upon reality in the universes, etc..)

    There seems to be some evidence that he is indeed a Type 4 being in the statements, but i'm cannot confirm for you if staff is going to agree 100% with Type 4 for him, at least, i'm believe you maybe get a possibly/likely for him with that, but cannot confirm 100% for sure tho.

    And yeah, working on a different system is Type 4 Acausality.
    Goals/To-Do List:

    Charge the link and add Biological Manipulation Resistance for Demon Physiology: Because they are immune to Beastheads assimilation process in Liga

    Charge Self-Sustenance Type 1 in Demon Physiology for Poison Manipulation Resistance in Liga

    Change word Blood Manipulation for Blood Empowerment in Demon Physiology on liga

    Change Reactive Power Level for Pain Empowerment in Demon Physiology on liga

    Charge the regeneration scan for this one

    Add Universal Range with Dimensional Travel for demons on Demon Physiology in Liga: Because Demons can travel between The Demon World and The Human World and can also live inside the Fault's body, which is another dimension

    Add life Manipulation in the Trasmutation in Demon World Energy in Liga

    Add Absolute Zero resistance for demons since Demons are unaffected by being in ice rooms made by King Cerberus, which the ice is confirmed to be absolute zero potency

    Add Illusion Creation in the Statistics Reduction in Demon World Energy in Liga and charge the scan for this one

    Add Immortality Type 7 in Demon Physiology on Liga

    Add Emphatic Manipulation in Demon Physiology on Liga

    Add Demonic Energy Manipulation, Unholy Manipulation and Magic Manipulation in Liga since Every demon power, physical or magical, shares the same source of energy, their Demonic Energy. They can channel it through objects to increase their power, manifest it out of thin air to create a platform for double jumps, among other uses. Although not every demon is capable to use Demonic Energy as magic

    Add Gravity Manipulation for The Demon World in Liga

    Charge Healing for Devil Trigger users for demons in they true forms and add Acid Manipulation as a feat of regen for demons in they true froms in Liga
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