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monitor-mind the overvoid

  1. NHTkenshin2

    Misconception about the Overvoid

    A couple months ago, a thread was made that removed the Overvoids non-duality, which is obviously weird considering the general attribute that described the Overvoid was that it is a non-dual void. This thread is not to say that the other thread was wrong, partially at least, it's clearing up a...
  2. Elizio33

    Remove Transduality from Monitor-Mind The Overvoid

    As the name of this thread suggests, Transduality should be removed from the Monitor-Mind The Overvoid page. Currently, Monitor-Mind The Overvoid has types 2 of transduality in its profile, but there are some issues with that. This is taken directly from the Transduality page of the wiki...
  3. VeryGoofyToddler

    Mandrakk Updated Profile

    This thread will primarily focus on what Mandrakk has in his current profile that needs fixing due to inconsistencies, contradictions, and the actual powers that Mandrakk should have. Abstract Existence(Type 1) > Abstract Existence(Type 2): The reason due to this change would have to come from...
  4. NHTkenshin2

    Lucifer question (DC comics)

    In Lucifer (2006) #75 There is a statement that has troubled me because of people in the true form of hell (tiktok) use as evidence that Lucifer is a “Overvoid level entity” As many would guess what i am talking about, i am referring to this scan Is this really anything to scale Lucifer or...
  5. ThePirateKing777

    DC Comics The Great Darkness Revisions and other things.

    So in the latest issue of Justice League Incarnate #4, It is revealed that In the beginning before creation and The Light existing was The Great Darkness/The Great Evil Beast. The Light was depicted in being the same as The Overvoid with it being called “Immaculate Perfection” as well as The...
  6. Unwanted

    New Evidence the Overvoid/Monitor-Mind is an aspect of the Presence

    Justice League Incarnate came with information about the origins of creation and the Overvoid. It clarified that the Overvoid/Monitor-Mind is in reality, only the light of the Presence being all there is, without darkness. Here is the story: In the beginning before creation and the light...
  7. Rabbit2002

    Overvoid vs Overvoid

    Since SCP get upgrade, so let do it (before CD get downgrade to 1C or WTF is it) The Overvoid Lurk (SCP) vs Monitor Mind Overvoid (DC) Both High-1A Speed is equalized SBA is applied
  8. Ned_the_outer_god

    DC High 1-A (and 0) downgrade

    So, the high 1-As (and 0) in DC are their tier due to having the dc multiverse as a drawing on the over-monitor. This is the wrong tier for multiple reasons: Being infinitely superior to a 1-A or viewing them as fiction only equates to a higher level of 1-A, not high 1-A In order to get a high...
  9. Rikimarox2

    Why is Monitor-Mind The Overvoid High 1-A?

    Not a CRT or anything, just wanted to know why it is actually H1A. Is there like an infinite 1-A or 1-A+ hierarchy in DC that Monitor Mind transcends? Because I'm pretty sure that's what you need in order to be H1A, but I'm not seeing anything close to that. So, if someone could give me the...
  10. Overlord775

    The Writer Downgrade/Overvoid Upgrade

    Let me get this straight, the Overmonitor has been established over and over as the litteral page where writers in DC use to draw comics, which are made of paper The Writer rappresents every writer that has written for DC, aka it's a bunch of people, which you know, aren't infinite infinities...
  11. Hykuu

    God (DC Comics) Profile Making Explanation

    Grant Morrison directly says that The Source/God/Overvoid are one in the same, and each are just different interpretations and views of the same being During Countdown, The Monitors directly use The Source and The Primal Monitor (Overmonitor) Interchangeably Cronus describes The Godwave, Or...
  12. Hykuu

    God = Source = Presence = Overvoid Merging Profiles

    Just listing all the things which suggest the title of this thread, to help the other thread Grant Morrison directly says that The Source/God/Overvoid are one in the same, and each are just different interpretations and views of the same being During Countdown, The Monitors directly use The...
  13. I'm_Blue_daba_dee_daba_die

    Time to fit the (literal) god of DC comics as well as the others in our new tiering system

    Time to get the big revisions of the god tiers: Endless: Stays at 1-A, pretty much expected especially since they are very baseline and don't transcend and exceed the scale. Stays at 1-A Mother Night/Father Time: Stays at 1-A. Sure they may be stronger than the endless, but they don't exceed...
  14. Deerofdreams

    Tier upgrade for The eonymous

    the eonymous are very strange when it comes to DC comics as the entire story about them is a meta joke and yet i dont think they are given enough credit from my point of view after reading about them and seeing just how powerful i suggest a really terrible comment the eonymous shouldnt be tier...
  15. COSJIN

    Verifying Monitor-Mind's tier

    Just to make certain of the tier for other viewers, I think some links should be provided next to his High Hyperverse Level rating like other characters in the wiki.
  16. Ultima_Reality

    So Let's Talk About Milk Wars

    About time someone made a discussion thread about that This thread contains links to ****************, so I suggest you make sure to use an AdBlock or Antivirus Program when clicking on them. Those kinds of sites tend to be really spoopy. Introductio So, to give you all a brief primer about...
  17. The_Unknown_Warrior1

    The Monitor Mind scaling to The Presence's hax

    As the title says, it's assumed on here that characters like The Presence and such are aspects of The Monitor Mind. So shouldn't hax from those characters be scaled to it?
  18. Yobo_Blue

    Gigantic Animal Man Revision

    A shitty revision for a shitty series made by a shitty author. Anyway, as per usual, I'll be adding abilities and providing scans for stuff on profile. Note: For anyone who doesn't know, the Morphigenic Field/The Red is the animal version of Swamp Thing (Classic)'s Green. Certain parts of this...
  19. Nether_nine

    The "Overmonitor" is not a name for the Overvoid.

    I would request to have the "Overmonitor" regarded as a false fanon name for the Overvoid. Too many people across many forums have confused the Overmonitor (brother of the Anti-Monitor) with the Overvoid. And using that scan of BWL torturing the Overmonitor and etc. as an anti-Feat. I don't...
  20. Elizio33

    Above-All-Others and The One Above All

    The Above All Others is really the same entity as the One Above All? It has been stated that [https://m.imgur.com/a/zeIeIAP TOAA is a gestalt entity made up of every Marvel Creator/Editor/Reader and TOAA is outside and above Marvel. And the Above All Others is a marvel character. So, should we...
  21. Kerwin0831

    Question Overvoid

    What does this mean entirely?
  22. Abu2411

    Yog-Sothoth vs Monitor-Mind the Overvoid

    Both High 1-A The All in One, Master of Gates between Worlds..... vs I'll reck you
  23. Naim_Ishtiak_Ahmed

    The Presence wasn't really injured

    The Presence that was temporarily killed by Gabriel was merely another aspect. And the true Presence is the Void itself.
  24. Kerwin0831

    So somebody just claimed that the Presence is the Overvoid, they are one because of this from the interview

    Can someone clarify this? Because I know GM isn't dumb enough to contradict himself.
  25. Kerwin0831

    Doubt about the Writer

    I just want clarification. It was never stated that the Writer is the manifestation of all the Writers in DC verse right? So why did you put it in his character profile. And the Writer died. And it wasn't stated that the Overvoid is the avatar of Grant Morrison's/Writer's tool -I'm saying this...
  26. Alonis3612

    Is the Overvoid 1-A by descriptions?

    Does Overvoid transcend the concepts of time and space completely or is it just undimensioned void which erases most beings who get into it?
  27. Overlord775

    Reinhard vs the Overvoid

    a very haxed 1-A vs a High 1-A with 4 haxs Nazi God::0 White Canvas:0 Inconclusive:0 I'll reck you LOL Canvas Hoping that this isn't a stomp,
  28. Extreme123dz

    The Over Monitor Question

    So, this is real information/source for The Over Monitor? "Grant Morrison explained it like this in terms of what he's supposed to be. Imagine the Overmonitor is a huge, blank piece of paper. There's nothing on him. Nothing. It's clean, white and pure. Until one day it discovers this crazy...
  29. Extreme123dz

    The Bleed (DC Comic)

    What Exactly is The Bleed? is a Higher Dimension? part os the OverMonitor, another existence, an entitie, a place outside of everiting? if someone can stay in The Bleed are and Higher Dimension being?
  30. TheOmnipotens

    Doubt About The Writer

    By having other writings like The Writer quotes, He it may fall to tier 1-A High? Or does it have an Entity that represents the whole committee of writers?
  31. An image on Monitor-Mind's page...

    Hi all, There is something that has been bugging me for a little while, namely this image on the Monitor-Mind's page: http://i.imgur.com/rf8DXHn.png Although it is a generally good description of Monitor-Mind, there are two flaws in using the page to describe Monitor-Mind. First is that the...
  32. A question about the Overvoid...

    Hi guys, I have noticed that the Overvoid is characterized by an infinite, white void. However, one of the scans on the Overvoid's page that depicts it as a black expanse of nothingness. However, there were references to "the Unmanifest Void", as opposed to the Overvoid directly. This is not...
  33. The Writer (DC) = The Hand (Godhead)?

    Given that the Writer is the Creator of the DC Multiverse, I thought that the Hand from Green Lantern/New Gods:Godhead would be worth discussing. Although the Hand is shown to be many contradictory things in DC Comics, this is the only version that I know of that is said to be responsible for...
  34. Anubis1212

    Can breaking the fourth wall be considered a weakness for the Primal Monitor?

    If the Primal Monitor is considered the blank page and everything in DC exists within it, what about characters who can break the fourth wall? Doesn't that mean that they can exist outside of the primal monitor? And wouldn't they also be able to have power over it?
  35. VenomElite

    DC Comics "The Writer" and Overmonitor Revision

    Matthew Schroeder and I have been discussing this for awhile now at the same time I had another revision in mind (which I'll get into later). Matt and I believe that "The Writer" is the true supreme being of DC Comics and thus is possibly its Tier 0. We both combined our reasonings and came to...
  36. Ali_Ashumov

    The Source is Overmonitor

    On the map Morrison The Source is Overmonitor He also said that in an interview
  37. The Power of Thoughts/Dreams in the DCU

    In "A Dream of a Thousand Cats", it is shown that the thoughts and dreams of mankind are capable of altering reality. Even the Presence is shaped (possibly even made) by the power of thought. There is one memorable occasion when we actually see the power at work (and the explanation behind it)...
  38. Monitor-Mind_The_Overvoid

    The Spectre (and DC Comics) Upgrade

    http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-qXSdfI3FBcA/VesWWo9BN_I/AAAAAAAPnDg/zrxqacsgAYw/s1600/118_19.jpg http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-xwXts0WNFY4/VesWXSxctQI/AAAAAAAPnDw/YPsrIA0zFYw/s1600/118_20.jpg http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-AFo2w2USGoA/VesWXpfSiXI/AAAAAAAPnD0/cRN1ldQrvew/s1600/118_21.jpg As you can see, the...
  39. Become_the_strongest

    Why The Presence is not omnipotent?

    When he said he was shaped by forces i think The presence was talking about the writers. That was a 4th wall feat
  40. Huesito88

    Why is the primal monitor questionably omnipotent?

    Why is he questionably omnipotent? Why is he omniscient I thought he didn't know what the dc universe was at first.