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lord tirek

  1. Spinoirr

    Moro vs Lord Triek

    Planet eater Moro vs Lord Tirek Speed is equal Both are 2-C Moro Seven-Three Absorbed and Post-Discord Tirek are being used Fight takes place on Equestria Moro: Lord Tirek: Icon:
  2. Frieza_force_soldier_100

    Tirek versus Cosmos

    Tirek has obtained his old power back from his peak and is set on ruling Equestria. Cosmos has somehow returned with her base power. Evil battles evil. This is full power Tirek with the Bewitching Bell against base Cosmos. Speed is not equalized. Battle is in Equestria. Tirek Cosmos
  3. Oliver_de_jesus

    Vegeta faces Moro but from another universe

    Vegeta IV, Granolah the Survivor Arc Vs Lord Tirek, Post-Mane Six Speed Equal Start a 100 metres away, Both 4-B and Vegeta can't go higher if Tirek stomps, i can let vegeta know that he faces a rival similar to moro The Prince of Saiyan from Universe 7: 1 (Coolboy6) Moro from Universe 6?: Incon:
  4. Coolboy6

    MLP upgrade (the high 3-A tiers should be at least low 2-C)

    The high 3-A tiers (AKA the Alicorn tiers) should be half 2-C or at least low 2-C. I’ll explain why. In This video (4:20), Nightmare Moon was capable of pushing back the Elements of Harmony blast before being overpowered. The Elements are baseline 2-C, so it would make sense for the characters...
  5. Coolboy6

    Tirek vs Thanos

    4-B full power Tirek used, base Thanos used, speed equalized I am inevitable: Big red centaur:
  6. Coolboy6

    Super perfect Cell vs 2nd form Tirek

    Both are 4-B and speed equal Apologize if this is a stomp Cell: Tirek:
  7. Lord_JJJ

    (0-4-0) Cell vs Lord Tirek

    Third Form Tirek and Super Perfect Cell (Both are 4B) are used, speed equalised Super Perfect Cell : Lord Tirek : 4
  8. SailorGalacticRose

    Magic bubblegum vs a Centaur that steals magic

    Speed Equalized. Tirek is 4-B here and in his final form. Majin Buu is in his Buuhan form. Lord Tirek: Buuhan: Inconclusive:
  9. Psychomaster35

    Four VS Tirek: A number beats up a pony

    Speed is equalized, both are 4-B (Final form Lord Tirek and Planetary Four are used), and the battle is in a star-sized colusseum. Both are 7500 km away from each other. Since I overuse it too much, for once, Four wont have the Anti-Flying Button, unless completely necessary if things get too...
  10. Kiryu2012

    Godzilla vs Lord Tirek

    Godzilla vs Lord Tirek Godzilla x Eva 13 with access to Awakened form vs Full Power Tirek Speed equalized
  11. Iisdude1

    Lord Tirek vs Bill Cipher

    Low 2-C Speed equal Final form Tirek Bill: Tirek:
  12. Ahmed_berserker

    Zola vs FP Tirek

    Low 2-C Versions are Being Used Speed Equalized
  13. Xenomorphios

    FP Tirek vs Jiren

    Tirek is at full power and Jiren is at his base, (both low 2-C) Speed equalized Takes place on an indestructable earth, both are 500km away from each other. area 51 Alien: 5 Inconclusive:0 Magic Draining Centaur:0 "One of the strongest villains of MLP" vs
  14. EMagoIorSouI

    My Little Pony: Revisions are Magic! [Part 3]

    Hey guys. I'm back with more abilities regarding some of the characters in the verse, and even a possible tier upgrade, though I'm a little neutral on it. Let's go. [ LORD TIREK ] Acrobatics - In the Ending of the End, Tirek is seen jumping tremendous distances . I believe he does this more...
  15. MinatoSparkle

    MLP FIM Revision Thread (Part 3)

    Just continuing from here https://vsbattles.com/vsbattles/3483202#499
  16. Lightbuster30

    My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Revision Thread Part 3

    Continued from here. Discuss any revisions related to My Little Pony here.
  17. The_2nd_Existential_Seed

    My Little Pony FiM Revision Thread (Warning: Season 9 Spoilers) [Part 2]

    Hello. This is a thread that will be discussing the upgrade attempt. In the previous thread it was agreed to make a thread but was unsure who should do it. To avoid wasting anymore time I've taken in upon myself to make this thread, as the one who wished the upgrade originally wanted either me...
  18. Lightbuster30

    Vegeta Fights Another Energy Absorber

    Lord Tirek vs SSJ2 Vegeta. Both 4-B with Vegeta a SSJ2 and Tirek post-canterlot. Bloodlust on Speed Equalized Takes place in the World of Void Arena Starts off 10 meters apart Win via any means Vegeta: Lord Tirek:
  19. Tonygameman

    Satan VS Tirek

    Both are 4-C and their speed is equalized. Tirek is in his Post-Shining Armor key. Satan (Puyo Puyo): 0 Lord Tirek: 0 Inconclusive: 0
  20. MinatoSparkle

    The Season 9 MLP FIM premier

    So, season 9 just started and wow, were a lot of things introduced, both in terms of story and for this site. To mention a few, Discord is now confirmed way stronger than Sombra, The Mane 6 can do friendship magic on their own, Grogar was introduced, I believe the fact that Tirek was grown to...
  21. EMagoIorSouI

    My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic revisions!

    I used to wonder what friendship could be!... Alright, here's the deal, none of this goes towards their tier or AP except for the Storm King, it's mostly towards some missing abilities towards some of the villains and other goodies, such as certain justifications towards their statistics, so...
  22. MinatoSparkle

    Tirek Pre-Shining Armor is not Unicorn Twilight level

    Tirek's form right before he absorbed Shining's magic is rated as At least High 6-C, because he stomped Shining Armour. That seems reasonable (I mean, since he STOMPED him, it should be more like at the very least High 6-C, but whatever...), but I am almost certain that he stormed Canterlot...
  23. Jinsye

    Discord vs. Tirek

    Except Discord tries to fight back this time. Considering when he did get his power sucked he literally stood there. AU time, Tirek just brute forces his way into his usual thing without the help of Discord, Discord senses that Fluttershy got drained of her power and is now relatively pissed...
  24. Kiryu2012

    Lord Tirek vs Popeye

    Lord Tirek vs Popeye Fight takes place on the Galapagos islands Rules: Post-Discord Tirek vs Popeye with two cans of spinach on hand SBA
  25. Kiryu2012

    Lord Tirek vs Perfect Cell

    Lord Tirek vs Perfect Cell Fight takes place on Cell's arena Rules: Post-Discord Tirek Speed equalized Otherwise SBA
  26. Kiryu2012

    Lord Tirek vs Dark Bowser

    Lord Tirek vs Dark Bowser Fight takes place where Bowser fought Dark Bowser Rules: Post-Discord Tirek Speed equalized Otherwise SBA
  27. Firestorm808

    Is Star Level AP and Durability in MLP Justified?

    This is in regards to the TV show. All of the big villains in the series on this site scale to the fact that Celestia and Luna move the sun and moon. I can't help but feel that using it as AP, Durability, and etc is an outlier since it thows everything off. Everyone else is around Tier 6, not...
  28. MinatoSparkle

    The Pony of Shadows vs Lord Tirek

    Lord Tirek vs The Pony of Shadows Fight takes place in the plain where Twilight and Tirek originally fought. Rules: Post-4 Alicorn Magic Tirek (I'll make it Post-Discord Tirek if it's a stomp) Both are in-character Size equalized (they're both The Pony of Shadow's size) Otherwise SBA...
  29. Kiryu2012

    Lord Tirek vs The Storm King

    Lord Tirek vs The Storm King Fight takes place in Canterlot Rules: Post-Discord Tirek Both are in-character Otherwise SBA
  30. Kiryu2012

    Ki vs Magic: Son Goku vs Lord Tirek

    Son Goku vs Lord Tirek Rules: Speed equalized 4-B Goku vs Post-Discord Tirek No BFRs Otherwise SBA
  31. Jinsye

    Tirek vs. Kharn

    Little Girls Show Villain fights against Hax Nullifer Speed Equalized Post-Discord Tirek vs. 4-B Kharn If Kharn stomps I'll switch to Full Power Tirek, if Tirek stomps I'll switch to Post Mane Six Tirek. Khorne's not reviving Kharn. Who wins? Khârn the Betrayer: 1 (Azathoth) Lord Tirek: 0
  32. Kiryu2012

    Lord Tirek vs Vegito

    Lord Tirek vs Vegito Rules: Speed equalized Pre-Discord Tirek vs Buu Saga Vegito Otherwise SBA
  33. Kiryu2012

    Of Magic and Rage - Lord Tirek vs Atrocitus

    Lord Tirek vs Atrocitus Rules: 4-B versions This is Tirek at full power Speed equalized Otherwise SBA
  34. WeeklyBattles

    Question About Lord Tirek's Powers

    So i was just wondering, would Tirek have access to the powers of everyone whose magic he stole?
  35. Kiryu2012

    Just Getting Stronger - Lord Tirek vs Super Perfect Cell

    Lord Tirek vs Super Perfect Cell Rules: 4-B versions Speed equalized Otherwise SBA
  36. Grandlewon

    Piccolo(23rd Budokai) vs Lord Tirek.

    Arena: island with grass fields, forests and mountains. Piccolo's profile: https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Piccolo Tirek's profile: https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Lord_Tirek Piccolo: 0 Tirek: 1
  37. Assaltwaffle

    Lord Tirek vs Amon

    The Demon Centaur from My Little Pony challenges The Dark Xel'Naga for control over the Void! The two High 7-A monsters duke it out in a battle for the ages. Rules: No BFR; Speed Equalized; Amon is in his Hybrid Host Body; Lord Tirek has absorbed power from Discord, but not the Alicorns; the...
  38. Kiryu2012

    Lord Tirek vs Tyranitar

    Lord Tirek: https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Lord_Tirek vs Tyranitar: https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Tyranitar Arena: An open grassland with both starting off 30 meters from each other Round 1: Base Tyranitar Round 2: Mega Tyranitar Rules for both rounds: Speed equalized...
  39. Chad_Clark

    Lord Tirek vs Decimator Goddard

    Who would win in a Fight between Lord Tirek and Decimator Goddard from Jimmy Timmy Power Hour?
  40. Kiryu2012

    Lord Tirek vs Alduin

    Lord Tirek: https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Lord_Tirek vs Alduin: https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Aldui Arena: Both start off 100 meters away from Whiterun, with both 100 meters away from one another. Rules: Tirek is at full power here. In-game Alduin is used for this fight. In...