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kirby (universe)

  1. Rose_of_Ragnarok

    Kirby vs. Dante

    Post-Star Allies Kirby vs. DMC 5 Dante Speed equalized, SBA Who wins?
  2. TheGuy

    Timmy Turner vs Kirby (GRACE)

    I wasn't kidding when I said this Post Star-Allies Kirby with Optional Equipment and Turbo Timmy with Genius Intelligence, Fairy Magic and Optional Equipment are being used In other words, 3-C Kirby vs 3-A Timmy but the 3-C can resist some of the 3-A's haxes Just in case, Timmy has prior...
  3. Christian_Higdon

    Laughing Mad (Marx vs Kefka)

    Marx vs Kefka Music: Laughing Mad - Brandon Yates Both are at 2-C Speed is equalized if needed Battle is across the universe Both are in-character, but willing to kill Who wins? This really is the last battle! (Marx): 0 I'll destroy them all! (Kefka): 0 This madness ends with both dead...

    Kirby vs Bartz Klauser

    Kirby vs Bartz Both 2-C, Bartz has all his gear and magic, speed equal
  5. KingKenjo

    A Little Girl With a Paintbrush Fights the King of the Gods

    I'm back to trying out Zeus matchups, and I think I found one that might work. Base Zeus vs Adeleine, 2-C keys. Speed equalized, starting distance is 10 meters. If any other rules need to be imposed, please let me know. Big Scary God Man: 0 Some Artsy Kid: 2 (Arceus0x, Coolboy6) They Both...

    Bowser vs Meta Knight

    Meta Knight vs Bowser Post-Star Allies, before he gets friend hearts and all equipment and fury bowser for Bowser. Both 4-A
  7. Lord_JJJ

    Bandana Waddle Dee fights SSB new comer

    After Sephiroth get into Super Smash Bros and all the choas he causes there just a tiny warrior with his little trusty spear stand again the one winged angel. Maybe that little warrior Isn't a part of the roster but when in it come to helping friends he will not back down. Bandana Waddle Dee is...
  8. TyranoDoom30

    edgy sword men battle

    Sephiroth arrives in the Kirby universe and starts attacking Popstar and Meta Knight has to stop him speed is equalized both at their peak this is canon sephiroth The One Winged Angel vs The Lone Swordman
  9. TyranoDoom30

    Digimon Verse Vs Kirby Verse

    The digimons dont have their Physiology Stats are equalized Which verse wins? Kirby Verse: 0 Digimon Verse: 3
  10. Eficiente

    I once more pieced together another great Kirby puzzle

    https://kirby.fandom.com/wiki/Talk:Black_mirror See the second discussion there. Galacta Knight had a small little fun misadventure through some games, I'll have to remove him his Dimensional Travel as that wasn't his doing, he's 100% not from Another Dimension, he wasn't the friend Magolor...
  11. JJSliderman

    Murderous supercomputer from Dragon Ball fights a Murderous supercomputer from Kirby

    A matchup so thematic that it needs to be done. Ghost Warrior Dr. Lychee finds the inactive Star Dream and brings it to Hatchiyack. They start messing around with it until the machine activates and starts trying to kill them. Lychee goes and hides somewhere while Hatchiyack prepares to...
  12. Eficiente

    It's that time again in Popstar-Kirby vs The Darkness

    Speed = Kirby: 0 The Darkness: 0 Inconclusive: 0
  13. The_Pink_God

    Does that mean... (this is a repost since the original was in the wrong category)

    So as you can see in Void Termina description it says he exist in all dimensions right? And i heard some people saying that because of that Void is Omnipresent or at least Nigh-Omnipresent The argument is that because his existance is in all of the dimensions, and Omnipresence is your existance...
  14. Eficiente

    Necrodeus vs Necrozma

    Speed = Tier = until they Necrozma may become 4-A or Kirby characters 4-B, whatever happens first Necrozma: 0 Necrodeus: 0
  15. .

  16. The_Pink_God

    Some Kirby characters having Low-Godly regeneration

    So this is my first thread so... sorry if its bad Anyway im here to discuss whether Meta Knight, King Dedede, Gooey, Magolor and Bandanna Waddle Dee should all have Low-Godly and a ghost form or not Lets start with the basic, so Ghost Kirby was added on his page because of Kirby Fighters, and if...
  17. Eficiente

    Small Kirby revision

    I still won't make Kirby CRTs but this is something that unfairly makes Kirby stronger and contradicts the blog linked in the verse page. Team Kirby Clash Deluxe and Super Kirby Clash happen in some other reality called Dream Kingdom, the Kirbys there aren't the same as the Kirby from all other...
  18. 00potato

    Whispy vs Yggdrasil (Little Witch Academia.) for 3rd strongest 4-A plant.

    Both at their strongest. (Either Parallel or Sky-High Whispy I would assume.) Speed equal if it prevents a blitz. Was this really not done already? Yygrasil has a ton of hax but I think Whispy one shots Profiles https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Yggdrasil_(Little_Witch_Academia)...
  19. Eficiente

    Simirror vs Black Mage

    Speed = Simirror: 0 Black Mage of Light: 1 (HST_Master) Inconclusive: 0
  20. Lord_JJJ

    Dark Meta Knight VS Marx VS Daroach VS Magalor

    Speed is Unequal They all in character They all has only their standard equipment except Dark Metal Knight, who has the Dimension Mirror They all has Pior knowledge Post-Star Allies Base is used for all
  21. AgentJojoBerserk

    Kirby's tier

    So from what I've been hearing, Kirby is getting amped to a 2-C soon. I'm curious if this will legit happen. I'd be down for Kirby being this strong personally, but I just want to know the status of Kirby's tier, and how it will change.
  22. Kirby71

    Kirby discussion thread: the next phase, the next Kirby era

    HAL finally talked, it's future plans, Did you know that HAL has talked about the future of Kirby? It's planned a game that will "exceed all previous games" and will be "the pinnacle of Kirby games" and there will be a wide variety in the future, here is the article...
  23. Lou_change

    Helpers try to solo your verse

    King Dedede wants to clobbah some verses, so he sends a troop of 16 helpers to solo your verse. Will they manage to do it? The thread that gave me this idea: Thread:2134737
  24. fandom_123d5678

    copy and kill

    metal sonic vs kirby. POYO
  25. Lord_JJJ

    Small, cute but so powerful : Kirby VS Zeno (1-1-9)

    4A VS 2C Speed is =
  26. That.one.mofo

    Kings of smash.

    The first non 4-A kirby vs mario fight. Speed equal Both in character. Since dedede has High-Mid Regenerationn, this fight could be concluding via knockout. king crock :0 Inconclusive:0 King pengui :0
  27. James_Plays_4_Games

    Invalid Time Feat | Kirby of the Stars

    Kirby's Resistance to Time Stop is Incorrect Kirby is apparently able to move if another Kirby stops time, even if they don't have the same power. The reason is not because he resists time stop, it's because the Kirbys are working together. A Beam Mage is more likely to have selective time stop...
  28. Deadice69

    Potential Dark mind addition

    He was unleashing chaos.on the mirror world. Would this possbily grant him Chaos manipulation?
  29. Somelatinguy

    Did Marx survive the first Nova's explosion?

    On a recent thread , discussing why Adeleine is stronger in Star Allies than in The Crystal Shards implied discussing whether Marx survived the first Nova's explosion or he was killed by it and reincarnated or revived by the Dream Rod, and these are arguments: 1) "He's stated to have absorbed...
  30. ShockingPsychic

    Kirby Vs. Hat Kid

    Both 4-A. After travelling the cosmos, Hat Kid finds herself on Planet Popstar. She sees a pink orb next to an apple. Being hungry, she takes the apple and begins to walk away. Kirby wakes up and sees this, becomimg angry. Speed is equalized. Hat Kid is bloodlusted. They fight in Green Greens...
  31. Lord_JJJ

    The strongest warrior in the galaxy fights the Angel of death (1-0-0)

    4A vs 3C Base Galacta Knight is use Speed is equal Galacta Knight : 1 Sariel :
  32. Galactagod

    Mini Kirby (right back at ya) and Grand Doomer revision.

    (Mostly coming from this thread) For Grand Doomer: danmaku Via this and this Low level toon force. (He can bounce on air.) And teleportation Via this On too kirby from the anime: fourth wall awareness. tons of episodes ends with kirby looking at the viewer. Subjective Reality via this And...
  33. James_Plays_4_Games

    One King Dedede Upgrade

    King Dedede can regenerate from his whole body being destroyed and a soul being left of him just like Kirby can. I assume the same applies to Meta Knight and Bandana Waddle Dee.
  34. Overlord775

    Jax vs Galacta Knight

    Greadmaster at Arms vs The Strongest Warrior in the Galaxy God Staff Jax vs Light GK Speed Equalized Jax: 0 Galacta Knight: 0 Inconclusive: 0
  35. Lord_JJJ

    Wario VS King Dedede

    Power Star Wario and Post-Star Allies King Dedede are Used 3C VS 4A Speed is = Wario : King Dedede :
  36. NecroVoi

    Caballero Dimentio Vs Dark Meta

    Both are 4-A and speed equalized This is pre-star allies DMK and he has the dimensional mirror DMK:1 (James Play 4 Games) Dimentio:4 (Psychomaster35, Soupywolf5, DatOneWeeb, NotAMarioFan (lol)) Inconclusive:
  37. Jinsye

    Yusuke Kitagawa vs. Adeleine and Ribbon

    Artist fiiiight Speed is equal Post-Star Allies Adeleine and Ribbon and Late-Game Yusuke Who wins? Artist Husband: 0 Artist Waifu and Third Wheel: 0
  38. GalacticIron

    A smash bros match in the house of hunger

    Kirby vs Byleth (both Low 6-B) The stage for this match is Green Hill Zone Speed is equalized and Kirby is bloodlusted Who wins? Kirby : Byleth : 3 They have a truce and go clobbah dem dere monstahs :
  39. Jinsye

    Dark Matter vs. Shadow Queen

    More Kirby vs. Mario yaaaay Speed is = Fight takes place in Shiverburn Galaxy Who wins? Dark Matter: 0 Shadow Quee: 0
  40. James_Plays_4_Games

    Kirby Character Revision Attempts Again.

    Void Void is the origin of all, including life, which means he should have Life Manipulation. Dark Nebula If Dark Nebula was able to move a galaxy, shouldn't "At least" be in front of "Multi-Solar System level" for its stats? Unless that was not a galaxy, but it really looks like one. This...