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  1. Freedomstar

    SnO Anime canon keys

    The anime movies for Sora No Otoshimono replaced season 3 and take place during the Hiyori arc towards the ending of the manga. However, it is an anime some things have changed making the anime primary canon (following the manga) and anime canon. Hiyori has the power to use time and space all...
  2. Freedomstar

    SNO minor revision

    Angeloids base form should be scaled off Nymph's sonic powers to destroy Venus, and Mercury and chip the Sun That alone should make their base from Planet to large planet level. While base forms are small planet level from scaling massively above humans in their verse. This feat proves how...
  3. Freedomstar

    SnO rescalling and Statements (pls carefully read)

    The Angeloids have been scaled off DC instead of AP. The angeloids are scaled off a weak Ikaros going to bust Japan while fighting Nymph. They have been scaled off a statement but what about an actual feat a weak/sealed Ikaros actually did that proves her statements throughout the story? The...
  4. Freedomstar

    Anime Version Keys for SnO?

    I see some anime series profiles on here have keys for their anime versions. I was wondering if SnO can get one since the anime is Anime Canon which means it follows the original story of the manga but changes a few things around or whole new profiles for the anime versions??? The example below...
  5. Freedomstar

    Sora No Otoshimono thread

    Upon re-reading the Manga the author has stated in the manga that the anime is canon in one of the chapters Now the Anime series and movies follow the manga but change a few things around which would make it anime canon. The author as shown in the scan above recognizes or approves the anime...
  6. Freedomstar

    Sora No Otoshimono tier upgrade pt2 (would like people opinions)

    Base mode Ikaros oneshotted the Babylonian Empire. It should be noted that there has been reports that it's a 3 day walk to get around 1/3 of the tower of babel. So I'm guessing 9 days for the entire thing. 1 2 3 Uranus Quee Ikaros created a large explosion in the atmosphere that extended to...
  7. The_King_of_Prudence

    Ikaros versus Stitch

    Base Ikaros, speed equalised. Ikaros: Stitch: Inconclusive:
  8. Freedomstar

    Ikaros should be higher than Large Country

    Uranus Queen Ikaros profile is low end country level for stating to have the power to pulverize Japan while being very weak and beaten up. She should be closer to mid being at her full power. As she was easily harming country level characters with her weakest weapon Artemis while not weak. Each...
  9. The_King_of_Prudence

    Ikaros versus Stitch

    Speed equalised. Stitch: Ikaros: Inconclusive:
  10. Ionliosite

    Shido vs. Ikaros

    Shido Itsuka vs. Ikaros Speed equalized Both High 6-B Ikaros is bloodlusted All other SBA Who wins and why?
  11. Kisaragi_Megumi

    Ikaros vs Lugia

    The battle between angeloid against pokemon who know as "the guardian of sea"!! Aside because Shaymin AP stomp Ikaros rip Who would win!!? -Base Ikaros is used -Speed are equalized -Both in character -Place: Yokohama City -Range are 100 meters -Win via death!!! \ VS Lugia: 0...
  12. Question about Statemates and Calcs

    Well, it's a bit strange how we treat some calcs: For exemple, Mio Takamiya is 6-B+ when she destroyed a large part of the eurasia alongside somes countries Such as soviet union and china at the same time, the feats in the Light Novel is clearly at least Large Country level but we treat this...
  13. Freedomstar

    What's up with Nymph page?

    Nymph is being scaled to Tomoki as (being much stronger than he is) But he has planet level durability(being stomped so hard through the planet by giant Sohara and ended up by the gas giants 1 ), being shot the moon 2 , taken a beating from the angeloids, knocked into orbit around the planet...
  14. Kisaragi_Megumi

    Ikaros vs Shaymin

    Its been a while we didn't make any SnO matches so shall we continue? These two cute yet dangerous, who would win in this deadly contest of cuteness and deadliness!!? -Base Ikaros and Sky Forme Shaymin are used -Speed are equalized -Both in character -Place: Tokyo city -Range are 50 meters...
  15. Freedomstar

    Here's why EOS Angeloids would be upgraded.

    Getting to the topic In the beginning of the manga, it showed as a flashback. Ikaros was ordered to destroy the Babylonian empire. Afterwards, She was going back to Synapse but malfunctioned and fell back into the fallen country. A boy that look like Tomoki ordered her to destroy Synpase. She...
  16. Kisaragi_Megumi

    Armors vs Androids (Ikaros vs Iron Man)

    Let's do this,attractive girl fight against attractive boi in armors,who would win in this fight!!? -Pandora Mode Ikaros and Bleeding Edge Iron Man are used -Speed equalized -Both in in character -Place located in the Moon -Range is 200 meters -Win via death!! VS Ikaros: 6 (Schnee...
  17. Kisaragi_Megumi

    Ikaros vs Kyoko Sakura (PMHT)

    Alright,let's try this one,a new match for PMHT Kyoko and Ikaros,who would win in this best gurl match!!? Or will Kyoko NTR Sayaka and take Ikaros as her bride!!? -Base Ikaros is used and this is 6-B Kyoko -Speed unequalized (MHS+ vs MHS+ so yeah...) -Both in character -Place located in...
  18. Kisaragi_Megumi

    Christopher Valzelide vs Ikaros (Waifu vs Husbando battle!!)

    Well,let's revive Sliverio verse via give a match to the low tier one (not that f***** Helios) and give Ikaros a new match for a long time,who gonna win!!!? -Base Ikaros is used and this is 6-B Christopher -Speed is equalized -Both in character -Place located in 3 place of Indonesia...
  19. Hagane_no_Saiyajin

    Kurama vs Ikaros

    vs 6-B versions, speed equalized Kurama: Ikaros: Tie: FIGHT!!!!
  20. GyroNutz

    Ikaros vs Godzilla

    This is Pandora Ikaros vs Mechagodzilla (Millenium) Speed is equalized, and Ikaros' cards are restricted. They start 400m apart. Who wins and why? Ikaros: Mecha Godzilla: Inconclusive:
  21. Kaltias

    Ikaros vs Whitebeard (Rematch)

    Because WB is a higher degree of 6-B now, plus now it's fair with unequal. Rules: 6-B versions used (Prime Whitebear and Uranus Queen Ikaros), speed is unequal, both are in character. Ikaros: (PaChi) Whitebeard: Inconclusive:
  22. Freedomstar

    Sora No Otoshimono: Possible Upgrades?

    Synapse is a mysterious land in SnO that the angels live on. It hovers over earth and was suppsed to referene the heavens. It was able to survive the big bang, and the destruction of the universe when the core turned on. Here is the big bang part 1 Here it survived an universal reality...
  23. Freedomstar

    SnO revisions Ikaros

    Pandora Ikaros should be at Least Continental to Multi Contiental Artemis is her weakest weapon. It is several to millions of homing attacks that Ikaros shoots all at once. She used it to battle Pandora 3 Chaos for sometime. She used it to stomp 47 melan Ikaros, who are country level + each...
  24. Arrogant_Schmuck

    Ikaros vs Big Band

    Base Ikaros vs Big Band They start 100 meters away and Ikaros's cards are restricted. Win via KO, incapacitation, or death. SPEED EQUALIZED
  25. Freedomstar

    Homing attack level?

    So are homing attacks counted seperate or all together? For example Ikaros (SnO) is able to fire several homing attacking, but she doesn't have the ability to fire just one. She can fire 10s to millions at once, but they all explode together.
  26. Kaltias

    Isabeau de Bavière vs Ikaros

    Because Puella Magi also has characters not named AoC. 6-B Ikaros, speed equalized due to Isabeau being low end MHS+. Uranus Quee: Twilight of the Quee: Inconclusive:
  27. Kaltias

    Whitebeard vs Ikaros

    Both are 6-B, speed is equalized and Ikaros can't use her cards. Whitebeard: 6 (Knight, Kinkiest, Stefano, Zack, Velox, Yomi) Ikaros: 6 (Homu, Shadow, Starry, PaChi, Number, Burning) Inconclusive:
  28. Freedomstar

    Perception or reaction feat?

    Okay there's a feats that I do not know if it is perception or reactions. I'll post it. Keep in mind that her eyes were closed the entire time. Here is Ikaros deploying her shield from the laser and delaying her reaction speed when she does so. If its either will it be MFTL+ perception or reactions?
  29. Freedomstar

    Base Ikaros busting Babylon and Synapse.

    A while ago I was kind of Skeptical of why DontTalk had Base Ikaros at country level for destroying Babylon. I thought it was just a city, but little did I know it was a country. There is evidence claiming that 1/3 of the tower of babel took 3 days to walk. All the halves together I would say 7...
  30. Freedomstar

    How fast is this lightning bolt?

    I was told before that the stronger the bolt the much faster it is. This lightning bolt busted a country level shield.
  31. Kaltias

    Ho-Oh vs Ikaros

    The guardian of the sky fight the queen of the sky. 6-B Ikaros without cards. Speed eq- nevermind actually. Ho-Oh: Ikaros: Inconclusive: Edit: Speed is actually equal for reasons explained below
  32. Kaltias

    Sora No Otoshimono revisions

    Alright, so i made those calcs and this blog, and there is a lot of stuff that needs to be revised. First of all, stats. As calculated, the Angeloids should be MHS+ in base (Chaos blitzed Nymph). Pandora Angeloids should be "At least Massively Hypersonic+ with Massively FTL+ reactions/combat...
  33. Freedomstar

    Pandora Nymph revision

    I would like to draw some attention to Nymph while @Kaltias is still working on the series revision. Nymph has always been the Sage from Marvel of the SnO girls. She not meant for combat mostly stealth and support. She only has one combat move and thats a sound blast. How ever that was base...
  34. Freedomstar

    What level durability is this?

    Ikaros without any armor can dive down to a depth of approximately 3000 meters (9842.52 ft) without being crushed by the abyssal pressure. 3000 meters below sea level is 298.611 atmospheres. 1 atm (athmosphere) is the air pressure felt at sea level which is then multiplied by the...
  35. Pepper14832

    Japan (Hetalia) vs. Ikaros (Sora No Otoshimono)

    Before puns on "Well, we all know who the winner is here..." Setting: Asia, after destruction of Japanese main Islands. Some of the Japanese people still survive. Japan, vows to take Revenge on Ikaros. Battle begins in China Japan is bloodlusted. Speed is equalized. Win by DEATH/KO. Who...
  36. Freedomstar

    Destroying the Babylon Empire level

    In animes there are some areas that look small on panel but are actually pretty big. For example the battlefield that the Fourth War took place at. Seireitei apparently is small country level but looks small That's just a gist of areas in anime that look small but aren't I'll start off...
  37. Freedomstar

    Babylon is city level?

    I was told this feat was city level. It was stated that the country population runs into the millions. Later on in the story you also see the same "country" she destroyed and you can see the tower of Babel. It could not have been the city babylon because the population at best was 200,000. I'm...
  38. Freedomstar

    I have a question about this feat. (can anyone help?)

    Ok I start off Ikaros was told a life wipe a country and destroy it. The country had the population of millions of people but it did not look it. In a debate I was told that it was large city level because She destroyed Babylon because she was ordered to destroy the babel tower. I don't not...
  39. Freedomstar

    Sora No Otoshimono: Attack potency and speed

    I have a question about Nymph page. Should she be continental too like it says from Ikaros? She didn't just kill one Melan Angeloid she killed an army that contained melan Nymph, Astraea, and, Ikaros. Here are links of the scans http://www.mangahome.com/manga/sora_no_otoshimono/v13/c055/38.html...
  40. Freedomstar

    Sora no otoshimono tier revision

    In the movie my eternal master it's revealed that Ikaros destroyed a continent that had the population of hundreds of millions to almost nothing was left. She did this in base form. Uranus Queen Mode is far stronger than Base along with Pandora mode. It's revealed in by their creator that...