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enrico pucci

  1. Enrico Pucci Immeasurable speed

    Immeasurable (Movement unbound from the flow of linear time, which cannot be measured. Given that S = D/T, if T is undefined, the speed formula cannot be applied. This is the same reason why multiple temporal dimensions also grant immeasurable speed. For further information, see the "Further...
  2. Axl233

    Diavolo vs Pucci

    -Pucci has C-moon -Battle takes place at Kennedy Space Center -Both have prior knowledge -30 meters from each other
  3. Deidalius

    Sakuya Izayoi vs Enrico Pucci in a dance battle

    We all know Pucci would stomp the hell out of Sakuya in a normal battle (I won't debate this factual statement in the comments) so I'll be fair and force both to have a dance battle. Scenario 1: Some gods get bored and decide to force random people to participate in a dance battle. It is a life...
  4. Axl233

    Pucci vs Prime Jotaro

    Same scenario that happened after MIH's awakening at the cape carnival at the end of part 6, only this time Jotaro is not literal fodder(Lets Say he kept training SP and never got out of shape) Meaning: -Speed is not equalized. -Pucci has prior knowledge and is bloodlusted. -Prison gang is...
  5. Axl233

    Made in Heaven speed multiplier.

    This is about MIH Initial speed amp before he reaches infinite. So Pucci's Made in Heaven key it stated like this->Average Human, at most FTL, likely higher reactions normally, Varies via Time Acceleration.Instead of that it should be FTL+ likely MFTL+,Much Higher via Time Acceleration, cause...
  6. Eficiente

    JoJo revisions from the past

    Remember this thread? I didn't. It was fairly accepted but let's go over it from 0: Giorno To his body control: Has some control over the things he gives life over, having telekinetically brought back his severed hand infused with his powers from the ground back to his body GER's Return to...
  7. Emirp sumitpo

    Acceleration vs Dilation (Professor Zoom (New 52) vs Enrico Pucci)

    Very bad match up that'll probably end as a mismatch, but I was curious to see how this would go so forgive me for my sins lol. I just hope this goes well Scenario: In his quest for vengeance against Barry Allen, Thawne decides to recruit Pucci in his legion of zoom against Barry Allen...
  8. Peppersalt43

    Pucci's introduction but it's Morioh

    Gay Priest : 0 Marine Biologist and Reliable Guy : 0 Incon : 0 Part 4 Jotaro, ACT 2 Koichi, and Whitesnake Pucci used Fight takes place in Morioh, 40 meters apart with no LoS Pucci has prior knowledge and a week of prep time Essentially it's just Pucci assassinating Jotaro and his child but...
  9. chosen

    Question about Anasui

    Uh might remember right but uhh "can fight against Whitesnake" when did This exactly happened?
  10. chosen

    Question about pucci speed

    Why is mih "At most FTL, likely higher reactions" normally when jotaro is "at least FTL, likely Massively FTL"? I am just a bit confused
  11. chosen

    Question regarding C-moon (Part 6 spoilers)

    Dosa C-moon actually have Incorporeality? Cuz uh jolyne without an stand interacted with it Or is that like pis or Something
  12. Saintdhqhdy

    So about pucci or MIH’s ability

    So on made in heaven’s stand card it explains its ability to accelerate time and stuff, On it’s stats it says his speed is infinite. The thing I’m not understanding is in the stand card it nevers says MIH speeds up pucci, only time so how does he have his speed as infinite if it doesn’t speed...
  13. TauanVictor

    JoJo's Bizarre Battles: Jotaro Kujo VS Enrico Pucci

    Jotaro Kujo VS Enrico Pucci Fight Location: Miami (USA) Starting Distance: 2m Both in-character Part 6 Jotaro | Pucci starts with Made in Heaven Jotaro Kujo: Enrico Pucci: Inconclusive:
  14. AKM sama

    The Low 2-C Pucci Thread

    This is Pucci. His Low 2-C justification goes like this: For more context on Pucci's power, there are these scans too. From what I can understand from these 3 scans, Pucci's main power is to utilize the gravitational power of the universe, which in turn allows him to increase the speed of...
  15. MonzyMonz

    Enrico Pucci vs Kieri Kotomine: Battle of two crazy priests.

    Enrico Pucci has Whitesnake and his gun with a full magazine (if it even helps against Kieri lol) Pucci profile: https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Enrico_Pucci#Whitesnake Kieri profile: https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Kirei_Kotomine Kieri Kotomine has his black keys and command seals. They...
  16. Eficiente

    Made in Heaven slight downgrade

    It should be 3-A rather than Low 2-C. Speeding up time to infinity is just hax. A new universe being made after it is 3-A. The events in the new universe being like in the old one happens due to it being predestined, the "Limited Fate Manipulation" MiH has should be next to Causality Manip due...
  17. TauanVictor

    (GRACE) JoJo's Bizarre Battles: Funny Valentine VS Enrico Pucci

    Funny Valentine VS Enrico Pucci Fight Location: Los Angeles (USA) Starting Distance: 5 Meters Both in-character Funny starts with D4C Love Train and Pucci starts with Made in Heaven Funny: 7 (@Thebannanaworkshop, @1st_Virtue_of_Pure_Void, @Emirp sumitpo, @ZillerBucko, @Sonicflare9...
  18. Pucci fights Dio, exepct that isn't Dio

    Hearts seems a bit forgotten despite being a good villain. Hoping this isn't a stomp New Moon Pucci with C-Moon used, Super Hearts used. Speed Equalizzed Distance 3km Really good non-canon DB Villain: Nothing can divide the prime numbers: 1 (TheFieryBlaze) Thunder MC Queen...
  19. AgentJojoBerserk

    Doctor Doofenshmirtz vs Enrico Pucci (Yes, time to reset the Universe)

    I can't belive I'm doing this. I saw a thumbnail for this on Deviantrart once. https://www.deviantart.com/jjsliderman/art/Dr-Doofenshmirtz-vs-Enrico-Pucci-796230798 This thread is going to end in a mistake. Anyways, Doof has Low 2-C tech, Pucci is at his peak, and has Low 2-C powers, speed is...

    Half Off Oscar vs Enrico Pucci Bloodlusted

    Half off Oscar cuts his Dio Fangirl Bible in half because it was to expensive and now they fight to the death outside of the Green Dolphin Street Prison
  21. NothingToDebateWith

    Why does Pucci have infinite speed..?

    You all must know that reaching infinite by accelerating time is not possible according to simple principle of "infinity", which is likely "any countable number multiplied by any countable number =/= Infinite or Infinity", so why Pucci has infinite speed? I mean, by accelerating time; he might...
  22. ShockingPsychic

    Timeline Destruction: Chara Vs. Enrico Pucci

    Both 2-C. Both are at their peak. Speed is equalized. (Unless Pucci's stand overrides that condition?) Both get an hour of prep time. Both are in-character. It shouldn't matter where they fight, but the battlefield is a large concrete platform.
  23. Spinoirr

    Found this and think its a cool what if

    A cool what if fight and i was wondering what powers SPR showed vidio link
  24. Bedroombedrock

    Minor Addition for Made in Heaven Enrico Pucci

    correct me if I'm wrong but shouldn't Pucci with Made in Heaven have "Flight" listed as one of his abilities? Seeing as how throughout the entire MiH battle he was zipping and zooming throughout the sky even at one point chasing the bullet through the sky that Jolyne and her gang were hanging on to
  25. NekoMorgana647

    Chrollo Lucilfer vs Enrico Pucci

    Speed Equalized Round 1: Pucci doesn't have Made In Heaven Round 2: Pucci has Made In Heaven but Chrollo has Ren active Who wins each round?
  26. TriforcePower1

    Cyrus, why do you want to reset the universe?

    Enrico Pucci vs Cyrus Two people who want to reset the universe because they don't like it. Plus, Cyrus uses gen 4 Legendaries to do that and they're referring to Christian mythology and Pucci is a priest. Yeah. MiH Pucci vs Low 2-C Cyr- pffft, as if, Dialga and Palkia are a big middle finger...
  27. Spartan1204

    Gutter Space (Gwenpool) vs Made in Heaven (Enrico Pucci) (COMPLETE)

    Gwenpool: 7 (ElixirBlue, ApiesDeathbyLazors, Ev3rjojo, HostessSpidey, Zark2099, Listentomyrhytm, GiornoGiovannaF) Enrico Pucci: 1 (Axl233) Inconclusive: Rules: This is Post-Awakening Gwenpool with Magic Rocket Launcher restricted and Made in Heaven Pucci. In-character, but both are serious...
  28. SupremeGilgamesh

    I don't even know what i'm doing anymore but...Enrico vs Iihiko

    Let's see if this is enough to defeat this broken character This is Whitesnake Pucci You know the drill Speed Equalized Have fun you guys
  29. Iceber1234

    How do I prove to my friend that Made In Heaven can't do anything to Lucifer Morningstar

    His argument is that only "God" can keep up with Made In Heaven's speed and Lucifer was made by God so he loses. I tried explaining but he won't listen. EDIT: Now he's saying that Pucci meant God from the real world so he's above Lucifer. I don't know what to say anymore.
  30. Quibster

    C-Moon vs King Crimson GRACE

    Enrico Pucci vs Diavolo Speed is equalized Both start 10 meters away from each other C-Moon is being used King Crimson is being used Battle takes place inside of the Pantheon in Rome, Italy lolGravity: 0 lolTimeErase: 11 (TriforcePower1, Antoniofer, ArmorChompy, Eficiente, Joocipher...
  31. Quibster

    Oof, wrong board

    Moved. Posted on the wrong board. lol
  32. EnnardTrap1987

    Pucci fights Slenderman

    Both are Low 2-C Speed unequalised Pucci has Made in Heaven Slenderman is Bloodlusted. Enrico Pucci: 0 Slenderman: 4 Tie: 0
  33. The_Smashor

    JJBA AP revision (Also a few small general things)

    Speifically the 10-A characters. Most JoJo characters have no athletic human showings, and it's not like it can come from their other stats (They have MFTL reactions, so it's not like it can really come from speed.). Enrico Pucci dosn't seem any different from the 10-As of the series, and he's...
  34. Ted_Ed

    Notorious BIG vs Made in Heaven

    speed uneaualized MIH vs Notorious BIG
  35. Chariot190

    Useless addition for Enrico Pucci

    He should have limited power bestowal with MIH after the reset because he gave all life limited precognition (without a way to change said future). It's kinda obtuse and useless but it's a power of his so uh... yeah.
  36. Blackcurrant91

    A 12 year old boy fights a funny priest.

    Pucci finds out about a 12 year old boy and a Cat that he needs for his plans to access Heaven. SBA but Will is bloodlusted because he doesn't like to fight otherwise. I doubt anyone will care about this but anyway. Boy and Cat: 0 Priest and Disc: 0 ThunderMcquizzle: 0 Boy with Cat...
  37. SupremeGilgamesh

    Composite of strongest JoJo characters vs Ren Amamiya with only two Personas

    This is a battle between a composite and a character The composite is of Giorno with his two stands,Johnny Joestar,Diavolo,Enrico Pucci with Made in Heaven,Yoshikage Kira with Killer Queen,Sheer Heart Attack and Bites the Dust without Stray Cat and Fully Healed DIO This is End Game Ren with...
  38. DMB_1

    A battle of Illusions

    I hope this is fair Enrico Pucci vs. Mysterio (Marvel Cinematic Universe) Enrico Pucci only has Whitesnake Mysterio has 4 days of prep-time. Speed is equalized Votes Enrico Pucci: 0 Mysterio (Marvel Cinematic Universe): 0
  39. Dargoo_Faust

    The Gray Boy (Worm) vs. Enrico Pucci (JoJo)

    AKA I try to take Worm out of being an obscure verse on the site by having it work its way into the Top 5 lists. I've explained Gray Boy's power and why it's nuts over Discord but if you need an idea read through this. Battle takes place in the Green Dolphin Street Prison with loudspeakers...
  40. Eficiente

    JoJo Revisions Part 3

    Continuation from this thread Giorno being able to do Media:Va_color_v08_069.jpg/Body Control GER should have Time Manip due to reversing time Bruno should have Deconstruction, and Matter Manipulation as when he separates something and makes it moldable it is still as concrete as it was...