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  • Here take a look. The shit Supes does on a daily basis is literally more than ridiculous.
    Yo. I remembered something from RI that should upgrade the lifting strength via divine sense for peak first step cultivators and above. In chapter 1487-1488, Xi Zifang uses her divine sense and origin soul to shake and nearly change the trajectory of a cultivation planet by herself and states that she has done so successfully to three planets before. The mid-stage nirvana scryer cultivator does it successfully with ease.

    Chapter 1487

    "There were many people as ugly as her. Also, she was only a Corporeal Yang cultivator with no family backing, so she could be bullied without consequence.

    Xi Zifeng, use your origin soul to shake the trajectory of this planet.” This middle-aged man was at the mid stage of Nirvana Scryer, and his words contained a sense of indisputable majesty.

    He had known this woman for a long time, and he was someone who once seeked her beauty. However, it was because of this that every time he saw her ugly appearance, the more discomfort he felt.

    To move a cultivation planet, one needed to first use their origin soul to shake it off its trajectory. When the trajectory was changed, the rebound force would injure one’s origin soul greatly.

    Xi Zifeng silently pondered and her face turned pale. A moment later, she respectfully clasped her hands and said in a hoarse voice, “Lord Messenger, I have shaken the last three planets off trajectory with my origin soul and my injuries haven’t recovered. Can I…”

    Before Xi Zifeng finished speaking, the middle-aged man frowned and snorted.

    Xi Zifeng’s body trembled and she bit her lower lip. She no longer spoke and turned toward the cultivation planet.

    Chapter 1488

    Xi Zifeng bit her lower lip and flew toward the planet filled with spiritual energy. She closed her eyes, but there were no tears.

    Her tears had long dried up over the past 800 years.

    Her cultivation slowly activated and a gentle light spread out from her body. Her origin soul created a thread of divine sense that moved toward the cultivation planet that had already been evacuated.

    In an instant, her divine sense seemed to connect with the cultivation planet. Her face was pale as she clenched her teeth and her divine sense pulled!

    This cultivation planet immediately rumbled and its slow rotation stopped due to the pull of her divine sense!

    However, the moment it paused, an unimaginable rebound force appeared and charged mercilessly at Xi Zifeng’s divine sense.

    Xi Zifeng coughed out blood. The divine sense that had split off from her origin soul wasn’t able to bear the rebound force, and it began to tear down the middle!

    Her face was deathly pale and she retreated hundreds of feet. Her origin soul flew out once more to form the thread of divine sense. The thread flew toward the planet and pulled once more!

    The intense rumble echoed and the planet showed signs of changing trajectory. However, the rebound force was even more intense than before. As the thunderous rumbles echoed, Xi Zifeng’s divine sense collapsed once more!

    This collapse caused Xi Zifeng’s divine sense to collapse layer by layer, and her origin soul was knocked back into her body. She coughed out blood as her body trembled, and she looked like she couldn’t even stand. Her face was ashen and her eyes became dim.

    “Useless trash!” With a cold snort, the Thunder Celestial Temple messenger flew past Xi Zifeng and waved his sleeves.
    His origin soul formed a thread of divine sense and connected to the planet. With a roar, he pulled the planet out from the trajectory it had been on for countless years."

    Stopping a cultivation planet's rotation and changing its trajectory by pulling should be a lifting strength feat right?
    Yes, it is.

    Peak 1st Step cultivators already have Multi-Galactic lifting strength via moving large chunks of Heavenspan. This is probably enough to upgrade them to Universal via moving cultivation planets at least as large as Suzaku.
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