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wonder woman (dc extended universe)

  1. DCEU Flash AP Revision - DCEU JL Durability Revision

    Batman tells Flash that he’ll need to travel faster than he ever has and make “physical contact” with Victor to “propel him inside The Unity.” Flash ended up completing this by running SoL+. Zack Snyder said Flash can punch at the speed of light, he essentially did an infinite mass punch in a...
  2. Marvel_Champion_07

    Wonder Woman fights Superman, but not really (0-0-0)

    WONDER WOMAN vs OMNI-MAN Post-Awakening Wonder Woman is used Speed is equalised Starting Distance: 20 meters Class Z Lifting Strength is restricted Wonder Woman: 0 Omni-Man: 0 Inconclusive: 0
  3. The_one_you_least_expect

    Dceu: Superman, the strongest one there is

    I was going to just do this for Kara but then I realized something after watching the flash film. No one should really scale to Superman. Now I know that sounds a bit nutty but hear me out. Most characters besides Zod scale to Clark via doomsday and diana. This is due to them fighting on par...
  4. Marvel_Champion_07

    Diana Prince fights her cat-loving knockoff (Wonder Woman vs She-Ra) [GRACE]

    WONDER WOMAN vs SHE-RA Pre-Awakening Wonder Woman and She-Ra are used Speed is equalised Starting distance of 10 meters Wonder Woman: 0 She-Ra: 7 (@MaidRips, @Mariogoods, @MARVEL_Future_Fight_Gamer, @DemonicDude, @RanaProGamer, @Popted2, @BEASTHEART880) Inconclusive: 0
  5. Marvel_Champion_07

    The daughter of Zeus fights a snow leopard (Wonder Woman vs Tai Lung)

    WONDER WOMAN vs TAI LUNG Pre-Awakening Wonder Woman is used Speed is equalised Starting distance of 10 meters Wonder Woman: 0 Tai Lung: 7 (@MaidRips, @Doggo, @MARVEL_Future_Fight_Gamer, @GyroNutz, @Mariogoods, @Popted2, @Sonuske) Inconclusive: 0
  6. Marvel_Champion_07

    Minor Wonder Woman CRT

    Currently, Wonder Woman's profile says this: She has a "likely far higher" scaling to Ares, when the Ares that she scales to is far weaker than he used to be and is actually scaling to her… So as far as I know, neither of them have reason to have a "likely far higher"
  7. RanaProGamer

    Wonder Woman Fights... Herself?

    Everyone's childhood WW faces off against the live-action God Killer. Standard Battle Assumptions Speed equalized. Low 7-B Versions. DCAU WW scales to this feat DCEU WW scales to this feat Snyder Cut WW vs DCAU WW Who wins and why?
  8. RanaProGamer

    Wonder Woman fights her knock-off from 'The Boys'

    Surprised this hasn't been done yet since Queen Maeve literally looks like Wonder Woman. Standard Battle Assumptions Speed equalized. 8-C Versions. Maeve scales to 1.02 tons while Diana scales to 1.94 tons Pre-Awakening WW vs Season 3 Queen Maeve Who wins and why?
  9. Armorchompy

    Spider-Man (MCU) vs Wonder Woman (DCEU)

    Thought this might be a fun fight, both have their advantages and I've never seen this key of WW used. Spider-Man is in the Iron Spider but I can change that if it makes the match too weighed in his favor, Wonder Woman is in her 8-C+ key. Spider-Man (Iron Spider) - > 0.54 Tons of TNT - 0...
  10. Maverick_Zero_X

    Captain America vs Wonder Woman

    Wonder Woman (Pre-Awakening) vs Captain America (Base) Speed equalized
  11. M_Animefan

    Wonder Woman (DCEU) VS Thanos (MCU)

    FIST FIGHT! No Infinity Gauntlet. Wonder Woman (DCEU) https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Wonder_Woman_(DC_Extended_Universe)?so=search#Base VS Thanos (MCU) https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Thanos_(Marvel_Cinematic_Universe)?so=search
  12. NameIsForKing

    Justice league vs Team 7!

    This fight is only using the High 7-A of the teams! So no Batman, Sai or Yamato! For the Justice Leage Team you have - Superman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Flash and Cyborg. Speed is = here so the Flash would be pretty useless. The JL characters scale to 1.76 gigatons. All of the JL characters have...
  13. NameIsForKing

    Wonder Woman vs Sakura

    Wonder Woman vs Sakura Both High 7-A Speed is = SBA New Era sakura being used Fight until K-O or death Wonder Woman - 1 Sakura - 0 Incon - 0
  14. Vizer04

    Wonder Woman vs General Zod (0-0-0)

    Both at High 7-A and Speed Equalized. Wonder Woman: General Zod: Inconclusive:
  15. sageof8paths

    Snyderverse Revision(tier 7 or 6?)

    Intro: What’s good people. This thread will be going over the reasons on why the high tiers of the Snyderverse( so no theatrical feats matter here)should at least be in tier 6. The characters were removed from tier 6 cuz of new creation rules so Zeus’s island creation feat didn't count...
  16. NameIsForKing

    Deku Vs Wonder Woman

    Midoriya vs Wonder Woman. Speed is = Both High 7-A Both Bloodlusted Standard equipment Last key for BOTH. Deku - @Acer__ @Popted2 @TauanVictor @DemonicDude @Nierre @StorytellingDemonKing Wonder Woman - @Vizer04 @extravagant @sanicspood @WarriorofMite @Qawsedf234 @CBslayeR @Sonicflare9...
  17. Maverick_Zero_X

    Wonder Woman vs All Might

    Wonder Woman (DC Extended Universe) vs All Might (Prime) Speed equalized, obviously. Location: Metropolis
  18. The_one_you_least_expect

    Mcu black widow and unworthy Thor vs Dceu Batman and Wonder Woman

    Vs Rules In character no prep No knowledge Diana dosen’t have her powers but has all current skill and combat experience No gear expect standard suit’s Thor and Diana get regular clothes Speed equalized Team Mcu: Team Dceu:3
  19. The_one_you_least_expect

    DCEU General Discussion Thread

    This thread is to discuss all DCEU stuff like the Snyderverse, the Ayercut and I guess CW to a degree
  20. Lightning_XXI

    Wonder Woman Vs Another Flash

    DCEU Wonder Woman is BFR'd into OPM, and is considered a Dragon level threat, so the Hero Association sends the S Class hero Flashy Flash to take care of it - Canon WW is High 7-A (1 Gigaton/1000 Megatons) and Flash is 7-A+ (715.8 Megatons) - Speed is not equalized - They are in character -...
  21. RanaProGamer

    Wonder Woman vs King Arthur

    The King Of Britain faces the Daughter Of Zeus, Excalibur vs Sword Of Atheena, Man vs God. Standard Battle Assumptions Speed equalized. 8-C Versions. King Arthur (Legend of the Sword) vs DCEU Wonder Woman Who wins and why?
  22. Sonicflare9

    Wonder Woman vs Joseph(1 votes left)

    https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Wonder_Woman_(DC_Extended_Universe) https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Joseph_Joestar pre training joseph vs preawakening ww vote woman 6 vote joseph speed equalized whoooooooooooooooooooooooo would win
  23. Hellbeast

    Snyder Cut Discussion Thread

    So who's excited for the Snyder Cut this Thursday?
  24. DeathstroketheHedgehog

    Wonder Woman 1984 Movie Discussion (Spoilers)

    This thread is for discussing the recent DC Extended Universe addition of the movie Wonder Woman 1984. Feel free to talk about what you think of the movie, good or bad, and of course discuss the inevitable revisions of the Wonder Woman character. Of course, as we are talking about a movie that...
  25. Dino_W

    Why do Aquaman and the other members of the Justice League scale to the Karathen?

    The Karathen is listed as High 6-C, as are Wonder Woman, Pre-Amp Superman, and numerous others. Superman and Wonder Woman scale to Aquaman who scales to the Karathen, but why would Aquaman scale to the Karathen? The Karathen casually destroyed Aquaman with a single tentacle...
  26. Heatforce

    Wonder Woman 1984 trailer discussion

    Wonder Woman 1984 Official Trailer-1
  27. ZoroNotZolo

    Tatsumaki VS Wonder Woman (DCEU)

    Speed equalized. Fight takes place in City D. The civilians are evacuted, so our to fighters are free to go at each other with total abandon. Both characters have no prior knowledge of each other. Wonder Woma - 0 Tatsumaki - 0 Inconclusive - 0
  28. SuperKamiNappa

    Wonder Woman (DCEU) vs. Eirika

    Wonder Woma Eirika: 1 Speed Equalized Who wins and why?
  29. Xtas

    Silver Samurai vs Wonder Woman

    Wonder Woman (DC Extended Universe) vs Silver Samurai (Marvel Comics) Who wins?
  30. Unoriginal_Memes

    Thor VS Wonder Woman But It's Their Movie Versions

    Thor (Marvel Cinematic Universe) VS Wonder Woman (DC Extended Universe) Both are 7-A (Pre-Awakening Thor VS Post Awakening Diana) Speed is equalized. Asgardia: 2 (Jasonsith,Jack Joyce) Amazonia: 3 (Mr. Redic,Pepper14832,AnonymousBlank) Inconclusive:
  31. DMUA

    DCEU Downgrade

    Okay, so, I think it's about time we get down to business. This has been said before, but no one has really gone anywhere with it. As of now, everyone who's fought or is otherwise comparable to Snyderma is currently scaled to be Likely Country level based on this calc Problem is, if you read...
  32. 7th_Ki'oon

    Aquaman movie thread (spoilers)

    Movie comes out Wednesday. Thought I'd get things started. Personally, I don't expect much in terms of feats. But it looks like a a good movie.
  33. SuperKamiNappa

    Thor vs. Wonder Woman (Movie Versions)

    7-A versions Thor Wonder Woma Speed Equalized
  34. ZoroNotZolo

    Twintelle VS Wonder Woman (DCEU)

    8-C versions used. Speed Equalized. Twintelle - 0 Wonder Woman - 0
  35. Kisaragi_Megumi

    Amazon vs Amazon (Penthesilea vs Wonder Woman (DCEU)

    Well,let's give the CEO berserker her first match here and i know who's the opponent for her,it's Diana.....Who gonna win!!? -Post Awakening 7-A WW is used -Speed are equalized -Both in character -Place located in Wall Maria -Range is 20 meters -Win via death!!! VS Wonder Woman: 0...
  36. The_man_with_the_Midas_touch

    King K. Rool Vs Wonder Women (DCEU)

    The King of the Kremlings vs the Princess of Themyscira speed equalized K Rool has a crystal banana
  37. Son_Gandhi

    Charizard vs Wonder Woman(DCEU)

    Mega Charizard vs awakened Wonder Woman. - Speed is equalized.
  38. Pepper14832

    Arthur Kirkland (Britain) vs Wonder Woman (DC Extended Universe)

    A Demi-God vs A country. Speed is equalized both are 6-B forms, Britain's immortality is disabled. Setting is in themyscira, although it is neutral (such as a field) Wonder Woman orders the "man" to leave, but Britain here is claim the Island in the name of the British Empire. Wondy doesn't...
  39. Spinosaurus75DinosaurFan

    Pre-Awakening Wonder Woman (DCEU) vs Luke Castellan (FOX)

    So we know last time that book version of Luke Castellan beats a full-powered Wonder Woman. So what about pre-awakening Wonder Woman vs movie version Luke? 8-C versions used, speed equalized. The one who lost last time: 3 (TheOwnMagic, Gargoyle One, Jackiethejack) Luke with no soul-ripping...
  40. Spinosaurus75DinosaurFan

    Wonder Woman (DCEU) vs Luke Castellan (CONCLUDED)

    Standard Battle Assumptions, speed equalized, 6-C versions used, win by any means, Luke is not possessed by Kronos (therefore no time manipulation). Diana: 0 Luke: 7 (TheOwnMagic, Gargoyle One, 22Easy, Crimson Azoth, Kappatalism, Wokistan, Foca24) Inconclusive: 0