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  1. LuffyRuffy46307

    Resistance Extreme Heat And Extreme Cold for DBS

    According to Wikipedia, the temperature of the Earth's core, between the core and the mantle, is estimated at around 3700°C, and can reach 4000 to 6000°C in the inner core. In the DBS Broly novel, the same thing is mentioned that Whis said to Goku 「ほほほ。宇宙空間はもっと寒いですからね」 Agree...
  2. LuffyRuffy46307

    Small addition to Grand Priest and angels

    The energy of destruction was permeating everywhere in the arena, it turned everything purple and Daishinkan was in the middle and remaining unaffected by the energy of destruction. It is also shown that Vados and Whis can also resist without leaving the place, so they must also receive...
  3. LuffyRuffy46307

    Small addition to DBS angels

    It's just a small addition to the angel profiles Manipulation sense Agree: @DarkDragonMedeus, @Boyinluv2002 ,@Lightning_XXI, Neutral: @Nullflowerblush Disagree:
  4. Matrixxxx

    Whis and the grand priest hax revision

    immortality type 5 and 1 Angels have no life span. Goku stated that angels cannot die. The response was that the only way to get rid of an angel is to erase them from existence. existence erasure and biological manipulation Angels can bring others back to life. He resurrected Merus after...
  5. MastaWhite

    Sans vs Whis

    Speed equalized Both in character Fight takes place in Last Corridor Sans: Whis:
  6. Matrixxxx

    Whis infinite speed

    Firstly, we know that the Afterlife is infinitely large here Whis and Beerus search for Goku while Whis travels from Beerus' planet to Kaio Sama's planet. Kaio Sama's planet is outside the universe.. here they reach the planet.
  7. omegabronic

    half 2-C is against the standards and should be eliminated

    Currently there are several pages that use "half 2-C" justification, problem is that, by our standards, you can't multiply nor divide tier 2 into higher or lower tiers https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Tiering_System#Notes Note 1: Due to the fact that the distance between any given number of...
  8. God243

    Gilgamesh the goat vs beerus and whis

    https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Gilgamesh_(Fate_Series) https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Beerus https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Whis Rimuru can join in the Battle
  9. Aachintya31

    Dragon Ball - Angel Acausality+ Grand Priest EE Downgrade

    All angels including Grand Priest have Acausality Type 1 without any justification. Grand Priest have EE ( profile says by whis statement) Can a supporter of verse give a scan for this so it could be added to their profiles or it should it be nuked to oblivion.
  10. Coolboy6

    Mentor Battle (Whis vs Princess Celestia)

    Whis The Angel of Universe 7 and mentor of the God of destruction, Beerus vs Princess Celestia the former ruler of Equestria and mentor of the current ruler of Equestria, Twilight Sparkle Both are 2-C in base forms, speed is equal, battle takes place in The throne room of Canterlot Castle...
  11. Gilad_Hyperstar

    Dragon Ball Super Minor Class Y LS Revision for the Angels

    Basically, this CRT is just to give a quantifyable value to the feat that the Angels scale to, which is Vados carrying the Super Dragon Balls The feat is calculated here: This of course only scales to their lifting strength via TK
  12. Coolboy6

    Beerus and Whis sealing

    Beerus should get sealing via the Z Sword because he was the one who sealed Elder Kai in the sword millions of years ago. And Whis should get this because he was the one who suggested something better than the mafuba to defeat Future Zamasu, referring to the Z Sword. As far as I know, those...
  13. RisingIons

    Confusion about Zen'o's erasure/Future as a whole

    I feel like Zen'o didn't really erase all of the future timeline, but more so he erased a frame of time, which allows the present (and by association any concept of a future) to not exist. This could explain how the past can be so freely travelled to. Though I still don't understand Trunks's...
  14. ThanatosX

    Whis vs The Great Leviathan

    Both are 2-C. Speed is equalized and the Starting Distance is 20 meters. Who wins? Whis: The Great Leviathan: Incon:

    Chou Goku CRT

    The feat. Right now this is accepted as Illusion Creation for Goku. But I think Duplication is a far more consistent conclusion for this feat. Edit: the links somehow aren't working (at least for me), so I put the scans in a single link in order here. First of all, illusions are "false...
  16. Rabbit2002

    Infinite Zamasu and God's Revision

    I hope it doesn't last 10 pages or get ignored by everyone 1/ INFINITE ZAMASU Simple CRT, adding some abilities to infinite Zamasu Law manipulation: granted to IZ because his AP justification is overriding universe's law and order "Universe level+ (As stated by both Gowasu and Beerus, Zamasu...
  17. Rabbit2002

    Small CRT for Gods (Dragon ball)

    Grant the gods in DBS Little/limited causality manpipulation or limit acausality type 4. The reason for this is that when Beerus killed Zamasu in the past, his future self Black shouldn't have been erased since the timeline would split into two other timelines with one black timeline still alive...
  18. Sir_Ovens

    Kamen Rider Zero-One vs Whis

    Wanted to try this for fun. First Reiwa Rider vs Blue Angel Zero-One Driver Aruto and Base Whis. Both bloodlusted. Speed equalized. Win via SBA. Regardless who wins, Toei wins.
  19. Pokémon_Trainer_Jacob

    Whis vs Sephiroth

    Sephiroth vs Whis. Dissidia vs DC Super. I noticed they're both White Haired, 2-C, MFTL'd, manly men and so what better to do than to see who would beat who in a fight. Fight to the Death, and Speed is Equalized because Whis blitzes Sephiroth otherwise. This takes place on Beerus's home world...
  20. Adding Resistance to EE for the Angels( DBS)

    Resistance to EE should be added to all the Angels. Whis and Vados literally stood within the aura of Beerus and Champa and weren’t erased while Goku and Vegeta move away from the aura because they afraid of being erased.
  21. GilverTheProtoAngelo

    Cambion vs Angel.....Instinct vs Instinct

    Dante VS Whis https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Dante_(Devil_May_Cry)#Abilities https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Whis Speed Equalised. AP Equalised. All Passive haxxes restricted for Dante. DT and Majin disabled for Dante. Time Hax restricted. All weapons throughout the series allowed...
  22. FluffyCreatureZ

    Minor Whis speed fix.

    Whis' speed in his profile is 498 quadrillion times c. BoG base Goku's speed in his profile is 196 quadrillion time c, Beerus is also too. So if we use multipliers, kaioken x20 would make Goku 3.92 quintillion times c. That is way faster than Whis. An explanation for this would be that 498...
  23. FluffyCreatureZ

    Whis speed question.

    Whis' speed in his profile is 498 quadrillion times c. BoG base Goku's speed in his profile is 196 quadrillion time c, beerus is also too. So if we use multipliers, kaioken x20 would make goku 3.92 quintillion times c. That is way faster than whis. An explanation for this would be that 498...
  24. Nitro90

    Small Additions

    Social Influencing for Bergamo[[1]] Resistance to Sound Manipulation and Paralysis Inducement for Merus and Grand Priest (Dragon Ball Heroes) [[2]] Resistance to Gravity for Whis [[3]]
  25. Akreious

    Beerus and Whis Speed

    So looking over the profiles, something Beerus and Whis' speed urks me. Likely because it makes no real logical sense? Super Saiyan God Goku scales to Beerus 3/4th Whis Feat. The problem arises however given the fact that we use Kaioken Multipliers, even ignoring Super Saiyan Blue, Zenkais...
  26. Ehnkr2beboh

    Whis vs Odin

    2-C for both, obviously speed is equal. Whis gets his staff, but Odin doesn't get the Odinsword. Whis: Odi: 3 (Tony Stark69, C2 of Omegon, ClassicNesFan)
  27. The_real_cal_howard

    Whis vs Streaky

    Because I can't wait to think of ways to ruin my image further. The most known angel in Dragon Ball fights my avatar. A cat. Speed equalized. SBA.
  28. HrishikeshM

    whis and great priest

    why does great priest have existence erasure? where is the statement? why do angels have acausality?
  29. AstroGhost

    DC vs DBS

    Hal Jorda VS. Whis Both 2-C Speed equalized, valid win if the opponent dies Green: Angel: Draw:
  30. Zenkaibattery1

    Intelligence for the angels

    Shouldn't the Angels have gifted intelligence at the very least? I mean it is pretty self-explanatory. They know pretty much everything about their universe, are the greatest martial artists in Dragon Ball, knowing basically all forms of martial arts, etc. As I said, should be self-explanatory...
  31. Paradisum

    Limited space-time manipulation for DBS god tiers

    if Broly and Gogeta can do it out of sheer AP anyone equal or stronger than SSJ Gogeta/Broly should have Limited space-time manipulation.
  32. Zenkaibattery1

    Sealing for the angels

    Shouldn't the Angels have Sealing? In episode 67 Whis said he has a better technique to put away Zamasu than the Mafuba.
  33. Hahayomamagay

    Green Lantern vs Whis and Vados

    Both 2-C Speed equalized
  34. Darkfire890

    Should Merus and 7-3 get profiles?

    Pretty deserved after the last 2 chapters
  35. Zenkaibattery1

    Immortality for the Angels

    The Angels should have Type 5 Immortality from the manga https://www.viz.com/shonenjump/dragon-ball-super-chapter-55/chapter/19651 I know it's from the manga, but we have used the manga slightly for the Angels since we don't know much about them. And the angels have showcased all the abilities...
  36. DTG499

    So guys what should we place this as? WARNING SPOILERS for the dragon ball manga

    We see Whis teleport meerus and Goku out of the second room of spirit and time. So is this just BFR? Or something more since this website considers those rooms to be alternative space-time continuums
  37. ProudLearner

    Reactive Evolution for Son Goku via UIO and UI

    "Reactive Evolution is the ability to, in response to threats and adverse situations, adapt to grow better capable of dealing with any given issue; this can mean growing to become more resistant to certain methods of attack and certain abilities..." Goku response to theats of losing the...
  38. DTG499

    Goku's speed in dragon ball super.

    I know that we have whis clocked in at 498 quadrillion so I know he has to be somewhere below that. So what would be a rough estiamte of his speed, post broly arc as a super saiyan blue.
  39. SSJRyu1

    Whis time travel

    So like the title says this is about Whis time travel. It is known he does not teleport places, but rather flies to them, this includes other world, other universes and even to other timelines and points in time according to his statements to Trunks about going to the future, and is shown to...
  40. Zamasu_Chan

    How fast is DBS Goku?

    There's a huge lacking in speed justification for Goku and I have no idea how fast he is.