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The only thing I'm seeing on Hal's profile that rings alarm bells is 'Time Slow', but I'm not really experienced in his lore or abilities to understand what extent he has. In terms of AP, it seems like he should have a considerable advantage but the lack of data on how many timelines he scales to is hurting my assessment.

If they were close in AP, I would feel compelled to give it to Whis due to vastly superior skill, likely EE, Instinctive Reactions and a variety of other potent abilities that Hal seems to lack resistances or answers for.

My vote honestly depends on how we should be treating Hal and Whis' AP.
Well, I don't think that works then.

Whis >> Gogeta Blue >> FPSS Broly > Beerus = 50% of 2-C

If we claim Gogeta is baseline 2-C, Whis would only be 2x 2-C at a baseline. The thread should probably be closed due to mismatch.
There was another thread but with GP against Hal instead and people mostly argued for GP via versatility, I dunno if Whis could do something against someone who can pretty much one shot though.