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thor (marvel comics)

  1. Robo432343

    Thor Abstract Existence and Conceptual Manipulation

    bro i didn't paste this from the g1 blog Gods are simply concepts given shape. They are myths and stories given physical form through the belief of mankind. Nate Grey notes that Ares personifies war on every plane as an example, and Thor himself is an elemental archetype, embodying the storm...
  2. Brogeefrong

    We Are The Princes of Pride! | Thor vs Vegeta (Toei) | 0-0-0

    Nothing above 3-C is allowed Base Thor is used (63 Zettafoe) Vegeta is in his Post Second Hypeie bola mine chamber Key starts in SSJ and can go Grade 2 (>13.5 Zettafoe in SSJ, >135 Zettafoe in Grade 2) Speed is equalized No Prior Knowledge at all State of Mind will be them competing in the world...
  3. StrangeDays20

    An Issue With Thor's Profile (Regarding Speed) Marvel Comics

    So I was looking at Thor's profile and I saw a statement that said Earth and Asgard are spaced apart by an infinite distance and Odin's feat of sending Thor from Asgard to Earth was the reason why he was given infinite speed. What's the issue? Well Thor has gone from Earth to Asgard quite a few...
  4. Excellence616

    Some Heralds Lifting Strength Upgrade

    I was going through some Marvel Herald profiles and Heralds like Thor and Hercules has Class Y LS instead of Stellar LS Via scaling to Hulk but others like She-Hulk and Red Hulk has Stellar LS. Thor is consistently comparable to Hulk and Hercules comparable to Thor. For that these Heralds should...
  5. Phoenks

    Thor VS Garou • (12-3-0)

    I'm desperate for a match in 3-C, okay? Thor Odinson, the Asgardian God of Thunder VS Garou, the Avatar of God Speed Equalized • Base Thor • Parallel Garou • Nothing Above 3-C Allowed Garou: 3: @Mickey1940, @TaiwaneseScaler, @Kachon123, Thor: 12: @LordGinSama, @Doggo, @Sir_Marvulous...
  6. RanaProGamer

    Future Soul King vs Future Asgard King GRACE

    Thanks to the 3-C buff for Ichigo, we can do Marvel vs Bleach, who would’ve thought this day would come. Standard Battle Assumptions Speed equalized 3-C Versions Thor scales to 63 ZettaFoe Ichigo scales to 460 ZettaFoe Base Thor vs True Zanpakuto Bankai Ichigo Who wins and why?
  7. IdiosyncraticLawyer

    Marvel Comics: Thor vs. World Engine

    The purpose of this thread is to add an extra feat to Thor's profile, which includes a rating of High Outerverse level for his base form when he taps into his inner life-essence, and to reinstate his Immeasurable Lifting Strength. In Thor #494, Thor calls upon his power and overexerts himself...
  8. Isaiah_ZaMangaka

    Iron Man Armor CRT (2023) (UPDATED)

    Hello, this will be just a brief, straightforward thread. Based on the new Marvel revisions, I humbly ask for a few of my Iron Man armor sandboxes to be reviewed and approved for publishing: Model 61 (Godkiller MK ll) Model 72 (Celestial Hulkbuster) The scans and sources are all provided in...
  9. Theglassman12

    Rune King Thor vs PoH Kratos

    I saw the buffs to Thor and noticed he doesn't have any higher dimensional existence or anything that renders him untouchable to any lower tier characters, made it too tempting to not make this matchup so let's do it. Speed is equalized and it takes place in God of War Asgard. Kratos: Thor...
  10. Ultima_Reality

    A Small Thor Update

    About the Herald of Thunder So, currently, Thor's last key is rated as this: The fact most of the links seem to be dead put aside, there is the fact that, for some reason, we consider these feats to be exclusive to his Herald of Thunder form. This is extremely weird, because not only does Thor...
  11. Abu2411

    Strongest Marvel Superheroes

    I'm always wondering who the strongest superheroes in Marvel are. Given the recent upgrades, there's a few Marvel Comics characters who reach High 1-A, which might be the highest any superhero at least from comics has ever been rated on this wiki. I asked Ultima this question some time ago and...
  12. Sir_sun_man

    Thor's age

    hey this is a quick one We now have the actual time and age that thor was born in which is 1,000,000 BC which makes him a little over 1 million years old in current comics
  13. Marvel_Champion_07

    [Marvel Comics] Odinforce Thor - Varies rating

    Just like his father, Thor should have a Varies rating for his Odinforce key due to the exact same justification. Even the scan used on Odin's profile is based on Thor needing to enter the Odinsleep to recharge his powers when near-depleted.
  14. koopa3144

    Hammers and lightning! (Luigi vs Thor (Marvel Comics)) (Concluded)

    So I've been cooking Fight takes place in Mushroomy Kingdom Base Thor and Luigi are being used Thor is 3-C and anything above is restricted Luigi has optimal equipment Distance is 15 meters Speed is equalized SBA for anything else Plumber: 0 Crown Prince of Asgard: 0 Zote (incon):
  15. NaturalDestroyer

    1-A Allfather Thor With Phoenix Force? Avengers Assemble Omega (2023) SPOILERS

    Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vcX032vT3cE What happened: Allfather Thor joined with two Phoenixes to push back the power of the First Firmament that had been unleashed by Mephisto. The leftovers of its corpse, essentially. Odin: Said that it would "Drown entire universes"...
  16. MrLuk2000

    Ares (GoW) vs Thor (Marvel Comics)

    GoW Ares vs Marvel Comics Thor Base Peak Thor is used Both are at 2-C Thor is bloodlusted Thor's God Blast is restricted Speed is equal Who wins? Ares: Thor: Incon:
  17. LordGriffin1000

    Will Vandom (W.I.T.C.H.) vs Thor (Marvel Comics)

    Match Rules Both in Character Speed is Equalized 2-A Versions (Magical Sovereign Will and Odin Force Thor) Location: Earth Starting Distance: 100 Meters Will Vandom: Thor (Marvel Comics): Inconclusive:
  18. Sir_sun_man

    Marvel Comics - Thor - Higher Dimensional Soul/Essence Addition

    This is a basic thread I just want to add higher dimensional exitance/esence to thor due to this I am not arguing for the whole beyond dimensions thing base Thor is not outer by any means what I am more focused on is the fact that this whole feat has to do with a Tesseract which is a 4D...
  19. Eficiente

    Marvel Comics Revisions 2022.12.07

    In order of importance 1. The recently added 3-C and 2-C stats (mostly shown as "3-C normally, 2-C at peak") are completely nonsensical in application as explained here and here, they will be replaced with "3-C, possibly 2-C". Needless to say (unless you forgot how this much of how the wiki...
  20. Lightning_XXI

    Thor VS Kratos

    Hope nobody tried this, let's see what happens The God of Mischief Loki had a new plan, in order to end Thor for good, he searched the myths from alternate realities, looking for a warrior powerful enough to defeat the Prince of Asgard. Then, by luck, he found the legend of a tragic man who...
  21. NaturalDestroyer

    Marvel Comics - Cosmic King Thor: Up to Low 1-A Via Absorption

    I know what you're thinking. How did this happen? RELEVANCE: Well, I saw a need and decided to start a CRT to fill that need. We no longer have a Cosmic King Thor/Herald of Thunder key on Thor's profile, despite it being one of his most popular powerups in the past twenty years, even spawning a...
  22. NHTkenshin2

    Marvel Comics: Rune King Thor upgrade

    Should be simple lmao Those Who Shit Above In Shadow are most probably Beyonders God of Stories Loki hypothesised that they may be “beyonders" (Loki: Agent of Asgard #17) TWSAIS speech to Odin heavily mirrored the beyonders speech "Slay your enemies and all you desire shall be yours"...
  23. NaturalDestroyer

    Amped Galactus Power Level

    Disclaimer: I am not saying that we should upgrade Thor. This is not an upgrade thread. I'm just curious about what the justification is for the following issue. In Herald of Thunder, Galactus states that he's stronger than he's ever been. Do we have a concrete on-panel reason for assuming that...
  24. NaturalDestroyer

    Apocalypse vs Thor

    The battle takes place on the moon. The combatants start 1 kilometer apart and are aware of one another. The match is in-character. Apocalypse is in his Power of the Twelve key and Thor is in his Rune King state (2-A tier). FIGHT! End Timer: Fate Breaker: 2 (@MARVEL_Future_Fight_Gamer...
  25. NaturalDestroyer

    Marvel Comics - Thor Shaking the Realms of the World Tree

    This is from the new Avengers 1,000,000 B.C. and mentions a child Thor potential supporting feat. At 14:10 it states that every time the newborn Thor cried, he created "storms that shook the World Tree and every realm perched among its branches." Could this be added to his profile as a...
  26. Oliver_de_jesus

    Marvel Comics - Fixing Heralds Lifting Strength

    Thor is hit by a gravity bomb that subjects him to a force equivalent to that of a neutron star but The God of Thunder don't care and escape from his prison. Vol 1 281 Then all Class Heralds Y become stellar class
  27. Marvel_Champion_07

    Marvel Comics - Regeneration

    Adding regeneration to Captain Marvel and upgrading Thor's regeneration In Ms Marvel Vol 2 20, Carol is stated by Beast to possess a healing factor that surpasses Wolverine's, which warrants is Mid Regeneration. As support, in Captain Marvel Vol 10 40, she fully regenerates her arms after they...
  28. Ragnarok189

    Marvel Comics - Thor reclassification

    So after reading the Avengers (2018) and Thor (2020), it's become really unclear as to what Thor's lineage is. For a while, it was Aesir-Elder God hybrid, but now the Pheonix Force claims him as his son and he has shown abilities from both lineages. Should we change his classification on his...
  29. Iloveyou1

    Scarlet Witch VS Thor | Strongest Avengers [Comics]

    All bloodlust, speed was equalized R1 : Scarlet witch base vs Thor base (God blast was banned) R2 : Scarlet witch base with preparation vs Thor base with God blast R3 : Scarlet witch base with preparation vs Thor + Odin force R4 : Scarlet witch HoM vs Rune King Thor
  30. SamanPatou

    Further BFR for Comics Thor

    In Amazing Spider-Man Vol 1 683 Thor manipulates Electro's physiology and banishes him into the clouds. This should be added as a further form of BFR he should have listed, alongside the one he does via Portals.
  31. I'm_Blue_daba_dee_daba_die

    Thanos VS Thor

    They are in the same tier so this is quite a fascinating matchup. Can Thanos from the MCU defeat Thor from the comics??? Rules: Thor is High 6-C and anything above is restricted Thanos has the Power and the Space Stone Fight takes place on Titan (MCU) Speed is equalized Both are 50 feet apart...
  32. Excellence616

    The Bifrost Bridge

    I just read Thor Vol 6 #26 and a Gamma irritated Thor broke the Bifrost Bridge. So am asking how strong is the Bifrost Bridge?
  33. Excellence616

    Thor Lifting Strength Upgrade

    Thor's lifting strength should be upgrade to Immeasurable since he was able to push the world engine which held the tree of yggdrasil. Thor #494 (1995)
  34. Eficiente

    Small note addition to Thor's profile

    As a third bullet point in his profile "Note that, like his strength and durability, Thor can limit his speed if he wants to, and it should be reasonable that he's not holding back to scale characters to him. This of course includes the speed of his hammer being thrown." That's it. I saw this...
  35. Spinoirr

    Thor vs Fecto Elfilis

    Thor vs Fecto Elfilis speed is equal both are galaxy level fight takes place on planet cereal both are in character Thor: Fecto Elfilis: 8 icon: fight ost: Fight Location:
  36. Jasonsith

    Death Battle Season Nine Discussion Thread (1) (All-time Death Battle Spoilers Alert)

    We talk about everything DEATH BATTLE here! Continued from here Also continued from here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here... Yep.
  37. sanicspood

    Super Mario vs The Mighty Thor (Marvel Comics vs Super Mario Bros) (2-0-0)

    https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Thor_(Marvel_Comics)?so=search https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Mario?so=search both 3-c, both in their base forms speed equal Mario: 3 thor: incon:
  38. Confluctor

    Marvel Heralds Rescaling

    https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/User_blog:Confluctor/Marvel_Heralds_Rescaling Here is my proposed rescaling for the Heralds, doesn't matter what happens with the 3-C upgrade thread, this can very useful. I am open to any suggestions. About this bit... most of their justifications are...
  39. Kulf_Boba

    Marvel Comics Herald Tiers Upgrade to 3-C

    Thor shakes the universe tremble with a thermo-blast In his fight against Ego Thor uses a Thermal Blast to defeat him, the attack was capable of shaking the universe in Thor's own words. A 4-A feat. | Thor Vol.1 #133 | 1966 | Stan Lee For some this feat may only scale to Thermal Blast, however...
  40. Confluctor

    Marvel 4-B calcs big problem

    Right now, we have two 4-B calcs listed on Thor's page and one for Surfer, which is on the verse page. And it's causing issues for all 4-Bs of Marvel. I will drop the link to all 3 below. Thor shakes worlds with 2 hammers Surtur's portal Surfer's 4-B calc First problem, we aren't listing...