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thor (marvel comics)

  1. Sonicflare9

    Perfect Cell vs Thor

    https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Thor_(Marvel_Comics) https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Cell peak Thor vs Super Perfect Cell 4-B speed equalized whoooooooooooooooooooooooooo would win
  2. Sonicflare9

    Thor vs Megaman

    https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Thor_(Marvel_Comics) https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Mega_Man_(Classic) base thor v post stardriod 5-A versions whooooooooooo would win speed equalized
  3. Oliver_de_jesus

    Asgardian Revision Part 1 (Marvel Comics)

    This is not about changing the tier of the characters, just adding hax and separating some profiles, this thread will only cover the Nordic pantheon, although i will include Gorr Note:Although some are scans of the universe 3515, this is an alternative timeline of the universe 616 direct where...
  4. MarvelFanatic119

    Thor and Marvel Heavy hitters (4-B and above) speed revision

    So I created a blog here calculating how fast Thor would be in this instance using the 1,000,000,000,000 lightyears for the size of the Marvel Universe. This would scale to the 4-B and above characters in Marvel. Any thoughts on the matter anyone?
  5. Teezar

    About the 9 realms

    I created this thread to ask a question I saw from the king in black comics. Its stated here that Thor is the protected of every realm in the galaxy. King in black #3. Does this mean king in black debunked it stated to be separate worlds/universes? I just want to hear you guys thoughts on this.
  6. Maverick_Zero_X

    Goffu vs Super Thor

    Goffu (Son Goku + Monkey D. Luffy) vs Super Thor (Superman + Thor) The characters fuse and start beating the shit out of each other Round 1: Stats equalized Round 2: Just speed equalized Round 3: Stats unequalized; bloodlusted Conditions DBS Manga Goku, Post-Timeskip Luffy, Base Rebirth...
  7. RanaProGamer

    WHO ARE YOU!? *Reveals Mjolnir*

    A thunder strikes, waking up the gods from their slumber. Kratos tells his son to ready his bow as he makes his way to his weapon. The ceiling devasted by lightning as they make their way through the door. At the bridge of the entrance stood a man in a cloak, with the clouds worshipping and...
  8. RanaProGamer

    The God Of Thunder vs The Power Of Gods

    Thor is at his peak and challenges Shazam to a duel which he accepts. Standard Battle Assumptions Speed equalized. 4-B versions. Thor (Marvel Comics) vs Shazam (DC Comics) Who wins and why?
  9. sanicspood

    Thor vs Wonder Women (GRACE)

    https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Wonder_Woman_(Post-Crisis) https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Thor_(Marvel_Comics) both are 4-B and speed is equal Thor 7 Diana: 2 Incon:
  10. Confluctor

    "Varied 5C/5B to 4B" for the Sentry (Marvel).

    We have tons of statements which says Sentry's powers have an in-canon explanation for why they change regularly. And at his weakest should be around Ares level. He has been able to hurt him before: And this statement from Tony, . (Plus whatever happened in Agents of Wakanda...) And at...
  11. Oliver_de_jesus

    additions Thor(marvel)

    Old King Thor's version possesses life hax through his blood, why shouldn't base Thor have it?, since they have a similar story and literally scale the powers of normal Thor to his future self. Edit: Minor Reality Warping: Spinned to create a vortex which "tears at the very fabric of reality"...
  12. Maverick_Zero_X

    The Incredible Hulk vs The Mighty Thor

    The Savage Hulk vs Base Thor Morals off, win by K.O., incapacitation or death Thermo-Blast and God Blast are restricted Battle starts on the Tower Bridge
  13. DegenerateWeeb

    Thor VS Franklin Richards

    Herald of Thunder: Adult Franklin Richards: Speed Equalised. Both bloodlusted
  14. The_Impress

    Marvel 4-B Scaling Standards Revision

    https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/User_blog:The_Imp-ress/Marvel_4-B_Scaling_Standards_Revision The above listed blog goes into detail on the subject of the revision, and discussion on it is to be focused here. In summary, the blog aims to revise scaling standards to the current 4-Bs within...
  15. The_Wright_Way

    The Storms That Broke Fate ~ John vs Thor

    Thematic battle is thematic. Retcon Powers John vs Rune King Thor. Tier 1 AP is restricted for both. Speed Equalized. vs.
  16. DarkDragonMedeus

    Marvel Comics: Possible Yggdrasil Upgrade - Part 4

    Continued from here: https://vsbattles.com/vsbattles/3942007 Overview: This thread is meant to evaluate exactly how much of the Marvel multiverse Yggdrasil (otherwise known as The World Tree) encompasses. Yggdrasil is a central part of Marvel's Thor series, and many of the larger feats...
  17. ObberGobb

    Old King Thor vs. Rune King Thor

    Which version of Thor is the more powerful?
  18. BrazilianDeadpool

    A Hellspawn fights a Norse God

    Spawn vs Thor. Both at 4-B, battle takes place in the fiery realm of Muspelheim. Speed equalized and victory via death, incapacitation or knockout. Thor: 2 Spawn: Inconclusive: Soundtrack: Immigrant Song
  19. Aardy9000

    Goku, Superman and Thor upgrade to Immeasurable 2-B (WITH 100% ACCURATE PROOF GONE WRONG 3AM)

    rEmEmBeR fEaTs AnD sCaLiNg /s Imagine thinking this was serious. inb4 people that think they should be this strong come into the thread (if so please lock)
  20. Omegas03

    A Puny Monkey gets to fight a God. Son Goku vs Thor Odinson (24-20-0). status: ADDED

    Continuation of this thread (https://vsbattles.com/vsbattles/4128869?useskin=oasis). Halfway through Black arc Chou Goku with access up to SSJ3 vs. Thor (Marvel Comics). So both are 4-B. Speed is equalized for obvious reasons Goku: 24 (UchihaSlayer96, XSOULOFCINDERX, Dragomer, Remy the wolf...

    Thor vs Superman: Battle of Goku Opponents.

    They got different results against Goku, so who beats the other? Speed Equalized. Thor: Superman: Incon:1
  22. Omegas03

    Son Goku fights the God of Thunder (12-16-0).

    Halfway through Black arc Chou Goku with access up to SSJ3 vs. Thor (Marvel Comics). So both are 4-B. Speed is equalized for obvious reasons, if this I a stomp I can change it to a stronger version of Goku. Goku: 12 (UchihaSlayer96, XSOULOFCINDERX, Dragomer, Remy the wolf, Nitro90...
  23. LordWhis

    1A Black Winter, Thor and Galactus

    The Black Winter has the power to destroy the entire multiverse which should be a 1A feat. It also previously killed the Low 1A 6th Cosmos. Current Thor and Galactus are able to fight it therefore they should be 1A too.
  24. Adem_Warlock69

    Thor "Possibly 2-C" Upgrade, and some other stuff

    Thor kept up with Zeus,they fought for many months (Zeus even admits that Thor was a better match for him then all the Titans put together or all the gods of Olympus put together) Thor has kept up with Surtur many times (he even broke Sutur's hand once) Thor kept up and beat Glory,a being...
  25. PsychoWarper

    Kharn the Betrayer vs Thor Odinson Rematch

    Outdated Match, needs a redo Khârn the Betrayer vs Thor (Marvel Comics) - 4-B versions - Speed Equalized God: Crazy Guy: Incon:
  26. LordWhis

    Varies from 4B to Low 1A for Thor

    I made an earlier version of this thread varying from 9B to low 1a but that was too extreme. And then another version that had no scans. It is a well known fact that Thor has incredible latent potential due to his asgardian-elder god hybrid nature. Odin himself says Thor has a potential greater...
  27. LordWhis

    Varies from 4B to Low 1A for Thor

    I made an earlier version of this thread varying from 9B to low 1a but that was too extreme. It is a well known fact that Thor has incredible latent potential due to his asgardian-elder god hybrid nature. Odin himself says Thor has a potential greater than Asgard. There are several points in...
  28. C2_of_Omegon

    Possible Base Thor upgrade, Resistance Addition, & Resistance Cleanup

    1. Upgrade Ok, so in a recent comic for Thor, serving as a Herald to Galactus, encounters his brother-in-arms Beta Ray Bill. Now he and Bill are at an impasse and have a fight. Now, Thor makes it clear from the get-go that he and Bill had been equals in the past. However, that's no long true...
  29. LordWhis

    Varies from 9B to Low 1A for Thor

    It is a well known fact that Thor often holds back in fights which prevents him from fighting anywhere near his full level. It is also known as an asgardian-elder god hybrid he has incredible potential (Odin states that he has a power greater than Asgard), though he has great difficulty tapping...
  30. AshenCrow777

    Cosmic king thor ugh

    So small rant but.... am I the only one annoyed by thor fans that thinks Cosmic King thor can defeat Galactus at his best, life bringer or defeat alternate versions like Rune King Thor and Old king Thor? I know deep inside all debates sites can be shit, but at least they are knowledgeable on...
  31. Alonik

    Thor Stamina Addition

    In Thor #3 (2020), it was revealed that Thor in a "young" age waged a war during two years without sleep and food. Long, long ago, the god of thunder waged war against an army of thousands. Alone. Withou Sleep. Without food. Without falling. Uninterrupted, for two entire years. Stamina...
  32. ShrekAnakin

    Rune King Thor upgrades

    Hey, I am considering upgrading Thor's Rune King Thor to a 2-A with Omnipresence. Thor is massively superior to Odin as Rune King Thor, and Thor Defeated Mangog, which is something Odin himself could not do. Thor also Killed the Ones Who sat above the Shadow Tree, and Yggdrasil was said to be...
  33. Iisdude1

    Thor vs a multiverse spanning eldritch abomination

    Both 2-C Odinforce Thor God: Mad god:
  34. C2_of_Omegon

    Let's see where this goes: God of Thunder vs. Man of Steel

    Krypton's Last So Son of Odi Speed Equal. Base Thor with Mjolnir. SBA otherwise. Thor: Superma: Thunder McQueen:
  35. Kidkinsey

    comics thor abilities

    i dont read the comics i just watch the mcu but, comic thor dosent have ANY resistances?? i find that hard to believe
  36. PsychicCipher

    Lowering Phoenix Force Namor durability to just Solar System level?

    I doubt Phoenix Force Namor would have Multiversal+ to Low Complex Multiversal durability, when he can get hurt and bloodied from Red Hulk, Thing and Thor: https://***************.to/Comic/Avengers-Vs-X-Men/Issue-8?id=6132 What do you guys think?
  37. Antvasima

    Marvel Comics: Possible Yggdrasil Upgrade - Part 3

    Continued from here: https://vsbattles.com/vsbattles/3890091 Overview: This thread is meant to evaluate exactly how much of the Marvel multiverse Yggdrasil (otherwise known as The World Tree) encompasses. Yggdrasil is a central part of Marvel's Thor series, and many of the larger feats...
  38. LordWhis

    Thor vs Superman One Million

    Both are 4B with their 4A attacks. SBA. Speed equalised. Thor: Superman1M: Incon: Who wins this ?

    Thor Herald of thunder

    Novo Thor HQ in THIS year 2020 tô turn head into Herald of galactus. Another what if turn reality Pareceres
  40. ClassicNESfan

    Marvel Comics: Possible Yggdrasil Upgrade (Staff only)

    Continued from here: https://vsbattles.com/vsbattles/3850463 Overview: This thread is meant to evaluate exactly how much of the Marvel multiverse Yggdrasil (otherwise known as The World Tree) encompasses. Yggdrasil is a central part of Marvel's Thor series, and many of the larger feats...
  41. ΚΟΜΙΞ

    Spoiler: Thor New Key Incoming

    Some interesting things from Thor #1: The Star Plague and Black Winter The Black Winter is the end of the Universe/everything New Galactus power up coming? Thor Herald of Galactus Herald Thor vs Galactus next issue. I wonder if Thor will be more than just 4B now? He has the Power Cosmic now too.
  42. ObberGobb

    Rune King Thor vs. Old King Thor

    Round One: Rune King Thor vs. Old King Thor Round Two: Rune King Thor vs. Old King Thor w/ Necrosword Round Three: Rune King Thor vs. Old King Thor w/ Phoenix Force
  43. Alonik

    Upgrade Yggdrasil/RKT/TWSAIS

    Hello Everyone, the purpose of this thread will be to bring a great revision to Yggdrasil, Rune King Thor and Those who sit above in shadows, and the creation of some profiles. First, i want to give a summary of things you won't find in this topic; In this topic will not be covered; Marvel...
  44. Dangai_Ichigo

    Thor feats

    I have been wondering since I've recently been getting into Thor but just for the sake of curiosity, has anyone calced Thor rebuilding Asgard in the 2007 run by J.Michael Straczynski ?
  45. Oliver_de_jesus

    Thor traces the dimensions.

    Thor traces the dimensions: https://m.imgur.com/a/PW8TOyv
  46. AshenCrow777

    Old King Thor

    Continued from here https://vsbattles.com/vsbattles/3419265?useskin=oasis#34 please read it at the part we're King Thor is mentioned. So far 2-C is most likely going to happen but with the help of WeeklyBattles we are probably going to have 2-A the rating that King Thor is supposed to be.
  47. CreatorJoe

    Where are all the other Thor's?

    I see that we have a little segment called Rune King Thor for Thor's profile, but why's it we don't have one for Old King Thor or Old King Phoenix Thor? Just wanting to know, if you were to add such, what would Old King Thor scale to? Could he be the strongest version of Thor? Does he possess...
  48. Hykuu

    Odin Upgrade

    Since this follows into the Sentry stuff for the most part, I thought I should just get this out of the way. Of course, One of the Key Points here is that Mephisto is 2-A in his realm, and so are other hell lords, this is very important, as there is really no way to deny Mephisto and Odin being...
  49. LordWhis

    2A Marvel thread

    Since Dormammu bragged that he was the equal of Odin or Zeus so they should be comparable if not stronger than him so 2A. Furthermore King Thor was able to overpower half of the in-betweener. All characters who scale from them should be 2A. Furthermore Thor's Godblast was superior to Odin and...
  50. LordWhis

    Possibly Tier 0 key for Thor ?

    In chaos war Thor 2, Thor was empowered by TOAA, so he should be possibly Tier 0. https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/The_One_Above_All?file=Chaos_War_Thor_%232.jpg I know I made this suggestion earlier and it was rejected but our tiering system is different now compared to what it used to be...
  51. Ted_Ed

    Thor vs Seiya

    At least 2-C for thor vs 2-C for seiya speed equal
  52. Malomtek

    Thor (Marvel Comics) vs Accelerator

    Both in 4-B Speed Equal Vote counters ready The God of Thunder: The God of Albinos:
  53. Rostislav_Klepikov

    Stats revision in Marvel/DC Comics

    Introductio Dragged all the contents from this blog. So, you can see introduction there. I'll directly copy greater part of material in this discussion. How fast is Flash "And let's start with this. Surely almost everyone believes that Flashes are Massively FTL+ characters, capable of running...
  54. C2_of_Omegon

    Thor's Warrior Madness

    Now, this came up in a thread recently. The thread itself is not important but the implications. For those who don't know what Warrior Madness is, it's a state that Thor can enter that increases his strength and stamina tenfold at the cost of his sanity, being unable to tell the difference...
  55. Bob8999

    hulk vs thor

    the strongest there is, Hulk https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Hulk_(Marvel_Comics) vs the god of thunder, Thor https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Thor_(Marvel_Comics) (speed equalized, world war hulk, base thor, god blast and thermo blast banned.) the worldbreaker: the price of asgard...
  56. Joemungousaur


    Can someone calculate this feat ? https://m.imgur.com/a/h1HYnEb
  57. ZephyrosOmega

    Thor VS. Sephiroth

    The Son of Jeniva VS. The Son of Odin Thor: Sephiroth: Inconclusive:
  58. Cylia_Margatroid

    Leader of the Lunar defense Corporation VS The Prince of Asgard.

    Watatsuki No Yorihime VS Bloodlusted Thor Odinson (Base Form) https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Watatsuki_no_Yorihime https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Thor_(Marvel_Comics) Watasuki no Yorihime Thor (Base form) Yorihime's Victories: 0 Thor's Victories: 0 Inconclusive: 0
  59. Malomtek

    Odinforce Thor vs SMT Thor

    This should be good. Vote counter ready: Odinforce Thor: SMT Thor: 2
  60. Ragnarok189

    Thor Post WOTR

    I do not believe that in Thor (Marvel Comics) should have electricity resistance in his "Innate Powers" due to the fact that he stated that while holding Mjolnir that no electricity shall harm him. I cannot recall any feats of him resisting electricity off the top of my head but there might be...
  61. Landon_Avery

    Superman (Pre-Crisis) vs Rune King Thor

    Superma vs Thor My brother! Rules: Fight end in KO or death Speed =ized Location: The Null Realm(DBZ)
  62. ABoogieYesSir

    Thor (Marvel Comics) Inclusion

  63. Sonicflare9

    Thor vs Zatanna

    https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Thor_(Marvel_Comics)#Worthy%20Thor https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Zatanna#Post%20Crisis 4-B versions speed equalized standard equipment whoooooooooooooooooo would win
  64. Buttersamuri

    Aquaman vs Thor

    With god like weapons comes god like responsibly Thor vs Aquaman Both are 4-B Both are willing to kill Takes place in a random location There is water close by Who wins and why? Thor (Marvel Comics): Aquaman (Post-Crisis): Inconclusive/Draw:
  65. Unoriginal_Memes

    Thor Tries to Avenge His Father (Thor VS Darkseid)

    Thor VS Darkseid Rune King Thor and Pre-Flashpoint Emaciation Darkseid are used. Speed is equalized if need be. STOP. HAMMER TIME: Darkseid Solos: Inconclusive:
  66. Tony_Stark69

    How does Thor have MFTL COMBAT SPEED?

    How does he have MFTL COMBAT SPEED?
  67. Stalker_Maggot

    Maybe a stomp, maybe not

    Superman Prime (One Million) vs Thor (Marvel Comics) 2-C Superman vs RKT Speed = SBA
  68. Sonicflare9

    Composite Link vs Thor

    https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Link_(Composite) https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Thor_(Marvel_Comics) 4-B versions whoooooo would win speed equalized standard equipment
  69. DanielIH15

    A question about Thro (Marvel Comics) and Ymir

    In Marvel Comics, Ymyr scales to Odin?
  70. DBZMLP12345

    Galactus (Well Fed) vs Rune King Thor

    Both are At Least 2-C Who wins? Not sure if this is a stomp or not Win by KO My brother!
  71. Ragnarok189

    Thor(Worthy/With Mjolnir) VS Captain Marvel(Carol Danvers)

    Rules: Base forms Speed equalized to Captain Marvel Able to use entire arsenal of Mjolnir Bloodlusted Non-MCU version
  72. DanielIH15

    Odin and Gungnir

    Shouldn't Odin have in his abilities "Homing attack" thanks to Gungnir? I once saw that the spear follow its target to never fail, but I don't remember it very well.
  73. Firestorm808

    Thor (Jane Foster) fighting Odin

    https://***************.to/Comic/Mighty-Thor-2016/Issue-5?id=28010 Can someone explain the context of this? Is this Jane using the Odinforce? Is Odin weakened somehow or holding back? Is this PIS or an Outlier?

    Zen'ō VS Rune King Thor

    ''WIN BY DEATH''
  75. SheevShezarrine

    Thor Hits Himself

    Rune King Thor vs SMT Thor. Both are pretty haxxed, so I hope this is fair. Both in-character Speed equalized Fight takes place at Kratos' house Who wins?
  76. Sayx22

    Thor Upgrades.

    His Old King Thor, Necro King Thor and Phoenix King Thor feats are lacking here, despite all but the last one being around for some years now.
  77. Unoriginal_Memes

    Princes That Thirst for Combat

    Thor VS Vegeta Base Thor VS Super Saiyan 2 Buu Saga Vegeta Speed is equalized and Thor can't use the God Blast. Prince of Asgard: Prince of the Saiyans: Inconclusive:
  78. EmperorRorepme

    Leman Russ vs Thor

    Leman Russ vs Thor Tier 4 versions. Speed Equalised. Only Leman Russ and his wolf companions stood unfazed by this vision of Thor, and Amlodhi Skarssen saw a gleam of anticipation in the Wolf King's eyes, as though he relished the idea of the coming conflict. Have at thee, Wolf!
  79. Chronoaiswaifu

    Kratos vs Rune King Thor

    I knew I had to do this once I saw the gow upgrades. 2C Power of hope Kratos vs Rune King thor. = speed (please be fair) in-character Angry boi : Handsome boi : 9 He hungers.
  80. Unoriginal_Memes

    Overpowered Versions of Superheroes

    Superboy-Prime VS Rune King Thor Superboy has the Time Keeper's powers and speed is equalized. OP Superman: OP Thor: Inconclusive
  81. ZellTemplar55

    Thor (Base) vs. Captain Marvel (Post Crisis)

    Speed equalized, blood lusted, start 10 meters apart, takes place in an abandoned city, no prep
  82. The_Wright_Way

    Thor vs. Link

    Link sat down next to a nearby tree in the courtyard of Hyrule Castle, taking a deep breath. He had vanquished Ganon once again, restoring peace to Hyrule until the cycle repeated in his next life. For now, though, he would rest. His rest was interrupted by a crack of thunder as lightning struck...
  83. Thesuperone342

    Rune King Thor vs. Zeno

    Both at 2-C. Speed Equalized No Prep time. Bonus: Threeway battle between Rune King Thor, Zeno, and Orphic Zeus
  84. Charmand3r505

    Tapu Koko Vs Thor

    Tapu Koko Base Thor Standard equipment for Tapu Koko, Only Mjolnir for Thor Who wins? Bonus: Tapu Koko with Hala as its trainer (Hala can't be targetted) Vs. Base Thor
  85. Unoriginal_Memes

    Scan Request

    Could I get the scan for Thor freezing time?
  86. Intruvious

    Wolverine kills Thor? How?

    https://screenrant.com/wolverine-kills-thor-marvel-comic/amp/?utm_source=quora&utm_medium=referral Is this canon? If so, shouldn't Wolverine be ranked higher than Thor, now?
  87. Asuka_the_Demonic_Empress

    Cloud vs Thor

    Both 4-B Speed equalized.
  88. JohnCenaNation

    Thor (Earth-616 Marvel Comics) vs Hades (Original Saint Seiya Manga)

    vs. Rules: 1. This is Thor from Earth-616 Marvel Comics at his strongest without any injuries; whereas this is Hades from Original Saint Seiya Manga at his strongest without any injuries. 2. Thor enters Odin Force/ThorForce & Warriors' Madness, wears Megingjord, has Black Uru Arm & Golden...
  89. Shivansh_Garg

    Thor vs Post Crisis Superman

    Speed equalized Morals off obviously (both hold back a lot otherwise) Who wins? Thor:8 Superman:0
  90. ABoogieYesSir

    Thor (Marvel) V.S Nate Grey

    Both are at 4-B Nate Grey= https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/X-Ma Speed is equal as usual. Who wins and why?
  91. Chu_Minh_Duy

    Thor (4-B) vs Vegito (4-B)

    speed is equalised no prep for both both are bloodlusted Thor only has Mjolnir Vegito can transform into Super Saiyan God-Blast was restricted otherwise SBA Strongest fusion in Dragon Ball Z
  92. RinkakuKagune

    Thor Ability Additions

    Time Manipulation: Has control over temporal storms Spatial Manipulation: Can tear and mend holes in space and wormholes - 1, 2, 3, {It punched through dimensional barriers to reach Thor, Doom commentating} 4, 5 Resistances: BFR: When an alien tried to duplicate him and simultaneously take...
  93. Graf_Thorsdottir

    Mighty Thor vs Almighty Yhwach

    Because Mustachio currently has a 60-reply long thread with Yukari of all people without being closed, I submitted to my curiosity and decided to make the match I've been avoiding since joining this wiki. No jokes. CLOSE IF STOMP. Rules Speed: Equal Place: Empty Old Asgard. Yhwach plans to...
  94. Zeldasmash

    Thor (4-B) vs Link (4-B)

    Two strong warriors spoken off in legends and chosen by gods to create more legends and stop evil. Who wins? Speed equalized. Thor: God of Thunder - 8 Link: Hero of Hyrule - 2 Inconclusive - 0
  95. JackJoyce

    Darkseid vs Thor

    Strongest Avatar of Darkseid vs Odinforce Thor Both are 3-B Speed Equalized
  96. Chasek479

    Future warrior 2 vs thor

    I fell like this is a stomp but why not try it both 2-C
  97. Graf_Thorsdottir

    About Juggernaut tanking Thor's God Blast

    Sooo I read the issue where Thor (Eric Masterson) fought Juggy and used God Blast on him. And I found out exactly why a Galactus-hurting, Celestial's armour-cracking blast failed to do no damage: Because Thor was weakened. The fight happened in Thor #411, God Blast happened the issue after. Way...
  98. EightAte8

    Hulk & Superman versus Thor & Wonder Woman

    Which duo wins?
  99. Kek2608

    Thor VS Mario.

    [1] [2] -Unworthy Odinson -Mario base(can use other forms)
  100. An_Baek

    Thor vs Hulk

    4B version who would win and why?