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sonic the hedgehog (sonic x)

  1. Fastestthingalive50

    A very Chaotic Sonic X Upgrade

    I don't have the wit needed for a funny introduction. So let's go. Chaos 6 Scaling In episode 30 of Sonic X, Sonic and Knuckles are able to fight Chaos 6, who is empowered by six of the Chaos Emeralds. Sonic and Knuckles are both able to destroy parts of Chaos 6, demonstrating that they...
  2. Oscar

    Here another Sonic vs. Spider-Man (Sonic X vs. MvC)

    -Speed= -Super Sonic is used for combat -Spider-Man wears the black suit -Death match -Active Personalities Sonic: 10 Spidey:
  3. Propellus

    Sonic seems to have a meltdown with a "normal" flea

    Why not make a fun match-up for once? So basically Sonic's just enjoying some chili dogs until the Flea basically comes out of nowhere smelling Sonic's presence and then it finds Sonic's fur scrumptious, and etc. Both are 6-C Range starts at 10 meters Speed is = This is Base Sonic...
  4. LeoEpicGamer8910

    Lucario VS Sonic the Hedgehog (X)

    Mega Lucario used. Base Sonic used. Speed equalized. Both bloodlusted. SBA for anything else. Lucario: 1 Sonic: 4 Incon:
  5. That_moron2

    Another Sonic fights another Straw Hat.

    Sonic X Sonic and Beginning of Timeskip Zoro are used. Fight takes place on the Thousand Sunny. Sonic does not have a Chaos Emerald. Speed is equalized. Hedgey: Edgey: Incon:
  6. Propellus

    Cartoon Krypto vs Sonic the Hedgehog (Sonic X)

    After Cartoon Krypto got upgraded, why not make this match? But anyways, Both are at least 100 meters away from each other. Speed is equalized. Both are 6-C Krypto is in his Season 2 Key and has his Timestopper. Sonic is in his base. Krypto upscales from 18.97 Gigatons in this key...
  7. StrymULTRA

    (GRACE) Paramount Sonic vs X Sonic

    And this fight was definitely happening after the Paramount Universe upgrades! Both are 6-C and in Base. Speed is Equalized (otherwise X Sonic blitzes really hard). Paramount Sonic: X Sonic: 12 (Theuser789, ElixirBlue, Dalesean027, SuperStar, CBslayeR, ShakeResounding, Nierre...
  8. Kisaragi_Megumi

    6-C Tournament "Journey Through The Ride of Mystery and Supernatural Power" Round 1 - Match 1: Zhongli vs Dark Sonic X

    ALTERNATIVE TITLE: THE CORRUPTED BLUE HEDGEHOG CHALLENGING THE ORDER OF MARTIAL GOD Welcome to the first fight of Island Destroyer Tournament In this fight the battle occured between the Blue Hedgehog, now consumed in Darkness Power and the amount of confidence he had, challenging the Martial...
  9. Propellus

    Blue Aardvark vs Super Sonic (Sonic X)

    Well, apparently this is doable after all at least. But anyways, Both are High 5-A, Aardvark is in his High 5-A key. Aardvark scales to 100.382409 Ninatons Super Sonic scales to 156.06 Ninatons Both are at least 10 meters away from each other. Speed is equalized. Aardvark has all his...
  10. sanicspood

    Sonic the Hedgehog vs Ji Ning (Sonic X vs Desolate Era)

    https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Ji_Ning https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Sonic_the_Hedgehog_(Sonic_X) both are 6-c dark sonic vs "Zifu Disciple" ji ning is used speed equal sonic: ji: incon:
  11. Oliver_de_jesus

    Metal and Chaos (Metal Elementor vs Sonic X)

    Armored Metal Elementor and Sonic base without rings or chaos esmerald. Speed equal SBA Sonic: Metallak: Incon: Battle Music
  12. sanicspood

    Sonic vs Garou version 2.0 (10-0-1)

    https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Sonic_the_Hedgehog_(Sonic_X)#Base https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Garou#Half-Monster both are 6-c (dark sonic vs pre awakening garou) speed equal sonic: 10 garou: inconclusive: 1
  13. Fastestthingalive50

    Sonic X Scaling Question

    This isn't me necessarily wanting to make a crt for the verse for now, but I do want to ask, how come we don't scale Sonic and Knuckles to Chaos 6, who has 6 Chaos Emeralds like the incomplete Space Colony Ark, which has a Planet+ level beam?
  14. Coolboy6

    Ikaris fights a hedgehog (0/7/0)

    Both 6-C, speed equalized Ikaris: Sonic: 7
  15. ShakeResounding

    Dual Sonic CRT: Poorly Timed Viruses and Class T Snake Wrestlers

    Introduction Hey, everyone! Been all of… eh, a few weeks. This time, we’re tackling two different continuities that have some upgrades on the horizon. Those being the IDW Continuity and the X continuity. Let’s get right to it. IDW Continuity Some crazy lunatic decided to calculate the KE of...
  16. y3p_owo

    Commander Brutus VS Sonic Rematch... but with a twist.

    Thanks to Eggman's Chaos Control, Sonic is transported to another world. But instead of it being Earth, it's one that looks very similar to his own, you know besides the fact that Eggman ruling everything with an iron fist. Commander Brutus spots him and mistakes him for his world's Sonic before...
  17. Gabs22_Gamer

    An anime hedgehog fights one of his toughest enraged opponents (Sonic VS Asura).

    Well, I'm back with another VST, so this idea would come into mind after my time of boredom I was honestly with the idea of making Gogeta VS Dark Schneider for the record, but the level of fairness isn't the same, ofc. Set up rules (SBA otherwise): Speed is equalized This is Super Sonic VS...
  18. BigSmoke4269

    charles barkley vs sonic the hedgehog

    after charles barkley effortlessly solos thanos and his army, the city is wrecked, and most of the animals are dead. sonic the hedgehog arrives at the scene. enraged at the sight of the destruction charles barkley has wrought upon the world, sonic prepares for a fight to the death. charles...
  19. Coolboy6

    Sonic (Sonic X) vs XLR8 (reboot) (0-0-0) (close this cuz XLR8 got upgraded to 6-B)

    Both 6-C base Speed equalized Sonic’s AP: 5.92 gigatons XLR8’s AP: 5.55 gigatons Sonic: XLR8:
  20. Coolboy6

    Dark sonic vs Fleetway Sonic (GRACE)

    this is going to be one hell of a fight. How come no one did this yet? Both at least 6-C, speed equalized Black hedgehog: Insane hedgehog: 7
  21. Coolboy6

    Another goku vs sonic thread

    Sonic x super sonic used, boz/dead zone toei goku used, speed equalized Monkey: Hedgehog: 7
  22. Coolboy6

    If sonic was in the mcu

    If sonic was in the mcu, who would he get along with? Who would he beat in a fight? (I’m talking about X sonic)
  23. Coolboy6

    Sonic vs thanos

    6-C versions used, speed equalized Thanos: Sonic: 6
  24. Coolboy6

    Dark sonic ap upgrade to 5-A likely higher

    If dark sonic had the power of the fake chaos emeralds, which are comparable to the real ones, then shouldn’t dark sonic be as strong if not, stronger than super sonic?
  25. Jamesthetaker

    A Blue Thief VS A Blue Hedgehog

    Speed is unequalized In-character. Take place in a neutral ground. Both start 20 metres apart, otherwise SBA. Base Sonic are used but he can go into Dark form if necessary. Kaito 6-C key are used. The Blue Thief: 1 (BERRIES555) VS The Blue Hedgehog:
  26. ShakeResounding

    Sonic Vs Sonic Vs Sonic Vs Sonic Vs... You get the idea.

    No CRTs means I've taken to Vs threads for the time being. The Rules 1. All Sonics are in-character and in Base 2. Only Standard Equipment & No Super Forms 3. Speed and AP are both equalized across the board 4. The fight takes place in an open field in Green Hill Zone 5. No...
  27. Lord_JJJ

    All Might VS Sonic the Hedgehog

    Both are 6C and Speed is equal Prime All Might and Base Sonic were used All Might Sonic the Hedgehog
  28. Lord_JJJ

    The fastest being fights the strongest being (Grace)

    Base form used for both Both are 6C and Speed is = A blue hedgehog : A blue fairy : 7
  29. KingEzran

    Sonic X Verse Page Addition

    Hello FANDOM bois! (and girls) I wanted to know your take on adding a Sonic X verse page to the wiki. Not only is the wiki not keeping up with the addition of Sonic X pages apparently as they fail to list about 3 Sonic X pages that are currently in existence, but it should also be noted that...
  30. GlaceonGamez471

    Sonic VS Sonic (8-0-0) (Grace)

    I've done something similar to this before, Which still has yet to be added to Game Shadow's profile Anyway, details, this is Pre Generations Base Sonic vs Sonic X Super Sonic. Speed is equalized and the battle starts in a McDonald's, otherwise SBA. Game Sonic: 8 X Sonic: 0 Incon: 0
  31. ElixirBlue

    Resistance to Cosmic Radiation

    Sonic and the rest of the cast (that aren't human) should be applicable for Resistance to Cosmic Radiation (and possibly Extreme Cold unless there was an episode of Sonic shivering) due to being in space for long periods of time during Season 3.
  32. ShrekAnakin

    Sonic vs Teridax

    Both 6-C, speed unequalized, both in character, who wins and why? I only did this cuz both are currently the same tier. Shape-shifting master of darkness: 0 Blue blur: 0 Inconclusive: 0
  33. Glitch_Trainer_MangleMan25

    Super Sonic (Sonic X) VS Infinite the Jackal

    Infinite arrives after the defeat of the Metarex, and plans on destroying the world in his quest for power. Sonic, however, gets in his way and has enough time to gather the Chaos Emeralds and prepare for the fight. Sonic gets his Super form and speed is equalized. Infinite: Super Sonic...
  34. KingEzran

    Link (BOTW) vs Sonic (Sonic X)

    Endgame Link vs Super Sonic. Let's get into the details of this versus thread. -Speed Equalized -Both in Character -Location: Open field -Range: 25 meters -Win via death Votes: Link: 0 Sonic: 0
  35. HyperNepsy

    Fusion vs A edgy hedgehog

    I found out dark sonic has a key so I decided to use it because dark sonic is one of my favorite transformations. So let's do it |Dark sonic vs Opal (Steven Universe) Speed equalized Both at island level.
  36. ShadowWarrior1999

    Super Sonic (Sonic X) vs Stocking Anarchy

    I can do this now. Super Sonic vs Stocking in her Angel Form. Both 5-A and speed is equalized. Who wins? Sonic: Stocking: Inconclusive:
  37. ShakeResounding

    Super Sonic vs... Super Sonic? (Grace!)

    This can be done now, so I'm gonna do it! They start 1.60934 Kilometers apart, both in-character, Standard Equipment only, both are 5-A, and speed is equalized. SBA otherwise. Super Sonic (Game): 10 Super Sonic (X): Womp Wah "You may know everything I'm going to do, but that's not going to...
  38. ShadowWarrior1999

    Sonic X super forms upgrade

    Here, the Space Colony Ark with 6 Chaos Emeralds in Sonic X was calculated to have produced 2.64 yottatons of TNT when it busted half of the moon. Since this is only 0.06 yottatons away from baseline 5-A and Super Sonic and Super Shadow, who are powered by all 7 Chaos Emeralds would thus scale...
  39. GoldenBoyBlue

    Big the Cat v. Super Sonic

    I'm pretty sure this is the battle everyone was waiting for. Don't ask me for anything ever again. Both 5-B Speed equalized
  40. GoldenBoyBlue

    Super Sonic v. Amazo

    Speed equalized Both at least 5-B Start 200 miles away from each other Battle take place on Mobius Sanik... Begin!