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Both are nearly dead even, Game Sonic has tons of ways of bridging the AP gap, is likely more experienced and knows the Super Form and how powerful it is, so he won't play around.

So voting him.
Blast nailed it. He's gonna recognize the Super Form and is immediately going to assume no physical attacks will work against him so he'll probably open up with hax. Not to mention that Game is a lot more skilled in general.

X Sonic could win pretty easily if he just touched Game Sonic and used Deconstruction, but chances are that Game won't even give him the chance to do that even if he tried.

Voting Game Sonic.
A thought I had just a bit ago was that if both had prior knowledge on the other's actual physical statistics, would that change at the very least the flow of the battle, because this appears to be shaping up to have a similar result to the Shadow thread, except it's Sonic.