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rex salazar

  1. Jormungandr vs Generator Rex

    Base Jormungandr vs Meta Nanite Generator Rex Starting distance is 20 meters Speed is equalized Both are Low 2-C Who wins? Jormungandr: Generator Rex: Inconclusive:
  2. JarvinJepe

    Should Ben's Aliens scale to Rex Salazar?

    The Ben 10 Cosmology revision used the crossover Ben 10 and Generator Rex as evidence. I figured that Heroes United can be used as evidence to give some of the Aliens that appeared in the crossover an upgrade, also Rex as well. Unless Rex's profile is outdated than this minor CRT is null and...
  3. Greenshifter

    Generator Rex Meta-Nanites Re-upgrade

    Hello everyone, Rex recently got downgraded. I disagree so this thread is to rectify that. Here and here are all the explanations for the meta-nanites. Rex's page itself gives the following justification: "Has absolute control over the space-time, gravity, energy, matter, elemental forces...
  4. Aachintya31

    Generator Rex Low 2-C to 6-C downgrade

    Apparently ,Rex Salazar's meta nanite key is Low 2-C for the following reasons This doesn't grant any tier apart from Space-time Manipulation, Gravity Manipulation, Matter Manipulation, Elemental Manipulation, Technological Manipulation which are already listed on his profile. There was a scene...
  5. Greenshifter

    Rex Salazar vs Sora skill battle

    All stats equalized, no hax allowed Post-Omega 1 Nanite Rex and KHIII Sora successfully executing a lethal attack (independent of regen) or K.O. count as wincons Fight for the top spot Rex Salazar: Sora: Expectro2000xxx, Bobsican, Yungmanzi, azontr, Epiccheev
  6. JoshDoshMosh

    Max McGrath vs Rex Salazar

    Battle of shows I grew up on that feature teens with tech based, shape shifting powers both are 6-C, Rex gets his Omega EVO form, EoS Max is used and speed is equalized. who will win? Max: 1(Oliver_de_jesus) Rex: Incon:
  7. Kisaragi_Megumi

    6-C Tournament: "Journey Through The Ride of Mystery and Supernatural Power" Loser Round 1 - Match 1: Xenovia Quarta vs Rex Salazar

    ALTERNATIVE TITLE: AVERAGE HAREM PROTAG SIMPER VS AVERAGE NANOMACHINE ENJOYER After the fights between the average idiot knight girl#AquaandDarknessfusion=Xenovia vs drunkard Femboi God#Inserttwitterwentre**rded and Gumball 2077 vs Mechagodzilla Rex who also learned the power of NANOMACHINES...
  8. Kisaragi_Megumi

    6-C Tournament "Journey Through Ride of Mystery and Supernatural Power" Round1 - Match 6: Gunvolt vs Rex Salazar

    ALTERNATIVE TITLE: THE MYSTERIOUS FUTURE FOR HUMANITY THAT AWAIT US.... Around the central Asia and East Europe, a country known from it's wisdom of histories, where the almighty city Constantinople stands, the cause of the Crusade Wars and fall of Rome, the name is Turkey Now as the battles...
  9. DemonicDude

    Equal Stats Tournament 2022: Shock Rock vs Rex Salazar (Semi-Final 2)

    Semi-Final-2) (Match 16) Same Rules as stated in the Tournament. This fight can be classified as master vs student tho a tough loss for Rex but a chance for Shock rock to advance it's Ben 10 vs Generator Rex but from Reboot ! Results: Rex Salazar (Generator Rex): Shock Rock (Omni-Naut) (Ben...
  10. DemonicDude

    Equal Stats Tournament 2022: Rex Salazar vs Garou (Semi-Final 1)

    Semi-Final-1) (Match 15) Same Rules as stated in the Tournament. Interesting turn of events Rex Salazar after defeating Maka found himself in the semi finals great work Nanite kid but....as for his opponent that's where things gets even more intresting because after a conflict Garou has now...
  11. DemonicDude

    Equal Stats Tournament 2022: Rex Salazar vs Maka Albarn (Quarter-Final-2)

    Quarter-Final-2) (Match 12) Same Rules as stated in the Tournament. Big Scythe vs Big weapons, Winner goes to the semis. Maka after finishing off King Ghidorah found herself facing a teenager with powers to built machinery. Results: Rex Salazar (Generator Rex): 7 (Jag, Greenshifter, DD, Xx...
  12. DemonicDude

    Generator Rex: Content Revision (Feat addition)

    Rex Salazar has a feat that has been accapted quite a while ago, This should be applied to his page for his LS and AP. Feat: Rex stops the space elevator Generator Rex: Nanites Explosion Any other missing ability Rex has should be mentioned below.
  13. DemonicDude

    Equal Stats Tournament 2022: Rex Salazar vs Number man

    Round 2: (Match 6) Same Rules as stated in the Tournament. Numbers, math something Rex doesn't really enjoy studying in school, Perhaps tonights he can get past the numbers and make progress in the tourney ? It's time to make a revolution and find out it's Number man vs Rex Salazar ! Could be...
  14. Gohanblanco217

    Generator Rex minor revision

    Abilities : Attack Reflection : as shown here and here Hacking : as shown here Rex was trying to Open a door by hacking a computer system by hacking a pinhole camera. Atomic manipulation negation : Rex can create a shield that can deflect a laser blast that dismantles atoms. Durability...
  15. Gohanblanco217

    Rex Salazar (Post-Omega 1 Nanite) vs Base Naruto (Part II: Pre-War Arc)

    Both in character Fight start at 8 meters away from each other This is only base Naruto (his 7-C version) Naruto : 7 Rex : 2 Incon :
  16. Greenshifter

    Infinitely above baseline 2-A Ben 10 cosmology and Alien X

    So currently the Ben 10 cosmology is accepted to be 2-B, I however have proof for infinitely above baseline 2-A. This is because Ben 10 has both infinite timelines and infinite dimensions and I will be going over the reasons why exactly. Infinite timelines: Maltruant (19:19) has control over...
  17. Greenshifter

    Van Kleiss and Caesar Salazar intelligence

    I'm wondering if Van Kleiss and Caesar Salazar are extraordinary geniuses or supergeniuses, these are their intelligence feats: Van Kleiss: Expert tactician and diplomat. Created a machine to resurrect himself in case of his death. Created a machine to amplify Breach's space warping and...
  18. Greenshifter

    Generator Rex Tier 6 Revision: Make way to start a REevolutionn!

    Hello everyone, So this feat does not scale to Rex. episode-1-the-day-that-everything-changed (21:00) I think it is the chain reaction of Van Kleiss' nanite exploding that causes the explosion. This does however give Rex molecular cutting (nanites are a few nanometers and can bond with...
  19. Greenshifter

    Rise of the nanites (Rex Salazar vs Senator Armstrong)

    Post-Omega 1 Nanite Rex vs Senator Armstrong Speed equalized SBA for everything else Rex Salazar: Jag50 Senator Armstrong: Inconclusive: This is my first match I made and I decided to start off with something cool (I hope). Big arms Big hands
  20. Greenshifter

    Ben 10 and Generator Rex General Discussion Thread 1

    Hello everyone, I made this thread so we could all discuss Ben 10 and Generator Rex feats in one place and give our opinion on certain stuff before making a CRT about it. Subjects can vary from the Ben 10 and Generator Rex cosmology to the potential downgrade of all ultimate aliens (except ult...
  21. Spinoirr

    Ben vs rex

    Alien x vs rex and speed is = Rex: Alien x:
  22. Dargoo_Faust

    Generator Rex Tiering and Canon Revision

    Rex's Tiering is hilariously inaccurate. This calculatio was applied on the vaporization end of the feat despite there being no indication of vaporization. While I'd suggest using the pulverization end; I feel like that has issues too. The calc uses the pulverization value for cement, when...
  23. DanielIH15

    Rex Salazar vs King Kong

    Speed is equalized. Rex Salazar in his Omega Evo Form https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Rex_Salazar#Omega%20EVO%20Form vs King Kong (Showa) https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/King_Kong_(Godzilla)
  24. TheManWithNoName2

    Rex Salazar vs Alex Mercer

    Post Omega-1 Nanite Rex vs Evolved Alex Rules: Speed is equalized Rex isn't alllowed to use his Omega Evo Form Rex can also use his double-ups (Double-up meaning he can use two builds at the same time)
  25. Mickey1940

    Rex vs Superman

    Meta-Nanite Rex vs Pre-Crisis Superman Speed equalized Infinite stamina for both
  26. VersusJunkie54

    A Sexy Assassin vs an Obnoxious Technopath. Akame vs Rex Salazar(Generator Rex)

    Rex Salazar from Generator Rex vs Akame. I doubt anyone will give their stance on this battle, but whatever its worth a shot. Akame ga Kill! Akame vs Pre Omega-1 Rex. (7-C) Speed equalized. Both in character. But Rex is serious. Rex has knowledge of Murasame and Akame's abilities and...
  27. Huesito88

    Rex Salazar vs Raiden (Metal Gear)

    speed is equalized This is Pre-Omega 1 Nanite Rex This is Jack the Ripper Raiden Raiden: 3
  28. VersusJunkie54

    Alex Mercer vs Rex Salazar(Generator Rex)

    Nanite vs Virus Both are in character. This is Prototype 2 Alex and Post Omega-1 Rex. Speed equal. Both in character. Both have basic information on the other's abilities. Victory by KO or Death. Who wins and why? Rex:2 Jag50, RexdeDino Alex:0 Inconclusive:0 Cool crossover pic I...
  29. VersusJunkie54

    Possible Rex Salazar Upgrade.

    This is a calc made a bit back where Rex uses his Smack Hands to stop an elevator. It looks legit to me and others seem to think so. https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/User_blog:Jag50/Generator_Rex:_Space_Elevator
  30. VersusJunkie54

    Not sure about Rex's low 2-C rating.

    I watched the final episode when he got the meta nanite and he only used it on a planetary scale. I don't think that having control over those elements of the universe would nessesarily make him low2-C with it since he hasn't displayed any feats with it that even suggest low 2-C. Unless I'm...
  31. VersusJunkie54

    Minecraft Steve vs Rex Salazar

    Battle takes place in a forest, with 100M starting distance. This is 7-C pre-Omega 1 Rex. Steve is 7-C late game with all of his equipment. Victory by death. Speed is equalized. Who wins and why? Rex:0 Steve:0 Inconclusive:0
  32. Kagemaru_Kurosuke

    Rex Salazar vs Kousuke Ueki

    No Meta Nanite. No Maoh. Who takes this?
  33. Jag50

    Rex Salazar and Ben Tennyson's stats.

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HvXe5CuqqMk 1:20 Six then went on to say he destroyed 4-6 city blocks from the shockwaves which spread out from the punch, while the crater itself was the size of the E.V.O. That was from the first episode, Back when he was waaaay less efficient in battle and...
  34. Sir_Ovens

    Arceus vs Rex Salazar

    The Pokemon God of all Creation vs The Boy who attained God-hood In case of Speed Blitz, Equalize Speed. Battle shall start within our Universe on planet Earth with the both of them 10 meters apart. Rex with the Meta Nanite Arceus Who wins and why?
  35. Rivenx360

    Ben 10 vs Generator Rex

    so lets see a disscusion on who would win this fight this fight is teen ben and rex will have all his machines round 1 ben has the omnitrix round 2 ben has the ultimatrix round 3 they fight in their 2-C forms