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Van Kleiss and Caesar Salazar intelligence

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I'm wondering if Van Kleiss and Caesar Salazar are extraordinary geniuses or supergeniuses, these are their intelligence feats:

Van Kleiss: Expert tactician and diplomat. Created a machine to resurrect himself in case of his death.

Created a machine to amplify Breach's space warping and dimensional hopping powers to include time travel. After getting sent back in time by Breach he associated himself with a Pharaoh of Ancient Egypt and managed to create a hibernation chamber with materials not yet invented at the time in a few months. After being hibernated for 2000 years he awoke in Ancient Rome, established himself as a god and associated himself with the emperor at the time and rebuilt his hibernation chamber in weeks due to advancements in metallurgy and materials. This cycle of him awakening from hibernation and establishing himself as a legend to rebuild his chamber continued on until he eventually made it back to his own time. This all happened while he was losing his nanites which were the source of his powers and kept him alive, with his gauntlet being able to recharge his nanites less and less and him being chased by a space-time breach that wanted him erased from existence every time he "awoke" from hibernation. However he was never truly unconscious during hibernation and felt every second pass normally.

After arriving in his own time he immediately established that he became insane due to his long trip through time and everyone believed him, probably including Caesar Salazar but excluding Rex. To then reveal after a few months that he never actually went insane with such a timing that he would have gotten control over the Meta-nanites which would give him total control over the space-time, gravity, energy, matter, elemental forces, and technology of the universe, had it not been coded by Rex's parents that only Rex could control it in its most pure state.

Should be comparable to Caesar Salazar as they are both leading scientists of the original and new Nanite Project with the former project's goal being to eliminate humanities' diseases and starvation.

Caesar Salazar: Can do about 500 tasks in 15 minutes. Made a hyper-electromagnet that could disassemble a tank from a kilometer away and used it to easily infiltrate Providence.

Made a machine to resurrect Doctor Rylander who had been vaporized along with Van Kleiss, however Caesar says that said machine will not work on people who died regularly such as his parents. Created Zag RS which is an AI with as purpose to eliminate any nanites that escape the containment tank, due to the Nanite Event all nanites escaped the tank and thus Zag RS made several complicated schemes to do what it was programmed to do, eliminate all nanites on earth, which would be the end of every living being on earth and it nearly succeeded to do so 3 times.

Created a dimensional disruptor which can be used to send targets to the Null Void which is another dimension. Created a mobile lab which can fly so close to lightspeed that 15 minutes for someone inside the lab equates to 5 years for the rest of the world. Stated upon seeing a massive portal in the sky that for the first time since he was 6 years old that he had no idea what he was looking at, this also implies that he had an idea what he was looking at the first time that he saw the Dominion Code, which can grant it's user total control over the space-time, gravity, energy, matter, elemental forces, and technology of the universe.

Created the Alpha nanite, originally meant as a control AI for all nanites, it went rogue and thus Caesar had to seal it in another dimension. After Alpha returned to Rex's universe alongside Ben Tennyson (Original) it hacked and copied his Ultimatrix with a touch, which is an inferior device to the Omnitrix according to Azmuth.

Should be comparable to Van Kleiss as they are both leading scientists of the original and new Nanite Project with the former project's goal being to eliminate humanities' diseases and starvation.
Created a resurrection machine, time travel, near light speed, portal to other dimensions. Those definitely sound like Extraordinary Genius.
I know but is it good enough for supergenius, after all Alpha was able to copy the Ultimatrix which is made by 2 supergeniuses (Albedo and Azmuth)?
I don't know much about Ben 10, but it seems to me that Alpha went rogue and assuming it was a self learning A.I., it becoming smarter than its creators is very likely. And according to the wiki (don't know how reliable it is, since, again, I don't know the verse) it managed to hack the Ultramatrix due to the nanites it had absorbed. So that wouldn't scale to these two.

And while the feats they have are very impressive, I don't think they'd qualify for Supergenius.
There is a WoG statement that with a lot of practice, Rex could do the same as Alpha due to his Omega 1-Nanite. As such the nanite itself is doing the hacking since Rex with his human brain wouldn't be able to process it, only guide the nanite. Both nanites are created by Caesar and Rylander (who doesn't need a profile). Those nanites it absorbed were also created by these scientists and I doubt that it's physical form getting stronger implies that it's hacking capabilities became stronger.
Well depending on what you mean by "understanding it", I could see that being used for Supergenius.
Understanding it enough so he has an idea what it is the first time he looked at it, being able to splice said code into 5 pieces, each with their own power (ex. Space-time, energy) over the universe and then store said code inside specialized nanites and scaling to his parents (who also worked on the nanite project) who programmed the nanites so only Rex would be able to utilize the full potential of the Dominion Code.
These are good Extraordinary Genius feats, but it takes ridiculous amounts of intelligence to qualify for Supergenius. Think Azmuth.
I know, but Caesar made Alpha which hacked and copied the Ultimatrix, something Albedo and Azmuth spent years working on. Also Azmuth has quite the scaling to be above "baseline" supergenius, while I'm only going for baseline supergenius for Caesar and Van Kleiss.
Van Kleiss is definitely not a Supergenius, and Ceasar does not have consistent enough feats to qualify.
Well Doctor Rylander also helped on the Alpha nanite according to a video game (which might be non-canon) so there is a chance the Alpha nanite scales to him (as well) and since his only other feat would be trying to complete the nanite project by himself, he doesn't really have any other intelligence feats so it's hard to call it an outlier for him and the other leading scientists would scale to him.
I don't know if a profile is warranted for him though. Does he have any other powers?
No he doesn't, but he can be mentioned in Van Kleiss' en Caesar's profiles for extra justification.

I think the best solution is at least extraordinary genius, possibly supergenius to account for possible non-canonicity and consistency, their main justifications would be:

Caesar Salazar: At least Extraordinary genius, possibly Supergenius. Made the Alpha nanite together with Doctor Rylander, which can hack and copy the Ultimatrix with a touch. Had an idea of what the Dominion Code was the first time he looked at it and was able to splice the code in 5 and store it inside meta-nanites, each with their own power over the universe. Comparable to Van Kleiss and Doctor Rylander as they are leading scientists of the old and new nanite project.

Van Kleiss: At least Extraordinary genius, possibly Supergenius. Comparable to Caesar Salazar and Doctor Rylander as they are leading scientists of the old and new nanite project, managed to trick both of them into thinking that he had gone insane for months.
I think that just Extraordinary Genius seems much safer, given the lack of consistent feats of a Supergenius level.
Hmmm ok then, I'll apply extraordinary genius to their profiles when I make them so this can be closed.
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