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po (kung fu panda)

  1. Fwyzzverse

    CRT|Kung fu Panda 3 (improvement upgrade)

    I don't know if a crt has already been made concerning the ideas I'm going to propose so if it has already been made this one will surely be closed, thank you in advance 🚨 SPIRITUAL REALM UNIVERSAL+ The Spiritual Realm is said to be an alternative reality that would qualify as a universe, as...
  2. GyroNutz

    Kung Fu Panda 4 - Additions (SPOILERS)

    I already posted this and my thoughts in the KFP4 discussion thread. Would not recommend the movie tbh but all the same, last spoiler warning. AP The Chameleon's power level is weird. There's one of two interpretations that can be made - either the Chameleon is as strong as the character she is...
  3. Undylan

    Yujiro Hanma vs Po (Kung Fu Panda) (0-0-0)

    Yujiro thought it was a funny joke to think a fat Panda that sounds like Jack Black is an master of Kung Fu. But here he is and is quite interested. This is KFP3 Po with Mastery of Chi. Speed is equalized. Who wins? Yujiro: Po:
  4. OriginFox

    Po Vs Mahito

    Po VS Mahito
  5. Maverick_Zero_X

    Lady Shiva vs Po

    Lady Shiva (Modern) vs Po (Kung Fu Panda 2) Location: Amity Colosseum (no biomes)
  6. Po vs Naruto

    2 idiots decide to fight each other Starting distance is 50 meters Birth of the 10 Tails Jinchuriki Naruto and Post-Wellspring Amplification Po are being used Kurama Sage Mode is restricted and speed is equalized Both are 6-B Naruto starts in Kurama Mode Win conditions are death, BFR or...
  7. HonestlyBored24

    Spider-Man gets Skadooshed (Miles Morales vs. Po Ping) (0-0-7, GRACE!)

    Da Roolz Speed is unequalized. Both are in-character, and start 15m away. Both know about each other’s skill in combat. The battle takes place in the Jade Palace. KFP2 Po is being used. Da Vouts “Maybe get off the kid’s ass.”: Scales above this; 2.86 Tons of TNT “**** you! You ******’ di-”...
  8. Knifeman29

    Breath Of The Wild Champions VS The Furious Five

    Stats Equal All Fights Take Place At The Special Forces Base I Have No Idea How Age Of Calamity Is Seen, But The Champions Get All The Abilities They Have In That Game. Round 1: Mipha vs Viper Round 2: Impa vs Mantis Round 3: Daruk vs Monkey Round 4: Revalli vs Crane Round 5: Urbosa vs Tigress...
  9. Fezzih_007

    Baam fights a Panda

    The Slayer candidate Vs The Dragon Warrior In-Character Speed equal Wins by Inca or Kill Battles takes space on Name Hunt Station They start 10 meters apart Key:Beginning of Season 3 Baam Post-Wellspring amplification Po Baam starts in Base but can Go higher, same with Po Votes...
  10. Flowerguy2

    "Living up to the legends" Puss in Boots VS Po (Shrek VS Kung Fu Panda) [0-0-0]

    ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Rules 1. Speed is equalized 2. Both are in-character. 3. Battle taken place inside of the Jade Palace 4. Both...
  11. DaReaperMan

    Po fights a master fister

    Both High 8-C Po's 7-C amps are restricted. Speed Equal Start 10 meters away Po has full prior knowledge on Doomfist Po: 1 Doomfist: 1 Inconclusive: 0
  12. DimeUhDozen

    Po Vs Skipper

    Speed Equalized Po is in Kung Fu Panda 2 Key Po: Skipper: Incon:
  13. OriginFox

    Yujiro VS Po

    Yujiro VS Po -Equal speed -SBA
  14. ThatDarnFish

    The Dragon Warrior vs The Ogre

    Why not, right? I actually see many people think Po low-diffs Yujiro, so let's find out for sure. Does Po's abilities overwhelm Yujiro, or does Yujiro's skill and adaptability overtake Po? Speed Equalized. Both In Character Both 7-C Battle takes place on the Cell Games arena Current Yujiro and...
  15. koopa3144

    the Dragon Warrior vs the Jinchūriki of the Nine-Tailed fox (Po vs Naruto Uzumaki (Part II: Pre-War Arc))

    Fight takes place in the Hidden Leaf Village Legends of Awesomeness Po and Akatsuki Suppression Mission to Fated Battle Between Brothers Naruto Both are 7-C Speed is equalized SBA distance (Picture coming soon) Po: 0 Naruto: 0 Incon: 0
  16. SuperStar

    Ku Fu Panda 4 Announcement

    It's just been announced that Ku Fu Panda 4 hits theaters on March 8, 2024
  17. Am3thystfanb0y

    Po(Kung Fu Panda) vs Sun Wukong(Journey to the West)

    Between these two Chinese warriors who CANNOT Die; Sun Wukong from Journey to the west; https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Sun_Wukong_(Journey_to_the_West) and Po from Kung fu Panda https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Po_(Kung_Fu_Panda) & https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Po_(Paws_of_Destiny)...
  18. AceOfSpaces3709

    Po VS Vilgax (GRACE)

    Vilgax lands on Earth and issues a Conqueror's Challenge to Ben Tennyson, but unfortunately, Ben is not available for the duel because he's too busy trying to recapture some of his alien forms that have inconveniently escaped from the Omnitrix, So to take his place, Po travels all the way from...
  19. sanicspood

    Spider-Man vs Po (Marvel Comics vs Kung Fu Panda) (GRACE)

    https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Spider-Man_(Marvel_Comics) https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Po_(Kung_Fu_Panda) The battle of the high 8-c Deku crushers!!! (relax its a joke) base spidey vs Post-KFP2/Legends of Awesomeness Po is used (both are high 8-c) speed equal parker: 7 po: incon...
  20. Maverick_Zero_X

    Yamcha vs Po

    Yamcha (22nd Budokai) vs Po (Legends of Awesomeness) Location: Spirit Stream Arena Speed equalized
  21. GyroNutz

    Small Po and Crane addition (Kung Fu Panda)

    I've noticed recently on Goku's profile that being in the upper atmospheres gives him a Resistance to Cold and Radiation. In the episode "Crane on a Wire", Fenghuang takes Po into the air far above a mountain peak. The lack of air density is made apparent when Po passes out from a lack of...
  22. GyroNutz

    Po vs Homer Simpson

    I think this was done before? Both characters have been revised since though so this should be fine. This is 8-C Homer vs KFP1 Po. Speed is not equal. Po's AP is > 0.66 tons, Homer's AP is 0.68 tons Po's speed is Mach 0.91 with Mach 2.2 reaction speed, Homer's speed is Mach 0.51 with, I'm...
  23. Bruhtelho

    Izuku Midoriya VS Po (Kung Fu Panda): Dragons of Peace (1-9-0) Grace started

    Both at High 8-C, Base Villain Hunt Arc Deku and Post-KFP2/Legends of Awesomeness Po are used Fight takes place in Musutafu, Japan Speed is equalized Fight ends in Death, K.O, or Incap Both start 10 meters apart from each other The Next Symbol of Peace:1 (TauanVictor) The Dragon...
  24. GyroNutz

    Po vs Riolu - Kung Fu Animals

    I wanted to do Pancham vs Po, but then I realised that they wouldn't share any tiers. And Pancham doesn't even have a profile... go figure. This is KFP2 Po vs Riolu, and speed is not equalized. Po's AP is >> 0.66 tons with higher durability, Riolu's AP is 0.62 tons (it would be 0.761 tons if...
  25. GyroNutz

    Dreamworks vs Pixar (Po vs Mr Incredible)

    Aka guy reliving his glory days vs panda living out his dreams. This is Kung Fu Panda 2 Po, and speed is equalized. Po's AP is >> 0.66 tons, Mr. Incredible's AP is 1.83 tons. Po's natural durability and Mr. Incredible's super suit scale above these values. Who wins and why? Po (Kung Fu...
  26. GyroNutz

    Kung Fu Panda - Legends of Awesomeness Mega CRT

    This was a CRT I was planning to make a while back, but became too busy to do so. To accompany this CRT, here is a sandbox of Po's profile that I have made. It touches upon several areas and includes most, if not all, of the relevant changes (note that it is a bit outdated). Legends of...
  27. Braking

    Po Vs tanjiro

    lets get on it https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Po_(Kung_Fu_Panda) Vs https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Tanjiro_Kamado#Post-Breath_of_the_Sun_Mastery Tanjiro is in his post breath of the sun mastery key Po is in his kung fu panda key and is in his mastery of chi form. Both are 8-A Speed is...
  28. Coolboy6

    Po vs Valkyrie

    Both 8-A in character, KFP3 Po with mastery of chi used, speed equalized Po: Valkyrie:
  29. Intruvious

    Po (Kung Fu Panda/PoD) vs Asta (Black Clover)

    Rules: Speed Equalized. Po 6-A, Asta last key (>High 6-B). Both Bloodlusted. One sentence answers will not be accepted, there should be proper reasoning or dash for reasons above (FRA) If you have decided upon your final answer, write "Po Wins" or "Asta Wins" or "Inconclusive" or "Stomp" Win...
  30. RareSonic512

    Po VS Iron Fist Sneak Peek

    So, recently, Rooster Teeth released a 10-second sneak peek of the next Death Battle, Po VS Iron Fist, and I wanted to share it here if you haven't seen it.
  31. Abysswalker2126

    Po(Kung Fu Panda) Vs General Tsao

    General Tsao vs Po Speed Equalized Both in Character Po’s second Key is used with Hero’s chi and optional equipment restricted. Fight takes place in the same bamboo forest where Sly fought Tsao the second time. Panda: Chicken:3 Incon:
  32. Mariogoods

    Po (Kung Fu Panda) VS Sing (Kung Fu Hustle)

    Rule: 1. SBA 2. Po is in his KFP1 key (>>1,614,600,000 joules) while Sing is in his EoS key. (>>1,592,918,136 joules) 3. Speed is not equalized. Vote: Po (Kung Fu Panda): 0 Sing (Kung Fu Hustle): 0 Inconclusive: 0
  33. EnnardTrap1987

    Po VS Iron Fist

    This is the next episode of Death Battle, so why not? Both 8-C Speed equalised Kung Fu Panda 1 Po is used The Iron Fist technique is restricted Poo- I mean, Po: 0 He will fist you: 0 Inconclusive: 0
  34. TyranoDoom30

    Po fights the Ultimate Life Form (Grace)

    Kars vs Po Both are 8-A This is KP3 Po vs Ultimate Kars Speed is equalized SBA This takes place in Amazonia florest Music Votes: Kars: 7 (Cloozuma, CBslayeR, Rez, JJSliderman, I'm_Blue_dada_dee_daba_die, DRW001, Oleggator) Po: Incon:
  35. Po(Kung Fu Panda) vs Ty Lee(Avatar: The Last Airbender)

    Po(Kung Fu Panda 2/Legend of Awesomeness) vs Ty Lee *Speed equalised *Po has achieved inner piece *The wuxi finger hold is not allowed *Both in character *Win via KO
  36. Peter_"Quicksilver"_Maximoff

    Death Battle Season Eight Discussion Thread (1) (All-time Death Battle Spoilers Alert)

    I'm doing this so Jason doesn't have to once he gets back, so discuss! Also, once a episode comes out for first members please use spoilers tags and not ruin it for those who don't have a membership.
  37. JJSliderman

    Minor Shifu+Furious Five and Po Additions

    Basically just the addition of a couple abilities for Shifu and some FF members. Shifu: Status Effect Inducement via blinding opponents with the Golden Lotus Clap: Po already has this on his profile, but Shifu can also do the Lotus Clap, so it should be added for him too. Power Mimicry: Shifu...
  38. Peptocoptr27

    Po vs Sonic

    Both are 8-A. Base Sonic vs third movie Po Speed equalized IF NECESSARY Panda: 7 (Greatsage13th, JJSliderman, Gyronutz, SMASHssf2, Sonicflare9, Ned_the_outer_god, Axxtentacle) Hedgehog : 2 (ElixixBlue, Gilad_Hyperstar) Incon:
  39. Zamasu_Chan

    Kung Fu Panda speed upgrade

    Po was able to react to canons before he unlocked inner peace as shown here. Everyone that scales to Po should scale to this.
  40. Iisdude1

    Goku vs Po

    high 8-C vs kfp2 Po Monkey: Panda: