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  1. Veloxt1r0kore

    Mad Reaper Scientist vs Perfectionist Greek Scientist (Mayuri Kurotsuchi vs Archimedes)

    Another sudden idea when i stumbled upon Kurotsuchi profile, and then i was like "huh, since the only 6-C Bleach viable match-up is against Fate, why not a try i guess", and then i choose Da Vinci and Archimedes because the scientist traits alongside that i should use more servants Anyway...
  2. Veloxt1r0kore

    Minamoto no Raikou vs Max Steel

    As per @Oliver_de_jesus request, here is Max matches against the servants, starting with your daily basis of Raikou matches from mine (beside from the fact that, thankfully Raikou vs Erza isn't the priority anymore so i can focusing on this) I already checked Max abilities and so far none of his...
  3. Migue79

    Ruler (Fate/Apocrypha) Revision

    Hi! Uh... Been awhile since I made a CRT in VSBW. But this time I bring you all my first CRT for a series I've been getting into recently (Fate series, yay) and it's for the character in question. There's funny stuff in Jeanne's profile, as well as missing information that seems key. So let's...
  4. Gilgamesh vs Alcides (1-0-0)

    Gilgamesh Alcides They fought in Strange Fake with both of them calling the other weak yet the fight was interrupted before anyone won. But who would actually win in an uninterrupted fight to the death? - No knowledge - Battle takes place where Gilgamesh, Alcides and Hippolyta fought -...

    Shirou trace scalibur

    do you still consider it possible that Shirou traces an excalibur copy despite the author's statement that he cannot if yes, what are the criteria for ignoring an author declaration
  6. Karna vs Achilles (Fate)

    Karna Versus Achilles Karna's profile Achilles' profile Both of them are stated to be the two strongest Servants in Apocrypha but who would win if they were to fight? Starting distance: 80 meters No knowledge or prep time Battle takes place where Karna fought Siegfried for the...
  7. Veloxt1r0kore

    Minamoto no Raikou vs Erza Scarlet

    I'm not so sorry for making this, but i can't hold myself as this match-up are too interesting to be scrapped, yes i know that Erza lost to multiple servants already (while the other two like her vs Emiya and Nero Bride got removed because the version that used against them was upgraded), but...
  8. Veloxt1r0kore

    Minamoto no Yorimitsu vs Twenty-Fifth Baam (Legendary Monsters Exterminator hunt yet another Legendary Monster) (THE REMATCH!!)

    Alright, since now there's so much change that happened on Fate, most of the servants (universally) got an upgrade on their Magic Resistance including Paralysis, which mean now Raikoi can have an round 2 against Baam, so lets get started! The Legendary Heian-Kyo Youkai/Monsters Exterminator...
  9. RandomGuy

    Fate/Extra CCC MMC Servants Are Inferior To BB

    while i don't think there should be a tier change of any kind for the MMC Servants, the ratings for their tiers should be due to being in the same general realm as BB and capable of damaging her. they are not stronger than her and certainly not "far above" like it says on Gilgamesh's profile. we...
  10. RandomGuy

    Void Ryougi Shiki Vs Featherine Augustus Aurora

    my friend outside of this wiki wanted me to make a match on this due to some Umineko downgrades or something. not really knowledgeable on the verse myself but let's see how this plays out. both are 1-A . speed is equal since Void's is unknown right now. Ryougi Shiki profile. Featherine...
  11. GoldExPoints

    White Hair, Red Clothes (EMIYA vs. Dante)

    Because it's Christmas, it's time to see some red and white! DMC3 Post-DT Dante is used, High 4-C restricted of course. F/SN EMIYA is used, so essentially both are 6-C. Starting distance is 1 kilometer. Speed equalized. SBA aside from that. EMIYA: AP: 26.6 gigatons, 79.9 gigatons with Noble...
  12. God900

    Randall Flagg VS Gilgamesh (Fate series)

    https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Gilgamesh_(Fate_Series) https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Randall_Flagg -Both at their peak. Randall has Black theerten, marleyn's grape fruit, etc...(he is a Smurf). -Speed is equalized.
  13. Pokemonfan807

    Yakagi Suimei vs Rider (Quetzalcoatl) (one vote remaining)

    Sparring match these two decided to have because why the heck not. Yakagi: 8 (@PhantomØ4, @God900, @SoulRebell, @Popted2, @Delta333, @Bernkastelll, @Sonicflare9, @Orioreeem) Quetz: 5 (@TrueKingOfHeroes, @John985, @Veloxt1r0kore, @Regidian, @FallenMaou2234) Rules: Yakagi at his strongest...
  14. Pokemonfan807

    Yakagi Suimei vs Archer (Ishtar)

    a crossover happens between the Isekai Mahou wa Okureteru! and Fate Universes. Ishtar ends up falling in love with Yakagi and pleads with him to become his pupil. They end up training with each other. The final exam is about to start where ishtar's goal is to use all her might to incap her...
  15. The_Smashor

    Gilgamesh vs Doctor Doom

    I already made this before, but that was a stomp and I realized using their weaker versions is fair so here we go. Rules: Speed Equalized. Both are in their base keys. Gilgamesh can't use a tier 1 Enuma Elish and Doom can't use anything 4-B. Monarch of Latveria: King of Heroes...
  16. Veloxt1r0kore

    Minamoto no Raikou Match Up!!

    (Inspired by @Baken384 Jotaro match up thread and @RandomGuy2345 Johnny Test match up thread) Yes you read it right folks! Veloxt1r0kore the match-up ambassador need your help to find Minamoto no Raikou match ups! So far i only got one match up idea for her, and recently i also struggling to...
  17. TrueKingOfHeroes

    Nasuverse: small CRT for some servants

    Honestly, I want to wait for another Nasuverse revision first, but since it hasn't been made, I'll add a more stuff i guess. Natural environment of Imaginary Number Space Imaginary Number Space is a higher dimensional alternative space used for time travel, dimensional travel, etc. Some of...
  18. Jaften

    Nasuverse Scaling Discrepancy

    So, all Servants recently got physically upgraded to 6-C, even Casters. But we have a slight issue now. Rin physically almost kills Caster (Medea) with a physical amp. Which, going by our profiles now, is not possible. As it stands, this is a discrepancy on our profiles and something needs...
  19. Veloxt1r0kore

    Minamoto no Raikou vs Mega Lucario

    Yep, thats right! I'm back with the Raikou spam! backflip and frontflip until its done#Slapped How much i'm going to make? Well i already have a planned matches in my pockets long, long ago before my break alongside a new additions for my idea (like this one for example) Outside from Raikou, i...
  20. Hecatia_Gaming

    This Was Inevitable

    Haha yeaH. BB Vs Ren Amamiya -Both at their Low 1-C keys -In-character -Bloodlusted -Battle takes place in the Moon Cell Who wins? BB: Joker: Incon:
  21. FallenMaou2234

    Void Shiki Possible Speed Upgrade

    Anyways yeah so this'll be a fairly straightforward one and ya'll know what this is about. Also sorry if this has been discussed before and sorry if there's another upgrade thread going on that I don't know about which will cover this. I'm kinda new round these here parts. So yeah Shiki has...
  22. Teezar

    Nasu help please.

    Please can I get the scans where it's stated void shiki has all the ability of everyone in nasu verse. Thanks.
  23. Hasty12345

    Dumb Musashi Question

    I know this has probably been answered and debunked many many times, but I don't understand any of the explanations, so some indulgence and help would be appreciated. I was reading this here: https://chaldea.tmdict.com/servant/miyamoto-musashi#en And under the Noble Phantasm section, it...
  24. Andykhang

    Historical vs Fictional: Hawaii Holy Grail Wars (Redux) (Game Thread)

    Sysnosip: The Hawaii Holy Grail War have begun...yet not enough people show up. Seeing that, the host of the war itself decided to temporarily keeping it on hold, and sending back the participants into where they belong, and go back to the drawing board. Some of the mechanism of the grail war...
  25. HammerStrikes219

    Nasuverse’s Continuity

    So I believe we never dwell into how far down the rabbit hole is when it comes to TM verses like Tsukihime, KnK, Fate, and so on. So what is the current stance on the continuity?
  26. RandomGuy

    Void Shiki Vs Persona Joker

    since mid-game Ren is a serious 1-A smurf from what i've seen in the last thread, how would he do here? wanting to see how big of a low 1-C smurf he is considered to be here. if it's too much for him maybe we can use one of his earlier 1-A keys? for now though i'm starting this with his low 1-C...
  27. Milly_Rocking_Bandit

    The King’s Last Jester - Joker vs Gilgamesh

    Profiles are (getting) updated, so we can get this going. Both 6-D. Does the Jester steal the last laugh, or does the King seize the usurp? Joker (Mid-Game): Gilgamesh (Original Power): Standard Battle Assumptions, and Stardard Equipment for both parties.
  28. Veloxt1r0kore

    MCU Scarlet Witch vs Scheherazade

    Already planned this from long time, but the revision on E rank Strength servant took pretty long But finally, here we are "Vel, why not using Semiramis?" I found that she's pretty boring and uninteresting to use now, and frankly i wanted Sche having more matches so why not? So....another Fate...
  29. HyperZero95

    Saber vs Souren Araya

    Saber Vs Araya Saber has Rin as her master Both are in character. Fight takes place inside Araya's apartment complex. Saber: Araya: Inconclusive:
  30. HyperZero95

    Akiha vs Bazett

    They have full knowledge on each other. Bloodlusted. They start 10 meters away from each other. Akiha: Bazett: Inconclusive:
  31. God900

    Two Servants get upgraded (Nasuverese) CRT

    -Hello, while playing and digging through the FGO Game, I thought this things should be added, as they are missing. 1.) Iskandar creates a Reality Marble with a Sun Straight forward. Iskandar, AKA one of the manliest Servants of all, makes an entire Reality Marble complete with his army...
  32. Regidian

    little adding for BB (Fate)

    CRT really quick and simple BB have in the description of her skill ", eliminating resistance to her powers and nullifying any damage she takes by making it so the attack "never happened"". But she doesn't have negation of resistance in her power ability.
  33. Andykhang

    Fictional vs Historical: The Hawaii Holy Grail War (Redux) (Registration)

    Sysnosip: The Hawaii Holy Grail War have begun...yet not enough people show up. Seeing that, the host of the war itself decided to temporarily keeping it on hold, and sending back the participants into where they belong, and go back to the drawing board. Some of the mechanism of the grail war...
  34. Jasonsith

    Walpurgisnacht vs Night of Wallachia

    6-C forms used Speed equalised ... Should I remove Tatari from the uncle? Walpurgisnacht - Night of Wallachia - True Nyx and Anti-Spiral laugh at them - Move to Fun and Games once deemed a stomp anyway we look at it and crappiest as long as it is anything related to Walpurgisnacht vs...
  35. TrueKingOfHeroes

    Nasuverse: CRT for servants

    TIAMAT Transmutation : chaos tide is able to make a creatures turn into other creatures Biological manipulation : able to manipulate cells and DNA Absorption : black mud can absorb Corruption (Types 1 and 2) : able to corrupt the DNA and spirit origin which is the soul Higher-Dimensional...
  36. ThatDarnFish

    King Hassan's Death Hax

    Curious about King Hassan's Death Manipulation. It says on his profile that it works similarly to Ryougi Shiki's MEoDP. Would that mean that the Old Man also has the ability to negate all forms of immortality if they're comparable, or does he have 1-A death hax? Also, I don't think there's ever...
  37. FallenMaou2234

    Nasuverse speed questions

    Yeah so I'm new to the wiki so forgive me if this has already been discussed. As of now almost all Servants scale to Massively Hypersonic via the Calcs below: https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/User_blog:ShadowWhoWalks/Nasuverse:_Hansa_Slices_Rubble_to_Dust...
  38. Bernkastelll

    Kama issues (Fate)

    https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Kama_(Fate_Series) All scans in the profile, except a single one, are in japanese and the profile doesnt explain the translations, so, this thread is about gathering the translations to her profile, I don't really know if this should be in a CRT, but I had no...
  39. HyperZero95

    Nasuverse: Possible upgrades for some characters

    Hi, i wanted to talk about some possible upgrades for various characters. We'll start with Aoko Aozaki. In Type Moon Fourth Character Poll she was stated to be the strongest magic user : 無題ドキュメント Here is the quote: 最強のマジックユーザー。If translated, it says that she is the most powerful magic user...
  40. DaReaperMan

    The day mistakes were made: Zoro vs Gilgamesh

    So, we joked that in Assassin vs Zoro that Gilgamesh would stomp here, but the Zoro vs Musashi thread got me thinking, would this actually be a stomp and in whos favor? Speed equal Both in their 6-C keys Zoro has prior knowledge and is bloodlusted Start 300 meters away Battle takes place in...
  41. TrueKingOfHeroes

    Minor revision for musashi and kojiro

    Immeasurable speed Musashi and Kojiro should have immeasurable speed via Zero and Infinity, because the skill transcends time and cannot be avoided by gods and buddha. Gods and buddha have been accepted on this wiki as immeasurable speed Musashi Musashi should have analytical prediction, it...
  42. RandomGuy

    Artoria Pendragon Vs Ado Edem

    Vs SBA both are 1-C fight takes place on earth.
  43. TrueKingOfHeroes

    Additional for servant physiology

    Unconventional mind and memories, servant has mind and memories that reside in the soul Mind manipulation and Memory manipulation (also unconventional) via spiritual attack or conceptual weapons. servant's spiritual attack was able to attack the soul in which there are concepts and information...
  44. 1997KD

    Arjuna Alter Profile

    I got a little issue with his profile, Under attack Potency Part "before absorbing the rest of the pantheon consisting of 330 million gods" the point is, there isn't 330 Million gods in Hindu Pantheon, and those numbers were not mention in the game either, so it's should be removed asap
  45. MonkeyOfLife

    Linley Baruch vs Avenger (Edmond Dantès)

    Linley Baruch VS Avenger (Edmond Dantès) Key used: God Linley Baruch and Avenger (Edmond Dantès) Restricted: Sovereign's Might Speed equalized Linley Baruch: 3 gigatons with Stat Amps and Stat Reduction Avenger (Edmond Dantès): at least 26.6 gigatons 10 gigatons or 1 gigaton Location...
  46. TrueKingOfHeroes

    Minor CRT for some servants

    GILGAMESH Resistance to transmutation above baseline, resisting ishtar's transmutation which was able to bypass nero's resistance Interdimensional range with GoB, stated that he was able to bring a GoB from new york to chaldea. Chaldea was cut off from the time axis Gil's treasure, he must...
  47. Rasputin

    Gilgamesh vs Arjuna

    Gilgamesh Arjuna
  48. Battle for 5th strongest High 6-C (Saber (Musashi Miyamoto) vs Nagash)

    https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Saber_(Musashi_Miyamoto) vs https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Nagash Saber: Nagash: icon:
  49. servant invulnerability being bypassed by being old?

    I keep hearing about and decided to make this crt because i wanted to debunk it so here goes my first crt. The way mystery works is that by ageing something gains mystery and people say that this can fall into verse equalization in that by also being old something can bypass the immunity. I do...
  50. Pokemonfan807

    Erza Scarlet vs Saber (Fate/Stay Night) (Fairy Tail vs Nasuverse)

    Last battle Slappy vs Spongebob was a stomp. so i hope this one isn't I was inspired by this and glad it wasn't a fight to the death despite the name death battle edit: i've decided to make a similar one as well So Artoria and Erza decide to have a sparring contest to see who is better, They...
  51. Oliver_de_jesus

    Servant invulnerability vs Alien technology

    My understanding is that Servants are immune to conventional weapons unless they are infused with mana or have a history, but what about weapons from other Alien worlds. Could they harm the Servants or not?
  52. DaReaperMan

    Ozymandius vs Deathwing!

    Celebration of my getting of Egyptian Dio in FGO! Speed Equal Start 500 meters away Egyptian Dio: 0 Deathwing: 0 incon: 0
  53. DaReaperMan

    Ozymandius vs Slimeverse round 1: Some Knight Saint

    To celebrate my getting of Egyptian Dio over here in FGO, I'm going to be throwing him through the ringer against Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken. Why? Because Magical Dick Wizard, Boy(girl?)friend of Arrogant Fuckboy and Arrogant Fuckboy himself probably clean sweep the entirety of 6-C...
  54. Veloxt1r0kore

    Minamoto no Raikou vs Meliodas (The Journey for hunting and exterminate will never end)

    Yes, it's another Raikou matches, honestly i can't get tired with it due of how much flexible she is, however this and the other Raikou match i planned would the last, after that i will give her a rest (and switching to Saber Astolfo completely) while i'm gonna searching which servants i can use...
  55. Veloxt1r0kore

    Nero Bride vs Nia (The White Emperor challenging yet another girl for the most attractive woman)

    Sequel from Nero Bride vs Erza Scarlet that we're waiting for Yet another Nero Bride match with the addition of testing my luck over XB2 after the revision, so hopefully this would be good and fair, anyway.... Welcome again with another White Emperor challenge, this time the emperor challenged...
  56. God243

    Why do people say that Fate Extra CCC has been mistranslated?

  57. Veloxt1r0kore

    The Hunt will Never End: Minamoto no Raikou vs Kamen Rider Kuuga

    Since my Zhongli vs Raikou was considered as stomp, i'll make an another Raikou matches that hopefully would'nt ended stomp. Also i originally wanted to use Gaim but i'm still waiting his revision to comes out so yeah, another Kuuga matches because why not lel, anyway.... Escaped from the hunt...
  58. Tam0n3n

    Some stuff from Fate Kaleid

    Base Darius should have Light and Sound Manipulation (can bend light and sound at will) - Fate/kaleid liner Prisma☆Illya 3rei, Chapter 59.1 Illusion Creation (can create illusion for the reason above) - Fate/kaleid liner Prisma☆Illya 3rei, Chapter 59.1 Vector and Spatial Manipulation (can...
  59. TrueKingOfHeroes

    Minor additional for servant

    I saw a scans in the previous CRT which doesn't seem to have been evaluated yet, like More Enhanced senses servant can detect radiation, killer viruses, or any other variety of dangerous substances. More Soul manipulation servant's casual attack is able to attack the spiritual/soul without...
  60. Lapsad

    Kischur vs linley

    Grandpa vampire vs Linley Speed equalized Both low-6B keys
  61. Fate vs Instant Death part 2

    Heavenly Record Eater vs Gilgamesh CCC Both Low-1C All Prime Condition Bloodlust Gilgamesh: HRE: Incon:
  62. Fate vs Instant Death

    Fate vs Instant Death part 1 Heavenly Record Eater vs Romulus Quirinus (Grand Lancer) Both Low-1C All Prime Condition Bloodlust HRE: Quirinus: Incon:
  63. Veloxt1r0kore

    Zhongli vs Minamoto no Raikou

    Why yes, i like more Raikou matches, isn't that a problem? It's not like i wanted to make her becoming Tomoe Mami 2.0, silly! Ngahaha#slapped I also want to trying my luck on Genshin Impact (more specifically, the 6-C Genshin), and fyi this was originally to be Raikou vs Raiden Shogun but her...
  64. Lormac_CC

    David(Magi) vs BB(Fate)

    David BB Both low 1-C(6D) David has no Sacred Palace David has no protection Speed is Equalized
  65. Lapsad

    Rematch , Gil vs Misogy

    Gil vs Misogy Speed equalized
  66. DaReaperMan

    Kaito vs Ritsuka: Social influencing battle!

    Because Expectro wanted this to happen Speed equal Start 5 meters away Mash is with Ritsuka Kaito: 0 Ritsuka: 0 incon: 7
  67. DaReaperMan

    Zerkalot vs Salter: Corrupted knights fight

    Zerkalot is bloodlusted if necessary There is a f-12 jet and a mini gun in the area Start 5 meters away Salter: 0 Zerkalot: 2 incon: 1
  68. ZephyrosOmega

    Nasuverse: Global Hax Revisions

    This is some stuff I found from Complete Materials. Thanks to CrimsonStarFallen and Paul Frank for their help. All servants with Divinity need to have Negation of Resistance, Damage Reduction, and Invulnerability (Of all types, including Physical, Conceptual, and Interdimensional). Divinity...
  69. Lapsad

    Kaito vs emiya shirou

    Kaito vs Shirou Speed equalized Kaito base only Shirou in his UBW key
  70. SuperKamiNappa

    Roronoa Zoro vs Sasaki Kojiro

    Roronoa Zoro Base Sasaki Kojiro Speed equalized
  71. Nasuverse vs Warhammer40k

    Which one is stronger?
  72. Veloxt1r0kore

    MCU Hela vs Saber Astolfo

    Despite with the AP difference between them, in the end i was like "f**k it" and created this match. Hopefully with some of special conditions i gave, this match would be fair....or does it? We'll see Hela, in her way to rule the Asgard, meet an strange person who said sended by Odin from other...
  73. Pokemonfan807

    Arcueid brunested vs Oryx the taken King

    Oryx has invaded archtype earth. of course Arcueid is going to stop him to save humanity (she may be a vampire but she doesn't want human race to go extinct along with her race) Oryx's Profile Arcueid's Profile Rules Both low 1-C (Archetype Earth vs In the Ascendent Plane) Oryx is...
  74. DaReaperMan

    Ungrim Ironfist vs Ozymandius

    Start 10 meters away Ungrim is High 6-C Speed Equal Battle takes place in the deserts of Egypt All-Father of the Drakebeard Clan: 0 Ozymandius: 0 Inconclusive: 0
  75. Pennywise, Maturin vs Nasuverse

    Who wins?
  76. ShadowWhoWalks

    Physically weak Servants are pretty strong, actually

    Currently the profiles of the relatively 'physically-weak' Servants is inconsistent. For example, sometimes they are Wall level but their weapon somehow get a separate rating to account for how they can physically fight and harm strong Servants, and sometimes they are just scaled to strong...
  77. Veloxt1r0kore

    Spiritful Woman vs Grudgeful Woman (Mereoleona Vermillion vs Hinako Akuta/Consort Yu)

    First i wanted to make Raikou vs Mereoleona but it's kind of redundant as she beated Asta, and she was quitely spammed so let's give her a temporaly break, beside my waifu, Hinako need a more recognition so here we are, as for the low-high regen i believe Mereoleona had many things to incap...
  78. Regidian

    Heroic spirit form key, Nasuverse

    So like the title say it's a CRT an attempt to create the heroic sprit key for all the servant register in throne of heroes. Like we know Heroic spirit are Heroes who have left behind great feats in legends after death which lead them to ascend as Heroic spirit in an higher plane of existence...
  79. RandomGuy

    A Big Question On Nasuverse Ten Crowns

    its stated that ten crowns only works on people from Earth and anything that doesn't originate from it would not be effected, OR someone having the same rank of authority. why is this never brought up anymore in debates? its even weirder since this website used to specifically mention that a lot...
  80. Veloxt1r0kore

    Lunatic Knight meet the "Messiah" (Astolfo vs Kamen Rider Agito)

    Celebrating Agito for achieved the buff alongside giving the Saber version of Astolfo his first match, both pretty much haxless (only with a good versatility), and Magic Reistance would'nt be a factor here since Agito doesn't have any hax, anyway..... Night time in the Tokyo City, Shouichi just...
  81. Poppio2

    Gilgamesh Tier 1 Explaination requested

    I noticed that Gilgamesh was recently upgraded to low 1-c recently, can someone explain how he scales to this tier? I don't know what feats could have bought him here.
  82. Veloxt1r0kore

    Battle of Top Tier Fa-I mean Elegant Knights (Nero Bride vs Erza Scarlet)

    If you know what i mean 😏😏😏 A..anyway, i would like to give Nero some love here (only her Bride version, regular version can gtfo lel), and i discovered Fairy Tail got some of amazing buffs so why not? I'll start with Erza, tho in same time i dunno if it will ended up redudant as she just...
  83. SuperKamiNappa

    King Hassan vs Kama: Grand Assassin vs Beast III... sorta

    King Hassan Kama Regular Servant keys for both Time to decide the strongest Assassin
  84. Migue79

    Father & Son Feud (feat. Shirou Emiya & Kairi Sisigou)

    I am gonna do dis~! F/Stay Night Saber (Shirou's Servant) & Shirou Emiya (Fate) vs. Saber of Red (Mordred) & Kairi Sisigou They start off 20 meters away from each other, and the battle takes place in Trifas at night. SBA will cover everything else, and speed is equalized. Who wins and why...
  85. Veloxt1r0kore

    Danny Phantom vs Jack the Ripper (Berserker) (Ghost Hunter hunting a unnatural Ghost? Went Wrong?)

    Alright, this is might be the hardest match-up i made since how complicated Berserker Jack is, so if there's any of conditions that a little bit off for Berserker Jack then feel free to give a advice to make this match more good than it look, otherwise..... Danny and his friends just got a...
  86. PsychoWarper

    Battle for Grand Lancer

    This is another battle from me to pit my Wukong servant against the other great Lancers to see who truely is the Grandest. Lancer (Sun Wukong) vs Lancer (Romulus-Quirinus) -Takes place in Fuyuki City (Prior to the 4th HGW) -Standard SBA -First keys for both (Just to be certain) (This may be...
  87. Expectro2000xxx

    Ara Ara Mother vs Smiling Kid (Raikou vs Luck Voltia)

    First key Raikou and third key Luck with Ultimate Magic restricted, 50 meters apart, speed equal, in Konoha (don't ask me why, I just suddenly thought in use it, maybe if a better scenery is proposed I can change it). The Ara Ara Berserker: 0 vs The Cheery Berserker: 3 Inco: 0
  88. ZephyrosOmega

    Fate/Stay Night: Caster and Archer Revisions

    It has come to my attention that Medea's profile is like really bad A lot of the F/SN profiles are not great so this is gonna be the first step to fixing them. With that in mind, most of Medea's powers are horribly lacking in scans, and 80% of her stuff is just outright missing. So, uh...
  89. Veloxt1r0kore

    Minamoto no Yorimitsu vs Twenty-Fifth Baam (Legendary Monsters Exterminator hunt yet another Legendary Monster)

    So i'll make a two Raikou matches in-row because f*** it, tho i admit why make two matches in row is because i'm curious about the next one (spoiler: ). Anyway... The Legendary Heian-Kyo Youkai/Monsters Exterminator, now in modern era stumbled upon an unknown man who is classified as Irregular...
  90. SuperKamiNappa

    Battle of Shape-shifters: Ben Tennyson vs. Sieg

    Sieg, starts as Fafnir Ben, starts as Four Arms Alien X, Way Big, Atomix, and Eatle restricted Speed Equalized who wins and why?
  91. Veloxt1r0kore

    MCU Thanos fight against a badass milf (MCU Thanos vs Minamoto no Raikou)

    Here is the MCU Thanos vs Servants that i promised, tho ngl i dunno if this would be good match or not (and with the fact i was struggling finding Raikou a good matches lel) so lets find out! I will change to the other servants if it ended up mismatch Thanos with Incomplete Infinity Gauntlet...
  92. Veloxt1r0kore

    Demon King Nobunaga vs Thanos

    That Gilgamesh vs Thanos was a mismatch, so i made a (hopefully) better match up for Mad Titan against Top Tier Servants The Warlord that ascended beyond the realm and vanquish every divine beings who prevented her paths with its own purgatory flames, now must faced the Mad Titan with its...
  93. Ecstasy_Amphetamine

    Minor FGO revisions

    Forgot to post this, thinking that what I mentioned in this blog is probably added already. Anyways, there are a few additions to some servants in the link below. Input appreciated. https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/User_blog:Ecstasy_Amphetamine/m
  94. SheevShezarrine

    2 Angry Blue Knights Duke It Out - Artorias vs Lancelot

    This matchup is finally viable let's gooo Artorias vs Berserker Lancelot Both 6-C+, speed equal SBA Artorias ought to be able to harm Lancelot despite his Servant Physiology invulnerability, given his magical/cursed nature, as well as due to hailing from an Age of Gods and having comparable AP
  95. RandomGuy

    Mystic Code Nero Claudius Vs Captain Adam

    Captain Adam Nero Claudius Mystic Code Nero is being used here. I know she resist a lot of stuff but she doesn't really have any impressive offensive hax and it doesn't list subjective reality as one of her hax and instead she only resist it. so from my observation it looks like this could end...
  96. SuperKamiNappa

    Gilgamesh vs Thanos (Hopefully this is fair)

    GIlgamesh Thanos Low 1-C versions
  97. KnightOfSunlight

    Master Chief vs Bazett (Halo vs Fate/Stay night)

    Both at 9-A, speed equalized Master Chief has M90 Shotgun, MA5 Assault Rifle, and a Bubble Shield Bazett is herself Chief: Bazett: Incon:
  98. RandomGuy

    Question About Fate/Extra CCC Speed

    why does Gilgamesh and co. only have immeasurable reactions when they fought against Kiara, whose profile list her speed as full on immeasurable? shouldn't they scale directly to that due to fighting her and beating her? or can immeasurable reactions allow you to have a prolonged fight with a...
  99. RandomGuy

    Gilgamesh (CCC) Vs Uriel (SCP-001)

    since Nasuverse is now into Tier 1 it should be time to start making match ups. since i heard they used to be low-tier in 2-A i'm starting out small and not going with the heavy hitters. well at least i don't think Uriel is a heavy hitter in Low 1-C. both are in-character. fight takes place in...
  100. RandomGuy

    Akiha Tohno Upgrade aka Needs Another Key

    this is only in regards to the original Tsukihime canon, not the remake. Akiha after getting all of her power back in the Kohaku route was stated to "likely exceed" a rampaging Arcueid. rampaging would only refer to Red Arcueid, since that is her failing to control her bloodlust and using her...