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league of legends

  1. Vithal

    Zoro vs Yone [0-0-0]

    Zoro vs Yone Location: Bilgewater Rules: 7-C Zoro and 7-C Yone used They start 30m from eachother Speed Equalized Zoro: Yone: Yone goes 0/10 and Zoro gets lost (Incon):
  2. One-man army(Esdeath{Akame ga kill} vs Azir {League of Legends})1-4-0

    Esdeath(Akame ga kill)-1 Azir(League of Legends)-4 Distance: 4 kilometers Speed equal 1 day prep for both SBA for the rest
  3. Vithal

    Itachi vs Rhaast

    Itachi vs Rhaast Location: Konohagure Rules: - Speed equalized - 6-b Rhaast used and 6-c Itachi used - They start 100m from eachother Rhaast: Itachi:
  4. Apollonir.Scale

    League of Legends Low Tier Upgrade

    Hello, I hope you are having a good day. Today I will talk about some characters in LoL that need to be dropped. Malphite Calc First of all, when we look at the Universe page, we see that the calculation made for L7C is Malphite's calculation. However, I see that even characters who are not...
  5. Vithal

    Hands monster fights a Weapons monster [Garou vs Kayn]

    Garou vs Kayn Two powerful foes meet in the middle of a battlefield One is a master of weapons And the other one is a master of fists Only one can win... Location: Ionian battlefield Rules: Both low 7-C Speed Equalized They start 50m apart Shadow Assasin Kayn used Kayn: Garou:
  6. Apollonir.Scale

    World's Strongest Man vs Shard of the Monolith - Whitebeard vs Odyssey Malphite

    Malphite vs Edward Newgate SBA 5-C Versions Speed Equalized Malphite: Whitebeard:
  7. Apollonir.Scale

    [GRACE] Malphite vs Kinshiki

    Malphite vs Kinshiki SBA 5-C Versions speed equalized Malphite: Apollonir, Mndks, Dinozxd, karo senpaii, Spectra, Baabasaplar95, zaraus Kinshiki: Incon:
  8. Baabasaplar95

    League of Legends Tier Revision

    Characters that need to Increase Low 6-B to 4-B (those whose profile says comparable); Garen with Demacian Justice (Summons the power of Kayle as an attack) Lissandra (Sealed Brand) Vladimir (Comparable to Aatrox) Mordekaiser (Comparable to Viego and Aspects) here and here. Azir (Comparable...
  9. Baabasaplar95

    League of Legends Targon Tier Upgrade

    Pantheon and Aatrox is 4-B MFTL+ Morgana and Kayle defeats Aatrox, here. Anyone whose profile says Comparable to Pantheon and other Aspects should upgrade to 4-B MFTL+ These are: Morgana, Kayle, Diana, Leona, Taric Edit: Anyone comparable to the Pantheon should be 4-B
  10. Vithal

    Demon fights a curse. Yone vs Sukuna

    Yone vs Sukuna Location: Shibuya Rules: Equalized Speed 7-C yone and low 7-B sukuna used Yone: Sukuna:
  11. Hunterzillas

    PRAISE THE SUN - Solaire vs Leona

    Who is the true champion of the sun? Solaire of Astora, the sun bro, or Leona, the Radiant Dawn? Never played a Souls game, don't know Lol either, so I'm going to butcher the premise. Leona goes to jungle and notices a bonfire, where Solaire waits. Leona sees Solaire as a buff waiting to...
  12. RandomGuy2345

    Vi Tries To Put A-Town...Down Under

    See what I did there? Rules for the fight: Speed is equalized 5-meter starting distance Fight takes place in a wrestling ring, where Waller and Theory have access to all the weapons under the ring A-Town...Down Under: Vi: Inconclusive:
  13. ShionAH

    The Sad Profile of The Sad Mummy... - League of Legends Revision Number #2

    New Old A bit more controversial this time around. I am open to opinions. Agreed: 6 (@Flowerguy2, @Javenplayz253, @Kazuma_kuwabara, @Pedonar, @SchroKatze, @Quintessence_PE) Disagreed: Neutral: Kled:
  14. Mukaddes

    Viego Hax Addition 2

    Greetings.I would like to add another hax about Viego.But I am not sure about this addition so I would like to write to ask for help from admins and knowledgeable people.First of all this hax is Concept ManipulationAs we know, Aatrox is given Concept Manipulation in VSBW type: 1 in VSBW for...
  15. Mukaddes

    Viego (League Of Legends) Rework.

    New Profile Agree: stretchsebe. Disagree: Neutral:
  16. ShionAH

    Yordle Physiology - League of Legends Revision Number #1

    Yordle Physiology This would apply to all Yordles. If you have anything to add tell me, I might have missed some stuff.
  17. Mukaddes

    Viego hax addition.

    Greetings. I know I have been dealing with a lot of Viego verse. But I would like to add a few missing hax that I have in mind, Potential or direct. Our first hax is Flight Thanks to the black fog, Viego can fly as an amorphous fog or with the fog. We saw him flying across the ocean from...
  18. ShionAH

    Zac (League of Legends) Rework

    New Profile Agree: Disagree: Neutral:
  19. Mukaddes

    Viego 5-B Scales. ( Black Mist. )

    Environmental damage caused by black fog Greetings. The reason I bring this up is because the black fog is known as "The Game of the Fallen King" and "Destruction Animation". We've seen it. We know that Viego can envelop continents with his black fog, dominate them at will, and travel to the...
  20. Mukaddes

    Viego and Pantheon scale

    (I am new to these issues and I apologize for trying to be as clear as I can.) 1- Is the case of the guardian of light canonical?First of all, it's important to note that the Lightkeeper costume series takes place in the same time and place as Runeterra.Canonization is part of the story of the...
  21. Mukaddes

    Viego Vs Shanks

    Without changing Isolde, Viego passed through the portal to a land he had never known. Shanks, who took part in Isolde's soul in his own soul, became Viego's target. Ap= Speed= (Please remember Type3 Purification in Viego.) Viego: Shanks: İncon:
  22. Shmooply

    League of Legends - Removing some unaccepted calcs from the verse page

    There are a few calculation blogs on the verse page that have never been accepted by calc group members, as well as some that staff had strong contentions with, I'll be aiming to remove them from the verse page for these reasons. Wasn't accepted by calc group members, and the pixel scaling...
  23. Vithal

    Fight, or be forgotten! Aatrox vs Goku

    Aatrox vs Goku Location: London Rules: Speed is equalized Both are bloodlusted Goku starts in super sayanin 2 They start 50m apart God killer: Hey its me, Goku!:
  24. Idontknowjustasking391

    Dark Cosmic Jhin vs Berserker(MHX Alter) ????

    (Just shut this down if this match is invalid and btw this is my first time posting a thread here) Dark Cosmic Key for Jhin https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Jhin?so=search Vs Berserker(MHX Alter) https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Berserker_(MHX_Alter)
  25. league of legends celestial being (dunno if anyone has noticed)

    So basically when Im checking legends of runterra patch notes I saw this - "universe-sized ethereal star being"as the description of one of the small/weakest celestial being- the messenger Wonder if this would make any changes *here's the full link if anyone want to checkout themself ...
  26. DaReaperMan

    7-A Howling Into Hell Tournament: K'Sante vs Shadow Rose

    The Pride of Nazumah vs Flamenco Tournament Hub K'Sante put in by @Recon1511 / @WeeklyBattles Shadow Rose put in by @Shmeatywerbenmanjenson Speed Equal Start 8 meters away Battle takes place at the top of Icecrown Citadel Both 7-A Shadow Rose: 0 K'Sante: 0 Inconclusive: 0
  27. ZKillerz

    League of Legends: FiddleSticks Upgrade (main universe)

    So I think Fiddlesticks should be upgraded to 4-B and here's why: Its common knowledge that Fiddlesticks is the oldest and strongest amongst the demons, he should be stronger than characters such as Nilah or at least comparable. Nilah is the same person who put herself and Atreus on the same...
  28. Spinoirr

    Ice Queen vs Ice Queen

    Speed is equal Both are 7-C Fiora Laurent: Weiss:
  29. DaReaperMan

    K'Sante finds some Lost Dwarves

    Both 7-A Battle takes place in the Lost Dwarves' boss room in Uldaman: Legacy of Tyr Speed Equal Start 10 meters away The Lost Dwarves: 0 K'Sante: 0 Inconclusive: 0 Battle music
  30. noninho

    Kitsune vs Giant Loyal Skeleton

    I fulfill my promisses and i made one to our favorite reaper, here ya go: Lord Marrowgar and Foxfire Ahri are both in 7-A with nothing restricted (yeah, he can get 5x the ap, but she has dura-neg and a good wincon) speed is =, battle takes place in Icecrown Citadel for flavor (it's cool tho...
  31. GoldenScorpions

    7-B [Path to the Throne] Tournament 3rd-Place Match: Vi vs Brook

    [Path to the Throne] 7-B tournament 3rd-Place Match Characters Attack Potency Votes Vi (League of Legends) 18 Megatons Brook (One Piece) 54.28 Megatons 3 (@noninho, @Artorimachi_Meteoraft, @DaReaperMan) Inconclusive The match takes place at Mont Saint-Michel, during high tide. A...
  32. GoldenScorpions

    7-B [Path to the Throne] Tournament SemiFinals: Vi vs Rathalos

    [Path to the Throne] 7-B tournament Semi-Final 1 Characters Attack Potency Votes Vi (League of Legends) 18 Megatons 1 (@WeeklyBattles) Zenith Rathalos (Monster Hunter) 12.5 Megatons 7 (@Expectro2000xxx, @DontTalkDT, @XSOULOFCINDERX, @AnimeHolic94, @Witchakorn, @JoshSSJGod...
  33. jojo123

    Xlr8 (ben 10 classic) vs ashe (league of Legends)

    Both low 7-C versions is used. Original series xlr8 is used. Base ashe is used. Speed Equalized. Votes xlr8: (perfil link https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/XLR8) Votes ashe: 4 (https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Ashe)
  34. GoldenScorpions

    7-B [Path to the Throne] Tournament: Pupitar vs Vi

    [Path to the Throne] 7-B tournament Quarter-Final 1 Characters Attack Potency Votes Pupitar (Pokémon) 45.88 Megatons 1 (@CrackerVolley) Vi (League of Legends) 18 Megatons 8 (@Imaginym, @Popted2, @Epiccheev, @LeoEpicGamer8910, @GoldenScorpions, @Artorimachi_Meteoraft, @Recon1511...
  35. GoldenScorpions

    7-B [Path to the Throne] Tournament: Vi vs Lü Bu

    [Path to the Throne] 7-B tournament Round 2 Characters Attack Potency Votes Vi (League of Legends) 18 Megatons 1 (@noninho ) Lü Bu (Record of Ragnarok) 79.83 Megatons Inconclusive The match takes place at Mont Saint-Michel, during high tide. A barrier seals the island 200 meters...
  36. DimeUhDozen

    Vi Vs Obama's Strongest Soldier

    Speed Equalized Oh The Misery: MRS. OBAMA, GET DOWN!: Incon:
  37. denisnic55

    Goku(DBS) vs Mordekaiser(LoL)

    Monke Gugu vs Warlord made of flying iron Both in their strongest keys Speed is not equal Both are bloodlusted Hope its not a stomp Who wins?
  38. Planck69

    Star Guardian vs Fury Queen: Ahri vs Alecto

    Been wanting to do a match with the Furies since they got revised. Without further ado, let's get into it. Both are 4-B. Speed is equalized. Otherwise SBA. Cthulhu's little sister: Fox Waifu: Kratos shows up:
  39. XDragnoir

    Ji Ning vs Aatrox

    Both are 4B, speed equal, SBA for everything else https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Aatrox?so=search https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Ji_Ning_(Three_Realms)?so=search
  40. ShionAH

    Charmelon vs Z.A.C

    Okay lets do this Both are 7-B obviously Speed is = Both of them are IC and the distance is 5 m Z.A.C: 1 Charizard: Incon: