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code geass

  1. Kaiser0079

    Major Code Geass Downgrade

    Hello. I've noticed the calculation used to justify the tier 7 rating for the Code Geass verse is flawed for reasons I will elaborate further, and thus I decided to recalc it and propose a downgrade. Why is it flawed? Simply put, ang sizing is not a 100% reliable method, and it, alongside...
  2. Robo432343

    Lelouch vs Zeno (Code Gass v Dragon Ball)

    https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Lelouch_vi_Britannia vs https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Zen%27%C5%8D Both 1m from each other SBA otherwise Speed Equal
  3. FantaRin_The_First

    (0-7-0) Suzaku vs Blake

    Alternative Title: The "B" of RWBY and The Knight of Zero get way too heated in a philosophical argument The battle will take place on an empty desert highway in the middle of the afternoon Speed is equalized They start 10 meters away from each other Suzaku is in his Lancelot Key Blake is...
  4. First_Witch

    Urban Warfare in thr City of Eternal Nights Round 13 (Goro Majima vs Suzaku Kururugi)

    "Seven days have passed since a mysterious group of 16 individuals entered the forsaken Metropolis of decadence. The quiet night of the Smithery streets is where our fateful encounter happens. A clash of Capos and Peacekeepers is upon us. Soon, Death will occur upon these streets."
  5. FantaRin_The_First

    Major Upgrades - Code Geass

    Hey, hey, fanta here. Guess who decided to calculate some stuff in Code Geass and its canon spin-off, and got them approved? This person! 8-A+ Upgrades https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/User_blog:FantaRin_The_First/Bradford_makes_a_hole_in_a_cloud Okay, for the 8-A+ calculation above, let me...
  6. First_Witch

    Urban Warfare in the City of Eteneral Nights Round 11 (Suzaku vs Six)

    "Seven days have passed since a mysterious group of 16 individuals entered the forsaken Metropolis of decadence. The quiet night of the School complexes is where our fateful encounter happens. A clash of Capos and Peacekeepers is upon us. Soon, Death will occur upon these streets."
  7. First_Witch

    Urban Warfare in the City of Eternal Nights Round 5 (Chelshia vs Suzaku Kururugi)

    "Five days have passed since a mysterious group of 16 individuals entered the forsaken Metropolis of decadence. The quiet night of the ghettos is where our fateful encounter happens. A clash of Peacekeepers and Capos is upon us. Soon, Death will occur upon these streets."
  8. Tots_Real

    An Extreemely Dramatic Game of Chess

    Lelouch vi Britannia Vs Yugi Muto Lelouch is in his Zero persona and Manga Yugi is being used The fight is being spectated by Kallen and Ohgi so Lelouch can't use geass The game is chess, no shadow game bullshit just an average game of chess (Though they are playing on top of a 75 foot tall...
  9. KillerNerd007

    Big Brain battle

    Light Yagami vs Lelouch Vi Britannia in a intelligence battle: Round 1: Beginning of series Light vs Beginning of series Lelouch. Round 2: EOS Light vs EOS Lelouch. Rules: -Both are on even ground. -No allies and equipment (meaning on Misa, Black Knights, Death Note and Geass) -Have fun.
  10. Promestein

    Jack Cooper vs Suzaku Kururugi

    Jack Cooper in BT-7274 vs. Suzaku Kururugi in the Lancelot. They're fighting over clothes at the soup store. Standard battle assumptions, speed equalized, starting range is like, I dunno, 50 metres. Lancelot has its Float System. I would've gone with Kallen and the Guren but I felt like both...
  11. Promestein

    Code Geass: Lelouch of the Revisions

    I am burdened by sorrow - one look at our Code Geass pages will let you know that they just straight-up suck and are bad. Virtually nothing was calced, all stats were based off of bewildering assumptions, and despite many of the weapons used by mechs being way stronger than them, they're all...
  12. Artorimachi_Meteoraft

    Lelouch vi britannia vs shiro Chess Match

    After i saw this match in the threads i decided to make my own version of a non death battle match Okay so Shiro is well known for her mastery of chess and hears of the great lelouch and decides to challenge him to a chess duel. (i think this is allowed because both shirou and lelouch are very...
  13. Vizer04

    Loki Laufeyson vs Lelouch vi Britannia (0-0-0)

    Both at 8-A and Speed Equalized. Loki: Lelouch: Inconclusive:
  14. RicardoSama

    Didnt know that was already done but maybe this one is better

    Light vs Lelouch - Lulu First Key Used and uses his Geass Light uses Shinigami Eyes Both are looking down and has not seen the opponent Speed = 50m apart SBA otherwise U pick? Light - 0 Lulu - 0 Incon - 0 State reasons why
  15. J989

    How come Rolo doesn't have a profile page?

    How come there isn't a profile page for Rolo Lelouche brother? He also has his time stopping abilities and other feats.
  16. Tots_Real

    Yugi Muto Vs Lelouch vi Britannia

    Dark Yugi is being used and Lelouch has no equipment Speed equalized One on One game of chess match God cards resticted Shadow game has been activated
  17. EmperorRorepmeThree

    Code Geass - Other Media

    Is it alright to make profiles out of the Code Geass manga? And are they canon or not to the Anime? Manga like Nightmare of Nunnally which seems to take place in an alternate reality.
  18. AJ_Smiles

    The Battle of the Minds, L vs Zero

    L has discovered an mysteroius vigilante by the name of Zero who seems to have an immense intelect. L has decided that the best thing to do is play a series of three games with him. The person to first get 2 wins... well wins. Neither have prior knowledge of each other The games take place in an...
  19. Tots_Real

    L (Death Note) vs Lelouch vi Britannia: A game of chess

    L is hired by the Britannia government to bring Zero to justice. After doing some investigation he determins that zero must be a student who is enrolled at Ashfold Acadamy. Sespecting Lelouch since he meets of the physical traits of Zero he has game of chess to play mind games and see weather he...
  20. Oblivion_Of_The_Endless

    Yogiri Takatou vs Lelouch Vi Britannia

    Speed Equalized In character Starting distance of 20 meters First key Lelouch SBA VOTES: Yogiri: 7 (Megazero, Schnee One, Velox, YungManzi, Jimboy, IzaTheDivineHero, Iapitus) Lelouch: Inconclusive: 1 (Firephoenixearl)
  21. AKM sama

    Code Geass: Regarding F.L.E.I.J.A.'s void manipulation and durability negation

    I'll get directly to point. I have some problems regarding how F.L.E.I.J.A. is rated as a durability negating, void manipulating weapon. I went back to search for CRT's related to it but couldn't find any. Basically, F.L.E.I.J.A. is a bomb created by Nina Einstein (a reference to atmoic bomb...
  22. Tots_Real

    Lelouch vi Britannia Vs Mr. Mind

    both know of each others existance Mr.mind is 10-C Lelouch knows he's a powerful telepath who's a worm Mr. Mind knows he's can make anyone do things for him, though he doesn't know he's zero and he doesn't understand what geas is Both have 3 weeks of prep Lelouch has the Damocles mister...
  23. Shadowbokunohero

    Vs Battle Wiki Official Reincarnation Thread

    Depending on the month you were born this willb e the character who you will be reincarnated as in your next life, Hope for the best XD.
  24. Hagane_no_Saiyajin

    Artemis Foul vs Zero

    vs 10-B versions, starts off as a chess match, Artemis had mistakenly misplace his goggles Artemis:2 Zero:1 tie:
  25. Nico-v11

    Shikamaru Nara vs Lelouch Vi Britannia

    After finally watching Code Geass I must indulge my desires in making Lelouch matches lol. I'm not too sure about how this will go but hopefully it'll go well. Both are at full power, have full knowledge on each other, are fully armed, and encounter each other completely by chance. Speed...
  26. Kople700

    Hitoshi V.S Lelouch

    Speed Equalized Lelouche Starts Off With Brainwashing. However. This is a response to something hitoshi said. Battle takes place on some random planet outside the milky way
  27. Yobo_Blue

    Two people die (Or just 1. Or maybe nobody does)

    C.C. vs Thunder McQuee C.C. has high mid regen. C.C can give Geass if necessary Figure it out. Completely in character.
  28. Yobo_Blue

    Two people die (Or just 1. Or maybe nobody does)

    C.C. vs Thunder McQuee Figure it out. Completely in character.
  29. Schnee_One

    Code Geass Mindhax

    So. Lelouch is currently said to have 2A mindhax for a feat done in a Non-Canon manga and there are no other showings of anything else coming close to this. Is this not an outlier?
  30. Homu_Sweet_Homu

    A character attempts to take over your favorite verse (Lelouch of the Conquest version)

    Originally about Lelouch trying to solo a verse. But Monarch idea sounds better than mine, so I changes it. This skinny boy gets transported to your favorite verse and he tries to rule it for lolz. Can he pulls it off? You can even tell from here that he's screwed up in the head.
  31. ApiesDeathbyLazors

    Esdeath vs EsLelouch

    So, I had a dream about this match-up. I was down stairs helping with dinner, which is already wierd, because I'm usually not allowed to help, just talking with my mother, when I look over at a white board, which is also wierd because we don"t have any white boards, and I saw this title written...
  32. Homu_Sweet_Homu

    Lelouch vi Britannia vs Junko Enoshima

    Well, I got this idea thanks to PaChi2's Pucci vs Lelouch thread. A certain two-colored bear makes a bold statement on the world-wide broadcast that he knows that Zero will be on the school festival and will kill him during that time. Lelouch, obviously, felt threatened by the this devised a...
  33. PaChi2

    Pucci vs Lelouch

    Fight takes place in Britania Area 11. Tokyo. Speed equal. Lelouch has basic knowledge on the mechanics behind Stands, but doesnt know exactly which powers Pucci's has (obviously no MiH is allowed here). Pucci knows that the Geass exist, but doesnt know exactly how Lelouch's works. Pucci...
  34. PaChi2

    Code Geass discussion thread I: maybe there is niche for us

    You see, I recently watched the anime and I sincerely loved it. I wonder if there is room for discussion? I know its pretty old. But we have R3 to wait for so... anyone want to talk about the series? All hail Lelouch!
  35. Yobo_Blue

    Most Magnificent Bastard

    Definitio Who is your favorite manipulative character in fiction?
  36. Yobo_Blue

    The Crown Prince of Nohr vs an angry orange farmer

    A Code Geass match. How unexpected. This Siegfried vs That Siegfried SBA Speed Equal Who wins?
  37. Yobo_Blue

    Code Geass revisions

    I'm slightly busy, so i'll be updating the OP to include necessary changes. However, an immediate problem is the fact that the scaling in general seems to be flawed, with circular reasoning and no actual justifications for 8-A stats
  38. DMUA

    I win via speaking: Revengance: Randall Flagg vs Lelouch vi Britannia

    Hopefully this is a match of speaking that isn't a stomp. Speed Equalized Otherwise Standard Battle Assumptions Flagg: 1 (MrKingOfNegativity) Britannia: Inconclusive:1 (Yobobojojo)
  39. Oloserian

    Lelouch vs Archangel

    vs -Lelouch has the Schinkiro Speed Equalized
  40. AppleLord

    Code Geass: Gaiden Discussion Thread

    This thread is for discussions about the new canon manga. Chapter One is Raw. I'll update when the translation is available in English. This manga will focus between R1 & R2 on Suzaku and Kallen. If any new feats are present, you can gather them from here.