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kamen rider zi-o

  1. Omazio2019

    Kamen Rider Zi-O Conceptual Revision

    Well, it's another thread of me with the Zi-O's shenanigans, i guess you wouldn't be surprise anyway. Today thread is about Ridewatch and its conceptual relation. Rider's power Rider are the axis of their worlds/universes, the power inside them are what keep the world in stable, Tsukuyomi's...
  2. Ask about Zi-O and Gaim Gaiden

    From what I understand that in the Zi-O timeline (either canon and Over Quarterzs) all the facts of each Rider are canon. So wouldn't Gaim Gaiden's facts make Zi-O's lines their own multiverse? (Since Gaim's novel takes place before the War Gaim x Drive movie.) I'm new to cosmology.
  3. Sir_Ovens

    Kamen Rider Upgrades - Cosmology Update Edition!

    As we've gone through in this thread, the Kamen Rider cosmology has been updated. This will entail a few changes to the tiers and abilities of a few characters. 1-C Downgrade Due to the previous thread, all 8D characters that scaled to Saver will now be lowered to 6D. This is due to the Toei...
  4. Omazio2019

    Kamen Rider Zi-O revision again

    This will be my last revision of Zi-O rider ever. Universal abilities Limited resistance to Time stop (They can remain the consciousness in time stop field, and move their body with limited extent) Extrasensory Perception (Can detect the existence of Another Rider) Nonexistent Physiology...
  5. Abscoolguy

    What is the proof of Kamen Rider Heisei Generations being canon?

    Hi, I see 1-C stats for characters like Build based on this movie, the wiki says it's not canon and was confirmed apparently. I want to ask the evidence for this wiki treating it as canon
  6. Omazio2019

    Kamen Rider specs part 15 (1): Zi-O rider's forgotten abilities revision

    It's me again with Zi-O stuffs, there are few things i want to change in Zi-O rider's profile So here is the sandbox i've made for the revision https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/User:Omazio2019/sandbox If you don't want to waste your time in reading my endlessly-text sandbox, i'll summary the...
  7. Omazio2019

    Zi-O Rider 9-D upgrade

    In the previous thread Zi-O riders were accepted to be 8-D, you can rewatch it here. In the process of researching i found some information that could upgrade Zi-O rider at Grand Zi-O arc to 9-D In the episode 43, Another Zi-O II or Kagogawa Hiryu was shown to summon Another Kuuga and Another W...
  8. Omazio2019

    Heroic Demon King vs Aspiring Hero Killer

    After her victory agaisnt Kamen Rider Amazon, Ihwa once again encounter another rider-type hero. No, that's a demon king with power of heroes, an interesting boy who want to be a king Ihwa: So you are the so-called horrible and villianous demon king who gonna make the whole world suffer, huh...
  9. Omazio2019

    Kamen Rider specs revision part 15: Zi-O overhaul

    It's been a while since the last specs Rider revision so i think we should get back sometime. So here some few specs of Zi-O I, Universal Abilities II, Inated specs 1. Kamen Rider Zi-O 2. Kamen Rider Geiz 3. Kamen Rider Woz 4. Kamen Rider Tsukuyomi 5. Kamen Rider Oma Zi-O III, Zi-O...
  10. Lonkitt

    Kamen Rider Build: Tier 1 Key Additions

    So, we currently have a Build page and a Legend Rider Build page. There's two problems with this. One is that the page is not significantly different enough to warrant a Legend Rider page, ergo breaking the Legend Rider page creation rule. Secondly, the material within Build's Legend Rider page...
  11. Omazio2019

    Kamen Rider Transduality Revision "II"

    Another duality thread, this time focusing on our loveable Demon King. Because this revision is about duality, I'd like to go over the definition of yin and yang, which is the fundamental concept of duality and has a lot to do with this thread. [BIG NOTE]: Big thanks to Jamesthetaker who help...
  12. Omazio2019

    Abstract Existence for Waga Maou

    Found a few interesting thing about Zi-O and then boom this thread is out. Sougo is stated to contain the concept of "Heisei" within him. In addition, Ohma Zi-O-Sougo future self is able to come back as long as Heisei era persist in memories of people Therefore this will grant Zi-O and Ohma...
  13. Kezz

    I Have A Question About This

    the questions : 1.if i use google translate for translator at my thread it can or no? 2.what do you think about this : oh ya (I have equated it with the existing dialogue) at my second question okey,that my question and thank you :v
  14. Lonkitt

    Kamen Rider Zi-O Scaling Revision (plus a brief Drive key addition)

    Finalizing everything on Kamen Rider related to Decade and Zi-O for the wiki will take awhile, but that doesn't mean we can't cover some scaling. In this thread, I will tackle some revamps to the Zi-O Riders' scaling, as well as some older ones in relation to it. First, lets cover the most basic...
  15. Jamesthetaker

    Kamen Rider Revision: Cosmology Upgrade

    Oh boy, this is gonna be the biggest revision I have done in a long time. This thread will take a look at the bigger cosmology in the Kamen Rider verse. Anyway, let's get right to it. Saber + Zenkaiger: Superhero Senki I will be giving an abridged version of the movie so only the important...
  16. Omazio2019

    Kamen rider Zi-O key and abilities crt

    When i rewatched Zi-O i found that there is few abilities of Sougo from Tv series haven't added to his profile yet so let take a look I, Abilities 1,Pre Zi-O -Time stop: He stop the falling rubble to save young Hiryu -Deconstruction: Turn Dai mazine into dust 2,Zi-O II awaken -Subjective...
  17. Jamesthetaker

    Kamen Rider Speed Revision

    This thread aim to revise Kamen Rider's top tiers speed. Current State Here is the profiles in need of revision: Kamen Rider Oma Zi-O Kamen Rider Grand Zi-O Kamen Rider Zi-O Oma Form Kamen Rider Barlckxs Kamen Rider Neo Decade As you can see by yourself, their speed section look dumb as shit...
  18. MugenGhost

    Doubt about the eternal

    In ZI-O when Eternal destroyed the other worlds, the effect of his attack later also destroyed that portal that Decade and Another Decade use, I was looking at some information about ZI-O and I found myself finding this information about these portals, being called literally of Space-Time walls...
  19. Jamesthetaker

    Another Gaim Revision

    Yet another Gaim thread because the current speed rating is bonked. Mainly about the omnipresence stuff because it heavily contradict what've shown on screen and required immediate change. Omnipresence state First of all, this isn't attempt to remove Omnipresence from Gaim's page. I have...
  20. Jamesthetaker

    Kamen Rider 2-A Upgrade

    Introduction Let's get straight to the point, this thread aim to upgrade Kamen Rider to solid 2-A and that's it. Terminology Before continuing, here is some terminology of Kamen Rider: A.R. Worlds (shorts for Alternate Reality Worlds): The concept of multiverse in Kamen Rider where an alternate...
  21. TauanVictor

    Anos Voldigoad VS Kamen Rider Oma Zi-O (0-0-0)

    Anos Voldigoad VS Kamen Rider Oma Zi-O Fight Location: Nagoya (Japan) Starting Distance: 10m Equalized speed Both in-character True Power 2-B Anos Anos Voldigoad: Kamen Rider Oma Zi-O: Inconclusive:
  22. TauanVictor

    Kamen Rider Oma Zi-O VS Shulk (Xenoblade)

    Kamen Rider Oma Zi-O VS Shulk (Xenoblade) Starting Distance: 10m Equalized speed Both in-character 2-B versions Kamen Rider Oma Zi-O: Shulk: Inconclusive:
  23. Cloozuma

    Zi-O base upgrades

    So apparently, Geiz Majesty shows this. My conclusion is very simple. Upgrade Geiz, Sougo, and Tsukuyomi to 9-B.
  24. Lonkitt

    Spider-Man (MCU) vs Future Demon King (GRACE)

    I figured why not, might as well have fun with the 8-B key while everyone focuses on the tier 2 keys for threads MCU Spider-Man vs Kamen Rider Zi-O -Both are 8-B -Speed is equalized -Sougo doesn't have access to the Zi-O II or Decade Ridewatch. He can only use the Base Zi-O Ridewatch and his...
  25. Omazio2019

    How vast is the dimension in rider time decade vs zio and zi o vs decade?

    Ohma Zi-O take various people from countless other (dimension) worlds to the death hall game as Kadoya Tsukasa( Kamen rider decade) stated. Where Swartz is a lawyer, Sougo is a robot,heure is a space ninja,...... and the robot Sougo have saber ridewatch possibily from his dimension so there are...
  26. Joshu's Favorite Franchise fights a Godly Vampire (Kamen Rider Zi-O vs Heaven Ascension DIO)

    Both are Low 2-C, Speed is Equalized, Grand Zi-O is used. Location is in Cairo, Egypt. Zi-O - 0 DIO - 2 Inconclusive - vs
  27. Jamesthetaker

    Let see how this goes: Zi-O Oma Form VS Xeno Goku

    Zi-O Oma Form is used. Speed is equalized. Otherwise SBA. Kamen Rider Zi-O Oma Form: Xeno Goku:
  28. The_Impress

    I begin to annoy Ovens: Zen'õ vs. Kamen Rider Zi-O

    Zen'õ vs. Kamen Rider Zi-O Speed Equalized. Zi-O's 2nd key used.
  29. Omazio2019

    Statistics Reduction for Zi-O Ohma form

    Here is the scan サイキョージカンギレードを使った剣技で、仮面ライダーバールクスを撃破した。 バンチの一撃で敵を後方へと吹っ飛ばし、戦闘力を大幅に低下させてしまう Defeated Kamen Rider Barlckxs with a sword technique using Saikyo Zikan Girade. A bunch blows the enemy backwards, greatly reducing combat power.
  30. Sir_Ovens

    Kamen Rider Decade and Zi-O Tier Revision

    This will be a relatively straightforward revision with complex changes. So we know from Episode 46 of Zi-O that Eternal can physically destroy multiple Another Worlds, giving him 2-C. This should scale to Another Decade who should be stronger than him and sustain those Another Worlds through...
  31. Ned_the_outer_god

    Doing this because I don’t care anymore and I’m leaving

    Composite JoJo fights Composite Kamen Rider Speed equal Kars has all his stands Zio is in his strongest key Dude: Aztec God of Dubstep: mbnbjhkbhjg:
  32. Jamesthetaker

    Kamen Rider AP Problem

    As you may or may not know, there is alot of problem regarding Kamen Riders' AP. I figured out that instead of creating a big revision as whole why not solving each first? So here it is, i will try to make this as straightforward as possible so we can actually get thing done: Kamen Rider Kuuga...