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Kamen Rider Upgrades - Cosmology Update Edition!


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As we've gone through in this thread, the Kamen Rider cosmology has been updated. This will entail a few changes to the tiers and abilities of a few characters.

1-C Downgrade
Due to the previous thread, all 8D characters that scaled to Saver will now be lowered to 6D. This is due to the Toei Tokusatsu multiverse containing Ideon, a 5D realm that Saver completely transcends along with all of creation.

All affected Gaim Riders and those who scale to them will be adjusted from 1-C to Low 1-C.

Heisei Generations FOREVER
In the movie Heisei Generations FOREVER, Zi-O, Geiz, Woz, Build, Cross-Z, Grease, and Rogue find themselves in the "Real World". As we've established in the previous thread, the Real World in this instance shares the same level of existence as Hatte Saburo and Shotaro Ishinomori. As such, a key should be added for whenever these Riders are in the Real World, making them 1-C (8D).

Oma Day and Similar Key Changes
Currently, our profiles don't have a standard naming convention for keys despite multiple profiles sharing keys for the same events. As such I propose an overhaul for the way we name the keys on our profiles.

Keys for Kamen Riders during post-series events like movies or specials will be denoted via the name of said movie/special. For example, Zero-One will have a key called REALxTIME, denoting his time during said movie. Double will have a key called Fuuto PI, OOO will have a key called OOO 10th: Core Medal of Resurrection, etc.

A special key will be added for Heisei Riders that appear in the series Zi-O. In the show, an event known as Oma's Day drastically alters history and merges a few universes together, forming this new timeline where Oma Zi-O reigns as a Demon King. In this altered timeline, legacy Riders have their histories rewritten and as such their scaling becomes null and now their feats lie entirely on the shoulders of Zi-O himself, the main Rider everyone will scale to. Due to this event, a new key should be made for all Riders who appear in Zi-O called Post-Oma's Day. The current key notation of 2019 should be entirely replaced by this key.

Key most splits for the main series can remain as they are; this change mostly affects post-series events. However, keys that can be condensed into BoS, MoS, EoS, should be favored over other naming conventions.

Scrapping Legend Riders
Originally, I made the Legend Rider concept to explain the inconsistencies in past series Riders appearing in modern content. However, since then, the Kamen Rider revision team have discovered a staggering amount of consistency in the continuity of the series, making the number of inconsistent entries countable with fingers. To add to this, Over Quartzer introduced us to the concept of non-canon Riders, alt canon Riders, and Riders that don't even exist, being "real" characters that Zi-O Oma form can summon. Considering Oma is the verse composite and holds the power of literally every Kamen Rider to exist up to 2068, it makes sense that these Riders must exist somewhere in the canon as legitimate characters.

As such, "Legend Rider" as we currently classify it, has to go. The Legend Rider explanation page should be deleted and Legend Rider pages should be deleted or reworked to fit our alt canon standards. An example would be Over Quartzer Zi-O, who exists in a whole separate timeline from the main series. As he gets the Oma Form and Woz Ridewatch, he is deviant enough from the main canon to be warranted a standalone page.

Riders and Memory
As we see in OOO, Den-O, All Riders: Let's Go Kamen Riders and Heisei Generations FOREVER, Kamen Riders can come back from complete history erasure as long as people remember them. However, this is entirely dependent on how dire a situation is, and as such would not normally be combat applicable.

Now besides Decade (since he has his own personal feat), memory being used to revive Riders would be a wholly unique thing for Legend Riders only. But since we're scrapping the concept, it would exclusively apply to post-series keys only. This should give all post-series Riders Type 8 Immortality via their memory.

Outsiders Scaling
In the series Outsiders, several legacy Riders make an appearance and face each other in combat. Although 3 episodes have been released so far, only one episode has garnered any proper scaling. That being Horobi and Ark scaling to Kenzan and Desast.

As such, Horobi and Ark will get new Outsiders keys that scale to 2-C.

Girls Remix Scaling
Every Kamen Rider who appeared in Girls Remix (Jeanne, Aguilera, Poppy, Zero-Two, and Sabela) will now scale to Tsukuyomi as they all fought Ms. Titan evenly. By extension, people who scale to them post-Girls Remix will receive the same scaling, including Revice, Live/Evil, Demons, Ryuki, Knight, Ryuga, Ouja, and Geats Riders (whenever they're getting profiles)

Affected profiles will now be Low 1-C

Zi-O Final Stage
In the live stage show Zi-O Final Stage, Oma Zi-O's powers were taken by Hiryu Kakogawa to become Another Oma Zi-O. In doing so, all of Heisei history was erased, along with all its Riders. However, with the help of the Showa reboot Riders (Amazons, The First, and The Next) getting the audience to cheer for the heroes, the main cast of Zi-O were able to recover from their wounds and Oma Zi-O came back like nothing happened; proudly proclaiming that he is the embodiment of Heisei, and as such cannot die.

Given this, the Over Quartzer cast (currently just Zi-O), should have 4th Wall Breaking as an ability. Oma Zi-O himself should have type 8 immortality reliant on the real world concept of Heisei (which is 8D now thanks to the cosmology revision).

All 1-C (8D) Riders get downgraded to Low 1-C (6D)

Real World Riders get downgraded from 9D to 8D

Post-Series keys will be revamped

Legend Rider pages will be scrapped

Post-series Riders get Non-Combat Applicable Type 8 Immortality reliant on their memory

Horobi and Ark will get a new Outsiders key (2-C)

Everyone who scales to Girls Remix gets a Low 1-C key

The main characters in Zi-O Final Stage get 4th Wall Breaking and Oma gets Type 8 Immortality reliant on the 8D real world audience.

That is all for now.​
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Allow me to add more for the Final Stage section: when Hiryu claimed that he had erased the Heisei Riders from history, he consequently also erased Ohma. It's another example to support Ohma being the literal embodiment of Heisei itself.

And as you would expect, Ohma returned and gave him a big lolnope.
Following for now.

I suppose I will aggree unless valid refutations are made so I will put that on hold for now as well
I f***ing hate Girls Remix for ruining the scaling because that mean Geats Rider are going to be straight up tier 1 in their next keys based from the movie

Beside that, i agree with every points that being brought up on the OP
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Everything seems good. I suppose that 2009 Decade will be "2-A, likely Low 1-C (5D)", no?
Everything seems good. I suppose that 2009 Decade will be "2-A, likely Low 1-C (5D)", no?
Actually I think Decade would just be bumped down to 2-A cause Ideon isn't technically part of the multiverse, and his feats explicitly stated that he'd destroy that only.
It looks like the thread has been unanimously accepted by everyone.

I could help with applying the following changes: 1-C to Low 1-C downgrade, Real World key, Outsiders new key, Type 8 immortality addition, Girls Remix scaling.

I'm not sure which profiles will have their Post-Series keys revamped.
It looks like the thread has been unanimously accepted by everyone.

I could help with applying the following changes: 1-C to Low 1-C downgrade, Real World key, Outsiders new key, Type 8 immortality addition, Girls Remix scaling.

I'm not sure which profiles will have their Post-Series keys revamped.
I can work on that last part.