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uryü ishida

  1. ReaperAndBlues

    Duel of the Deuteragonists (Uryū [7] vs Sasuke [0]) (GRACE CONCLUDED)

    So hopefully this isn't a horrible stomp in Uryu's favor and we can actually have a Bleach match that isn't "SC ggs" or some other broken hax. TYBW Uryu and Six Paths Sasuke will be used (Both 5-C) Speed is equalized and both have standard equipment, BUT, Sasuke does not have the Tailed Beasts...
  2. Deceived3596

    Yung's Battle Party Tournament: Dark Stars (Starjun & Uryu Ishida) Vs. Fingers (Sans & Nagito)

    Dark Stars! (Starjun & Uryu Ishida) Vs. Fingers! (Sans & Nagito) Rules: 1) Equal Base Stats 2) 2 minutes of prep time. 3) Otherwise SBA
  3. RanaProGamer

    Kakashi Hatake vs Uryu Ishida

    The characters who were deciding factors of the final boss go at it. Standard Battle Assumptions Speed equalized DMS War Arc Kakashi vs TYBW Ishida Who wins and why?
  4. Hagane_no_Saiyajin

    Probably the least expected match-up

    Uryu vs Madara Rules Links to characters: Uryu, Madara Uryu's TYBW Key and Madara's Dual Rinnegan key are used Both are in character Location: Battle field near the God Tree Uryu: Madara: Tie:
  5. Deceived3596

    Small Uryu Addition

    Should be a very simple and uncontroversial thread. Uryu should gain Limited Power Nullification through the Still Silver Arrow as it momentarily deactivates the abilities of those who activated the Auswhalen, which makes the silver for the Still Silver Arrow. It's considered limited because it...
  6. Saitama vs Uryu

    High 6-A versions are used Starting distance is 40 meters and speed is equalized Saitama is bloodlusted and has prior knowledge of Uryu's abilities Who wins? Saitama: 1 Uryu: 3 Inconclusive: I think that Quincies being ordinary humans who can manipulate Reishi along with being visible to...
  7. Deceived3596

    HST Showdown - (Round 2 - Friendly Rivals)

    ==Introduction== I decided to create this pseudo tournament between the HST because I believe It will breed fun and (generally) contentious debates between supporters of all three series. This “tournament” will be a best of 5, meaning I’ll continue creating these matchups until one of these...
  8. KingKenjo

    Uryu vs Kenpachi (Grace)

    So I know doing Vs Battles for a lot of Bleach are gonna be a little weird due to the current Revisions, but I'm pretty sure this will still be a valid battle after they happen. Soul Society arc keys. Kenpachi is 7-A and Uryu has access to his Letz Stil. Speed Equalized. Quincy Boy: 7...
  9. JohnCenaNation

    Ichigo & Aizen vs Uryu & Yhwach

    Synopsis: Ichigo was heartbroken, depressed, shocked, and lastly should I say surprised? Yeah all of the following negative emotions when he discovered that his cousin/lover Uryu betrayed him by joining the dark force Wandenreich under Yhwach's legion. Knowing that he will be fighting against...
  10. LordGriffin1000

    Uryū Ishida vs Danny Phantom

    Can't make an Ichigo match with Danny so I'll use Uryu. Match Rules Both in Character Speed is Equalized 6-C Versions Hueco Mundo Arc Uryu Season 2 Danny Starting Distance: 100 Meters Battle Location: Karakura Town Votes Uryū Ishida: Danny Phantom:
  11. Arcker123

    The Successor Of His Majesty Vs The Sorcerer Supreme (Bleach Vs MCU)

    The Last Quincy Vs The Failed Doctor Wanted to have a bleach fight that’s fair. How about we pit two doctors against each-other Uryu Ishida (Bleach) Vs Doctor Strange (MCU) High 6-A Uryu (Ap doesn’t affect Stranges wincons) Post Endgame Strange Speed = Start 20 Meters Away Bloodlusted (For the...
  12. Purgy

    Uryū Ishida vs Lord Boros

    TYBW Uryū Ishida vs Meteoric Burst Lord Boros Start 30 meters apart Equalized speed Both in character Uryū Ishida: YungManzi, AnonymousBlank, Epiccheev, Sonicflare9, SemiRaedi, Nelliels, Armerish Lord Boros: Quangotjokes Inconclusive: LIFE_OF_KING
  13. LordTracer

    Bleach Formatting

    So, in looking through the Bleach profiles, I l’ve noticed that several profiles have redundant and/or very strange things in their formatting. So this thread will be to fix those things. No real stat changes here, just formatting stuff. Pre-Timeskip Ichigo His Post-Bankai Training key is...
  14. Seventy96

    Uryu Ishida vs Ren Tao

    Both 7-A In character Speed equalized Ren Tao Uryū Ishida
  15. Hagane_no_Saiyajin

    Ishida's weaknesses

    Isn't is canon that if Uryu uses his glove, he is unable to use his powers for some time? And I think there might be other weaknesses too
  16. DontTalkDT

    Darcia vs Uryü Ishida

    Darcia vs Uryü Ishida Soul Society Arc Ishida. Speed Equal Archer Battle - who takes it?
  17. LordWhis

    Uryu vs Orihime

    EOS versions. SBA. Uryu: Orihime: Incon: Who wins this ?
  18. LordWhis

    FGT Ichigo vs Uryu

    SBA. Ichigo: Uryu: Incon: Who wins this ?
  19. LordWhis

    Shikai Ichigo vs Letz Stil Uryu

    Both are 7C+ SBA. Ichigo: Uryu: 1 (AnonymousBlank, MetalGearRaiden) Incon: Who wins this ?
  20. 00potato

    Sword tourney round 5 (corrin vs Uryu.)

    https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Uryü_Ishida?mobile-app=false Vs Corrin (Fire Emblem) They start in melee combat 2nd key Ishida for now. Speed equal ONLY IF IT AVOIDS A BLITZ.
  21. Amasnesotdrol

    Remove Reiatsu Crush

    I hope this one is quick Remove: Overwhelming Aura (Spiritual pressure can passively induce ailments ranging from paralysis to fear inducement) from every Quincy except Yhwach and Ichigo because they dont emit reiatsu, plus seems like most of bleach fan already know and agree with this in vs...
  22. LordWhis

    Monster Aizen vs Uryu Ishida

    SBA. Aizen: Uryu: Incon: Who wins this ?
  23. LordWhis

    Upgrades for Uryu

    All 3 of Uryu's keys need upgrades. His first key should be 7A for beating Mayuri. Mayuri should be no weaker than other captains like Toshiro. His second key should be High 6C since he should scale to Bankai Ichigo as he beat Primera Espada 105 easily while Primera Espada 103 could keep up...
  24. YungManzi

    Uryu Ishida Vs. Mio Misumi

    Uryü Ishida Vs. Mio Misumi 1) Speed is equal. 2) Both at their strongest.
  25. LordWhis

    Uryu vs True Shikai Ichigo

    SBA. 6B relativistic versions. Uryu can use the Antithesis. https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Ury%C5%AB_Ishida https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Ichigo_Kurosaki#True%20Shikai Ichigo: Uryu: Who wins this ?
  26. J989

    Mayuri has a weakness

    It says mayuri doesn't have a weakness which isn't true and he is a sadistic person who likes to toy with the lives of people and turning them into test research subjects. During soul society arc he used those unamed soul reapers to trap the ryoukas and exploding them if they did not succeed...
  27. Thomas_simpsons

    Zhen Chan vs Uryu Ishida

  28. AppleLord

    Law vs Uryu

    Post-Time Skip Law vs EoS Uryu Location: Yhwach's castle floating above a boat in the middle of the sea. Who wins? Votes: Law: 0 Uryu: 0 EDIT: Reiatsu and Haki are restricted.
  29. Tincan123

    Them Boyz vs The Medium

    Yhwach Elite Guard Al-Thamen puppet Pernida Parnkgjas, Gerard Valkyrie, Lille Barro, and Askin Nakk Le Vaar Vs The Medium (Magi) Rules The Medium is in Humnoid Form. If them boyz cant win against the Medium because its a stomp they get help from Uryü Ishida and Jugram Haschwalth. Battle...
  30. Rocker1189

    Swain takes on a Quincy

    Jericho swain vs Uryu swain is baseline, uryu is 13 kt I believe?(someone correct me if I am wrong) SBA speed equal. start 300 meters distance from each other. Swai:1 Uryu: Incon:
  31. Politebunny7

    Bleach Vs soul eater....

    Death the kid Vs uryu Uryu before soul society arc Death the kid 8-A tier Speed equal
  32. Seventy96

    Sasuke Uchiha vs Uryu Ishida - who is better-written character?

    So, in your opinion, which one is better written: Aizen or Madara? Sasuke Uryu Ishida
  33. AppleLord

    Hax for Uryu Ishida's Soul Cutter

    Feat 1: Resistance to Energy Sealing by storing the energy on his Soul Cutter so it can't be sealed away by his opponents. Feat 2: Soul Cutter can steal the opponents Reishi. -but since Reishi (spiritual matter) is also considered a torrent of power without any supernatural functio by Quincy...
  34. SupremeGilgamesh

    MAD REVENGE-Mayuri vs Uryu

    Uryu decides to fully side with the Sternritter and Mayuri decides to use this as a excuse to kill him for what Uryu did back in Soul Society Mayuri has two weeks to prepare himself Thousand Year Blood War arc versions Who wins and why?
  35. SuperKamiNappa

    Sasuke vs. Uryu

    EMS Senjustsu Sasuke TYBW arc Uryu: 1 (Anonymous) Speed Equalized Who wins and why?
  36. ZephyrosOmega

    Uryu Ishida Vs. Sasuke Uchiha

    Because the last one kinda died, and this one has stronker versions. Both are High 6-A, and speed is equalized. Who wins? Uryu Ishida: Sasuke Uchiha: Inconclusive:
  37. TheFinalOrder

    Sasuke Uchiha vs Uryü Ishida

    Location: Uchiha Hideout SoM: IC Distance: 20 meters At Least 7-C Forms (Hebi Sasuke and Arrancar Arc Uryü) Speed Equalized Who wins and why? Sasuke: 0 () Uryu: 0 ()
  38. The_Calaca

    Naruto vs Sasuke. Bleach Edition.

    True Shikai Ichigo vs TYBW Ishida. SBA. Speed unequalized but I'll change it if blitz. https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Uryü_Ishida https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Ichigo_Kurosaki Who wins and why?
  39. PrettyFearMachine

    Uryü Ishida vs Kyoko Sakura

    Making this by Knight's advice. 6-B versions are used. Speed is equalized. K.O. via death. Uryü - 2 Kyoko - 4 Inconclusive - 0