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Uryu vs Orihime

uryu stomps.

uryu has always been very good in combat ,being able to match and injure grantz with a bit of help of renji ,as well as being able to go 1 on 1 against privaron.

by the eos ,he should be roughly lieutenant level (combat wise) while orihme has amazing durability she still has almost to zero combat ability and pretty much sucks in any type of combat situation ,shes 100% a assist fighter.also she's human and without her ability she can't tank not one of uryu"s quincy arrows or any attacks for that matter.orihme is easily the weakest character (fighting wise)in the bleach series.lol unless you wanna count humans without any abilities like tatsuki or whatever ,lol she should be able to beat tatsuki.
also to debunk her "island level"attack potency feat during the fullbring arc ,she damaged ginjō by putting up her shield.this is obviously because ginjo was not anticipating her defense at all and it shouldn't really count as an attack potency feat since it wasn't really an attack ,she put the defense up to protect herself and ichigo ,this is more going towards a durability feat.the sheild"s presence itself was strong enough to damage ginjo ,u can't use a shield as an attack so why would it count as attack potency ?

weird feat anyway ,and uryu being one shotted by orihme"s shield if he touches it is weird logic to go by.
Actually she gained and ability with the shileld and that is what she used againts ginjo she reflected the attack from him.
Shiten Koshun isn't attack reflection, she blocks incoming attacks while instantly countering with Tsubaki upon impact. That said this match is a complete mismatch. Even though Uryu can't get past her Shield via normal attacks he can just use the Antithesis to bypass it, meanwhile Orihime has zero ways to harm Uryu.
Orihime should be 6B

She can hurt Ginjo who scales to Tsukishima who scales to Post Timeskip Byakuya

Byakuya's page isn't updated yet so it shows him getting weaker after the timeskip (6B to High 6C)

So if Byakuya is changed to 6B then Orihime is 6B