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the one above all

  1. VeryGoofyToddler

    Divine Creator (Marvel Comics) Profile

    I just have to say that I do not believe that the Divine Creator and the One Above All should be the same thing. This is why I believe with my reasoning which I will present would elude to a profile separation and a new one for the Divine Creator. The creator of the character is J.M. DeMatteis...
  2. AloseVQ

    Question about TOAA

    How many layers does TOAA have in H1-A?
  3. Robo432343

    TOAA illusion creation

    yeah basically toaa is showing peter the thousands and thousands of people he has saved over the years if this isn't illusion creation, what would it be?
  4. Ultima_Reality

    Marvel Revisions Interlude: The Cosmology Page

    Heya. https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/User:Ultima_Reality/MC So, this is something I've pretty much exclusively been working on (Wiki-wise) for a week and some change, as is. As you can see, this is a cosmology page for Marvel Comics, pretty much already finished. Much of what is in it is...
  5. Ultima_Reality

    Revising Marvel's Abstracts (Part 2 of ????)

    Hi all. Glad to see you all here after the previous thread. As the title suggests, this is a continuation of my ongoing revisions of Marvel's Cosmics, this time tackling the tiering of the Omniversal Abstracts. After this one, I plan to make a Part 2.5, which will deal with fixing... everything...
  6. Why is TOAA tier 1-A/Low 1-A?

    This is one of the things that has bothered me the most lately, someone could explain me why?
  7. Pizzabox492

    Joker vs The One Above All

    Joker fights the supreme being of Marvel Comics. Both in character Speed equalized True end game key is used, has Satanael as main persona but can use other personas if needed The One Above All key is used 1-A vs 1-A
  8. Excellence616

    Quick Question About The One Above All.

    The One Above All is said to be: The Supreme Creator of the "Omniverse," i.e. everything in Marvel Comics, and is immensely greater in power than all other characters combined, as they are all extensions of himself. Has been called "The author of all that is." Does this include the Marvel...
  9. DanielIH15

    What do you think about Defenders Beyond? (Marvel comics)

    I myself find interesting how Ewing and Marquez are finishing a story showing what lies in The Outside. In other words, we're finally seeing outerversal layers in Marvel, with the Far Shore being base and Oblivion/the land couldn't be shouldn't being three layers beyond that. And it seems the...
  10. Excellence616

    The Below Place

    What kind of dimension is the below Place? Is it the 6th, 7th or 8th dimension?
  11. Lukewoesal007

    How many layers into 1-A are Marvel Top-Tiers?

    How many layers are Oblivion, Eternity, The First Firmament, and The One Above All into 1-A?
  12. Why is TOAA 1-A?

    I just posted my first thread yesterday asking for how Marvel scales...Till now i thought Marvel was easily Boundless..But it is only 1A...Can anyone prove how TOAA,HOI cap at 1A?? With scans if possible..
  13. TOAA vs The First Firmament

    Both are 1-A TOAA is in his "Above-All-Others" key. The-One-Above-All: The First Firmament: Who wins?
  14. Baken384

    Heisenberg needs to teach Goku how to cook or else their dead

    The One Above All wanted out to try the greatest meth in the universe but he also wanted to have fun, he teleported Walter White and Son Goku (DBS) to an unknown world, Goku and Walter got to meet each other for the first time and The One Above All told Heisenberg "You have to teach Son Goku...
  15. The_Impress

    Marvel Cosmology Rework Proposal

    This is a fairly unique proposal that admittedly, I myself haven't worked out fully, and as such I am turning this to Supporters, in order to get more informed opinions. This isn't scan-oriented because like, it isn't a one-and-done proposal, and for fairness I don't want it to be. I'll do this...
  16. Discussion about a character versus.

    Thoughts? I agree with the outcome.
  17. SightofInfinity

    Removing The-One-Below-All.

    Recently, I have read the conclusion of the Immortal Hulk series, Issue 50 to be exact which shows The-One-Below-All to actually be The-One-Above-All. They are confirmed to be the same entity and thus a separate profile for The-One-Below-All is not necessary anymore.
  18. TOAA & AAO. Marvel Comics

    How much stronger is TOAA then the AAO? Since both are 1-A, and 1-A has layers. How many layers higher is TOAA then the AAO?
  19. Everywhereman

    A few questions about the Hulk, The One Above All, and The One Below all. Immortal Hulk 50 spoilers

    These scans explain the relationship between TOAA and TOBA. Hulk's relationship to TOBA and TOAA is explained as well and possibly validates some of Hulk's other feats. Generally, what does this mean for all three going forward here? Does this mean that TOAA and TOBA pages should be merged...
  20. Bichosfera-O

    The One Above All (Marvel Comics) BOUNDLESS tier correction

    TOAA (not the Above All Others version) is NOT The Presence counterpart (Marvel-DC), this character is the equivalent to The Writer. He's the literal definition of Outerverse, as he restored the entire MU after the HOTU-Thanos event. I'm talking about the original version, a Tier 0 character. In...
  21. Why doesn't Toaa have transduality?

    Isn't everything his dream, including LT with transduality?
  22. TOAA vs The Presence

    1-A Tiering is used for both. TOAA: The Presence: Inconclusive: Who would win?
  23. Small additions to The One-Above-All.

    This is an Small Revision for The One-Above-All. I basically wanna add some things to his profile as well as add scans to his already existing ones. These are the additions: Adding scans to already existing abilities: Healing scans: The One-Above-All, heals Peter Parker’s Bloody hands. As...
  24. Everywhereman

    Question about Scarlet Witch

    Idk if this has been brought up but would these panels be a feat for Scarlet Witch and if so would anyone be able to determine how it would be scaled if it can be? For background knowledge this is from Avengers: No Road Home #9 and she's shielding the team from the House of Ideas.
  25. CosmicDragon1001

    The One Above All vs Andrew Hussie

    I’m new to this place so I don’t really have a clue as how stuff works here, but. 2 author-like characters fight each other. Both are willing to kill Both at 1-A The One Above All: 0 Andrew: 4 (Thelastmlg), (Ned_the_outer_god), (Realjackthegamer), (Sadistic_Sleuth),
  26. BigSmoke4269

    The One Above All VS the CEO of Racism

    le funni i'm gonna say the n-word: THAT'S RACIST YOU CAN'T SAY THE N-WORD: both of them ******* die:
  27. The Fulcrum (Marvel Comics)

    I heard that the fulcrum represents Jack Kirby. So is the fulcrum stronger than The One Above All?
  28. Bowser-us

    Most durable cameraman for Each Tier

    sometimes I hear a joke that the cameraman is the strongest. Let's see which of them turns out to be the most durable (for every tier, and from different franchises) for example: the camemen was at the center of the battles of DBS characters, which gives him 3-A/Low 2-C dura
  29. Jockey-1337

    SCP-3812 (SCP Foundation) vs The One Above All (Marvel Comics) + The Presence (DC Comics)

    SCP-3812 (SCP Foundation) VS The One Above All (Marvel Comics) + The Presence (DC Comics) CONDITIONS: Versions: 1-A versions. Victory Conditions: Death, KO. State of mind: Characters will employ their usual battle strategies, including flaws. Knowledge of the other character/verse: No...
  30. TOAA vs The Throught Robot

    who wins?
  31. SonicMDC

    The One Above All being omniscient

    If he was truly omniscient, then why did he say this? "The mystery intrigues me" Shouldn't that make him Nigh-Omniscient?
  32. BOB2556

    The One above all should be put to atleast High 1-A or 0. Why? becuase of this

    The One-Above-All was created by Mark Waid and Mike Wieringo and first appeared in Fantastic Four #511. In his few appearances, he took the appearance of Jack Kirby.[11] The One-Above-All is the sole creator of all existence in the Marvel Multiverse and possibly the Omniverse.[12] He is also...
  33. AgentJojoBerserk

    The One Above All vs The sites strongest 1-A (I think)

    Ye, I'm doing this. Both 1-A, SBA, who wins and why? Fodder for a 1-A: 0 I can outhax Blazblue: 0 Inconclusive: 0
  34. AB1124

    Should Astral Regulator Thanos be High 1-A?

    Even TOAA admitted that he has "tried and failed to gain control", and got mad at Living Tribunal, and is subsequently absorbed by Thanos with the Astral Regulator. How should/does this impact the tier of TOAA and Thanos?
  35. EnnardTrap1987

    The One Above All BROUGHT HIS DOG!?!?

    The One Above All gets hilariously destroyed fights Alex Kralie Both Memetic Speed equalised (Because we all know Alex speed blitzes) The One Above All: 0 YOU BROUGHT YOUR DOG!?!?: 0 Inconclusive: 0
  36. RamadhanDayYet

    Why Thanos after absorbing TOAA still can get affected by time travel likes Eros and pjp did?

    Well i'm honestly confused
  37. LeonidIsMegaOmnipotent^1000000


    How The-One-Above-All creates all of these characters and its own heroes. I'm very curious about one of his powers. The point is what I want to say: What instruments he uses and how he brings it into life. Because I saw he takes a form of Jack Kirby and I saw him draws Galactus, The Heroes...
  38. Frieza_force_soldier_100

    Better explanation for OAA and invulnerability

    He is the supreme omnipotent god of the Marvel cosmology, and nothing in the Marvel cosmology can do anything to him. He is completely invincible to everything in existence. No hax can do anything to him. Not even the combined force of all the characters, energies, and items in the Marvel...
  39. Frieza_force_soldier_100

    Invulnerability for The One Above All

    Since nothing can destroy him and he's a completely invincible entity, he should have Invulnerability. Any former tier 0 should have this, in fact.
  40. MrKerf

    TOAA speaking to the readers.

    Shouldn't TOAA have the ability to break the Fouth Wall via the fact, that he is speaking directly to the readers?