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  1. Astral_Trinity439

    TenSura Upgrade [WN]

    Since the last thread was successful, lets go over a WN revision now, shall we :D Please refrain from being toxic, and refrain from derailing the thread, we want a meaningful discussion here! Now lets start with the thread, this will be quite long for some, so please bear with it Introduction ...
  2. Fallen_Angelicx

    What kind of Resistance would this be?

    This character wears a Shark Suit that is resistant to Piercing Damage. What hax would the resistance fall under? Im unsure what stands for piercing damage.
  3. Can Reactive Evolution make one's Resistance layered?

    If Character A(who has Reactive Evolution and Resistance to Spatial Manipulation) were to get hit by Character B's Layered Spatial Manipulation would Character A be able to make their resistance layered?
  4. Can a layered 3D hax overcome a 4D Resistance?

    I have a matchup that I'd like to try, but I'm not sure if it could work or not. It's between a 3-A character with layered Soul Manipulation against a character with 4D Resistance against Soul Manipulation. So I was wondering, can the former's hax bypass the resistance of the latter?
  5. Power Girl - Additional Abilities + Resistances

    Pre-Flashpoint Power Girl got a new ability back in January of last year called Astral Punching, and I noticed it hasn't been added to her profile. I feel like that should be changed. What it can do: Dimensional Travel, Astral Projection, and Mind Manipulation: She can use her Astral Punches...
  6. CNBA3

    Collapsing into Singularities

    Question if this is either stats or abilities, a character when defeated collapses into a singularity, but still projects gravitational disturbances before being defeated. Would that make the character durable (based on mass) to withstand collapsing into a singularity or a resistance to...
  7. Minor Law Resistance Addition

    Law should have radiation manipulation resistance since’s he’s able to hold his gamma knife, this would also apply to anyone who has been hit by it which would be doflamigo and kaido who already has it. (Idk if I needed scan just put it there just in case, this is my first crt)
  8. SuperStar

    Resistance Question Part idk

    If a character is stated to be beyond anything humanity can stop and just about capable of anything, what resistance would they receive?
  9. MrLuk2000

    Addressing the ability weakness for the Dragon Ball verse

    (If this has been already been addressed then please close this thread) So this has come to my attention in many Versus Threads that I have seen relating to Dragon Ball matchups. This would be the abilities in the Dragon Ball verse and how 1 would argue character A's hax wouldn't work on...
  10. ArachDusa

    Quest For The Soul-Free World, Stage 0

    Does anyone here know of any examples of a fictional verse where souls are either confirmed not to exist or are at least considered an anomaly in and of themselves rather than something all/most people inherently possess? Verses with characters listed on the wiki are preferable but not required...
  11. Antvasima

    Suggestions for new rule additions

    Hello. I hope that you are all well. 🙏 I wonder if you would all consider it acceptable to add the following text near the start of our Site Rules page: Also, what are our standards regarding "Resistances" sections in our character profile pages? To me it seems redundant to link to that page...

    Some more upgradation for wang ling ( let me also cook )

    After my sucessful hde thread I am here to propose some minor addition to WANG LING (ANIME) profile. Hax 1- Subjective Reality: Wang Ling while creating a universe was dreaming a universe into reality. 2-larger size type 8 - via embodying the whole time and space inside him 3-Acausality type...
  13. MrLuk2000

    Fire God Liu Kang Possible Acausality Removal

    With MK1 Tower Endings being confirmed to be canon, this means that Liu Kang is no longer immortal but he still says that his life span will reach across eons. Due to this, his immortality has been replaced with Longevity which now brings me to the question if Liu Kang should now have Type 1...
  14. DeathNoodles

    Biological Manipulation vs Matter Manipulation Resistance

    Let's say we have character A's Biological Manipulation is used against character B, who resists Matter Manipulation. For context: Character A is a character that has Biological Manipulation. Their Biological Manipulation works at the Molecular level, being capable of affecting and altering...
  15. Tatsumi504

    Maou Gakuin Retribution Series Part 1

    INTRODUCTION The purpose of this content revision is to rectify the changes that were enacted in this previous CRT and as such is structured as a response to it. That CRT is built upon obvious contradictions, name and association fallacies, lack of knowledge and "trust me bro" which leaves me...
  16. RanaProGamer

    Character With Most Resistances On The Wiki

    A spin-off of this https://vsbattles.com/threads/character-with-the-most-abilities-on-the-wiki.147840/. So which characters in the whole wiki has the most resistances? List them below along with the number of resistances.
  17. Eseseso

    Mind hax and Soul Manipulation/Possession Usage vs Resistance.

    For characters who possess both Manipulation and Resistance to either Mind Manipulation and/or Soul Manipulation/Possession, would their level of Manipulation be automatically equal to their level of Resistance and vice versa unless proven otherwise in-story?
  18. Artorimachi_Meteoraft

    leaving a number and explanation for multiple layered resistance/hax

    i remember that many verses such as bleach, and naruto have layered hax/resistance. so i was wondering i think we should make a number behind each hax or resistance that is layered. that way it will be easier for users to use characters that use multi layered hax in matches. (so they don't...
  19. Marvel_Champion_07

    God of War: Light of Alfheim Resistance Removal

    I made Magni's profile a few days ago, and it turns out I missed resistances on his page: Ice Manipulation, Poison Manipulation, Soul Manipulation, Mind Manipulation and Memory Manipulation, Madness Manipulation (Type 3), Vector Manipulation, Probability Manipulation, Conceptual Manipulation...
  20. Fixxed

    Immunity from lack of something

    In resistence's page, it write that immunity will be gived if charater lack the atribute for be manipulated But lack of something by default not give the character completely immune of something they lack of, or not completely refuse the atribute Like garm in GoW he lack soul that given him...
  21. Marvel_Champion_07

    God of War: Thor Resistances

    Thor seems to be lacking a few Resistances on his page. The ones that I think he should have are: Ice Manipulation/Extreme Cold (Withstood blows from the Leviathan Axe. Visibly unaffected by Fimbulwinter, which completely froze over Midgard and almost all of its water bodies) Fire Manipulation...
  22. Fireld

    One Piece Vibrations

    Busoshoku Koka+ -Vibrations can pass through a person's body, targeting their internal organs without breaking the skin according to the durability page. Haki has been able to cancel this kinds of attacks thus it should get a vibration resistance. -Armament Haki covers the outside of the user...
  23. SwordLegendz01

    Resistance/Immunity to Diseases

    Would someone who has resistance/immunity to an extinction bomb containing a virus make aliens and humans extinct in a short period of time, he will also be infected with other diseases such as heart disease? I mean if someone who has resistance to the manipulation of certain diseases, can he...
  24. Therefir

    Deltarune: Cold Resistance

    As most probably already know, Noelle's IceShock attack is cold enough to completely freeze a fodder enemy, and freeze objects all around Cyber City without even directly attacking them. During our fight with Berdly, a much stronger and better equipped Noelle is unable to freeze Berdly using...
  25. KingKenjo

    Question about Bleach's soul hax layers

    So, I'm aware Bleach's soul hax has layers to it, but can someone give me a concise explanation of how it works? I know that it starts with Lieutenant level characters, then basic Soul Physiology lets you resist it, then characters on and above Starrk's level can overcome that resistance. But...
  26. YungManzi

    Question about layers and potency of resistance

    So if it is discerned that we measure a verse's potency of its hax by the number of people affected, how does that translate for potency in terms of when compared to traditional layered potency? Like if someone has mind hax which works on 7 people, they wouldn't be able to bypass mind hax...
  27. Yuuki158

    Is this different from the conventional Mind Hax ?

    Does Devils powers (Chainsaw Man) count as Concept Manipulation since they embody and use these concepts to cause/effect ? Makima and her Mind Manipulation for example,is she using her concept manipulation (control) to use mind hax and ignoring the conventional scalling in the Hax rules page ?
  28. BluudyManikin777

    Mind Hax Resistance

    Would being stated to have great mental strength warrant resistance to mind manipulation?
  29. eferdeye

    questions about unbound

    If a character is unbound from Space-Time, will they get resistance to spatial and time manipulation? Or can it reach the immunity stage? From what I've seen, unbound from something alone will get resistance, but if it reaches the conceptual stage will it get immunity?
  30. KingKenjo

    Which Hax Abilities Have the Most Layers?

    So basically what I intend to find out here is which haxes on the wiki can overcome the most layered resistances. Before anyone says anything about higher and beyond dimensional haxes though, I am aware that those function on a higher level of complexity and automatically go beyond lower level...
  31. Vizer04

    Removing Multiple Dragon Ball Resistances

    Goku and Frieza have Resistance to EE because they tanked Hakai attacks during the Tournament of Power Saga. However, it's made clear in the series that Hakai attacks can be overpowered by regular Ki. By this same logic, we should give Resistance to Reality Warping to Nappa and Vegeta because...
  32. Frxwins

    Immunity Qualification

    lack of in Immunity's explanation refers to a character that does not have an aspect or is it just a "lack" of an aspect? So this explanation refers to a character that really doesn't have it or that character has an aspect but in a small amount, which one is correct?
  33. Anime_Facts

    "resistance to accelerated development"

    If a character with accelerated development fails to learn from a character due to resistance in a fight, would he gain resistance to accelerated development? Or would that be power nullification?
  34. CNBA3

    Types of Resistance?

    I was wondering, with Resistance, there should be types of resistance, such as: Endurance where individuals have been visually afflicted by whatever they have been harmed by however still possess strength to power through it. (Hashladun Destiny 2) bathed in Fire, light, hydrogen, secrets...
  35. Nicetoderp

    Resistances to Explosion to (pretty much) all Rider.

    Hello everyone, been a long while since I make a CRT. While this affect A LOT of characters in this franchise the logic is pretty simple. According to the previous thread that I made. Almost every single Riders in the verse have the ability to cause their opponents to spontaneously explode...
  36. BluudyManikin777

    A Resistance?

    Would a character get resistance for being able to eat something (that made someone sick) with no problem? If so, what resistance would it be?
  37. KingKenjo

    Question about Resisting the Kage-Kage No Mi

    So, I get that characters with strong willpower can resist the negative effects of absorbing shadows stolen by the Kage-Kage Fruit, but what I want to know is how exactly characters get picked to have those resistances. Because from what I've seen on the pages I've lookef at it seems to just be...
  38. Tony_di_bugalu

    Immunity to conceptual manipulation

    Is it possible to get immunity to conceptual manipulation in a similar fashion to immunity to soul manip. To have immunity to soul manip the character has to lack a soul, in this case the character lacks the concept that makes up their very existence. Is that enough to qualify?
  39. I'm_Blue_daba_dee_daba_die

    Resistance question

    Say you have Character A who resists a 3D ability with 999999999999999 layers of resistance. If Character B with the same ability on a tier 1 scale shows up, but he has no resistance negation or showings that he can overwhelm characters with resistances, would Character B be able to affect...