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  1. CNBA3

    Precognition vs Nonlinear Time perception?

    I was wondering, would there be a difference between the two here? Where as Precognition in simple terms is able to see future events. While with nonlinear time perception is to the best of my abilities to define it is able to see a series of events not bound to the present moment. thoughts?
  2. Fwyzzverse

    Lucius has 4D precognition/retrocognition multiversal and Asta has precognition resistance Divination

    We all know that Lucius has precognition of divination type, but what kind of precognition are we talking about ? Divination, in which a user gains impossible knowledge of future events by looking into the future itself. On the Lucius Zogratis wiki page, it was admitted that he had seen tens...
  3. James_Plays_4_Games

    Precognition and Analytical Prediction 2023 Update Sequel

    This revision is based on the following linked thread: https://vsbattles.com/threads/analytical-prediction-should-have-its-own-page.151618/. It was a useful revision, but I have an idea that I think will make it even better. If you're curious about my full thoughts on this matter of debatable...
  4. ArachDusa

    Omniscience and Alternate Timelines

    As per wiki criteria, to qualify as having true omniscience, one must have absolute infallible knowledge of everything, including the future. That much is obvious. But what if there is more than one future? Suppose there are one or more omniscient beings in a verse where multiple alternate...
  5. Arkenis

    Top Ten Enhanced Senses, ESP, Precognition For Every Tier

    As the title suggests, this is a thread for discussing and listing the top 10 characters who have the best enhanced senses, ESP, and/or precognition within each tier. The character doesn't need to have all three, just having two is fine. Characters who can merely see into the future and nothing...
  6. Artorimachi_Meteoraft

    Analytical prediction should have it’s own page

    Permission from @Qawsedf234 to make this. analytical prediction should have it’s own page instead of being combined with Precognition. This is because precognition is the ability to see into the future so you can know what your opponent is going to do next. while analytical prediction is...
  7. PrinceofPein

    2-A Precog and Fate hax revision

    Hopefully, this will be simple, 1. we have quite a number of character who have 4D fate or precognition based on the fact that they can see infinite futures. The problem here is that, to qualify for 2-A you need to affect infinite universe/space-time continuums, while seeing all possible or...
  8. Verethragna

    Some questions about Acausality, 4d-5d, and Concepts

    Sup. I wasn't on this wiki for like 2 years so idk if things got changed or not so I have few questions Type 2 Acausality vs Precognition: If you have Type 2 acausality and you'll fight against someone with Precognition, what do they see when they see? Say you're gonna kill them in this fight...
  9. LordGinSama

    Demon Slayer - Abilities downgrade

    I'm gonna keep this short and sweet but there's quite a few abilities that are wanked and or outright reaching when it comes to the powers and abilities section of these characters. First I'll start off with Tanjiro, for some odd reason he currently has Precognition on his profile whenever it...
  10. KillerNerd007

    Ichigo upgrades

    Hello again guys, back with another Bleach upgrade thread. Trying again with instinctive reactions and analytical prediction (the previous one, it died down), but this time, I got two more upgrades for Ichigo, including supernatural willpower and sense manipulation. Here are the scans and...
  11. KillerNerd007

    Ichigo+Ultra Instinct+Sharringan

    Hello everyone. Back again with another Bleach related upgrade thread. Again for Ichigo before I tackle Aizen's regeneration and make a thread for the Cleaner. This one simple, I propose Ichigo obtains instinctive reactions and analytical predictions. Instinctive reactions: Evidence: Ichigo...
  12. Arthex

    Prove me Wrong.

    Immeasurable Reaction speed is just passive precog + instinctive reaction with extra steps
  13. ArachDusa

    If you know every future, do you still know "the future"?

    Having true omniscience means having infallible knowledge of the future. That much is clear. But would a being be disqualified for that if they have perfect knowledge of not just "the future", but every version of the future, in a cosmology where all possible futures are equally real, leading to...
  14. Tony_di_bugalu

    Acausality vs Precognition

    Doing this to piss someone off :v So, I wanted to ask what you guys vs nerds think about this. Like the title said its precognition vs Acausality type 2, to make a summary type 2 is: Type 2: Temporal Singularity: Characters with this type of Acausality do not exist in either the past or the...
  15. TheGreatJedi13

    Precognition and Acausality Type Question

    I pretty much have a good idea for this but I want to get a second opinion since time stuffs and causality stuff is mostly wacky in fiction Character A has precog Character B has precog Character C has type 2 acausality basically, Character A precog a place that doesn't exist in the past...
  16. Regidian

    Precognition and Fate manipulation

    So because i don't want to hear this argument anymore i will ask this. We have two characters. Guy A that can see direct futur. Guy B that can shave all infinite futur/possibility into only one. Does the guy A that can see the direct futur will create a new futur/be able to change the futur...
  17. Purgy

    Precog Potency Question

    As has been heavily discussed in this thread, specifically involving Zeus and Yhwach's precog How do we determine which precog is superior to another? For example, lets say that character one can see a single future an hour in advance And character two can see every future an entire year in...
  18. ArmBill

    Analytical Prediction Scaling for Dragonball

    As it is commonly known, Goku was able to predict the actions of Hit in his time skip. There has been a plethora of people who had analogous Stats or were weaker and were able to keep up with Goku in combat afterwards. If they didn't have analytical fighting capability on par or higher than...
  19. Vietthai96

    Predicting the Future

    Hi everybody. This is the first Staff Thread i make since the day i'm joined this community 0.0, regarding an issue i come across Like the Title said we have this "famous" ability: https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Precognition So the ability mostly based on character who can predict or see...
  20. Necromercer

    Necro's Braket-7-A Edition-Round 2

    both 7-A Speed equal Lord Boros: 0 Cure Heart: 0 Incon: 0
  21. Spinosaurus75DinosaurFan

    Does reading opponent's mind count as precognition?

    Does reading the opponent's mind and knowing what moves he'll make count as precognition? Specifically thinking of Severus Snape atm.
  22. Oliver_de_jesus

    immeasurable speed vs precog and destination hax

    well this came out of here the thing is if the immeasurable speed gives the user default resistance to precog and destination hax but there are feats of that these have worked on beings with immeasurable speed
  23. LordGriffin1000

    Resistance to Precognition for Vlad Plasmius?

    Not sure about this one but Clockwork states the Observants can see into the future. Their only flaw is they can only see the standard future that happens so long as no one messes with the timeline. Which only Clockwork can do and he wasn't shown or mentioned or even hinted at in the Vortex...
  24. MrDrProfessorPatricio

    Regarding thought based match-ups

    Can Character A who has precog and thought based ability outspeed Character B who has also thought based but without precog? This battle takes place within their range and as soon as the battle start.
  25. Furicel

    Shouldn't Wilhelm have Precognition?

    Or at least a limited form. In the 9th volume, Wilhelm faces Betelgeuse Romanee-Conti and shows that he can predict where the unseen hands attacks. He said that he can predict the tragetory by observing his oponent's eyes, he can predict the potency by observing his oponent's will and that he...
  26. GohanoXD

    Possible counter for precog

    What are the possible counter for precognition?
  27. The_Calaca

    What happened to the Analytical Prediction page?

    Title says it.
  28. Myusicman2019

    Xeno Goku doesn't have Precognition?

    I looked in his profile and it doesn't seem like Xeno Goku has Precognition, although the canon Goku in the Dragon Ball Super anime gained this ability after fighting Hit. However, in Xeno Goku's profile, it states that he possesses "Resistance to Time Stop (Repeatedly resisted Hit's attempts to...
  29. Milly_Rocking_Bandit

    Analytical Prediction or Precognition?

    Something I've been wondering, what power is this in the following excerpt: "This is bad. Horrible! Master, Master Raphael-san——! I could only go to Raphael for enlightenment. Is there any good way out? No, think of a solution fast! ——My wish seems to have been delivered as Wisdom King...
  30. Eficiente

    Which Precognition users should have Analytical Prediction?

    Continuation from this thread that also aims to rewrite our Precognition page. I just found the matter on the tittle far more important to point out. Here's a proposal on the Precognition page: "Precognition is an ability that allows being able to possess foreknowledge of the future. The...
  31. ProudLearner

    Goku's precognition was removed?

    This Thread did not do the proper research to debunked it! Here is my evidence to why goku was seing into the future. Dragon Ball Super Episdoe 39 Hit was able to improved Time-Leap to 0.5 seconds which SSBKKx10 Goku was able to predict Hit's movement in 0.5 seconds into the future. Dragon...
  32. Uselessnoob245


    Is traveling to the future to know "X', then traveling back to the past now that you know "X' before it happens considered Precognition?
  33. Wokistan

    An issue with the classification of precognition

    Edit: While Dragon Ball files made me remember to make this, the thread's topic has now shifted to the more general issue of classifying precog. So, Goku and Gogeta currently have the power of Precognition listed, due to this: By predicting Hit's movements by analyzing his style, Goku was able...
  34. YungManzi

    Precognition Question

    So....a character who can resist having their future looked at directly, isn't automatically resistant to pure battle precognition are they?
  35. Warren_Valion

    Does Acausality Give One an Immunity/Resistance to Precognition?

    Ok, so I was on this thread. And in said thread, Wokista stated that The Warpiest would resist (or just be flat out immune to) Yhwach's Precog because he's Acausal, his reasoning was this: "Causality refers to the nature of a cause and affect relationship. Being beyond this means that...
  36. Jobbo

    Does conventional precognition work on higher dimensional beings?

    If the precog user can only perceive 3 dimensions, could they still predict the movements of someone who moves through higher spatiotemporal dimensions?
  37. PaChi2

    Best precog you know of

    It doesnt have to be one. Just name a few. Anything goes.
  38. Seventy96

    Shanks Kenbunshoku Haki.

    In chapter 434 (episode 316) Whitebeard throw mug into Shanks, and Shanks dodge it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KVacgZ7mPHE Shanks What do you think, that was Kenbunshoku Haki (observation) or not?
  39. Arrogant_Schmuck

    Senran Kagura Extrasensory Perception or Precog

    Here are a few screenshots of various SK characters saying they sense or feel someone or something's presence. https://i.imgur.com/gsnrQWn.jpg https://i.imgur.com/gJpwdL5.jpg https://i.imgur.com/kCBPWxe.jpg https://i.imgur.com/3uBA1er.jpg https://i.imgur.com/u22Cdla.jpg...
  40. AKM sama

    Precog for DBS Goku

    The Precognition page states - "Precognition may be based on any number of factors; it may be based on reading the minute body movements of an opponent, predicting their actions through observation" Goku states - "I quickly predict how your movements will be after 0.1 seconds of time."...