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  1. koopa3144

    Robo girl fights polygons (Penny Polendina vs Porygon) (7-0-0) (Concluded)

    Fight takes place in a forest Penny Polendina is in her Atlas key there's a distance of 12 meters them Robo girl: 7 Porygon: 0 Incon: 0
  2. TauanVictor

    (GRACE) Sasuke VS Porygon

    Sasuke Uchiha VS Porygon Fight Location: Mountain Landscape Starting Distance: 10m Both in-character Equalized speed Eternal Mangekyō Sharingan Sasuke | Porygon-Z Jūgo’s Cursed Seal and Majestic Attire: Susano'o are restricted Sasuke: 9 (@FluffyCreatureZ, @Popted2, @Bernkastelll, @Teezar...
  3. Arceus0x

    Pokemon tournament 8-A edition; Round 7: Milcery vs. Porygon

    Both are 8-A, obviously No items No prep time Just pure... Milk? Data? Figure out what will be the synonym for blood in this sentence in this battle! speed equalized Milkcery: Porygon: 7 Will Milcery get turned into Milkpowdery or will Porygon be Porygone? Your votes decide this!
  4. ApiesDeathbyLazors

    Dark Souls vs Pokemon

    I think this'll work, maybe. Anyways. Porygon2 Ceaseless Discharge Fight happens in Creaseless' boss room. Pory2 just kinda popped into existence on toppa the Gold-Hemmed set, causing Ceaseless to lose his mind. Pory2 has no equipped items Speed does not seem to need to be equalized Win via...
  5. Bobsican

    Porygon2 Vs. 2B

    Speed not equalized, both at High 7-C, Porygon2 has an Eviolite 2B Porygon2
  6. KingEzran

    Darth Vader vs Porygon-2

    Post New Hope Vader is used. Let's get into the details of this versus thread. -Speed Equalized -Both in Character -Location: Open field -Range: 5 meters -Win via death Votes: Vader: 0 Porygon: 0
  7. GyroNutz

    Porygon's Profile

    1) The Regenerationn is currently listed as unknown; this should be either explained or justified with a link of an example of Porygon's Regenerationn. 2) Porygon is made entirely out of computer data; shouldn't it have Inorganic Physiology (Type 2). 3) It not needing to eat/breathe should be...
  8. ApiesDeathbyLazors

    Spinel vs Porygon-Z

    So I just saw the movie, loved it and wanted to try out a new match. Let's see how this works out. Porygon Z is used (aka 7-A) Injector is resticted Speed is not equalized? inb4 I miss-read the calcs Fight happens in Fuyuki City Here's a map of the city Spinel Porygon-Z
  9. The_real_cal_howard

    Ichigo Kurosaki vs Mega Gengar

    Can't soul crush if your opponent's soul has durability equal to your AP. Ichigo at 7-A. Mega Gengar. Speed equalized. Ichigo Kurosaki; Gengar Totally plan to put Ichigo against Nihilus because of lolReiatsuCrush after this. Not striking through or adding an ovo as I'm fully serious.
  10. The_Wright_Way

    8-A Brackets Round 11

    Hyungin In vs Porygon Speed Equalized. 8-A.
  11. SuperKamiNappa

    Porygon vs. Ben Tennyson

    Porygo Kid Ben with Master Constrol, can use Heatblast, XLR8, Blitzwolfer, Upgrade, Wildvine, Snare-oh, and Upchuck Speed equalized
  12. CrackerVolley

    Rebooted Match - Porygon-Z vs YoRHa No.2 Type B

    Framed for causing seizures and sent to anime jail. I made this match last year but got scrapped when Pokemon got 6-C upgrades, but they got downgraded again, so whatever. Speed Equalized, Fight starts at Chicago's Navy Pier . 2B : Porygon-Z :
  13. The_real_cal_howard

    Saber tries to climb Temporal Tower

    Saber vs Porygon Z Those who played PMD2 will get it ;_; Speed equalized. 7-A for both.
  14. SuperKamiNappa

    Souei vs. Porygon2

    Pre-Harvest Festival Souei Porygon2 Speed Equalized
  15. The_Wright_Way

    8-A brackets Round 6

    Doomguy vs Porygon. Both at 8-A. Speed Equalized. vs. Seizure Duck
  16. The_real_cal_howard

    Triborg vs Porygon

    Firstly, speed equalized. Four robots combined face an edgy (literally) duck.
  17. KarmodF

    Cybernetic Duck vs Cybernetic Lady

    Cortana (Has enough energy to create 7-B energy constructs) vs Porygon2 Speed Equalized. Both in character, but willing to kill. Takes place in an abandoned laboratory. Porygon: Cortana:
  18. ApiesDeathbyLazors

    Random ass standard equipment for Pokemon?

    Honestly I think this speaks to a larger issue with inconsistancy in general with most pokemon pages, but considering inconsistancy is the main export of pokemon land, this will not evolve into a CRT. I just want to know one thing. Why does Porygon have a bitter berry as standard equipment...
  19. ApiesDeathbyLazors

    Rotom vs Porygon

    Had this idea in bed and just had to get it written down before I fell asleep. I'm on mobile and will add links in the morning. It's Porygon Z and Rotom is currently in base. Fight takes place in a junkyard with all of Rotom's appliances strewn about. Speed equalized because apparently they...
  20. Starter_Pack

    Porygon vs. Technus (Battle of the Technological Wonders) (Voting Completed)

    Because I'm tired of making Pokémon vs. Mega Man threads. Technology is a resource that, especially in this modern era, has become a necessity for many people. And these two combatants take this close association with technology to a whole new level. While one can manipulate technology and bend...
  21. PaChi2

    Saik's surprise: Porygon vs The Hero

    Noice. Porygo vs Iihiko Shishime SBA. Even if the title says otherwise, Iihiko's "The Hero" is disabled. Speed equalized. Thoughts?
  22. CrackerVolley

    Ninja vs Seizure Duck

    Kid with a fox in his gut. [Digital Quacking] 8-A Versions Naruto can't use the Rasenshuriken. Takes place in the on top of a mountain. No need for speed equal.
  23. Eficiente

    Rogue vs Porygon-Z

    Rogue at High 6-C. Speed equalized. Rogue: 0 Porygon-Z: 1 (Sceptilespy) Inconclusive: 0 Iron Ma: -1
  24. ArbitraryNumbers

    Porygon-Z vs Kenshiro

    Porygon-Z Kenshiro Both are High 6-C, speed equalized, starting distance of 200 meters. Victory by incap, KO, or death. You're already dead!!!
  25. CrackerVolley

    Porygon2 Vs ARIA

    We all have that one character that we spam threads for, so don't complain. Speed Equalized 7-C Forms (obviously) Untrained Porygon (can't say wild due to being an artificial duck)
  26. CrackerVolley

    Another Waifu Tries To Kill Our Favorite Duck

    Speed Equalized 7-A Versions Win By Any Means Takes Place In The Bronx
  27. ArbitraryNumbers

    Porygon-Z vs Wonder-Jergingha

    Speed is equalized. Both are 7-A+. Porygon-Z has full access to its entire learnset and is willing to use any of its moves if the situation calls for it. Porygon-Z Wonder-Jergingha
  28. ArbitraryNumbers

    Porygon vs Ryuko

    Porygo Ryuko Battle of the shapeshifters with reactive evolution. Round 1: 7-C Porygon2 vs 7-C Ryuko Speed Equalized In character Victory via death or incap Round 2: 7-A Porygon-Z vs 7-A Ryuko Speed Equalized In character Victory via death or incap
  29. The_real_cal_howard

    ****** vs Duck

    ****** Duck Speed equal
  30. ArbitraryNumbers

    Porygon vs Raichu

    Round 1: -Speed equalized -Both bloodlusted -Normal Raichu -Both Pokemon have all of their moves that they learn from levelling up, as well as their natural abilities Round 2: -Same as round above, but with 8-A Porygon2 and Alolan Raichu.
  31. ArbitraryNumbers

    Porygon vs Mettaton

    Round 1: Porygon2 vs Mettaton EX Both are bloodlusted and 7-C Porygon2 has its entire arsenal and its ability is Trace Round 2: Porygon-Z vs Mettaton NEO Both are bloodlusted and 7-B Porygon-Z has its entire arsenal and its ability is Adaptability Porygo Mettato
  32. Kirbyelmejor

    Porygon Z vs Base Sonic

    Sonic Porygon Z Speed equalized Sonic doesn´t have the Chaos Emeralds
  33. Thebluedash

    Porygon Downgrade.

    I never fully understood the scaling of him being Speed of Light because he "dodged things" in the internet. It makes no sense, first off it's an outlier. The feat itself does not make any sense. Porygon can only move like that in the internet, it's not like he can move like that in the real...
  34. The_real_cal_howard

    Mewtwo and Genesect: Reevaluating a feat

    A long time ago, Rad posted a calc made by someone else for Techno Blast being lightspeed and calcing Mewtwo dodging it. In all seriousness, it shouldn't be LS...if it were Techno Blast. That was Signal Beam. Signal Beam past gen III was called a beam of light, and it has been demonstrated as...
  35. ArbitraryNumbers

    Porygon-Z vs JoJoverse (READ OP)

    Porygon-Z has ALL abilities and moves listed on its profile. It has FTL movements (equalized to the FTL reactions that the majority of the verse posseses) with Massively FTL combat speed (equalized to that of Star Platinum's combat speed) For the JoJoverse, the God Tiers (GER, MiH, D4C, etc.)...
  36. ArbitraryNumbers

    Porygon-Z vs Akira Otoishi

    Porygon-Z Akira Otoishi Round 1: They're both 8-B. Speed is equalized. Both of them are bloodlusted. Round 2: Same as above, only they're both in character and Akira is hiding off somewhere, so the fight is essentially between Porygon-Z and RHCP. Round 3: Same as above, only they're both...
  37. Kirbyelmejor

    Porygon tier

    Why is Porygon high 8-C? It only says "Can damage other Porygon"
  38. WeeklyBattles

    SCP-682 vs Porygon-Z

    Saw this matchup on the "Matches that you want but can't have" thread, wondered why it cant be had, and here we are. Speed equalized, in character, no prior knowledge or prep time. Who wins? SCP-682 - 1 Porygon-Z - 0
  39. ArbitraryNumbers

    Porygon2 vs White Len

    Both of them are "High 8-C, likely higher". Speed is equalized. Fight takes place in central park. 20 meter distance between the two. Victory is achieved by incap, knockout, or death.
  40. ArbitraryNumbers

    Porygon-Z vs Kylo Ren

    Speed Equalized. Trick room has no effect. Porygon-Z is 8-B.