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  1. Transcending

    Is Perpetua corporeal

  2. Shiroiyo

    Question about NPI

    Let's assume I have NPI from interacting with non-corporeal, can my NPI affect AE1? or NEP 1/3? I've seen before that NEP 2 is special and different from the rest and it needs interaction feat. I want to know if this applies to other types.
  3. Flashlight237

    Turning Something Non-Corporeal Into a Physical Entity

    So in an MMORPG I'm doing the art for, Eliatopia, there's this thing that happened: http://prntscr.com/14y09qg Apparently the Eliatopians, who are normally stupid enough to do this on a regular basis...: ...can turn non-corporeal things (in this case an entity's consciousness) into a physical...
  4. Delta333

    Hax question

    1.Do we decide the potency of sleep hax via the amount of people that it can affect(same as mind hax)? 2.If an abstact existence=dream can exist even when the creator of said dream is dead,does that mean the existence of that dream being equivalent to concept type 2?since it can exist...
  5. Epsilon_R

    Soul Regen

    A character that exists purely as a soul can regen from the destruction of it Would that be Low-Godly or something else?
  6. Theglassman12

    Non Physical Interaction question

    This is moreso a minor thing, but instead of having the picture of Link having a Poe Ghost inside of the jar, could we have the clip of Aragorn from the Lord of the Rings movie grabbing the undead king when Legolas' arrow literally went right through him not even 20 seconds ago?
  7. Some question reguarding NEP and Non-Corporeal

    So, I wanted some what is about NEP and Non-Corporeal and their differences 1. Is NEP type 1 above baseline Non-Corporeal? 2. If i can affect a NEP Type 1 that means i can affect someone that above baseline Non-Corporeal? 3. If i can affect a NEP Type 2 that means i can affect someone that...
  8. KingTempest

    Chakra and the Soul (for Naruto at least)

    Idea thought of from this thread. Chakra and souls have been intertwined closely in the Narutoverse. It's come to the point where you would think chakra and souls are the same. I have a few examples I'm thinking of in the verse, and a friend of mine suggested limited soul manipulation What I...
  9. Oliver_de_jesus

    non-colpore made of energy with resist energy absorption = resist absorption

    The title says it all
  10. James_Plays_4_Games

    Elimination of One of Sayori's Weaknesses.

    JustANormalPerson01 elliminated Monika's weakness of not being able to last long after her character file is deleted because there is no evidence of that. It's this thread: Thread:3831924. Sayori as the president of the Literature Club also has that weakness on her page, because she's comparable...
  11. Rose_of_Ragnarok

    Does Nonexistence Erasure work on tangible beings?

    ^ Especially, Kingdom Hearts
  12. Iapitus_The_Impaler

    Does Non-Physical Interaction need to Be Explicitly mentioned for Non-Physical beings?

    I'll get straight to the point. Do characters with non-physical natures (such as Non-Corporeal, Nonexistence, etc.) need to have their ability to interact with themselves and beings of similar nature stated on their profile, or can it be naturally assumed? The discussion came up here. If Kama...
  13. Gewsbumpz_dude

    Living Shadows

    Woould being a living shadow grant non-existence physiology or at least non-corporeality?. Since they lack an actual physical form. I've been wondering about this question and I would like some answers from people that know this sort of thing more then me. Side Question: Would being a being...
  14. RedHairShanks56

    Extent of Non-Corporeal

    Can someone who's incorporeal survive the end of the universe since they are not physical?
  15. Gewsbumpz_dude

    Can non-corporeal characters harm each other naturally?

    Lets say this, 2 non-corporeal ghosts that in their profiles don't have non-physical interaction listed. Can they harm each other by default given that they are both ghosts and exist in the same level or existence (or whatever you call it).
  16. LordGriffin1000

    Non-Corporeal = No Soul?

    So I just saw Kurama (Kyübi) page and it says Immunity to Soul Manipulation (All Tailed Beast lack souls since they are just a mass of chakra) and the Shinju (Jübi) page says Immunity to Soul Manipulation (The Shinju is said to be Natural Energy itself). I'm confused here. Since when was it...
  17. TartaChocholate

    Small question regarding Inorganic Physiology

    It only applies to physical beings who lack organs or biological parts, correct? If said character is a spiritual entity or so, they would simply be Non-Corporeal, right?
  18. DMB_1

    Soul Manipulation against Non-Corporeal Beings

    So this has been kinda bothering for a while. Introductio Since Soul Manipulation and Non-Physical Interaction are two different abilities, their applications naturally are different, and with effects that aren't the same: For example, someone with just Non-Physical Interaction, despite being...
  19. ABoogieYesSir

    Question for Non-Corporeal and Nonexistent Physiology

    Do they have feelings?
  20. LordGriffin1000

    Huge Danny Phantom Revisions Part 2 (Profiles and Powers)

    Ok I know I said the second part was going to be speed but I know that that one is going to be the most crazy one so I decided to do this one next and the speed one after this. Profiles This isn't really an upgrade thread like the previsous thread. This thread will focuse on updating the ghosts...
  21. Iamunanimousinthat

    Characters made from Abstract material.

    I'm making this thread because I think our abstract existence page is lacking. There needs to be an inclusion or at least a 4th type of abstraction for characters whom are made from abstract material. Characters that are made from abstract material. These characters don't embody a specific...
  22. LordGriffin1000

    Is this Non-Corporeal or Nonexistent Physiology?

    I was wondering if being someone's shadow is Non-Corporeal or Nonexistent Physiology?. Note that the shadow is sentient and can interact with others but cannot be physically touched and it doesn't exist while it's pich black because there is no light to cast a shadow from the person it's...
  23. Sigurd_Snake_in_The_Eye

    Yhwach Regenerationn Upgrade

    I believe Yhwach should possibily have Low-High Regen, when Ichigo killed him he was reduced to a puddle of black reishi. Yhwach appears to transform himself to literal reishi which is energy. Black pool of Reishi His body post-resurrection. I think he should have Non-Corporeal maybe as well.
  24. ShivaShakti

    Cthulhu's regen and non corporeality

    Does anyone know the source for Cthulhu being non corporeal, and having Low Godly regen? I'm trying to make a comprehensive thread for all his abilities, so if anyone could give me this info i'd very much appreciate it.
  25. Andytrenom

    What would this be?

    This isn't for a verse I'm seriously planning on adding, but is still something I've been curious about lately. Let's say, there's a character who doesn't exist in reality but only in the imagination of an individual. Despite this, the imaginary fellow has basically his own free will and has...
  26. HeadlessKramerGeoff777

    So what are ghosts usually considered?

    Non-Corporeal, Intangible, or something else? Just wondering because some profiles consider ghosts as N-Cs.
  27. Kiryu-MG3


    If a character's body is made out pure energy it mades him non-corporeal?
  28. LordGriffin1000

    What does this fall under

    Got another thread here that's more complicated than the last one I created. So another boss can create illusions that are stated to distort the fabric of reality. She can create illusions, make a person look like another, make people here things, and Read people's mind. This is obviously...
  29. Elizio33

    Non-Corporeal question

    The mental power like illusion, mind manipulation & dream manipulation can affecf a non corporeal being and what is all the powers which can affect a non corporeal being?
  30. Kiryu-MG3

    Which is better be Intangible or Non-Corporeal?

    I wanna know which power is better?
  31. What non corporeality have a "Will"?

    Well, a characters is just a "will" who can travel between dimension, make attacks ect... What is this type of Non corporeal, it's not abstract but it's pretty weird and how can affect him?
  32. DMB_1

    Darkness, Shadows, and Incorporeality.

    Since we added Nonexistent Physiology and Non-Physical Interaction as abilities, thus making differences between multiple levels of Non-Corporeality, such as being Intangible, being a ghost/disembodied spirit, being a void etcetera, I started questioning myself what type level of Incorporeality...
  33. Zenkaibattery1

    Magical/divine existence

    If a character's true "body" is stated to be made of magic- a divine magical spirit, and no matter, would that be some sort of non-corporal existence?
  34. DMB_1

    Non-Physical Interaction question

    Is it redundant to give already Intangible/Incorporeal/Non-Existent/Abstract entities this power if they can interact with/harm with other similar entities? Because I've already seen in a few profiles. Also, if it is, is it even if such a being is possessing a corporeal body, yet it can still...
  35. QuasiYuri

    Ajimu non-corporeal true nature

    Unknow (Her Skills has the ability to turn into various abstract concepts, from Immortality, to transcend to higher dimensions, and Non-Corporeal true nature make her difficult to kill, to the extent that she has survived for trillions of years.) When it's said that Ajimu is non-corporeal? I...
  36. Dargoo_Faust

    Intangibility vs. Non-Corporeal: Paranatural

    So, I want to get this straight: I want to know if the spirits and ghosts from Paranatural are intangible, or non-corporeal. They can't typically interact with the physical world as a state of being; although some can acheive this through seperate powers, and Spectrals can interact with both...
  37. DMB_1

    The difference between Intangibility and Incorporeality

    I do not really understand the complete difference between being Immaterial (type 2 Intangibility) and being outright Non-Corporeal I can kind of get it in some cases, but it confuses me the more when talking about ghosts, souls, and other spiritual beings. While in most cases we treat ghosts...
  38. Warren_Valion

    Non-Corporeal Question

    Would being Non-Corporeal mean that you inherently have Limitless Stamina as you lack a physical form?
  39. Ricsi-viragosi

    question about the possibility of a possible new verse, and how it would work

    alright then. this thread has questions about a verse i might request the creation later on. for some context: the story is italian is as of now on youtube told in 100 videos, of which 89 have been uploaded, and will get its own book, eventualy in english as well. in an year, maybe two. the...
  40. DexWald

    Question about the page of Non-corporeality

    It may sound more like suggestion rather than question, but anyway. Shouldn't this page be enlisted with different types of Non-corporeality (Just like Immortality and Regenerationn)?