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natsuki subaru

  1. Celestial_Pegasus

    Re Zero Volume 10-15 Revisions

    Subaru Supersonic Perception and Reaction Speed His brain awakened, thus letting him slow down his perception of time Considering he was perceiving Garfiel's movements, his perception speed should probably become Supersonic. There are a multiple instances where he as been able to react to...
  2. Celestial_Pegasus

    Re:Zero Volume 1-9 Revisions

    Subaru Superhuman Stamina Immediately went back to fighting after having his nose, teeth and ribs broken Endured the pain of having his heart squeezed Limited Resistance to Time Stop His mind is still consciousness every time Satella stops time Social Influencing Got almost half of...
  3. Mariogoods

    Natsuki Subaru VS Frisk

    Rule: 1. Natsuki Subaru is in his Arc 5-7 key with all Optional Equipment (10-A, 9-C with Whip, higher with Invisible Providence, 8-B with Beatrice) while Frisk is with Immense Determination (Varies from 9-B to 9-A, at least 8-B with Immense Determination). 2. Speed is equalized. 3. SBA. Vote...
  4. Fezzih_007

    Natsuki Subaru vs Sans lol

    That seems a fair match up The Lolimancer vs The guy who goes with no"body" to a party Arc 5-7 Key to subaru Subaru will have Beatrice and his whip Sans needs to kill Subaru 25 times to win, after that Satella will telerport him away from there The battle start on judgement hall The start...
  5. SatellaTheWoE

    On celebrating ReZero S3 announcement, Subaru Natsuki vs Deku (izuku Midoriya)

    Chadbaru vs Deku speed equalized SBA Battletakes place in Watergate City of Priestella (in honor of S3) starting distance is 10m
  6. Celestial_Pegasus

    Re Zero Discussion Thread: Season 3 is Real

    The copium is over, Season 3 is coming Thread to discuss anything Re Zero related
  7. SatellaTheWoE

    On Celebrating Re:Zeros S3 announcement, Subaru Natsuki vs Deku (Izuku Midoriya: Pre-Final act)

    Deku vs ChadBaru SBA Speed Equalized battle starts 10m apart from each other
  8. SatellaTheWoE

    ReZero vol 20

    Its almost been a month since the OTL was released so i was wondering when the upgrades will be made for vol 20
  9. SatellaTheWoE

    Beatrice can use Al shamak

    Beatrice just used Al Shamak in the latest RZ chapter after being completely drained of mana and not having access to Subaru for an entire month. Based on this BFR should be added to her post arc 4 key
  10. SatellaTheWoE

    Natsuki Subaru aka crying child vs Son Goku aka Monkey

    Boy with depression vs peak saiyan (real) Since Subaru would stomp the entire verse on his own, i will make this 10-A only Hopefully Goku can win for once
  11. FantaRin_The_First

    Minor Natsuki Subaru CRT

    Hey y'all, hey y'all: Fanta here, ready to make my first CRT, so forgive me for any mistakes. The person who I wish to focus this CRT on is a character named Natsuki Subaru in his Arc 5-7 Key, or to be precise... his weapon of choice, a whip, that I wish to scale Subaru's whip to a real-life...
  12. DemonicDude

    Tier 8-B: The Ultimate Quest Tournament (2022): Natsuki Subaru vs Monaca Towa

    Round 1 (Match 4): Rules: Same Rules as stated in the Tournament. Speed Equalized Random encounters no prior knowledge to anybody or of the location. Distance: Fighting distance for every matchup will be 30 meters. Location: The Island of Lemon located on The Nierre’s Heaven. Result...
  13. Celestial_Pegasus

    Re Zero Volume 18 Additions + God Tier Downgrade

    Natsuki Subaru Limited Regeneration (Low-Mid) Due to Capella's curse which she forced on Subaru, basically wherever that curse is, in this case his leg, it will heal itself even if cut off Absorption Subaru absorbed the curse that was affecting Crusch Priscilla Weapon Mastery...
  14. FantaRin_The_First

    A true Isekai Character fights a Pseudo-Isekai Character | Kirigaya Kazuto vs Natsuki Subaru

    Kirigaya Kazuto v.s Natsuki Subaru Hey all, Fanta here! I was browsing Vs Battle Wiki cuz I was very bored and discovered that Kirito has a key that shares the same place as Subaru... And here we are. On my end, SAO is the first anime I ever watched, and Re: Zero was the anime that bought my...
  15. Celestial_Pegasus

    Re:Zero Volume 17 Updates

    Ability Additions Natsuki Subaru Stealth Mastery: Felix Argyle Pain Manipulation: Emilia Martial Arts: Garfiel Tinsel Martial Arts: Capella Regeneration (Mid): The Regeneration page has been updated, regeneration from just a head is now just mid, so Capella should be downgraded...
  16. PsychicCipher-2

    Shouldn't Subaru's Invisible Providence and Durability be Building level?

    Given that he can take a hit from, and then punch back Garfiel with the Invisible Providence?
  17. MidnightDawn1

    Can Subaru beat Dragon Ball?

    Can they beat Subaru tho? https://fcoc-vs-battles.fandom.com/wiki/Subaru_Natsuki_(Phoenks) Round 1: Subaru teleports at the beginning of Dragon Ball how does he do? Round 2: Start of Z how does he do? Round 3: Start of Super all the way to the Granolah Arc, how does he do?
  18. CyborgSakumo

    Post TS Subaru vs Makima(Chainsaw Man)

    We're using post timeskip Subaru vs Makima from Chainsaw Man. No restrictions, speed unequal. You never thought this matchup would happen. Subaru: Makima: Inconc: I thought this could be fun
  19. Celestial_Pegasus

    Re:Zero Vol 16 + Emilia Revisions

    Subaru Pretty minor, Subaru trained for a year between arcs 4 and 5, so his profile should say he is stronger than before Wilhelm Extrasensory Perception- Garfiel Natural Weaponry- Emilia This is from a previous volume, essentially Emilia has always had an uncontrollable power within her...
  20. Popted2

    Kazuma and Subaru vs The Eleven Man

    First key Kazuma and second Key Subaru are used speed equalized Kazuma won't use the Dynamite and Subaru won't use Beatrice both side have prior knowledge on each other Place: Roswaal Mansion https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Satou_Kazuma...
  21. Sergeant_Hypocrite

    10-A Tournament Losers Round 2, Match 20 (Natsuki Subaru VS Sherlock Holmes)

    Let the tournament continue, after a weekend's hiatus! Both are 10-A, obviously (Arc 5-7 Subaru is used here. Anything above 10-A is restricted) Both have prior knowledge of each other Speed is equalized Natsuki Subaru (Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu): Sherlock Holmes (Movies): 2...
  22. Sergeant_Hypocrite

    10-A Tournament Round 2, Match 16 (Natsuki Subaru VS Satou Kazuma)

    Let the finale of Round 2 begin! Both are 10-A (Arc 5-7 Subaru and End of Series Kazuma) Both have prior knowledge of each other Speed is equalized Natsuki Subaru (Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu): Satou Kazuma (Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku Wo!): 5 (Popted2, Oleggator...
  23. Sergeant_Hypocrite

    10-A Tournament Round 1, Match 7 (Sergeant John Captain VS Natsuki Subaru)

    Let the tournament continue! Both are 10-A (Arc 5-7 Subaru is used here. Anything above 10-A is restricted) Both have prior knowledge of each other Speed is equalized )Sergeant John Captain (TANKMEN): Natsuki Subaru (Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu): I flip a coin:
  24. Cloozuma

    Re:Zero CRT

    I want to thank @Celestial_Pegasus for helping me in this CRT. Alright let's start revising! What needs to be revised Apparently Subaru has this ability called Return by Death which let's him time travel, but by death. This gives him resurrection to the point that it gives him Immortality...
  25. Cloozuma

    Return by Death vs Return to Zero

    Apparently this may or may not be interesting but I'll do it either way. GER Gio vs Arc 7 Subaru Natsuki Speed Equal Teenage Mafia Boi: Normal Hikikomori that is somewhat immortal: Emilia Faction becomes a part of Passione:
  26. Subaru Natsuki fights a Ghost.

    -Subaru fights Samara Morgan from the ring. ---Subaru can become 8-A with Beatrice if needed. --Speed is Equalized. ---In character. Location: A Phantom City. https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Natsuki_Subaru https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Samara_Morgan
  27. OppaiSenpai5

    Re:Zero Re:Visions

    'Aight, we all know these profiles are outdated and full of mistakes so lets not waste anyone's time cuz we have a lot to get through. Here's all relevant information about scaling given by Tappei himself which I will be citing all throughout through a "(Line X)" next to my claims and...
  28. RinneItachi

    Sans Vs. Subaru

    I got this idea because 1. Re:Zero is my favorite anime while Undertale is my favorite game. And 2. Frisk's ability to LOAD is very similar to RTZ (assuming it's time reversal). Still gonna need to make some ground rules for this though. 9-B Subaru. Both are bloodlusted, obviously win by...
  29. Soupywolf5

    Soupy's Bracket Bowl Round 5!

    Round 5! Our contestants are Tinti submitted by Joaco0902, and Natsuki Subaru submitted by ElixerBlue Speed equalized Tintin scales to 105 Kilojoules, Natsuki is...Idk? Here are the Current Standings Tincan: This brackets best female combatant: I'm losing my touch:
  30. CrystalLampost

    Incorrect Information on one of Subaru's Abilities

    The section where it lists Subaru as potentially having access to Stillness of an Object's Time is pointless as the story has debunked it. That section should be rewritten to include Subaru's actual ability from using the Authority of Greed, which is Cor Leonis From the Re:Zero Wikia, Cor...
  31. Nico-v11

    Natsuki Subaru vs Thunder McQueen

    I'm finally jumping aboard this train and honestly I'm just curious about how this situation would even play out more than anything. It's too weird and fun to think about. Speed Equalized and fight takes place at the medieval city plaza. Natsuki Subaru: 0 Thunder McQueen (JoJo's Bizarre...
  32. Sonicflare9

    Goblin Slayer vs Subaru Natsuki

    https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Goblin_Slayer_(Character) https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Natsuki_Subaru 9-B versions standard equipment whoooooooooooooooooooo would win
  33. SuperKamiNappa

    Natsuki Subaru vs. Goblin Slayer

    Natsuki Subaru Goblin Slayer Speed Equalized
  34. Theformofacast

    Subaru vs. Saitama

    Two men who want to discover what the hell to do with their lives. Both are 9-B (Post-second time skip Subaru vs. Pre-Training Saitama) and speed is equalized. Win via incapacitatio, so Subaru can't use Returns by Death. Subaru is by himself, so Beatrice is restricted. Battle takes place in...
  35. Howlingwolfjoey

    Furry Discussion Thread

    Discuss everything that is about furries. Pls don't post anti-furry stuff.
  36. Celestial_Pegasus

    Re:Zero Kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu Discussion Thread 18

    Previous thread: Here Link to the light novel Link to the web novel Thread for discussing anything re:zero related.
  37. Xmark12

    Isekai showdown, featuring a drunk adventurer and a slightly peeved car!

    Well, since the creators of Konosuba and Re:Zero are best buds in real life, let's celebrate that by making their two protagonists beat the ever living crap out of each other! Let's set up the scene. In a tavern, Kazuma did something to piss off the other dude in a track suit (and knowing him...
  38. Ciruno_Fortes_(COB)

    Life is like a Fantasy War Game - Maj William Cage (Edge of Tomorrow) vs Natsuki Subaru (Re:Zero)

    You know that feeling of dying and then it turns out you don't die? And then you just keep reliving the same days over and over again? No one even knows how much days you spent and you probably broke down and became insane several times and you can't escape your fate no matter what you do. But...
  39. PrettyFearMachine

    A NEET vs A 19th century's gang leader

    Mr. "I love Emilia" Another Cpt. Obvious Tried to make the title as much intriguing as I could. Anyway... -Subaru doesn't have Beatrice in this match, as well as Patrasche. -Starting range is 10 meters. -The fight takes place at the Ogre Street. Who wins and why? Subaru - 3 (Celestial...
  40. Zhaoshuais

    Shirou Emiya(F/SN) VS Subaru Natsuki

    This time I bring in an opponent which Kamijou Touma can beat handily´╝îbut really hard for others. Both sides at best condition. It's clear that the only possible way for Shirou Emiya to kill Subaru Natsuki is Rule Breaker,but it's almost impossible for him to know that,as only Subaru Natsuki...