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Goblin Slayer vs Subaru Natsuki

I'd say Goblin Slayer because of more battle experience and fighting ability. The guys known for figting in tight spaces and against a larger number at foes at the same time. He taken so much damage that Subaru would immediately die from. Subaru wouldn't even have a chance to use magic like shamak to do anything because Goblin Slayer would beat the shit out of him in the darkness or even kill him before he casts it.
Subaru is a normal human at best athletic speed how in they world would he be able to beat a battle harden warrior. Goblin Slayer has superior wits and equuipment and could even kill Subaru by even throwing his sword in his throat or shooting him with posioned arrows with ease.
See Subaru's profile. Subaru is clearly superhuman in speed, friend, his whip going to supersonic bliss. It's simple, Goblin Slayer only proved to react subsonic and superhuman movement, if the whip is supersonic, GS can not react and less dodge it. Shamak is activated much faster than any attack that uses GS. And even Subaru can summon, and also use the Authority of Sloth
shamak is useless and he can only use one hand from the authority of sloth GS can just use the gate spell to one shot kill Subaru with ease so spot your bullshit argument.
> Shamak does not allow GS vision.
Subaru can simply attack GS, the whip attack is supersonic. And it has been shown that GS is struggling to survive wall-level attacks.


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How about we equalize speed, like normal people?