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nagito komaeda

  1. DimeUhDozen

    Komaeda Vs Andrea

    Andrea has the Lucky Penny Speed Equalized This is probably a really bad idea Fingers In His Ass: It's... Actually Pronounced Ahn-Dray-Uh: Incon:
  2. Just_a_Random_Butler

    Nagito's Resistance to Despair

    I made this thread for the purpose of removing Nagito's resistance to Mind Manipulation and Morality Manipulation. The addition was proposed here, with the reasoning being that Nagito was the only one who is able to talk in the brainwashing process + pursuing with hope even when under the...
  3. FantaRin_The_First

    (0-0-7) Nagito Komaeda vs John Doe (UnOrdinary)

    The Ultimate Lucky Student (of Class 77-B) vs The Shadow King The battle will take inside of an empty seven-floor office building Starting distance has them start twenty meters away from each other Both of them are bloodlusted, but neither of them start within each other's line of sight Nagito...
  4. DemonicDude

    Equal Stats Tournament V2: Nagito Komaeda (Dragonronpa ) vs Lord Boros (OPM)

    Round 2: (Match 2) Same Rules as stated in the Tournament. (Manga) vs (Visual Novel) match ! Oh no....The Dominator vs Ultimate Lucky Student This on papers seems like a Squash match but can this tourney actually surprise us with this one ? or will it be over before it started 😜 Results: Lord...
  5. SpiteBattles

    Donnie Darko vs Nagito Komaeda

    The living Receiver fights the Ultimate Lucky Student {RULES} •Nagito has ultimate luck •Donnie has his 9A powers •Speed equal •Donnie has a axe and a gun The Living Receiver: Ultimate luck: Incon
  6. StrymULTRA

    Clash of memes: 9-A edition

    Sorry not sorry. Nagito vs Steve Both restricted to 9-A, speed =. #1 Russian Roulette fan: Unironically on Smash: Incon
  7. Bruhtelho

    Luck of the Soul: Nagito Komaeda VS Sans

    Both at 9-B Battle takes place on Jabberwock Island Both start 5 meters apart Speed is equalized Nagito has a day of prep-time The Ultimate Lucky Student: Nagito Komaeda:0 The Professional Prankster of The Underground: Sans:7 (Oleggator, Naitodesu, MarvelFanatic119, XSOULOFCINDERX...
  8. QuasiYuri

    Supernatural Luck should include Bad Luck

    What the title says. Basically, I think that "Supernatural Bad Luck" should be included on the page because of still being a kind of Luck. Idk why some powers only focus on the positive aspect on a power (despite the best technically being featuring both sides), but this page does it, while...
  9. Epichaxboi

    Nagito Komaeda vs. Composite Hawkeye

    Basically incredible aim vs. incredible luck Speed is equalized. Both are 7-A Arena is a dark alleyway in new york. "I never miss." : "In the end, hope always wins." : Inconclusive:
  10. Meme0juice

    Sans Vs. Nagito Komaeda

    Both 9-A Speed is equalized. Sans : Nagito :
  11. Stillwinston

    Best of Luck: Mr Bean vs Nagito Komaeda

    This is probably a bad idea but after looking at Bean vs CH just now it came to me. Not sure if this was done before Speed is equalised, both are 9-A. Fight takes place in a barricaded shopping mall with no one around, both are unarmed at the start and begin 10 metres apart. Mr Bombastic: 0...
  12. BakiHanma18

    The Ultimate Luck

    After checking in a GDT why Naegi's page describes his luck as worse than Komaeda's, it has come to my attention that there is no reason that Komaeda's luck should be described as better than Naegi's. This thread is to discuss whether or not Naegi's page (and any pages with the relevant...
  13. BakiHanma18

    The Ultimate Luck

    After checking in a GDT why Naegi's page describes his luck as worse than Komaeda's, it has come to my attention that there is no reason that Komaeda's luck should be described as better than Naegi's. This thread is to discuss whether or not Naegi's page (and any pages with the relevant...
  14. BakiHanma18

    Danganronpa Luck

    On Makoto Naegi's page, it says his luck "isn't nearly as powerful as Komaeda's...", but upon first meeting Naegi, Komaeda almost instant remarks that Naegi's luck "far exceeds" his own. Why is it that his page says his luck is weaker, directly conflicting with Komaeda's statement? Wouldn't it...
  15. Jinsye

    Makoto Naegi vs. Nagito Komaeda

    This feels obvious for me. The kid with extremely good luck vs. The kid that can make other people's good luck bad Who wins?
  16. Demon_Takumo_31

    United States President wants to kill a Lucky Student

    Funny Valentine vs Nagito Komaeda Funny Valentine Valentine have access to Love Train Speed Equalized Valentine: Nagito:
  17. Hans0l013123897

    Luck vs Unlucky

    Sad Larry fights off Nagito Komaeda Speed equalized Ohhh...
  18. Jinsye

    Phineas vs. Nagito

    Guy who's luck skews everything perfectly in their favor vs. Guy who's luck skews everything perfectly in their favor Phineas has idk, 15-30 minutes of prep Speed is equal Who wins? Phineas Flyn: 0 Nagito Komaeda: 0
  19. Stillwinston

    Nagito Komaeda vs Deku

    I'm going to regret making this likely but hey its a thing. Speed is equalised, Deku is Without One for All. Standard Battle Assumptions otherwise. If need be we can bump Deku up to his second key. Nagito - 0 Deku - 0 Inconclusive - 0
  20. Psychomaster35

    Henry VS Nagito

    Its the battle of Luck. Both are 9-A. Speed Equal. No prep. Whos lucky enough to live for another day? Win by Death. The Lucky Stickma: The Lucky Student:2 (Edwardtruong2006, Demon Takumo 31))
  21. Christian_Higdon

    A very lucky high-school student tries to calm down ink Satan

    Speed Equalized. Both are 9-A. Battle is in the maze from Chapter 5. Nagito is in-character while Bendy is bloodlusted to a full extent. Who wins? Lucked Out: 1 Toon Satan: 0 Tie: 2 Jesus Christ, chill out! RRAGH!
  22. Saikou_The_Lewd_King

    Nagito Komaeda vs Specimen 5

    Stuck trying to find a Specimen strong enough to survive all that luck but not strong enough to stomp. Ultimate Bullshit vs Pyramid-less Pyramid Head Speed Equalized. Starts in Specimen 5's room.
  23. Ricsi-viragosi

    Lucky boi fights unlucky boi

    Sad Larry Nagito Komaeda Incon: 1 Speed equal
  24. Ricsi-viragosi

    The "Ultimate Hope" fights the most hopeless guy in the world

    Nagito: Sad Larry: Speed equal
  25. Xanxussama1010

    Time Rewind vs Ultimate Bullshit

    I don't know why I has this idea... Well, let's try it anyway. Mad Max VS I'm really bullshit lucky Fight at under construction building. Start with 50m distance. Both has a handgun with 6 bullets in this fight. Otherwise, Standard Battle Assumptions Ok, who is the winner> HOPE! HOPE...
  26. ArgentinianDeadpool

    Luck vs Luck

    Speed equalized. Nagito Komaeda: Black Black Widow: Inconclusive: 7 (SpiritualAdversor, RapidMotorcycle19, Just a Random Butler, Veloxt1r0kore, Iapitus The Impaler, Jackythejack, Jordanbairdcreaturemaster97)
  27. Kisaragi_Megumi

    The plague doctor vs Ultimate bullshit luck student (Nagito Komaeda vs SCP-049)

    Alright,seems like this match can be fun or maybe not.....lets see then,lets go!!! -Place located in the abandoned asylum midnight time -Komaeda is waken up in one of bed room with no prior knowledge,while 049 is preparing the surgery in surger doctor room -Komaeda must survive the sneak game...
  28. Megaboy_Prime

    Luck vs Music

    The Danganrompa 2 gang cry out for help in a way to put Nagito under control, and the E.B.A are on the case. Speed equalized. The agents are dancing on the Cafeteria, on a small dancing platform. Take on me plays on the background https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=djV11Xbc914
  29. Homu_Sweet_Homu

    Violet Evergarden vs Nagito Komaeda

    I know, I just jumps into Violet bandwagon. Venue: An abandoned construction site. Battle conditions: Nagito starts from the entrance while Violet starts from the top of the construction site. Violet can uses her witchcraft Nagito has a fully loaded revolver and a baseball. No knowledge of...
  30. Megaboy_Prime

    Nagito Komaeda vs Kaiji Itou

    Both are in a match of Uno for a 1,000,000 yen bet, which Kaiji needs to pay a important debt to loan sharks. Kaiji has two weeks of prep time to rig the game as much as humanly possible. Can Kaiji´s ZAWA ZAWA Bluffs take down the Luck Monster? Kuyashii!
  31. Axl233

    Batman vs Nagito Komaeda

    -speed equalised. -both are 40 meters from each other. -both have 3 hours of prep. -Komaeda has a revolver with 4 bullets and a grenade. -battle takes place at a explosives factory.
  32. Kisaragi_Megumi

    Ultimate bullshit luck boy vs always success bunny Girl

    Surprised that nobody made this,so let me make this match. -Place located in berlin,more like in weaponry vault in nazi camp -Range is 100 meter -Start in barehand,but they can pick anything in that vault (list: Gun,shotgun,granade,flamethrower,Bazooka,sword,knife,machinegun,assault...
  33. The_Smashor

    The most unlucky character in fiction vs the luckiest character in fiction (To my knowledge)

    Tom Cat vs Nagito Komaea. Tom dosn't have lightning. Battle takes place in a random suburban house.
  34. Kisaragi_Megumi

    Bullshit luck vs Bullshit luck (Komatsu vs Komaeda)

    Well,here folks,first match using DR character,and also my most weirdness match i create (luck vs luck? f**k me),okay lets go!! -SBA come to play -Komatsu eqquiped by Derous Fang Knife -Win via anything!!! Let alone this This is bullshit Komatsu : 0 Komaeda : 0
  35. Xanxussama1010

    Composite Human vs ...A lucky student!

    Well, I want to try something interesting, so let's start this one. Composite Human vs Ultimate Bullshit Ultimate Lucky Student Fight at an U.S. military base. Both start with 100m distance, at the point that no vision of each other. Both start with barehanded, but they can pick up and use...
  36. Axl233

    Reinhard Heydrich vs Nagito Komaeda

    story:Komaeda goes too spend a vacation in Berlim and ends up meeting Reinhard and then he makes a bet with him. Komaeda:Hey dude im heard you spear never misses is that true? Reinhard:yes,it is. Komaeda:is that so?do you want to make a bet? Reinhard:hmm,yeah why not?what is the bet...
  37. Kami95

    Luck in vs threads

    How exactly does luck affect vs threads? Of course, I'm not talking about normal luck that everyone may or may not experience, I'm talking about his kind of luck.