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ichigo kurosaki (post-timeskip)

  1. Robo432343

    Ichigo vs Mori Dan

    https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Ichigo_Kurosaki_(Post-Timeskip) vs https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Mori_Dan Both 3-B SBA Original Power Restored Mori is used Speed Equal
  2. ReaperAndBlues

    Ichigo vs Naruto, Skill Battle

    I'm actually kinda wondering who's better at this since I see so many takes where people say Ichigo isn't very skilled at all, but I (and many others) knows that is not the case at all. So I wanna see how far he goes against his fellow Big 3 brethern Naruto Uzumaki. All stats are equalized, no...
  3. Possible Damage Transferral for Ichigo

    Any wounds Ichigo takes in his Shinigami form will be transferred to his human body when he returns to it. I'm not entirely sure what ability this counts as, but the closest thing I got was Damage Transferral (obviously not combat applicable) Should this be on Ichigo's profile as an ability...
  4. TauanVictor

    (GRACE) Ichigo VS Yamamoto

    Ichigo Kurosaki VS Shigekuni Yamamoto Genryusai Starting Distance: 3m Both in-character Equalized speed Fullbring Zanpakutō Ichigo LOCATION: Ichigo: 4 (@Jo-Smooth, @EldemadeDityjon, @Excellence616, @ReaperAndBlues) Yamamoto: 7 (@Arc7Kuroi, @noninho, @Deceived3596, @Ignatheus...
  5. RanaProGamer

    Ichigo Takes On The One Punch Man

    A Big 3 vs OPM matchup, this should be fun Standard Battle Assumptions Speed equalized Ichigo scales to 443.5 Petatons Saitama scales to 254 Petatons Fullbring Ichigo vs During Training Saitama Who wins and why?
  6. Fezzih_007

    The Big 3 (Naruto, Luffy and Ichigo) vs The Dynamic Duo (Goku Ul and Vegeta UE) Stats equal!

    I see this on Reddit, so i got a little curious if in this site is a stomp or not. Stats equalized Everyone start already transformed in they lastest strongest form (Gear 5, Ultra Instict goku etc..) excluding Naruto, who is not on Baryon Mode for this fight. Manga version of Goku and Vegeta is...
  7. RanaProGamer

    Future Soul King vs Future Asgard King GRACE

    Thanks to the 3-C buff for Ichigo, we can do Marvel vs Bleach, who would’ve thought this day would come. Standard Battle Assumptions Speed equalized 3-C Versions Thor scales to 63 ZettaFoe Ichigo scales to 460 ZettaFoe Base Thor vs True Zanpakuto Bankai Ichigo Who wins and why?
  8. AKUTO123

    Human Ichigo kurosaki vs kamijou touma h2h

    Human form Ichigo vs kamijou touma who win and why. I wonder this.touma seems 8B but human Ichigo? So Ichigo 9C or similar or different ?
  9. Ichigo vs Murphy Lawden

    Extended Canon SCP-3143 vs TYBW Ichigo Who wins? "Reiatsu crush gg": SCPs try not to be unfair and overpowered for 1 nanosecond challenge (impossible): Zoro:
  10. Ichigo vs Bardock

    True Zanpakuto Ichigo and Super Saiyan Bardock are used Ichigo starts in bankai Starting distance is 30 meters Both are High 4-C and speed is equalized Who wins? Ichigo: Bardock: Goku shows up and solos both of them:
  11. AizenSosuke

    Fight between 2 gods

    PLOT: Satan and Ichigo king got summoned in a holy grail war but it's a special holy grail war because it is only 1 servant vs 1 servant CHARACTERS: Servant of Blue Flame MONKEY vs Servant of Black Flame SCIENCE EXPERIMENT RULES: -In their strongest version -Equalised speed
  12. GlaceonGamez471

    [Grace] (0-9-0) Top 4-C non-smurf match (Ichigo vs Metal Sonic)

    Metal Sonic vs Bleach 2: Electric Boogaloo Cause I feel Neo Metal pretty handily murders #6, so let's try #5 4-C versions used (True Zanpakutō Ichigo vs Modern Neo Metal Sonic) Speed Equalized SBA otherwise Strawberry: 0 Starfish Head: 9 (omegabronic, Undylan, Artorimachi_Meteoraft, Fireld...
  13. That_moron2

    My Brother Has Barely Started Soul Society. Ask Him Anything.

    I'll Quote with his answer.
  14. RanaProGamer

    Sans vs Ichigo Kurosaki

    I checked all the dubs that Sans got and dayum, that soul hax really be bustin, but how would he do against another soul hax character? Standard Battle Assumptions Speed equalized. Battle takes place inside Soul King Palace Sans vs Merged Hollow Form Ichigo Who wins and why?
  15. RanaProGamer

    Bleach God Tiers Downgrade | I'M SORRY ARC7, IT AIN'T MY FAULT

    So this calc was recently accepted for creating a dimension with a star and has been downgraded by the calc, so blame KLOL not me. I'll be pretty much using the same scaling chain and multipliers as Arc7Kuroi since it is accepted by the wiki. I will only be replacing the value with the currently...
  16. Arcker123

    Bleach's Greatest Fanfic

    @Deceived and @Arc7Kuroi Idea. So, this isn't a CRT, but Aizen's EE is very weird, and I'm hoping to get some answers. So, this is Aizen's EE: So, there's some stuff that's... interesting, I'll point them out. This weakness seems... made up, not only is there no scan saying this, it's also...
  17. KillerNerd007

    Ichigo upgrades part 1: Getsuga Tensho is built different

    Hi everyone, this is the Bleach nerd in the flesh. I decided to make an entire overhaul on Ichigo's profile by myself, with some help here and there from other Bleach guys, starting with Ichigo's trademark ability, Getsuga Tensho. I noticed that in Ichigo's profile, not a lot of Getsuga Tensho's...
  18. KingTempest

    Bleach: Bringer Light Resistance Change/Revision

    This scan is the cause of this And frankly I'm laughing my ass off and the lack of context that wanks this ability. This is so loose and it is easy to leave up to misinterpretation. This is supported in the manga, as they say they draw the soul out of the ground to propel themselves. Read...
  19. KillerNerd007

    Ichigo upgrades

    Hello again guys, back with another Bleach upgrade thread. Trying again with instinctive reactions and analytical prediction (the previous one, it died down), but this time, I got two more upgrades for Ichigo, including supernatural willpower and sense manipulation. Here are the scans and...
  20. FoxySonicMaster108

    Zero (Mega Man) VS Ichigo Kurosaki

    I've wanted to do this matchup for quite sometime, now that Ichigo is 4-B, I can finally do that. Both are 4-B (Z Era Zero VS Merged Hollow Form Ichigo) Both are (mostly) in character Ichigo starts with his Bankai Speed Equalized Who wins? Zero: 8 (XSOULOFCINDERX, Smashtwig, Stillwinston...
  21. RanaProGamer

    Ichigo Kurosaki Fights Godzilla's Biggest Enemy

    King Ghidorah has made his way to Earth and is causing havoc on humanity, Ichigo has been dispatched with purifying the beast. Can he do it? Standard Battle Assumptions Speed equalized. 4-B Versions. Merged Hollow Bankai Ichigo vs True Form King Ghidorah (Anime) Who wins and why?
  22. KillerNerd007

    Ichigo+Ultra Instinct+Sharringan

    Hello everyone. Back again with another Bleach related upgrade thread. Again for Ichigo before I tackle Aizen's regeneration and make a thread for the Cleaner. This one simple, I propose Ichigo obtains instinctive reactions and analytical predictions. Instinctive reactions: Evidence: Ichigo...
  23. Arcker123

    Universal Bleach God Tier Revision

    Whilst this is a universal revision for all god tiers, it's about LS, not AP (Get Baited 🤡). So, the gist of it is to upgrade the Bleach God tiers (High 4-Cs and higher) to Class Z lifting strength. Here are each of the feats and describing the scaling and calcs. I re calculated Yhwach's...
  24. Sir_Ovens

    Post-Timeskip High Schoolers - Ichigo Kurosaki vs Mori Dan

    I can finally make this match. I'm so excited. Human vs Monster Merged Hollow Form Ichigo and Post-Mori Jung Fight Mori. Speed equalized. Victory via SBA.
  25. DlyVisionary

    Ichigo Content Revision Thread

    INTRODUCTION [ ... ] Hello everyone, Im a new member in vsb fandom, so today imma adding a ability for ichigo kurosaki, Soooooo lets go [ ... ] • Passive Attack Reflection First, Tenjirō Kirinji Hit Ichigo, And then Stated from Tenjirō Kirinji, Ichigo Automaticly Damaging Tenjirō Kirinji...
  26. Tempestdragon6

    Rimuru tempest vs ichigo kurosaki

    6A rimuru vs post time skip ichigo kurosaki 5A Rules win by knockdown 10 meters apart
  27. Arc7Kuroi

    Bleach God Tier Slight Speed Revision

    Introduction I've been sitting on loads of accepted speed calcs for Bleach for a long, long time. So, I figured I'd do things piecemeal and implement the God Tier speed calcs now, because the scaling is relatively self contained and simple. Also, this should whet y'all's appetite for the...
  28. Mariogoods

    Ichigo Kurosaki (Post-Timeskip) VS Sun Wukong (Journey to the West)

    Rule: 1. Ichigo Kurosaki is in his Fullbring Zanpakutō key (At least High 6-A, higher with Bankai) while Sun Wukong is in his Post-Buddha Sealing key (At least High 6-A). 2. Speed is equalized. 3. SBA. Vote: Ichigo Kurosaki (Post-Timeskip): 0 Sun Wukong (Journey to the West): 2...
  29. Lukewoesal007

    Ichigo Intangibility?

    A few of my friends believe Ichigo is intangible, although the Wiki suggests otherwise. Could someone provide the scans that prove he isn't?
  30. KillerNerd007

    Ichigo and Aizen resistances upgrade

    Hello everyone, I have a few proposed upgrades for Ichigo and Aizen. I felt that when reading Bleach these are needed and by the standards of the wiki should also be accepted. Now if I turn out to be wrong about some of these things, alright, but here are my upgrades: Ichigo resistances...
  31. KillerNerd007

    Ichigo Kurosaki is smarter than you think

    Hello everyone, new Bleach guy. What I am going to do today is propose a rewrite to Ichigo's intelligence segment. I re read Bleach, and I felt like the iq segment for Ichigo was very barebones, so I plan to make a change for it by posting this rewrite, with scans included in them (no pin point...
  32. Sonicflare9

    Ichigo vs Omega

    https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Ichigo_Kurosaki_(Post-Timeskip)#Quincy_Powers https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/E-123_Omega_(Game) merged hollow form vs advventure whoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo would win
  33. RanaProGamer

    Clearing Some Doubts For 5-B Bleach

    So to clarify, this is the scaling chain that we follow that Arc suggested So it's not the scaling chain that I have an issue with, it's the baseline 5-B rating that we start with. We give them this rating based on WSK stabilizing Soul Society, but I have a doubt on this. In one of Arc's...
  34. EldemadeDityjon

    Bleach: Possible upgrade for Existance eraser ability and resistance for Ichigo

    Aizen has Passive EE after Transcendency. It's already listed in his profile. https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Sosuke_Aizen As Transcended being Ichigo should get the existance eraser and resistance for existence Eraser. https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Ichigo_Kurosaki_(Post-Timeskip)...
  35. Spinoirr

    Shulk vs Ichigo

    Speed is equal and both are 5-B and Ichigo can't use anything 5-A or higher (Replica Monado shulk is used) Fight happens on a habitable moon with the same atmosphere of earth Ichigo: Shulk: Icon:
  36. TauanVictor

    Ichigo VS Xenolith

    Ichigo VS Xenolith Fight Location: Soul Society Starting Distance: 1km Both in-character Equalized speed Merged Hollow Form Ichigo Ichigo: 5 (@Biller, @Crayons, @Nightmare_Bloodfallen, @Yomi_Schwarz, @speedster352) Xenolith: 6 (@AnonymousBlank, @Zackra1799, @Kazuma_kuwabara...
  37. AKM sama

    Part 2: Bleach God Tiers

    This is closely related to a couple of previous threads. For context, here they are: https://vsbattles.com/threads/sennas-feat-2-ft-bleach-cosmology.128164/ https://vsbattles.com/threads/im-still-based-bleach-edition.122601/ Posting this thread after discussing with some of the knowledgeable...
  38. Quangotjokes

    Anime Olympics

    Alright guys it's that time of year. We are here to welcome these representatives to representatives their verses. Who will win in a foot race? Who gets the Gold, Silver, and Bronze?
  39. RanaProGamer

    Standards For Bleach Soul Crush

    Received permission from Ant. With our new standards for Soul Manip based on this thread: https://vsbattles.com/threads/mind-soul-manipulation-revisions-v2-numbers-arent-everything-staff-only.124859/ I think it's a good time to discuss how this would affect the standards for Bleach's infamous...
  40. KingKenjo

    Ichigo vs Zeus

    Alright, third time's the charm. Low 2-C keys, Speed equalized. Zeus is in Base. Let's go. Zeus punches Ichigo very hard: 0 Ichigo kills another god: 0 I dunno the winner but it'd be a cool looking fight: 0