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Ichigo Kurosaki VS Shigekuni Yamamoto Genryusai

  • Starting Distance: 3m
  • Both in-character
  • Equalized speed
  • Fullbring Zanpakutō Ichigo

Ichigo: 4 (@Jo-Smooth, @EldemadeDityjon, @Excellence616, @ReaperAndBlues)
Yamamoto: 7 (@Arc7Kuroi, @noninho, @Deceived3596, @Ignatheus, @The_Axiom_of_Virgo, @Crobatman44, @Small_Ophion)

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Ichigo's heat > Yhwach's heat resistance > Royd's heat resistance > ZnT heat aura

But uh Yama has EE armor and EE flames, so Ichigo can't really do anything to that. Given that Ichigo literally cannot touch Yama because he'll get EE'd, nor can he defend against Yama's attacks cuz he doesn't resist EE in this key. So, this is probably a stomp.
Ichigo probably takes this. People forget that Royd showed how to counter ZnT West. With energy attacks. Yama had to physically deflect the arrow and went out of his way to stab his sword into the ground to avoid Church Song. Ichigo isn’t an idiot when to comes to battle IQ and Getsuga is literally his go to move.

They’re not beating each other in Shikai, so going Bankai vs Bankai, Ichigo has more than enough combat speed to avoid getting cooked by East. West is countered by Getsuga, which would do serious damage based on the fact that Ichigo blew off Yhwach’s blut with one. A Yhwach that had another 70-80% of his power stacked onto his base from Royd + Yama’s power since he absorbs everyone that died in the war. South is a non factor to Ichigo as it won’t have any psychological benefits. North is the most dangerous ability, but with Ichigo’s whole thing being speed and Yama in character needing to use South’s mental warfare application to get distance bait Royd into running into North, I don’t think Yama is just landing a North without any set up

The fight basically turns into Getsuga vs North from mid range, most likely with Ichigo trying to blitz around and land it from multiple angles using Shunpo/Sonido/Bringer Light or whatever high speed movement he still has access to. With Yama it’s unknown if North is spammable but from the one instance we’ve seen of it, it needed set up to launch
That’s just my opinion, it doesn’t invalidate my vote. Other people (or the majority) can think it’s not a stomp.
The point is that there's no reason to count your vote if you think this should be closed lol.

It's the same reason I didn't consider Deceived's vote. I don't know if he thinks the fight is valid with Yama having more chances or a stomp
In character yamamoto is so cocky and always loses because of it. But he is pretty crazy with Hax and would have the battle experiance over ichigo. That with his spells might allow him to take the win.
I'll vote for Yamamoto for now.
The sun FRA also keep in mind Yama also has the h2h advantage, he literally beat down an Arrancar that was created to specifically negs his Zanpakutõ and was still able to catch Aizen off-guard with Kido even when in a massively nerfed state.