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existence erasure

  1. LuffyRuffy46307

    Existential erasure most random question

    What hax i get delete someone from the past and affect people in the future, but that person is not affected because they have randomness type 1, but the deletion of the character is able to create a whole new timeline
  2. DavidTPPM

    About Aizens existence erasure

    I was going through some profiles for series I've read but never actually scaled and I noticed this on Aizens profile. What I don't understand is, how is that even remotely enough to give him existence erasure? Now I am a VERY casual Bleach reader but I genuinely don't remember a single EE feat...
  3. Saitama&Garou resistance to Antimatter manipulation

    Saitama should get resistance to existance erasure or at least resistance to antimatter manipulation. for their time travel, with their matter manipulation, what they did was a C-symmetry "Charge", where all his particles became anti particles and the opposite. when he fusioned with the saitama...
  4. Spectra_Schiffer

    Helios upgrade, wait a second, or should I say downgrade? Both of them!

    Hello everyone, I hope you are having a good day. Hold on tight, I'm moving on to the thread right away. Regen Upgrade The virtual dimension in Bakugan Interspace was used as a battlefield between the Brawlers and their enemy, Mag-Mel. Mag-Mel had absolute control over BI. Despite him and his...
  5. Chris_only9271

    Question about Wanda's Existence Eraser

    In my previous 'Q&A thread about EE', some questions have not been addressed yet. In this thread, I've selected just a question that I'm still curious about and want it addressed. I will ask concisely to get to the point. In "Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness," at the end of the...
  6. Chris_only9271

    How to measure hax?, and what is the boundary of Durability Negation?.

    As of now, there is a staff discussion thread about the Existence Eraser and its details, yet there is still no conclusion. However, I was wondering about some points that are unclear on the EE/HAX page regarding 'how to measure them.' Specifically, I mean how to determine their...
  7. Zeno Immeasurable Attack Speed Upgrade

    This is a self-evident but major upgrade, based on the attack speed of Zeno's erasure. JUSTIFICATION Zamasu started growing in Future Trunks' timeline and spread to the main cast's timeline in the present, a fact acknowledged in his profile Zeno's attack originated in the future and the same...
  8. Wikisource

    Resistance EE & Deconstruction

    Does resisting EE help you resist Deconstruction and vice versa ?
  9. Sakimori889

    Inorganic Physiology & NEP.

    There is characters that have Inorganic Physiology type 2 (he is a system that controlled by machines), then his body got erasure, but he still alive. Is that makes him get NEP 1?

    Minor upgrade for wang ling

    It is going to be as simple as it seems When wang ling got his spritual power exploded it happened to erase every demon, along with their world And later in episode it was confirmed by wang ling that they do not exist anymore Proposal: To add Existence Erasure
  11. Phoenks

    Making Reinhard van Astrea More Broken

    Initially, I was a little sad because this CRT was about removing Reinhard's Matter Manipulation and I was like "Damn, my dude is getting one of his big hax removed." Why? Well, this is the scan used for it. (Another version here) [This comes from Volume 12 Chapter 5] If you read that and were...
  12. TheShape03

    Question about Existence Erasure.

    So, I have a big doubt, I've seen that we give levels based on the erasure of existence (example: Zen'ō), but on the other hand it also seems to be a skill that ignores durability. Could someone with Tier Low 2-C via Existence Erasure erase someone with Low 1-C durability? The Low 1-C's...
  13. Pedonar

    Is this passive existence erasure?

    Is this passive existence erasure? And he said that while he is using 0.1% of his divine power, so if it increased, will this mean it's layered?
  14. omegabronic

    (STAFF ONLY) EE AP revision

    very simple, Existance Erasure is a hax not AP therefore profiles that have EE that have extenssive feats of affecting an determined structure with said hax EE should have an "with Existance Erasure", similar to how we list creation feats that don't scale to the characters statistics, so that...
  15. Maverick_Zero_X

    EE Types?

    Would it be beneficial to revise the Existence Erasure page to list different Types (physical erasure, spiritual erasure, erasing someone from the timeline, ect) for the ability?
  16. PrinceofPein

    How we treat abilities used against lower Ds

    So I realized most characters with abilities such as; Fate manipulation, plot manipulation, Existence Erasure e.t.c. have those abilities because of them controlling plots or fates of characters with which they have an ontological difference or view as fiction. But somehow when they are used in...
  17. XXKINGXX69

    Do these look like existence erasure?

    First one where the bodies of people disappear, leaving behind a spirit This one which can work on regular enemies
  18. Existence Erasure Resistance

    1.Did resistance to existence erasure make the character resist matter manipulation, deconstruction or something similar? 2. Same as number one but if the character resistance to EE that erase both physical and soul, does it make it resistance to soul manipulation?
  19. Mr._Undetected

    About Naruto Existence Erasure

    according to this statement (Users of Six Paths chakra are unaffected by the effects of the Truth Seeking Balls) What I want to ask is about "Unaffected by the effects of the Truth Seeking Balls" So those who don't have the Six Path Chakra will be affected by the "effect" of Truth Seeking...
  20. Mad_Dog_of_Fujiwara

    An Important Addition to the Existence Erasure Page

    This should be quick. Basically, EE should have an informal type system similar to intangibility, with the types being as follows: Physical Erasure: Complete erasure of all the physical components of a target, such as the matter and particles that make up their body. Non-Physical Erasure...
  21. Delta333

    Hax Question

    1.If one character can erase entire space-time continuum,does that mean said character can also erase the past? 2.If the answer for question 1 is yes then any character that can regenerate from space-time erasure should have high godly regen by default?
  22. Megaraptor149

    Existence Erasure Type

    I think, Existence Erasure should have several types and categorized into types with each explanation. And it's actually something similar like Regeneration stuff, especially (Low-Godly, Mid-Godly & High-Godly) For example: Low Existence Erasure = Completely Erasure of Body Mid Existence...
  23. Jayden_Garrison

    Chou Goku Ability Removal

    Currently Chou Goku has possible Existence Erasure due to this scan but more recent chapters seem to imply otherwise. Such as in Chapter 69 Goku saying he messed up doing the technique. Further more we see Vegeta Training to do Hakai in Chapter 70 And we see Beerus make this comment here that...
  24. Purgy

    Orihime Existence Erasure

    Orihime should have a possibly for Existence Erasure listed on her profile While she never actually did it, Orihime herself stated that she would use her power to return the Hogyoku to the state before it even existed Crumbling Orb is the direct translation of 崩玉 or Hōgyoku So something...
  25. Nekron2

    Quick question about high regen and EE

    So, can a a very high end user of high regeneration survive physical EE? Like say, from what I know, if a character can regenerate their body as long as air molecules or dust particles because their body is made out of those materials, that's the highest level of high regen. Will such a...
  26. The_Smashor

    Existence Erasure feats should not be scaled to Attack Potency or Durability

    This stuff also applies to Void Manipulation, as the two are practically interchangeable. Attack Potency Erasing someone from existence does not require any physical force. Even if you erase an entire universe, it's not like the people your erasing are being killed by the force of your attack...
  27. Sevil Natas

    EE Revision

    currently in the wiki we treat EE that erases soul & body as just more potent EE, imo that is not correct. i started a Q&A thread regarding this topic, but it failed to give me convincing answers, so Im starting a CRT to further discuss this issue The Revision : EE that Erases Soul & Body...
  28. Sevil Natas

    Why isnt EE that erases body & Soul just EE + Soul manip?

    why isnt EE that erases both body & soul, just EE with soul manip? if destroying someones soul via normal attacks counts as Soul manip then why not the same with EE?
  29. AKUTO123

    Does EE provide spirit resistance?

    He states that generally DB fans will resist the spiritual attacks of the characters because of the hakai. Will EE resist any spiritual attack?
  30. Greenshifter

    Existence Erasure potency

    Hello everyone, I'd like some confirmation that EE potency does in fact depend on range, or more specifically AoE. To give an example, a character that erases multiple universes (space-times) with a single attack will have superior EE potency to a character that erases a single universe...
  31. Garchomp777

    Is erasing an abstract from existence considered conceptual erasure

    Title says it all. Like complete erasure of this being who embodies the concept of, maybe non existence
  32. ProfessorKukui4Life

    Soul Manipulation vs Existence Erasure Resistance (Cont)

    This thread was actually made by me already, but it was closed due to it happening around the time of the forum move. Since it had to be given a backup link, im remaking it here to continue the thread.
  33. StrymULTRA

    Alien X's EE potency

    From this, it came the doubt of if Alien X's EE can affect souls too or just the physical body. Imo, his EE can perfectly do such, since it should be superior to this guy who can already destroy souls (and him being described as the most powerful force in the universe should already be enough...
  34. SMASHssf2

    Something about Mario and Luigi

    Why Mario and Luigi have resistance to Existence Erasure? And how good is it? Let me know if you know something about this because there isn't an explanation on their profiles
  35. LordGriffin1000

    Removing 4-A rating for McGee (Sort and Simple)

    This was another thread I was suppose to do but forgot. Anyway it's pretty simple/straightforward. We do not treat Existence Erasure as AP so McGee should have his 4-A/Multi-Solar System rating removed. He'll keep his interstellar range since his hiccups erased everything which would include...
  36. Nicetoderp

    EE Vs Low Godly

    Well, this is pretty simple. From the wiki it state that unless that specific sort of EE specified that it can destroy soul/mind etc.etc. It only destroy the body. So I said that shouldn’t Low Godly cover this already? However other users said that this is incorrect.


    So my question is simple i have seen some people on other threads say that hakai is not limited by those stronger than the user so in other words the gods being able to hakai people stronger than themself and i see other say that the gods cant hakai people stronger than them and use zeno as an...
  38. I'm_Blue_daba_dee_daba_die

    Void Manipulation and EE

    Would resistance to Voids mean you resist Existence Erasure????
  39. Nicetoderp

    Strongest Existence Erasure for Every Tier. 2, EE Boogaloo

    'Inspire' from this thread. A lot of thing has happened in the past few months hasnt it? So let do this again Tier 0: All of them Tier High 1-A: Tier 1-A: Tier High 1-B: Tier 1-B: Tier Low 1-B: Tier High 1-C: Tier 1-C: Tier Low 1-C: Tier High 2-A: Tier 2-A:Galactus Tier 2-B: Tier...
  40. GHG4589

    Question regarding OOO's powers

    Hi, just finished watching the series, I have a problem trying to understand how his Void, EE, and Conceptual works. I've seen that many Kamen Rider supporters always brought these powers up to debate, but I don't know how it work in the show, can someone show me the feats about these powers?