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  1. Shadowslash125

    Esdeath Vs Kamen Rider Blades: Clash Of Ice And Snow

    The Ice Queen faces off against The Water Swordsman, the former for sadistic reasons and the latter to protect his loved ones, as they will be in danger should he fall in this battle. Keys and Versions used: Base Esdeath and Middle of Story (23-35) Key Kamen Rider Blades. Esdeath's trump cards...
  2. One-man army(Esdeath{Akame ga kill} vs Azir {League of Legends})1-4-0

    Esdeath(Akame ga kill)-1 Azir(League of Legends)-4 Distance: 4 kilometers Speed equal 1 day prep for both SBA for the rest
  3. The Ice Queen battles The King of Beasts(Esdeath{Akame ga kill} vs Kaidou{One Piece})

    Esdeath Kaidou Distance: 100 meters Speed Equal Esdeath has prior knowledge regarding Kaidou Kaidou's 5-C rating is restricted. SBA for the rest
  4. Giannysmag

    Magma Guy Vs Ice Lady (Akainu Vs Esdeath)

    Speed Equalized Both are 6-A (Akainu is 2.5975 Petatons and Esdeath is 1.58 Petatons) Fight takes place in Marineford HIM: 0 Mommy: 0 Inconclusive: 0
  5. Beretta001

    Esdeath vs Ram

    • Both High 6-A • Speed Equal • Starting Distance: 50m Esdeath: Ram:
  6. TheRustyOne

    Star and Stripe (MHA) vs Esdeath (AGK!)

    I wonder how this will go down. Esdeath is in her High 6-C rating. Star and Stripe's AP: 557.41 Gigatons, higher with Fist Bump To The Earth Esdeath's AP: 550 Gigatons Speed is equalized. Starting Distance = 30 meters Who wins? Star and Stripe: (0) Esdeath: (0)
  7. PrinceofPein

    ICE QUEEN GOES NUT (Akame Ga kill becomes Planetary)

    This is to help determine if any of these three calcs are valid or if the method used in them are still valid since they are calcs from 2020 https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/User_blog:Migue79/Esdeath_CiC_Re-Calc...
  8. Starter_Pack

    Rocking the Empire's Strongest! (Mega Man vs. Esdeath)

    It took merely a few seconds for the futuristic cityscape Rock knew to turn into a frozen wasteland. A seemingly impossible event, but one suspected by his creator, Dr. Light, to be another scheme by the ever-conniving Dr. Wily. Hesitant, but determined to save everyone that he can, Rock donned...
  9. PrinceofPein


    I noticed that the last Akame ga Kill discussion thread we have is from 2016, So I am making this one, for all Akame ga Kill! lovers. Loved the series too, I got into it cause my significant other finds the anime to be his favorite, so even if I do not love it I had to, but surprisingly the...
  10. KochengPutih

    Trafalgar Law VS Esdeath (Battle of Onee-san)

    Trafalgar Law vs Esdeath Both high 6a Speed unequalized Battle placed in Dressrosa A former teenage girl winning : A true woman winning : The planet get destroyed by Saitama:
  11. Oldman80

    Dark Schneider vs Esdeath

    Dark Schneider vs Esdeath • Pre timeskip Dark Schneider • Manga and Anime feats for Esdeath • Both combatants are in character! • Both start at 2 meters from each other • Speed equalized • Victory by any means possible Bonus round:Base Post-Timeskip Dark Schneider • No restrictions for anyone...
  12. Kisaragi_Megumi

    Yamato vs Esdeath

    ALTERNATE TITLE: DIVINE SNOW HALATION Finally, with Yamato profile being published not long ago, i can make the matches with Yamato now, also it seems that the first wave of Yamato matches spam are ongoing smoothly, good good Anyway i'll prolly going to make another Yamato matches depend if i...
  13. LordGinSama

    A battle of the ice age! Esdeath vs Kuzan

    Now here goes a good match, thematic and now that they're are the same tier we can end this discussion. 6-A Esdeath vs Post Time-Skip Kuzan. Speed is equalized. Winner via Death of the opponent. Esdeath: 0 Kuzan: 0 Incon:0
  14. Artorimachi_Meteoraft

    Raiden shogun vs esdeath

    Cruel leader of inazuma vs cruel general of the empire esdeath Raiden rules: both high 6-C (raiden can use Musou no Hitotachi and base esdeath since she is not allowed to have preptime here) speed equalized in-character esdeath. Bloodlusted raiden with knowledge battle takes place in the...
  15. Popted2

    Akame Ga Kill Lift strengh Upgrade

    so thanks to Cloverdragon, a new lift strengh was calced and it was resulted in Class M the calc was also accepted by 2 calc group members and now it just need to be applied to their profiles can be applied? https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/User_blog:CloverDragon03/Akame_Ga_Kill:_A_Giant_Beast
  16. Eseseso

    Esdeath base and number of ice soldiers

    So we're currently scaling Esdeath in her base to making 8 Ice soldiers with a snap of her fingers, even though in base she was able to make 63 in a short amount of time. I really don't see why we don't scale Esdeath in base to 63 soldiers (aka 1.575 petatons, aka 6-A), considering that the 8...
  17. KobsterHope07

    Some Rando AGK Revision

    So I woke up today and chose violence. Been working on this ever since I read through the manga (and again to complete this) so I decided to post it now and get it over with. Basically, this thread will focus on the implementation of new calcs along with discussing scaling of the verse. This is...
  18. Popted2

    Agk verse shared addition

    so in the verse ALL the characters possess a precognition that like Berseker Precognition (Has an innate sixth sense that allows him to sense and avoid danger in combat) allows them to perceive Danger, bloodlust and killing intent from characters allowing them to counter here are the...
  19. Spinoirr

    the fusion stat equal tournament: Darticuno vs Furekuma

    Rules: the tournament rules are here SBA All stats are equal the fusions last forever they only have standerd equipment and are at their strongest via sba Esdeath + Mainland articuno = Darticuno: 7 Monokuma + Freddy Fazbear (FNAF World) = Furekuma:
  20. Eseseso

    Might makes Right: Raoh vs Esdeath (0/0/0)

    Pre-Musou Tensei Raoh vs normal Esdeath without stored power (Her High 6-B version) Speed Equalized Esdeath is 200 teratons Raoh is 54.6 teratons in Base and 182 teratons with 100% Mode. They start 100 meters apart in an wide empty plain. The King of Fists: 0 The Winter General: 0 Incon:
  21. TauanVictor

    Esdeath VS Kakashi

    Esdeath VS Kakashi Fight Location: The Empire Starting Distance: 20m Bloodlusted Esdeath Equalized speed Dual Mangekyō Sharingan Kakashi Esdeath: Kakashi: Inconclusive:
  22. Sergeant_Hypocrite

    Esdeath VS Peter Pan

    Esdeath (Akame ga Kill!) VS Peter Pan (Once Upon a Time) Both are High 6-B Speed is equalized Esdeath: Peter Pan: Inconclusive:
  23. Rasputin

    Hyoga (Low 6-B ) vs Esdeath vs Iceman vs Aokiji

    Esdeath Hyoga Iceman Aokiji If this gets out of balance because of the Iceman's Pseudo-Omnipresence , let me know.
  24. Rasputin

    Aokiji vs Gray vs Esdeath

    Gray Fullbuster vs Esdeath vs Aokiji Equal Speed
  25. ZephyrosOmega

    My dream matches can finally be done Part 1: Esdeath VS. Pain

    The general of Ice vs the leader of the Akatsuki. Both are High 7-A, Speed is Equalized, and this is the Six Paths. Pain: Esdeath:
  26. PrinceofPein


    WELL THIS LONG OVERDUE SO HERE IT IS First i got to thank the people that helped with this: IMadeThisOn8-1-2017, KobsterHope07, Popted2 AP AND DURABILITY REVISION First i had most of the Calcs evaluated and they said it is fine to use in this thread...
  27. PrinceofPein


    Please i want to know if this calcs are still usable due to the ever changing wiki standards or they need to be recalculated. High 6A calc : https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/User_blog:Therefir/Akame_ga_Kill!:_Ice_Storm_Commander-In-Chief High 8C calc...
  28. VersusJunkie54

    Esdeath VS Tomura Shigaraki(AFO)

    This is Base Esdeath VS 70% AFO Tomura. Speed is equalized. Both are in character. Tomura knows about Mahapdama, while Esdeath knows about Decay. Victory via death. AP: Tomura is > 3.91 Megatons. Esdeath is >> 5.4 Megatons. Who wins and why? Crusty Boi: 0 Icy ******: 0 Incon: 0
  29. Epsilon_R

    Ice Queen vs Fire Queen

    6-B Esdeath and Pre-Timeskip Mereoleona are used Speed is equalized Mereoleona: 3 Esdeath: 0 Inconclusive :
  30. Popted2


    Tatsumi is missing some powers from the Profile like: excpert lance user, Stealth Mastery: Intelligence: While initially a greenhorn, Tatsumi is an extremely talented swordsman who was able to dispatch large Danger Beasts with ease long before he joined Night Raid. His skills rapidly blossomed...
  31. LordGinSama

    The Empire's Strongest vs The Blue Pheasant

    Both are at 6-B Winner via death of the opponent Speed is equalized Battle takes place in the Fairy Tail guild. Ice man: 0 Ice woman:0 Incon
  32. Esdeath vs Cutlass

    Base Esdeath is used First Form Cutlass is used Both are Bloodlusted Speed is equalized Esdeath: Cutlass: Inconclusive:
  33. Esdeath vs King

    Esdeath With Ice Storm Commander in Chief activated is used Full Wings King is used Speed is equalized Esdeath: King: Inconclusive:
  34. ApiesDeathbyLazors

    Fire vs Ice / Esdeath vs Chandra

    We could also call this; Red vs Blue, but the combatants are actually skilled Country busting cat fight, who can hair pull better Oh boy, there they go killing again Oh God the collateral damage! Everybody's dead! Ice Age vs Global Warming, so I guess the fights not real? Elemental Waifus duke...
  35. Enryu_The_Red_Tower

    Two good looking psychopaths face off

    Esdeath (Ice Storm Commander in Chief activated) vs Prime White Speed Equalized The Ice Queen: The 10th Slayer: Inconclusive:
  36. The Terrarian vs Esdeath

    The Terrarian vs dictator gf Low 7-B keys used(for the Terrarian it would be post duke fishron Terrarian and Esdeath have all optional equipment. Fight takes place in Terraria’s Island. Speed equal. Terrarian (1.42295611810961454e16 joules,whatever that means): Esdeath (<5.4 megatons)...
  37. PsychicCipher-2

    Proper calcs regarding Esdeath's Snowstorm?

    I have seen different calcs regarding Esdeath's snowstorm when she first activates Ice Storm Commander-in-Chief, some ranging from High 6-B, and others going all the way to 5-B. Which one should we use? Or are they all wrong, and we need to make a new calc?
  38. Bruhtelho

    Esdeath VS Puck

    Both at Low 7-B, Normal Puck and Base Esdeath are used Fight takes place outside Roswaal's Mansion Fight ends in Death, K.O, or Death Both start 1km from each other Both have Full Arsenal Speed is Equalized The Leader of the Jaegers, Esdeath:0 The Artificial Spirit, Puck:2 (OppaiSenpai5...
  39. Insert_creative_name_here_12

    Esdeath vs Tomura Shigaraki

    Base Esdeath vs AFO Shigaraki Speed equal Battle takes place in New York Starting distance is 10 meters Neither have knowledge on the other Win by death Ice Queen: 5 (Jackof_noTrades068, Ionliosite, TheRustyOne, Schnee_One, SlimeDeity) Villain King: Tie:
  40. SuperKamiNappa

    Esdeath vs Lancer (Karna)

    Esdeath Karna Low 7-B versions Speed Equalized Both have 1 day of prep time Since Esdeath vs Saber is one-sided let's see if this is fair