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Cruel leader of inazuma vs cruel general of the empire




both high 6-C (raiden can use Musou no Hitotachi and base esdeath since she is not allowed to have preptime here)

speed equalized

in-character esdeath. Bloodlusted raiden with knowledge

battle takes place in the cell games arena from dragon ball z

15ft apart

Victory condition: death or incap if death is not possible


If the rules have any bias. feel free to point it out and i'll correct it to make things more fair. (Just in case) (i want to make sure the fight is fair and there isn't any bias to either side)
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first of all Esdeath has an IMMENSE ap advantage so if she even hit her once she's out

so i guess she has some kind of dura neg right?
what does it start Raiden?
Not sure when need a knowledgeable Genshin fan on this one

if your asking what she starts with

If she has access to it though (wouldn’t she likely start with the dura attack) since I’ve made a match and I’ve seen a match where her high 6-C attack was restricted
Also Raiden has knowledge on esdeath

question both are in-character

but how would a character act if they are in-character but have knowledge on their opponent?
Pokemon we get it, jee

i will gather some supporter of the verses here okay to see what they have to say
question though

how does in-character and having knowledge work

wouldn’t a in-character person act out of character if given knowledge?
Well Its The Pupet Shogun, If they See The Charachter as enemy . The pupet Will automaticaly using Musou sword or just BFR them to the Real Ei
Oh must have blanked over that in the OP. Yeah you can, not 100% sure if you can add it to the profile under those circumstances though
Oh must have blanked over that in the OP. Yeah you can, not 100% sure if you can add it to the profile under those circumstances though

i don't think that's the case jibz

i'm sure there's plenty of times where people do that aka give knowledge to a character and stuff and the match still gets added

Having knowledge does not stop anything and Esdeath in character is bloodlusted

So how is Raiden dealing with danmaku? Or literally lots of attacks that anyone that hits kills her?
so i talked with Nezh and he said that Raiden will have some abilities added like Time Stop

now, i don't know if she will have it or not, but if that's the case then :

the match would be either a stomp for Raiden since she have knowledge

or if they both have knowledge, they could possibly start with Time stop and since speed is equalized, we can't know who can activate it first resulting tha match as an Incon

so better to put a stop for this thread until she have her abilites added