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dracula (castlevania)

  1. Ang4I00

    Dracula(Lords of Shadows) vs Bill Cipher

    Both at Low 2-C SBA Speed equalized Dracula(Lords of Shadows) Bill Cipher "What is a man? A miserable pile of secrets" 2.0: Dorito:
  2. Phsccarvalho

    Castlevania - Chaos Fix?

    Hello. Chaos Fix Introduction We currently treat Chaos (final boss of Aria of Sorrow) as the total entity of Chaos, and this creates a somewhat strange scale. Julius > Soma > God = Chaos Yes, it doesn't make sense. But after seeing some new information about the game's Japanese dialogue, I...
  3. Artorimachi_Meteoraft

    Dracula vs SCP-0001

    @Kirinator07 recommended me this so I’m making it SCP-0001 Dracula rules: SBA/standard battle assumptions
  4. Eseseso

    No man can challenge Doom. But what is a man? A miserable pile of secrets!

    Doctor Doom vs Dracula, two Balkan rulers of wealth and fine taste who had those they loved wrongfully taken from them! Doctor Doom is Base, but has all his prep below 2-A, so nothing that is 2-A or higher. Dracula is in his 1999 key. Speed is equalized. SBA Location: Random field in...
  5. Khanhba01

    Rimuru vs Dracula

    Battle of hax Match Rules Both in Character Rimuru (Web Novel) use the End of Series key Battle Location: Eurasian Continent Speed is equalized Supreme Deity: Count Dracula: Inconclusive:
  6. chosen

    Another Castlevania question

    Why does mainly Castlevania profile use lord of shadow scans? I am pretty sure that's a alternate timeline Also out of curiosity why is grimoire pf Souls considerated canon enough to ve used for scans?
  7. AbaddonTheDisappointment

    Oryx vs Dracula

    Since people were arguing about it in the strongest characters thread and no one made a thread, here we go. Oryx, the Taken King: Dracula (Castlevania): Incon:
  8. TauanVictor

    Battle for the 7th Strongest Non-Smurf Low 2-C: Dracula VS Mori Dan

    Based on this thread. "Creature of Chaos" Dracula VS "The True God of Prophecy" Mori Dan Starting Distance: 10m Both in-character Equalized speed Dracula | TTGoP Mori Dan Dracula: Mori Dan: Inconclusive:
  9. y3p_owo

    Dracula throws hands with a loli

    Both are 2-C Dracula's first key is being used Speed is equal Dracula's Power of Dominance will be restricted Dracula: Flandre Scarlet: Simon Belmont comes in and kills them both (Tie): I legit have no idea if this is a stomp or not-
  10. Robo432343

    Sacred Ancestor vs Dracula

    https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Sacred_Ancestor VS https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Dracula_(Castlevania) SBA Speed = Both at Low 2-C
  11. Robo432343

    Power of Hope vs Power of Dominance

    https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Kratos#Greek_Mythology VS https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Dracula_(Castlevania)#Power_of_Dominance_Abilities bro please don't tell me this is a stomp Kratos: Dracula: 1 goku solo both:
  12. Slenderblak

    post schrodinger alucard vs dracula (castlevania)

    how will dracula kill this version?
  13. XXKINGXX69

    Void Termina vs Dracula

    Dracula vs Void Termina speed equal both 2-C and last keys
  14. Rabbit2002

    Dracula (Castlevania) vs Yang Qi (Sage Monarch)

    Dracula Vs Yang Qi Both 2-C Speed equal, SBA is applied Vampire: Chinaman:
  15. Rabbit2002

    Dark Lord vs Demon Lord of Undeath

    Speed is equalized Both are the strongest version of 2-C The Dark Lord: Master of Vampires: Incon:
  16. Stefano4444

    Doctor Doom Invade Dracula's Castle (Castlevania).

    Doctor Doom has one year week of preparation time and has access to all the resources he can get from Latveria. Speed Equalized, Doom has also access to Skin Armor. Doom: 0 () Dracula: 0 () Inconclusive: 0 ()
  17. GER vs Dracula

    Novel Kars vs Dracula Speed = SBA otherwise
  18. GoldExPoints

    Demon King vs. Demon King (Anos Voldigoad vs. Dracula Tepes)

    In the borderline Sisyphean quest to find a non-smurf, non-stomp matchup for Anos, I've decided to try taking a swing. Apologies in advance if it is a stomp... Dracula's Curse to Portrait of Ruin Dracula and Silver Sea Anos are used. Speed is equalized. Location is Dracula's Castle, if that's...
  19. Stillwinston

    Dracula (Castlevania) vs The Outsider Rematch

    So many a moon ago Outsider triumphed vs Dracula back when he was Low 2-C, Dracula however comes back here with a vengeance folks. Lets see if he does any better this time! Speed is equalised. Outsider is 2-C. 1999 Dracula is being used. SBA otherwise What is a man?!: 0 Black Eyed Bastard: 0...
  20. Theglassman12

    Major Castlevania revisions

    After a few months, it's finally here. Castlevania as a series hasn't gotten the best of treatments as of late (ignoring the Netflix Adaptation), with no new game on the horizon and being exploited by Konami to no end to the point they decided to celebrate the series by doing an NFT auction...
  21. Ultima_Reality

    Castlevania Revisions (And downgrades, maybe)

    Yeah, I think this has been a long time coming. And before anyone gets their hopes up: No, I'm not going to downgrade the verse to Tier 9. The Tier 4 ratings So, currently, we give Dracula a 4-A low-end for a couple of reasons, one of which is the following: Warped his castle and created a...
  22. AceOfSpaces3709

    Dracula VS Heaven Ascension Dio

    Hopefully not a stomp, Low 2-C Versions Used, Battle was at Dracula’s Castle, Speed Equalized, Dracula: Heaven Ascension Dio: Inconclusive:
  23. Hagane_no_Saiyajin

    So about Dracula's original/classic design

    I just think it's misleading to call it his original design because that design, according to the gallery here that design comes from Castlevania IV, the remake, in the original Castlevania Dracula has this design: The first image, fyi is from the Akumajō Dracula Perfect strategy guide, a...
  24. Castlevania Time Stop resistance clarification

    In short, i am not saying it should be removed, just clarified since there are parts in the series where the protagonists can be affected by time stop While also being able to fight the time reaper (which i assume has time stop) and some "boss" monsters resist the time stop. Maybe Aeon >...
  25. Sonicflare9

    Yhwach vs Dracula

    https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Yhwach#With_Sternritter.27s_Schrift https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Alucard_(Castlevania) speed equalized post power absorption yhwach with all schrifts vs alucard whooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo would win
  26. Ned_the_outer_god

    Nicol Bolas vs H̶o̶m̶u̶r̶a̶ ̶A̶k̶e̶m̶i̶ Dracula

    Ha ha, click bait nerd! Both are 4-A Speed is equal Dragon: Vampire: Incon: Probably will regret this, but okay
  27. Lightning_XXI

    Dracula Vs Dante | The Rematch

    Guess now it might be interesting, since this new Low 2-C Dante doesn't have all that hax and scalling chain - DMC1 Dante used, both are at Low 2-C - Speed is equal - They are in character - Much like DMC1, fight starts at Dracula's throne room - Sparda Devil Trigger is restricted, but...
  28. Apex_Predator_GX

    How strong is Dracula from Castlevania 1986?

    Same as the tittle..
  29. Waka1979

    Dracula's mind manip potency

    Basically the title, how potent is Dracula's mind manip?
  30. TyranoDoom30

    Kirito vs Dracula

    Both are 4-A and speed is equal This is Star King Kirito Votes: Dracula: Kirito: Incon:
  31. Arcker123

    The Outsider vs Dracula (8-0-0)

    Was inspired by this thread so why not Both Low 2-C Speed = SBA otherwise Unaware if stomp.... lets see The Prince of Darkness: God: Dante_Demon_Killah, Mister6ame6, Axxtentacle, Stillwinston, Naitodesu, WeeklyBattles, GilverTheProtoAngelo, ThisThingisReallyBroken
  32. Stillwinston

    Mario tries to avenge Luigi by taking on a vampire

    Might as well give this a try, basically Mario was pissed at Luigi being yeeted in the Belmont trailer and decides he's gonna try and slap Dracula for it. Speed is equal, both are 4-A. Mario is fully equipped. SBA otherwise. Enough talk! Have at you!!: 0 Its a me!: 0...
  33. Uniasha

    amitabhha vs dracula(castlevania)

    both at low 2C speed is equalised
  34. Stillwinston

    Dracula takes on your verses Redux

    Figured now that Drac went through some major changes let's give him another go. Speed is equalised. R1: Drac is 4-A R2: Drac is Low 2-C. R3: Drac is Low 2-C and uses power of dominance to add onto his powers from those he beats.
  35. Stillwinston

    Human Understanding: Novel Kars vs Dracula (Castlevania)

    So I did this awhile back, I wanna take another look at this now that Drac has his Mid Godly regen removed. Hopefully this goes alright. Speed is equalised. Drac is Low 2-C, Kars has all his stands. SBA otherwise. WHAT IS A MAN?!: 0 DO YOU U N D E R S T A N D?!: 0 Thunder McQueen: 0...
  36. Lightning_XXI

    Castlevania - Immortality, Regenerationn and their Negation Revision

    Greetings, VSDebater I'm here today to talk about Castlevania's Regenerationn, Regenerationn Negation and Immortality, and its problems, obvisouly, this is a CRT so it has problems This will be separated in tabs to make sure everything is clear and organized Currently, our Castlevania...
  37. Stillwinston

    Dracula (Castlevania) vs SCP-682

    This is a bad idea isn't it? Speed is equal, Drac is Low 2-C. This is Extended Canon 682 being used, Low 2-C on death is allowed. SBA otherwise. Fabulous Vampire once again given flesh: 0 Hippity Hoppity I just adapt to you: 0 They chill in the throne room: 0...
  38. Dust_Collector

    Dracula vs Ganon

    Please take notice of what board this is on. Both at Low 2-C, let's pretend that Dracula randomly lost all his passives before this fight (Since those were clearly,100%, undoubtly the only reason he would normally win), and speed may or may not be equal. Oink Oink: WHAT IS A MAN?!: Malo...
  39. Setsuna_tenma

    A fanfic character fights a dark lord

    Altair (Re:Creators) vs Dracula (Castlevania) Low 2C versions Speed equalized
  40. Angeltripper

    Dracula vs Eternal Sailor Moon

    Low 2-C for both. Speed equalized. SBA otherwise. Dracula (Castlevania) Sailor Moon (manga)