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charlotte katakuri

  1. Apollonir.Scale

    Two redheads who are the main character's tough rivals are fighting

    Edo Nagato vs Katakuri speed equalized SBA Battlefield: Konoha Village Battle Theme: Orochimaru Theme Nagato: Kailone, Spectra, LuffyRuffy46307, Godernet, MintyBoi1, Deceived3596, Raiden38, Apollonir, Kidkinsey, Loyd, karo_senpaii, TuanVictor Katakuri: Kachon123, MonkeyOfLife, That_moron2...
  2. SlendVeny

    Mochi Man vs the Symbol of Peace

    As the Straw Hats make their way toward the wedding on Whole Cake, Katakuri prepares himself, but is distracted by something. A Marine battleship is attacking the island. As he and a group of followers approach, someone leaps from the sky, knocking Oven into a nearby pool of water. "I AM HERE!!"...
  3. Ryuga21

    Katakuri faces another Snakeman (Orochimaru vs Kata)

    Orochimaru versus Charlotte Katakuri Both starts at 60 meters; Both have prior knowledge; Speed is Equalized; Strongest Key for Orochi; Battle takes place at Mirror-World. Orochi: Dogtooth: Inconclusive:
  4. Ryuga21

    Minor One Piece ability additions

    Just a few unnoticed abilities that need to be added to some profiles Charlotte Katakuri: Attack Speed-Boost (With Fire-Mochi — Luffy couldn't react to or even block this. Subsequently, this attack equals the speed of a snakeman attack by Luffy, when he was already very stretched with...
  5. KingTempest

    One Piece: 2023 Mid-High Tier Redux

    Yerp Yes, somehow, we're back with another mid tier-high tier revision. This will be centered around the shit ton of calcs we have in the range of 7-A to High 7-A (each one done by yours truly) Law's Mountain Slice: 7-A (204.6 Megatons) Kizaru's Lasers: 7-A (218.54 Megatons) Oven's Sea Boil...
  6. CrackerVolley

    Charlotte Katakuri vs Oni (Steet Fighter)

    Charlotte (1.33x Upscales from Dolfy's calc - 119.2 GT 477.6 GT): Oni (Volcano Calc - 145 GT): Unawakened Charlotte is currently used. Fight takes place 10m apart at Volcanic Rim. Speed Equal Fight Theme
  7. KingTempest

    One Piece: Kenbunshoku Reactions

    https://vsbattles.com/threads/isshiki-rod-to-reactions-blitzing.141871/ Because people are petty, we need to spell everything out on the profiles. Many Kenbunshoku users should have Lightspeed Reactions added to their profiles. Enel is one, as he can sense and read electromagnetic signals...
  8. isee

    One piece speed upgrade?

    In WCI one of sanji brother ran faster than light Here panel and Proof it was light speed his speed was calc at ftl x 4 https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/User_blog:KingTempest16/Ichiji_Recalc And katakuri Fought and Defeated him Luffy is gear2nd was matching katakuri and he outspeed him in...
  9. KingTempest

    One Piece: Busoshoku Haki Potency and Buso Layers Scaling

    First things first we have a clear heirarchy of Haki Potencies in the series. These will be the mechanics for finding out their potency. Scaling Methods of Buso A devil fruit power from a Haki user failing to work on another Haki user means the other Haki user is relative to (or superior to)...
  10. WrongIdea21

    Naruto vs One Piece : Nagato vs Katakuri

    Nagato went to look for Biju but instead strayed into WCI, Katakuri who felt threatened attacked Nagato but Nagato dodged and the battle begin. Alive Nagato Both H7-A, equalized speed Take Location in Mirror Dimension Both in character Nagato Uzumaki : Vs Charlotte Katakuri : Ryokugyu solos (...
  11. Eseseso

    Post-Katakuri Base Luffy revision

    OK, so I have some issues with how Post-Katakuri Luffy is scaled, mainly relative to his performance against Base Katakuri. Mainly, Post-Katakuri Base Luffy fought Base Katakuri for a very long period of time, holding his own and even damaging Katakuri during their brawl (which IIRC lasted...
  12. Spinoirr

    the fusion stat equal tournament: Senator Armtsu vs Charllao Kungkuri

    Rules: the tournament rules are here SBA All stats are equal the fusions last forever they only have standerd equipment and are at their strongest via sba Armstrong + Natsu = Senator Armtsu: 7 Charlotte Katakuri + Kung Lao = Charllao Kungkuri:
  13. LordGriffin1000

    Danny Phantom vs Charlotte Katakuri

    Inviso-Bill vs Minister of Flour Match Rules Speed is Equalized In Character for both Season 3 Danny and Base Katakuri (Katakuri can use his Awakening if he wants) Battle Area: Mirror World * AP: Danny (Scales to at least 161.75288002 Megatons) | Katakuri (Scales above Oven who is 312.3...
  14. KingTempest

    One Piece: Massive Haki Redux

    Ok. Well I'm tired and drained from working on this for months, but it's finally done. Today We'll be working on all types of haki. We will be changing the aesthetic of the Haki page and modifying it to fit the new additions of Haki from the last... hundred chapters or so? With the addition...
  15. KingTempest

    One Piece: Massive Speed Revision, Part 2: Post Timeskip

    I'm not in the mood for no bs today (certain people know why ) so let's just cut to the chase. We have speed revisions to do. We're not done yet. Our speed looks horrid and it's still the same. Let's finish this so we can edit them all. Now let this be known I haven't touched this sandbox in...
  16. GoldExPoints

    Charlotte Katakuri vs. Garou

    Both are High 7-A (Awakening for Katakuri and Pre-Awakening for Garou) Speed is equalized Starting distance is 10 meters Otherwise, SBA is used Katakuri: Garou: Mori (Incon):
  17. TauanVictor

    The Commander faces off against The Kazekage! (0/0/0)

    Charlotte Katakuri VS Kazekage Gaara Starting Distance: 10m Both in-character Equalized speed High 7-A Katakuri | New Era Gaara LOCATION: Mochi: Sand: Inconclusive:
  18. KlinkyGrape

    The Sweet Commanders VS The Calamities (0/8/0)

    Scenario: The Big Mom Pirates invade Wano however Cracker and Katakuri weren't defeated in Whole Cake arc, King doesn't knock the Big Mom Pirates ship off the waterfall and instead all three calamities confront the Sweet Commanders at the Torii Fortress. The rest of the Big Mom Pirates go to...
  19. Vizer04

    Charlotte Katakuri vs Hela (MCU) (0-0-1)

    Both at 6-C and Speed Equalized Charlotte Katakuri: Hela, Goddess of Death: Inconclusive: 1 (@Dr.Fix)
  20. KlinkyGrape

    Roronoa Zoro VS Charlotte Katakuri (9/2/0) [Grace]

    Roronoa Zoro VS Charlotte Katakuri Pre-Enma Zoro is being used AP: Zoro: 4.3 Gigatons in base, far higher with armament haki, even higher with asura. Katakuri: At least 2 Gigatons in base, 3.98 Gigatons with Edged Mochi and his fruit, 4.3 Gigatons with his awakening. Speed: Zoro: Possibly 0.57%...
  21. Ryuga21

    Sanji and Katakuri CRT

    Some additions for two big boys who see the future. Sanji: -Move his Resistance to Fire from East Blue Key (Showed many times here). -Pain Tolerance (Was able to fight even with broken bones against Bon Clay) -Limited Air Manipulation (Via Veau Shot. Causes a small burst of air in the target's...
  22. TauanVictor

    (GRACE) Charlotte Katakuri VS Thor (MCU) (8-0-0)

    Charlotte Katakuri VS Thor (MCU) Fight Location: Asgard (MCU) Starting Distance: 50m Equalized speed Both in-character Thor has prior knowledge Post-Decimation Thor | Awakening Katakuri Katakuri: 8 (@Ryuga21, @MonkeyOfLife, @KlinkyGrape, @XDragnoir, @KingTempest, @Dr.Fix, @Sonicflare9, @Loyd)...
  23. StrawHatArslan

    Mochi Man Vs. The Red Lightning Dragon

    Both Are 6-C Katakuri Starts With Awakening Laxus Starts With RLDM Speed is UNEQUALIZED 100YQ Laxus is being Used Katakuri (4.3 Gigatons, 57% SOL): joshpiece, RazumaHiroki, DragonGamerZ913, Sonicflare9, MonkeyOfLife, FluffyCreatureZ, Eminiteable, KingTempest Laxus (At least 42.4 Gigatons...
  24. Eminiteable

    Vinsmoke Sanji VS Charlotte Katakuri (15-6-0)

    Sanji starts in base but has access to the Raid Suit if he needs it. Late Whole Cake island Saga to Early Wano Kuni Saga Sanji is being used Starting Distance: 10 meters Starting Location: Mirro-World The Fight takes place during Whole Cake Island but Niji gave him the Raid Suit early Vinsmoke...
  25. Sword_guy_Z

    Current Zoro vs. Charlotte Katakuri

    Somebody had to do it. Most current versions of both characters. Fight takes place in the mirror world. Round 1: Both fighters are in character Round 2: Both fighters are bloodlusted Starting distance is 1km. Who takes this?
  26. TauanVictor

    Charlotte Katakuri VS Onoki

    Charlotte Katakuri VS Onoki Starting Distance: 25 Meters Fight Location: Whole Cake Island Katakuri at 7-A Both in character Equalized speed Katakuri: 5 (@Purgy, @Ryuga21, @joshpiece, @KingTempest, @Popted2) Onoki: Inconclusive:
  27. TauanVictor

    Charlotte Katakuri vs. Itachi Uchiha

    In this case, both are intent on killing, without prior knowledge or preparation, beyond the initial distance of 100 meters. The referred Itachi is Edo Itachi. His immortality is restricted, but the other effects of Edo Tensei are still active.
  28. MonkeyOfLife

    One Piece Characters Light speed or Faster

    Germa 66's raid suit is stated to accelerate at the speed of light... doesn't that mean Sanji and his brothers are light speed or faster since Ichiji outran his own light speed lasers? Katakuri does this to Ichiji... And Big Mom does this to Yonji and Niji... shouldn't they be faster...
  29. Jerryobf

    One piece : Charlotte Katakuri vs Magellan

    Both are 15 meters apart Place : Charlotte Brûlée's Mirror World Katakuri : 1 Magellan : 0 Inconclusive :
  30. The_real_cal_howard

    Charlotte Katakuri vs Gigantamax Alcremie

    Candy vs Cake SBA. 100 meters apart.
  31. Ryuga21

    Charlotte Katakuri vs Jack Rakan

    Speed is Equalized Both at High 7-A They starts at 10 meters Charlotte Katakuri: 7 (The Calaca, Eminiteable, CinCameron20, PlumCrayfish376, KobsterHope07, Schnee One, ZackMoon1234) Jack Raka: Inconclusive:
  32. KingOFG

    Why One Piece characters don't have haki abilities in the P&A section?

    The title is my question. I noticed that there is a page for Haki but the profiles don't show all the power and abilities of the characters. The simple fact that Charlotte Katakuri's profile has no precognition is frustrating. It would be much better to delete Haki's page (since it only exists...
  33. The_Prince_of_Counters

    Mochi vs Steel; Katakuri vs Gajeel

    Thought this would be a pretty good matchup Both are at High 7-A Speed is Equalized Battle takes place in Karakura town Winner via death of the opponent Charlotte Katakuri: 1 ( Schnee One ) Gajeel Redfox:0 Incon:0
  34. Ryuga21

    The logia but is a paramecia Vs. The paramecia but is a logia

    Charlotte Katakuri Vs. Blackbeard (Pre-Timeskip) Both starts at 10 Meters Teach has acess only to Yami Yami Fruit The battle takes place at Komugi Island Mochi Luffy: 2 (Aresduelist, Strawboi) Dark Luffy: Inconclusive:
  35. Ryuga21

    Minor OP additions and corrections

    Just an correction and some additions. First, Silvers Rayleigh page says that he can reach "Hundred of Meters" with air slashs but he only shows being capable of affect dozen of meters. Second, logias who can transform himself into the element that they control should gain Inorganic Physiology...
  36. Ryuga21

    Charlotte Katakuri vs Silvers Rayleigh

    Both starts at 7 meters The battle takes place at Mirror World Katakuri at Low 6-B Silvers Rayleigh: 4 (Cin, Xulrev, Strawboi, Blank) Charlotte Katakuri: 3 (Dr. Fix, Strings404, Lenne Charlotte Typhoon) Inconclusive:
  37. LordGriffin1000

    Danny Fenton vs Charlotte Katakuri

    Hope this match turns out well, Ectoplasm vs Mochi!. Low 6-B Versions In Character Speed Equalized Danny Fento: Charlotte Katakuri: Inconclusive:
  38. Ferdynandos

    Charlotte Katakuri (One Piece) vs Acqua of the Back (ACMI)

    https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Charlotte_Katakuri#Masked https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Acqua_of_The_Back Acqua is at his prime (Divine Mother's Mercy version; no Ascalon). Round 1: In character. Round 2: In character. Speed equalized.
  39. The_man_with_the_Midas_touch

    Mr. Game & Watch vs Charlotte Katakuri

    Mr. Game & Watch vs Charlotte Katakuri Speed is equalized Smash bros G&W
  40. DemonGodMitchAubin

    Magic vs Mochi (Acnologia vs Katakuri)

    Let's keep this nice and peaceful Post SBT Absorption Human Form Acnologia vs Charlotte Katakuri Low 6-B battle (4.2 Teratons vs 2.5 Teratons) Both in character Battle takes place in the Space Between Time Speed Equalized Acnologia: Katakuri: Incon: