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Charlotte Katakuri vs Jack Rakan

Welp, I think Jack's main advantage is nulled here, that being his power mimicry.

Katakuri should take this just for being more versatile and having Haki to loldodge gg Rakan's attacks.
Jack can't do anything here. Katakuri in-character would just be using future-sight and evading every single attack--making it appear as though Jack's attacks would just be going through him despite his ability to negate intang to an extent.

All the while, Kata would snatch Jack's limbs and hold them in place if they are fighting melee, then just batter him while Jack can't figure out why he can't hit Katakuri, or he makes the wrong assumptions. Jack would also have a hard time defending since Kata would be reading every move and Jack has 0 Precog.

This is a low-diff victory for Katakuri. He probably doesn't even need to use his DF offensively to win.
Rakan has wincons like AoE, better range, Intang negation, mind reading and so on. The biggest problem here is Kata's precog which he can't bypass so easily. But this isn't a stomp just beacuse Kata has more advantages.
Damn, I really hate this. If only Jack had ever fought with Konoka and her mind reading so he could have invented a counter measure for something like that, but guess not.
AoE CAN hit, it's just that it only takes up an insignificant portion of Jack's fighting style, and Kata just negs everything else. And Kata can certainly take hits, so doesn't necessarily matter.

Basically, if Jack uses no AoE, he loses with barely any resistance due to Kata's melee capabilities and Kenbun + Intang trickery. If he uses AoE and actually hits Kata (even as a fluke), Kata just shifts to using his Awakening and just Danmaku the hell out of him while staying a short distance away to give himself more of a reprieve when predicting the next set of attacks.

I think Jack has a possibility to win, but it's like... pretty insignificant, hence why I deemed it a low-diff fight. If he were a simple brawler, it'd be a stomp no argument.
Huh why doesn't Jack just kill him with Zanmaken? He has mind reading and danger sense/reading + predicting his opponents moves like he did vs Negi and can outlast Kat too. Jack will just adjust mid fight like he did vs Negi and Karin when they both were using speed of lightning and light to get their blows on him. And he has the advantage in H2H being able to throw 10k punches in an instant as well has taking just as fast hits and faster from Negi and Karin.

Also all Kat is gonna see in the future is Jack slashing him so he's going to do like he did in his fight vs Luffy and separate his body to dodge the slash but he doesn't know the slash is going to destroy his soul regardless of him separating his body since his soul doesn't separate itself like his body would.
Throw 10K punhes in a instant don't give advantage in CQC, this is just speed and it is equalized. Katakuri literally can create dozens of arms to fight with him and he also stomps Luffy in combat skill.
Outasting Katakuri isn't an option unless you can prove Jack can fight for tens of hours. He's better at taking damage, but Kata can fight for longer, and he wouldn't take too much damage at all.

Mind reading is what a basic Observation Haki can do. Katakuri is leagues above that and can outclass users of such level with ease.

As Ryuga said, 10k punches in an instant is speed, and Kata can see all of them, grow mochi arms and clash Jack just like he did against Luffy who also does that kind of attacks.

Jack doesn't have Soul hax listed on his profile.
Chapter 230 on Negima. Jack Rakan fought Nagi for 13 hours straight.

Im not sure where the soul hax came from. But I think he's talking about dura neg of his.
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Then Kari light speed attack
Ryuga21 said:
Kata is superior to characters who can fight for 5 days.
Is that his own feat? Because the 13 hours fight is his own feat. Then theres also Negi who can fight 2 Weeks without problem. And Rakan is above him at that point.

Edit: not 2 weeks but 5 days. Forgot most of the events of the manga already.
Ryuga21 said:
Ace and Jinbe. Kata is physically superior to they both.
Thats not what Im asking, but those 5 days fight. Do Kata have a feat on that scale? Because the example I use is Rakan own feat, I didnt use other character feat even though Rakan is much supirior to someone who can fight for 5 days straight nonstop.
I would understand if its AP and Dura. But not on Stamina. Atm of the story he was absorb by the lifemaker, you can say his stamina is also infinte like Negi.
Stamina can most definitely be scaled through physicality just like AP and durability.

Unless there is some reason for it like differing physiology or a type of ability, there's no reason someone physically stronger has less stamina
This is a problem when the series dont have any CRT for months. Because Rakan is likely gonna get type 8 Immortality.
I don't get why this whole stamina thing is being argued anyways. Kata is going to lay waste to Jack from early on with some resistance at best.

Also, Kata's Donut ability literally grants him the power to throw x amount of punches (depending on how many Donuts he has deployed) in the motion of a single punch because they are linked to his fists. Therefore, he throws ONE punch, effects like this happen.

The only reason Luffy was even able to last so long is because he too has pre-cognition, though it was at an inferior level to Katakuri's for the vast majority of the fight. Jack has no such ability and wont be able to understand why Katakuri is capable of reading his moves and evading/striking perfectly.
Considering Jack neatly disassembled the logistics of a technique that made Negi comparable to lightning and even made him turn into it while moving, he would surely look through it.

But that doesn't change the fact that the only thing he can do is AoE and that won't help a lot, so Katakuri takes this.
The Calaca said:
Outasting Katakuri isn't an option unless you can prove Jack can fight for tens of hours. He's better at taking damage, but Kata can fight for longer, and he wouldn't take too much damage at all.
Mind reading is what a basic Observation Haki can do. Katakuri is leagues above that and can outclass users of such level with ease.

As Ryuga said, 10k punches in an instant is speed, and Kata can see all of them, grow mochi arms and clash Jack just like he did against Luffy who also does that kind of attacks.

Jack doesn't have Soul hax listed on his profile.
Jack is on par with Negi who fought Eva for 10 days straight. Jack has better stamina, durability and defensive ability.

Mind reading is not a basic part of observation. Jack can see someone's very thoughts and memories. As well has ki sensing that he uses to read and predict an opponent's moves. Even something like prophecy magic which can predict the future and allowed Negi to keep up with Chao's nanosecond activation of her Cassiopeia is considered a low tier magic in Negima which would have done nothing vs Jack.

Kat doesn't have a feat of dodging 10k punches in an instant when he and the other person have speed equal.

Read his Zanmaken technique. It's literally a technique created by a sword style used to fight immortals due to the fact that destroying an immortal's bodying amounting to nothing as they can regen. The sword tech directly bypasses durability and attacks the person's spirit and soul. And it has massive AoE too.

Description from the manga's ability glossary: "Zanmake

Secret blade: Esoterica, Demon-cleaving Sword. A sword attack capable of hitting spirits.

Zanmaken Ni No Tachi

Esoterica, Demon-cleaving Sword Second Slash. The ultimate Shinmeiryuu exorcistic technique, a sword attack that originally began as a method of cutting down evil spirits without harming the possessed. The practitioner can choose 'what' the attack hits. Used by Kurt Gödel, this technique has demonstrated the ability to bypass magic shields and physically hurt Negi through his Lightning Armationem form."
Kata is High 7-A+ whereas Jack's High 7-A. Kata has better durability, and he can amp himself with Haki.

Yes, it is. Enel, Satori and Sandersonia showed that they could predict Luffy's moves and Luffy came up with the non-think technique to prevent getting readed.

He can prepare himself to dodge such thing seconds before Jack even tries it. Or, you know, stop him before giving Jack the chance.

Same as above. Katakuri watching the future is stopping Jack from doing anything that might be lethal. And such technique isn't listed as soul hax, on top of being pointless as Katakuri isn't the same type of enemy.
Jack's at least high 7-A is merely a low end of his stats which is why he has likely 6-C in his profile because he ranges from at least High 7-A to 6-C.

They predicted his moves due to Obs Haki allowing the user to sense intent as stated through post TS.

You make it seem like Jack's not going to read his mind and also sense him moving. Also Jack can affect Kat's concentration which lowers his future sight ability as seen vs Luffy when he got caught eating his donuts and wasn't composed.

Doesn't matter the technique is right there in his profile and I even posted it's description.

Also nothing is stopping Jack from copying Obs and Arm haki after seeing them as they are will based and Jack is massively willpowered.
What degree of power mimicry does Jack have? It says fighting techniques which makes me think of things like martial art styles as oppose to things like Haki.
He can copy a dimensional bursting black hole and even a technique derived from the magical essence of Venus which only those with a special bloodline or experimented on by the highest top tier in the series can use.
That's not how it works. He has two tiers because he has reasons to scale to two different things. He either scale to the High 7-A feat or to the 6-B. Scaling chains are allowed but it's not like any scaling chain gives you the chance of being a higher tier.

What's sense intent to you? Especially when they can even tell what the attack is.

Mind reading = Normal Observation Haki.

Lol, tell me how can Jack affect his concentration.

If he has feats of copying an ability like Haki, then he might do. But it's exclusive to OP verse and it's hardly equalizable with anything. Plus, it'd need days if not more to reach that level, considering Luffy, who was more adept to the ability, needed hours to get a glimpse of the ability.
His profile needs to be updated to clarify that, because from the sounds of it that's pretty op. Do you think he could copy Katakuri's future sight? It's an advanced application of regular Observation Haki.
Mind reading is literally seeing the thoughts of the opponent. What haki is give you a prediction of the intent of what they are going to do. Jack can literally see thoughts and memories while Obs haki senses the intent of an attack or the opponents emotion rather than their very thoughts.

Jack's a pretty comical character he'll try something. Or keep pressing him with magic, ki, sword techs and weapons.

Haki won't take long to learn for someone as meme at copying as Jack. Also Haki can bloom in the face of adversity so he'll grow pretty well in it as he fights Kat like Luffy did.