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all might

  1. Baken384

    Vinsmoke Sanji vs Prime All Might (0-0-0)

    Vinsmoke Sanji (Post Time Skip) VS Prime All Might Speed Equalized Both start off 20 Meters away from each other Sanji is in his first key All Might is in his first key Fight takes place at the center of Morioh (JJBA P4) Sanji: All Might: Inconclusive:
  2. sanicspood

    All Might vs Might Guy (My Hero Academia vs Naruto) (GRACE)

    https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Might_Guy#Base https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Toshinori_Yagi_(All_Might) prime all might vs sixth gate might guy is used speed is equal sorry if stomp all might: might guy: 8 icnon:
  3. Therefir

    My Hero Academia God Tiers Speed Revision

    The purpose of this thread is to apply a correction I made in Deku's faster than a speeding bullet calc. As you can see here, I didn't measured the height of the whole panel. After correcting this mistake, the feat is now baseline Massively Hypersonic, and it would affect the three god tiers...
  4. Alancaliber

    Shigaraki should be high 7-A

    Today I just wanna ask/discuss why shigaraki isn’t high 7-A when AFO Is, first of aLL shigaraki has all the quirks that all for one had (plus more than he had in his prime) and that alone should make him high 7-A like AFO but his body has also been altered to have not just super regeneration but...
  5. Dual_Binoculars

    All Might VS Gouketsu (1/10/0) GRACE

    All Might: Emirp sumitpo Gouketsu: Tural2004, King, EnderLord8, SemiRaedi, Knifeman29, CiscoTheSoto, Magmag, Kachon123, CheatHydra, Nierre Inconclusive: Prime All Might is being used. Speed is equalized. Opponents start 10 meters apart. Battle takes place in the middle of C-City. Scenario...
  6. CiscoTheSoto

    All Might vs. Superalloy Darkshine GRACE

    Toshinori Yagi (All Might) vs. Superalloy Darkshine Fight location: House of Evolution Combat Testing Room Starting Distance: 10 meters Speed Equalized High 7-A keys were used All Might: CheatHydra Superalloy Darkshine: King, Baken384, Emirp sumitpo, DaReaperMan, Dual_Binoculars, Nierre...
  7. Dual_Binoculars

    All Might VS Carnage Kabuto (14/0/0)

    All Might: Emirp sumitpo, SamanPatou, Popted2, CheatHydra, Scorpion, Franako, Nehz_XZX, Sonicflare9, Kachon123, Acer__, Theendzero13, TauanVictor, Kazuma_kuwabara, Nierre Carnage Kabuto: Inconclusive: Prime All Might (High 7-A) and Carnage Mode Carnage Kabuto (High 7-A) are being used...
  8. AceOfSpaces3709

    All Might VS Captain Falcon (GRACE)

    All Might pulls over Captain Falcon for driving over the speed limit in a prohibited vehicle. Captain Falcon gets pissed and challenges the Number One Hero to a fight, egging him on to “Show him his moves.” Prime All Might and Smash Bros Captain Falcon will be used, Speed is equalized, and...
  9. Maverick_Zero_X

    Wonder Woman vs All Might

    Wonder Woman (DC Extended Universe) vs All Might (Prime) Speed equalized, obviously. Location: Metropolis
  10. Sonicflare9

    All Might vs Jiraya

    https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Toshinori_Yagi_(All_Might) https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Jiraiya#Base parts 1 and 2 jiraiya and prime might sage mode restrict speed equalized whoooooooooooooooooooooo would win
  11. Rikimarox2

    Jin Mu-Won vs All Might

    First match up for mah boy. SBA Speed unequalized Both High 7-A. Jin: 1 All might: 0 Incon: 0 Jin's scaling: Current Jin =< 2.57 Gigatons, 3.7 Gigatons with One Focus. All Might's scaling: 1 Gigaton Les Roll baby~ vs
  12. TheRustyOne

    My Hero Academia: America Brings Upgrades/Revisions

    Here is a sandbox for Star and Stripe, and other characters. These are not final, and will likely be updated as the thread goes on. Star and Stripe's profile can be discussed here, but will not be posted until the fight is over and her fate is confirmed. Edit: The two above calcs have been...
  13. Valiant_Abyss

    Heroic Visions: All Might vs Vision

    Speed is equalized, Prime All Might is used, both start 30 meters apart. SBA otherwise Toshinori Yagi vs Vision I'm not what you are, and not what you intended: I want to make a world where everyone can smile and live together: Inconclusive:
  14. TheRustyOne

    MHA: General Scaling And Movie Revisions

    Alright, back at this again. Now the Cube feat which is currently used to scale to quite a number of people has been recalculated at High 7-C. This would affect every single character that scales to this, and which will me downgrades. However before we go into this stuff, we need to discuss what...
  15. Nullflowerblush

    Fear Shenanigans #1: My Hero

    Both Toshinori Yagi and All For One were erroneously given Fear Manipulation on account of the fact that they scared people. All For One also has Illusion Creation for the same thing. Two assassins rush Toshinori, and upon seeing him in-person, they come to the conclusion that he is now frail...
  16. The_one_you_least_expect

    All might vs Superman: whose the better hero?

    I remember watching this video a while ago at a time when I really didn’t know much about Superman other then his powers and origins so I kinda just agreed with everything they said at the time. Looking back on it know there’s a lot of flaws on Superman’s side from his persona and message to...
  17. Bruhtelho

    All Might VS Hulk (MCU): The Incredible Symbol of Peace

    Both at 7-B+, Weakened All Might and Post-Sakaar Hulk are used Fight takes place in Musutafu, Japan Fight ends in K.O, Incap, or Death Speed is equalized Japans No. 1 Pro Hero:0 The Strongest Avenger:1 (CiscoTheSoto) Inconclusive:0
  18. TimmyTurnero

    Bringing Back Prime All Might Multiplier and All Might Upgrade?

    Name says it all. I believe the All Might prime multiplier should be brought back. Why was it ever removed/wasnt used? The argument against it was that it was mostly a speed argument blah blah blah. Now my reasoning for it coming back is based on Nomu’s quirk, shock absorption. It pretty...
  19. Kingofwolves999

    My Hero Academia - Top and Low Tier Speed Revision

    Back at it again. First up is this calc which will give High Hypersonic + speed to 100% Deku. As we have recently found, this speed is very consistent with the further feats we have found in the manga, such as the massively hypersonic feat from a stronger Deku, as well as the now more accurate...
  20. Earthyboy

    My Hero Academia - Scaling Revisions [One for All AP Edition]

    It’s been a long while since One for All has been upgraded in attack potency. It has also been a long time since it was any higher than City level, at least in Two Heroes. After going through some fact checks, and running some calculations on various amounts of feats within the series, I have...
  21. Coolboy6

    Captain America (EMH) vs All Might (0-3-0)

    Both 7-B, All might is in his prime, speed equalized U.S hero: Japanese hero: 3
  22. Sonicflare9

    All Might vs Spyro

    https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Toshinori_Yagi_(All_Might) https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Spyro prime All Might speed equalized whooooooooo would win
  23. AceOfSpaces3709

    The Symbol Of Peace VS The Jolly Green Avenger

    Prime All Might was used (Both 7-B) Speed was equalized Battle started at Times Square in New York City All Might: 2 Hulk (EMH): Inconclusive: Hopefully not a stomp
  24. Sonicflare9

    All Might vs Franky

    https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Toshinori_Yagi_(All_Might) https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Franky#Franky_Shogun franky shogun vs weakened all might speed equalized whooooooooooooooooooo would win
  25. Wdinatx

    The Uncrowned Lord of the Ocean vs The Symbol of Peace

    Beidou vs Weakened All Might Beidou: 0 All Might: 0 All Might is 3.91 Megatons of TNT while Beidou is far above 2.04 Megatons of TNT. Speed equalized.
  26. TimmyTurnero

    Deku 100%=/= All Might 100%

    It appears the wiki doesnt scale 100% Deku to 100% AM, is there any reasoning for this?
  27. VersusJunkie54

    Master vs Student, All Might vs Deku

    Yeah.....totally didn't see this coming did you? Premise: Deku passes through a strange portal on his way home, ending up in a parallel universe where he and All Might never crossed paths. He doesn't know this initially, striking down a rampaging villain. The parallel All Might, not knowing who...
  28. Sonicflare9

    Asta vs All Might

    https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Asta#Elves.27_Invasion_Arc https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Toshinori_Yagi_(All_Might) Witches Forest Asta vs Prime All Might Asta's black form restricted speed equalized whooooooooooooooooooooooo would win
  29. Kingofwolves999

    My Hero Academia - Scaling Revisions [Top Tier Edition]

    Among all the other revisions, this one seems to be the most universally agreed upon. The 7-C calc that we have been using to scale many of the top tiers has been decreed unusable, and in the wake of several pieces of evidence, characters such as Hood, the Hospital High Ends and Shigaraki have...
  30. Smashtwig

    All Might fights some hoes

    I was honestly just pretty bored and wanted to see something happen, I guess the story be like All Might on a case to investigate a Sumeragi Storehouse and discovers these hoes messin with the dead n crap. All Might: Elise: Rules Speed Equal, All Might will have to fight only two...
  31. Bog (RHG) vs All Might (My Hero Academia)

    The Bog was seemingly brought to my Hero Academia's world upon being sucked in by a mysterious portal transported to an area near the forest. The government sent out their men to retrieved what was spawned by. Instead, Bog went outrageous and destroyed all of them. The government reached out to...
  32. Popted2

    Tatsumi VS All Might (Grace)

    Evolved Incursio Tatsumi and weakened All Might are used speed equalized https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Tatsumi_(Akame_ga_Kill!) : 4 (FluffycreatureZ,Shadowwhowalks,Waka1979,Saniscspood https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Toshinori_Yagi_(All_Might) : Inconclusive : 7 ( Schnee...
  33. Darkvie123

    Sage Mode Naruto Runs The Gauntlet!

    Does he clears or get's stopped? https://static.wikia.nocookie.net/vsbattles/images/1/1a/Sage_Mode_Naruto_New.png/revision/latest?cb=20200904155726 Round 1: Shinra Season 1...
  34. TauanVictor

    Toshinori Yagi (All Might) vs. Isaac Netero

    Toshinori Yagi (All Might) after injury and Chimera Ant Arc Netero Initial distance of 100 meters. Both intent on killing.
  35. Bruhtelho

    Tough Tribe For All: All Might VS Robonyan (1 more vote)

    Both at Low 7-B, Weakened All Might and Robonyan F are used Speed is equalized Fight ends in Death, K.O, or Incap Fight takes place in Kamino, Yokohama Both start 500 meters apart The Symbol of Peace, All Might:7 (Axxtentacle, Oleggator, Popted2, Sonicflare9, Ari64-SP, Starter_Pack...
  36. BluudyManikin777

    The Symbol of Hope vs The Leader of Humanity

    All Might (Prime) vs. Simon the Digger (Pre-Timeskip) [Gurren Lagann] Both 7-B Rules: - Speed Equalized All Might: 7 (Oleggator, Ican'tthinkof1goodname, BrazilianDeadpool, ElixirBlue, Bruhtelho, Axxtentacle, Maverick_Zero_X) Simon the Digger: Inconclusive:
  37. Arrogant_Schmuck

    All Might vs Preston Stormer

    Made to be a Hero vs Made into a Hero Preston 2.0 vs Weakened All Might Win via KO, incapacitation, or death. SPEED EQUALIZED Preston's AP: Scales to stomping baseline All Might's AP: Casually baseline

    All Might vs Optimus Prime.

    It was an average day for All Might all things considered. Stop a Villain here, save the day there, pretty standard routine. Then came the Giant Robot. As All Might had landed in an area completely devoid of people, Optimus Prime descended in front of him. "All Might. My name is Optimus Prime...
  39. Sergeant_Hypocrite

    All Might VS Might Guy (VS Battles Wiki Edition)

    All Might (My Hero Academia) VS Might Guy (Naruto) Both are 7-C (Hideout Raid Arc All Might and Base Guy is used, but Guy can amp up to Sixth Gate) Speed Equalized All Might: Might Guy: 7 (Mariogoods, Robot972, ElixirBlue, 00potato, Ican'tthinkof1goodname, XSOULOFCINDERX, Shmooply)...
  40. SamanPatou

    True Hero and True Monster: All Might vs Carnage Kabuto

    A monster appeared and started destroying the city, only the mightiest of the heroes can stop it! But will he succeed, against such a fearsome opponent? Wounded All Might vs Base Carnage Kabuto Speed equalized, the battle takes place in Tokyo All Might: Carnage Kabuto: Inconclusive:
  41. Bruhtelho

    All Might VS Mr. Incredible

    Both at 7-C, Hideout Raid Arc All Might is used Speed is equalized Fight takes place in the streets of Musutafu, Japan Fight ends in K.O, Incap, or Death The Worlds Symbol of Peace and Justice, All Might:10 (Kingofwolves999, XSOULOFCINDERX, Gilad_Hyperstar, Armorchompy, Therefir...
  42. All Might Vs Knuckles

    Prime All Might and STC Knuckles are used Speed is Equal Both are Bloodlusted Who Wins? All Might (Prime): Knuckles (Sonic: The Comic): 3 (Gilad_Hyperstar, Mand21, lonliosite) Inconclusive: 5 (Grandlewon, SMASHssf2, Mariogoods, ThisThingisReallyBroken, ElixirBlue)
  43. SuperKamiNappa

    All Might vs Lucario

    All Might Lucario Speed Equalized
  44. Valiant_Abyss

    All Might vs Oni

    All Might vs Oni Speed is equalized. Both are High 7-A. Otherwise SBA . All Might : Inconclusive: Oni :
  45. Dr._whiteee

    Boku no Hero Revisions

    Boku no Hero's statistics are extremely inflated. This is due to improper calcing methodology for the feats in questio[1] [2] . The Problem The problem that exists is that the calcer has used KE instead of latent heat of condensation. Both feats performed by All Might, and Nine are clearly...
  46. Stefano4444

    (GRACE) All Might vs Monkey D. Garp

    Prime All Might vs Current Prime Speed Equalized Monkey D. Garp: 7 (The Calaca, UchihaSlayer96, LordGinSama, Schnee One, Planck69, Eminiteable, ZackMoon1234) All Might: 2 (NecroVoi, Purgy) Inconclusive: 0 ()
  47. Spinoirr

    How are the two mha movies Cannon

    Someone is saying they aren't because of this Made by Funimation https://www.funimation.com/blog/2020/02/06/my-hero-academia-heroes-rising-spoilers-need-know-before-you-watch/
  48. PapiSavitar5025

    All Might: Hunter/Prey!

    The Symbol of Peace faces against an Adaptive Monstrosity, in a battle of the ages! Low 7-B Versions Used Speed Equalized Fight takes place in Hosu City. Both will be In character, and the battle shall begin! Doomsday scales above 2.73 Megatons, thanks to the feat of a younger Superman...
  49. Spinoirr

    My Hero Academia Plus Ultra Discussion Thread #12 (the last one)

    New one and probably the last one
  50. Insert_creative_name_here_12

    All Might and Deku's AP

    Wounded AM, 100% FC and 20% FC Deku have their current AP from feats performed with air pressure. I believe they should have a likely higher rating or upscaled when possible since the physical power of a punch is much stronger than the wind caused by the movement of said punch. For example the...
  51. Bruhtelho

    All Might VS Nine (All Might fights another user of All For One)

    Both at High 7-A, Prime All Might and Life-Support Tubes Broken Nine are used Speed is = Fight takes place in Musutafu, Japan Fight ends in K.O, Death, or Incap Battle Music: Death Battle: Mighty The World's Symbol of Peace:0 Nine (My Hero Academia):0 Inconclusive:0 The strong will...
  52. ObberGobb

    All Might (MHA) vs. Straw Hat Luffy (One Piece)

    - Speed Equalized - Both High 7-A - Fight takes place in a abandoned neutral city
  53. KingOFG

    Enel vs My Hero Verse

    Can Enel beat the entire universe of My Hero Academia? Round 1: Logia intangibility is turn on with speed equalized. Round 2: Logia intangibility is turn off with normal speed. Round 3: Everyone at their normal stats. They will all be bloodthirsty trying to defeat Enel at all costs.
  54. Bruhtelho

    All Might VS Krizalid

    Low 7-B, Weakened All Might is used Speed is = Fight takes place on U.A. High School P.E. Grounds Fight ends in Death, K.O, or Incap The World's Symbol of Peace:1 (CoolDeante) The K' clone:0 Inconclusive:0 It's fine now. Why? Because I am here!
  55. Schnee_One

    Kotori Itsuka vs Toshinori Yagi

    I was hesitant to make this since AM became 6C but now with High 7A on the table, this is a match I am psyched for. Speed is Equal, both at max strength. Kotori Itsuka: All Might:
  56. Bob8999

    why is this a thing i can do?

    Lucy Heartfilia https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Lucy_Heartfilia vs All Might https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/All_Might who would win in a one on one fight to the death? (speed equalized, both low 7-B.) lucy: 7 (Red-Eyed Specter, ShadowGun45, Davidsteel1, Aernasilver, Nerd1435...
  57. Spinoirr

    All might vs Superman

    Both are large mountain level and speed is = All Might: Superman (Christopher Reeve):
  58. Lord_JJJ

    All Might VS Sonic the Hedgehog

    Both are 6C and Speed is equal Prime All Might and Base Sonic were used All Might Sonic the Hedgehog
  59. The_Smashor

    Low 7-B Bracket R5: All Might vs Shantae

    I ain't dead yet. Bracket Hub Current Standings Rules: Speed Equalized. All Might is his weakened self. Otherwise SBA. All Might: 6 (BrazilianDeadpool, Psychomaster35, XSOULOFCINDERX, Kingofwolves999, Insert creative name here 12, I'm Blue daba dee daba die) Shantae: 1 (ApiesDeathbyLazors)...
  60. The_Wright_Way

    Focal Point ~ Cole vs All Might (Grace)

    Cole landed with a role on the docks of Empire City, electricity fizzling behind him. "Alright, Zeke." Cole said as he approached his rotund best friend. "What's the situation?" Zeke gestured over to a sickly, scrawny old man in loose clothes leaning against a lamp post. "Some sort of black ops...
  61. NikHelton

    Esper vs Hero

    - Mob vs All Might - Speed Equalized Both were 6-C Round 1 - Both in character Round 2 - Both are bloodthirsty Shigeo - 100%, starts in Anger, but during the battle can enter a different emotional state. ??? unavailable. Toshinori - Wounded. Eager for battle. Place of battle: T he evacuated...
  62. Jamesthetaker

    Agito VS All Might (GRACE)

    Speed is equalized. In-character but willing to kill. Take place in a neutral ground at night. Both start 20 metres apart, otherwise SBA. Prime All Might are used. Burning form Agito are used. Kamen Rider Agito: VS All Might: 7 (Kingofwolves999, Nicetoderp, Insert creative name here...
  63. Flashlight237

    All Might (My Hero Academia) vs Zunesha (One Piece)

    So yeah, this can actually be done now. Here, we have All Might, the Symbol of Justice, against Zunesha, who's a giant elephant that kinda exists? Anyway, here's the deal. 1. This is Wounded All-Might vs Zunesha 2. Zunesha was ordered to fight All Might before the battle. 3. Battle takes...
  64. Stillwinston

    All Might vs Kim Wu

    So All Might is tier 6 again it seems, time to try another Killer Instinct match. Speed is equalised. Prime All Might vs 6-C Kim Wu. SBA otherwise. I AM HERE!: 0 I got a fricken dragon, you see how this ends: 0 Inconclusive: 0 https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/All_Might...
  65. Soupywolf5

    All Might vs. Another rock

    Why must All Might change tiers so often? (And it happened again) All Might vs. Rainbow Quartz 2.0 Speed Equalized, Prime All Might is being used, the combatants start 50 meters apart All Might is far superior to 2.41 Gigatons, Rainbow Quartz 2.0 backscales from 16 Gigatons (As he is just a...
  66. Bruhtelho

    All Might VS Maui (Disney)

    Both are at 6-C Prime All Might is used Speed is = Fight takes place in a U.A. Arena Fight ends in K.O, Incap, or Death The World's Symbol of Peace:5 (CoolDeante, Insert creative name, Tonygameman, Kingofwolves999, SakuraDorms) Demigod of the Wind and Sea:3 (Ricsi-viragosi, Joaco0902...
  67. Dusty_Raider

    All Might vs MechaGodzilla

    https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/All_Might https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Mechagodzilla_(Showa)?mobile-app=false Starting range is 50 meters, both are low 7-B, and speed is equalized MG: 1 AM: I:
  68. ChocomilkAlex

    The Symbol of Peace vs Da Nutshack GRACE

    Phil from the Nutshack vs All Might Both 7-B Both Bloodlusted Speed Equal Lets do this Ant is gonna ban me for this
  69. Bruhtelho

    Sans VS All Might

    yes i'm doing this, my sanity can't get any lower All Might is at 6-C and Sans is at 9-A Prime All Might is used Fight takes place in the Judgement Hall Fight ends in K.O, Death, or Incap Speed is = Both are in Character The Bad Time Giver:1 (Vsbattler) The World's Symbol of Peace:2...
  70. Bruhtelho

    All Might VS Kirby (Smash Bros.)

    Kirby is at High 7-A and All Might is at 6-C Weakened All Might is used Kirby has no Copy abilitys, The Skill Tree or Spirits, Kirby is allowed one Smash Ball and his Standard Equipment Speed is = Fight takes place in the U.A. Arena Fight ends in K.O, Incap, or Death The Symbol of...
  71. The_Wright_Way

    Because Cole vs All Might is overdone

    Alternate Title: All Might fights a lamer All For One. All jokes aside, I will remake that fight yet agai at another date. In the meantime, here's this. Good Karma Delsin vs Prime All Might Delsin starts with smoke. Starting distance is 10 meters. vs.
  72. VAVADevil32

    The Former Second Ranker of the Rating Games vs the Symbol of Peace

    Who will win? Roygun Belphegor (High School DxD) vs Toshinori Yagi/All Might (My Hero Academia) Both are High 7-A Bloodthristy Speed Equalized Roygun: 1 All Might: Tie:
  73. Dragopentling

    Four Arms vs One For All

    Funny enough that both have losses to Garou (on paper, at least), on a side note. (Wait, has this been done already in the past?) Machamp vs Weakened All Might. Speed equalized and SBA applied. Battle takes place in Academy City. Both sides start out 20 meters apart. United States of Smash...
  74. Necromercer

    Mob vs All Might (0-0-0)

    Mob is High 7-C and All Might is Low 7-B Speed Equal Mob is in 100% animosity. Mob: 0 All Might: 0 Incon: 0
  75. Phoenks

    All Might vs Metal Bat (0-2-0)

    Metal Bat starts at High 7-C. All Might is Low 7-B (Remnants of One for All) Speed Equalized at start
  76. The_Wright_Way

    All Might vs Joseph Bertrand III

    Speed Equalized. Vs.
  77. ZoroNotZolo

    Superheroes VS Cops | All Might VS Chun-Li

    Chun-Li VS Young All Might Speed equalized. The fighters start 5 meters away from each other. Both characters have no prior knowledge of each other. Who wins? All Might - 0 Chun-Li - 7 Inconclusive - 0
  78. OneBleachHurricane

    All Might vs Natsu Dragneel 00-08-00 GRACE

    Low 7-B Forms Speed Equal Distance: 100 Meters Apart Location: Cell Games Arena Natsu cannot access LFDM nor DF All Might: Natsu Dragneel: ShadowGun45, Ionliosite, Le Cookie Sale, DemonGodMitchAubin, HenryWong122, 1997KD, DragonGamerZ913, Zackra1799
  79. C2_of_Omegon

    Can All the Might stop this Wonder of a Woman?

    Wonder Woma All Might Speed Equalized. Remnants of One For All All Might. All Might (3.97 Megatons): 6 Wonder Woma (2.73 Megatons): 6 Both call it a day and trade notes for super heroics: 1
  80. OneBleachHurricane

    All Might VS Iron Man (MCU) 02-08-00 GRACE

    Keys: Low 7-B All Might: 2 (The Wright Way, I'm Blue daba dee daba die) VS. 7-B Iron Man: 8 (ElixirBlue, Ionliosite, Tonygameman, Randomperosn, Newendigo, ShinyMagicalGirl, Cropfist, Planck69) Inconclusive: Distance: 100 Meters Apart Location: New York Speed Equal...
  81. Phoenks

    Overgrown Rover vs All Might (0-0-0)

    Overgrown Rover recently got the spotlight Lets put em against MHA's Top Tier Both 7-A Speed Equal
  82. The_Wright_Way

    All Might vs Hulk

    Remnants All Might vs Post Sakaar Hulk Speed Equalized. vs.
  83. OneBleachHurricane

    Sasuke Uchiha (Konoha Crush) vs All Might (Young) 07-01-00 GRACE

    Sasuke Uchiha: 7 (Ionliosite, Rocker1189, XSOULOFCINDERX, Wrath of Itachi, Milly Rocking Bandit, Demon Takumo 31, M3X) All Might: 1 (Kidkinsey) Inconclusive: Both at Low 7-C SBA Speed Equal
  84. Phoenks

    Fubuki vs All Might (0-1-0)

    Lol Fubuki stomps like half of the S class now. Weakened All Might and Monster Association Raid Fubuki (7-A) Speed Equalized. Starts 10m away in a crouded city.
  85. Spinoirr

    All might vs Anne mayer

    Speed is =, prime all might vs prime anne Anne mayer: All Might:
  86. Soupywolf5

    Battle of Wind and stuff

    Good God, the MCU is Fodder All Might vs. Arzon Weakened All Might, 7-A Arzon, And Speed Is Equalized Buff Boi: Windy Stick: The Original match turns out to not be a stomp so I change it again:
  87. Thesuperone342

    Is Death Battles Calc even right?

    They said All Might in his prime could hit with like 1000+ Gigatons, is this even right or did Death Battle screw up again?
  88. Kiryu2012

    Doomsday vs All Might

    Doomsday vs All Might Speed equalized. Young All Might.
  89. Botchede

    All Might fights an Army

    The Alvarez Army invades Tokyo, and it's up to Prime All might to beat them. All Might is in his prime and is fighting against an army of 2,300,000 soldiers, all of which are in base form.. The Speed is Equalized, and the win condition is anhillation of either side. Prime All Might: An Army...
  90. Schnee_One

    Toshinori Yagi vs Kagura Mikazuchi

    Creating this 10 minutes before my final exams :O Speed is Equal, High 7A for both. Kagura Mikazuchi: 6 All Might: 3
  91. SuperAPM

    Small All Might Buff

    Well, there's actually two parts to this but I can only be bothered for one right now. Essentially, since All Might managed to perform a 876,378,562 Ton whilst weakened, which is less than 1.2x away from 1 Gigaton (876,378,562 x 1.2 = 1,051,654,274), shouldn't Prime All Might be High 7-A?
  92. Schnee_One

    All Might Tiering Revision

    At this point it's probably necessary to point this out. All Might's 7A feat is 876 Megatons, already incredibly close to High 7A, which is one Gigaton This was performed by All Might, who was already much weaker then he was in his prime as shown by the chart in Two Hero's This was also done...
  93. Phoenks

    Rock Lee vs All Might (12-0-0) Grace

    Both are 7-A. Weakened All Might is used. Rock Lee 12 All Might Speed equal.
  94. Fanbatant

    All Might vs Superman.

    Speed is equalised. The fight takes place in BNHA Japan. Low 7-B versions used.
  95. TheFinalOrder

    All Might Wanked Power

    What's the highest All Might's Storm Creation can be wanked to given he's in the next Death Battle and I'm sure they will wank it to absurd levels.
  96. The_Wright_Way

    I AM HERE to be Stronger Than You 2.0

    All Might trugged his way through the mind numbing cold of the blizzard to reach his destination. It was all over the news how a record breaking snow storm had suddenly popped up in Tokyo. Many heroes suspected it to be the work of a villain, and a powerful one at that, given the storm's size...
  97. Botchede

    All Might! Help! There is a 500m mecha trying to kill us all!

    The Bokurano Gods send Zearth to the MHA verse for shit and giggles. Now All Might needs to punch this thing to death if he wants to maintain the peace. Zearth is being piloted by Waku, and both he and All Might are in-character. Speed is Equalized, and all might is in his weakened key. The...
  98. Jasonsith

    Death Battle Season Six Discussion Thread (11) (Death Battle Spoilers Alert)

    You know the drill by now folks! We talk about everything DEATH BATTLE here! Continued from here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here and here Fights since this thread has started: Done in the past: Ep 117: Shigeo Kageyama vs Tornado of Terror Ep 118: Deadpool (Marvel Comics) vs...
  99. ObberGobb

    All Might vs. Thanos (MCU)

    Round One: Weakened All Might vs. Thanos Round Two: Prime All Might vs. Thanos w/ Sword Round Three: Prime All Might vs. Thanos w/ Sword (Speed Equalized)
  100. AquaWaifu

    Two Protectors of a City! All Might vs Shantae!

    All Might - 0 () VS Shantae - 0 () Inconclusive - 0 () BATTLE CONDITIONS/RULES: This is Remnants of One for All All Might. Both have full knowledge on each other, no preptime. Both are bloodlusted Win via any method Fight takes place in an abandoned Musutafa, starting distance is 50...