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all might

  1. Therefir

    Armored All Might vs Black Adam [4-0-0]

    The Symbol of Peace confronts Black Adam about his methods and decides to put an end to it. Armored All Might is being used (877.51 Gigatons of TNT), and he has access to his car Hercules. Low 6-B Black Adam is being used (1.029 Teratons of TNT). Battle takes place in Z-City. Speed is...
  2. IcyFrost12

    My Hero Academia: Light speed bullets???

    I want to start this off by saying hear me out. Preface: My goal here is to convince anyone that may see this that Lady Nagant's bullets deserve an upgrade from their current speed ranking of Relativistic+ All Might is light speed I'll keep this as brief as I can, All Might, during his...

    All Might vs Star and Stripe: I'm bored [0-0-0]

    This is Weakened All Might and Star with all of her X-66 Jets, fight takes place in a lifeless copy of Japan so collateral damage isn't a concern and both sides have any potential canonical knowledge they would have on each other. This is not a death match. All Might : Star and Stripe : Incon :
  4. Maverick_Zero_X

    All Might fights the 16th President of the United States

    All Might (Weakened) vs The Immortal Speed equalized, Standard Battle Assumptions
  5. TheRustyOne

    MHA: Attack Potency and Lifting Strength Upgrades

    Got two new "calcs" in order to upgrade the Attack Potency and Lifting Strength of the Top/God Tiers. As the calcs are accepted, this should be simple. Wolfram's Giant Cube Feat: 1.75 Teratons of TNT (Small Country level) and 331,927,110,685,087 Metric Tons (Class P) Yeah I know Wolfram's...
  6. TheRustyOne

    My Hero Academia: Wolfram's Giant Cube Attack Again

    Hopefully this is for the last time, at least I don't see any other way the calculation can be improved. I've made a new calculation regarding Wolfram's giant cube feat, and I believe it should replace the current one. Current Calculation. Updated Calculation. Unlike last time, where I...
  7. TheRustyOne

    My Hero Academia: America Brings Speed Upgrades

    All, time for something I didn't expected. A speed upgrade, and a pretty significant one at that. To explain first: Tomura has a Quirk called Radio Waves, that does exactly what the name implies. It produces powerful Radio Waves, which can be used as an EMP or to talk with another person that...
  8. koopa3144

    The Princess of the Mushroom Kingdom fights the Symbol of Peace (Princess Peach vs Toshinori Yagi (All Might)) (7-0-0) (Grace)

    So I wanted to make a High 6-C Peach match and Both have "Might" in their name Only 10/10 connections here folks. Fight takes place in Mute City Mighty Peach and Weakened All Might are being used. Starting distance is 5 meters Speed is equalized. SBA for anything else. The Symbol of Peace...
  9. Therefir

    My Hero Academia: Dynamight Speed Downgrade

    Yes, I hate Bakugo enough that I can't even let him have this over Deku. Before I start do keep in mind I still think Bakugo should be scaling faster than Complete Shigaraki (Quirkless), but not with the current explanation he has, which has been bugging me for a while ever since I saw it on...
  10. TheRustyOne

    My Hero Academia: All For One and Dynamight

    Before I do anything else let's talk about Rewind AFO's regeneration, which should be Mid-High. Mid-High: The ability to regenerate from having all biology completely incinerated. This includes being reduced to ash, dust, smoke, vapor, or plasma. Endeavor incinerated AFO's entire body and he...
  11. TheRustyOne

    My Hero Academia: Large Island level+ Upgrades

    An AP upgrade for the Top/God Tiers characters, via a "new" accepted calculation. Fist Bump To The Earth: 557.41 Gigatons of TNT (Large Island level+) Intercontinental Cruise Punch: 8.67 Teratons of TNT (Country level) The Cruise Punch doesn't scale to anyone. This is not a recalculation, as...
  12. ThePrimalHunter

    Hulk vs All Might (MCU vs MHA) (GRACE)

    MCU Hulk vs All Might Ground Rules: Speed is Equal Gladiator Hulk & Prime All Might is used Fight takes place in the Sakaar arena Neither have any prior knowledge Both are bloodlusted Prime All Might is 33.44 Teratons of TnT & >93,006,374,246 Tons of Force Gladiator Hulk is 39.57 Teratons of...
  13. Edutyn

    The Iudex of Fontaine vs The #1 Hero

    Neuvillette in his 6-C+ (54.5 Gigatons), With Authority Restored key, and All Might in Weakened key (139.35 Gigatons) | Speed is equalized They start 200 meters away from each other SBA otherwise The Iudex of Fontaine The #1 Hero Incon Tyranno223, Spinoirr
  14. Sir_Ovens

    Japan's No. 1 Hero - Kamen Rider vs All Might

    Two icons of justice and heroism duke it out to find out who is Japan's number 1 hero! Takeshi Hongo vs Toshinori Yagi Original Ichigo and Weakened All Might. Speed equalized. Victory via SBA.
  15. TheRustyOne

    Hulk (Marvel's Avengers) vs All Might (MHA)

    Well, I guess this fight is possible once again. So, why not get it over with? This is Prime All Might, obviously. All Might is 8.36 Teratons, higher with Plus Ultra. Hulk is 9.31 Teratons, higher with Rage. Speed is Equalized. Starting Distance = 5 meters Who wins? Symbol of Peace...
  16. Kingofwolves999

    My Hero Academia God Tiers Upgrade

    Following conclusions of this and this. So, as many are aware, the multiplier for All Might’s feat against the USJ Nomu has been accepted. This thread will be for discussing the scaling and all other things pertaining to the multiplier. First up is the two heroes graph. This I feel is...
  17. Spinoirr

    MHA: All For One multiplier for his ultimate move

    Basically All For One used four Kinetic Booster and Springlike Limbs together against all might at his weakest right, thus this should be a 5 times boost in power due to the fact he is boosting his strength by 4 times with Kinetic Booster (This Quirk seemingly increases the amount of kinetic...
  18. King_Dom470

    Might Guy vs All Might (0-0-0)

    Shocked that this hasn't been done already The Rules: Speed Equalized Base Might Guy is used Weakened All Might is used All Might: Might Guy: All Might AP advantage: 5.31953488372
  19. TheRustyOne

    My Hero Academia: Final War Arc Revisions

    Alright, time for the CRT so many people have been waiting for. Watch this thread somehow end up keeping them at 7-A+ or downgrade them even further. Currently the Top and God Tiers are scaling to 7-A+ to High 7-A and High Hypersonic+ to Massively Hypersonic. However, there are multiple...
  20. DaReaperMan

    7-A Howling into Hell Tournament: Mirko vs Captain Kaizo

    Match 2: The Space Rebel vs Wabbit Season Tournament Hub Captain Kaizo submitted by @Greatsage13th Mirko submitted by @edutyn Both 7-A(Kaizo in first key until stated otherwise) Start 10 meters away Battle takes place in Crazy Carnevil (Dark Deception) Kaizo Block: 0 Mirko: 0 Inconclusive: 0
  21. Artorimachi_Meteoraft

    Sothis vs All Might

    All might Sothis rules both high 7-A (prime all might vs weakened Sothis) All Might: 1 Gigatons of TNT Sothis: 1.33 Gigatons of TNT All might is bloodlusted and has knowledge of sothis speed equalized they start 5 meters apart Battle takes place in Wyndon stadium from pokemon victory...
  22. Bossbrosish

    Deadpool: Samurai potential calculations

    I want to create profiles for some characters that appear in the Marvel+Shonen Manga Deadpool Samurai, but I'd like to know which of these feats seem possible to calculate. If anything the characters seem to be around Wall level or Street level tiers and are fairly relative to each other. Also...
  23. Bruhtelho

    "It's fine now Dukey. Why? Because I am here!" (All Might VS Dukey)

    Both at 7-A, Weakened All Might and Super Dukey are used Both start 100 meters from each other Fight ends in Death, K.O, or Incap Dukey doesn't have access to Susan & Mary's inventions Fight takes place in Kamino, Yokohama "It's fine now. Why? Because I am here!":0 "you're already in...
  24. Lacku

    The Hierarchy of Power in the MHA universe is about to change forever

    Cinematic Universe killer Black Adam has set his sights on the MHA universe and targeted the strongest hero (I think anyways I haven't kept up with MHA in years) (Both 7-A and in-character, Speed Equalized) "I was a slave until I died. Then I was reborn a god. My son sacrificed his life to...
  25. DaReaperMan

    All Might feels the hatred of ten thousand years

    Both 7-A Speed equal Battle takes place at the collaseum AP difference: Ridonkukous upscale from 250 megatons vs 748 Megatons, less than a 3x difference Illidan Stormrage: 1 All Might: 0 Inconclusive: 0
  26. Therefir

    My Hero Academia: Speed Fix

    Since this calculation was corrected to be Mach 66.55 instead of Mach 133.10 due to some technicalities of animation, all the profiles which were Massively Hypersonic need to be downgraded to High Hypersonic+ with the exception of Current 100% and Prime AM/AFO, as they have MHS feats on their...
  27. TheRustyOne

    My Hero Academia: Wolfram's Giant Cube Attack

    Okay discussion time. This calc is currently Low 7-B+, though is not in use due to upgrades that happened. However I've done my own version of the calculation, which has updated the results to High 7-A. Which has been accepted by Therefir. The difference between them? Therefir uses a small...
  28. TheRustyOne

    My Hero Academia: Upgrades and Revisions

    Alright, time to bite the bullet. Recent calcs have called for a change from our current stats. Along with some new scaling and revisions I want to bring up for some characters. First off, the base upgrades from the new calculations. 7-A+ becomes High 7-A, Class T becomes Class P, and High...
  29. SlendVeny

    Dying Warriors Tournament round 1 match 5: Ballad of Fallen Mentors

    All stats equalized. Marineford Whitebeard vs Hideout Raid All Might. Starting distance 100 meters. As Whitebeard makes his way towards Marineford, a voice calls out from the sky "I AM HERE!!" He turns to face it, and tells Marco to go on ahead without him. All Might lands, telling Shitebeard...
  30. Kingofwolves999

    My Hero Academia's Second Power System: Supernatural Willpower

    Introduction Heyo everybody, KingofWolves here to give another MHA CRT, a pretty long one too and for only a few characters. This is a pretty weird CRT in that it is discussing an entirely separate power system to the verse, a system that we acknowledge on the wiki but have yet to officially...
  31. Azevedo128

    Power Giver VS Power Imitator

    The Disloyal: Symbol of evil: (Disqualified) Symbol of Peace: GOD(Inconclusive): High7A versions for both Speed is equalised SBA
  32. AceOfSpaces3709

    All Might VS Superman (0-0-0)

    Two Heroes/Hideout Raid All Might is used, Battle takes place at the Lincoln Memorial Reflection Pool Both combatants start at opposite ends of the pool (630 m), and Speed is equalized. All Might's AP is 550 Megatons of TNT, higher with Plus Ultra (Which allows him to overwhelm and K.O...
  33. M_Animefan

    Homeless Emperor (OPM) VS All Might (MHA)

    Prime All Might: 1 Gigaton Homeless Emperor: 2.4 Gigatons Random Hero and Villain encounter! Speed is equalized.
  34. YoutubeForKing

    All Might, AFO and Deku vs PAIN!

    Prime All Might, Weakened AFO (For more hax) and Final Act Deku vs Pain. Speed = Pain only has 3 paths here making it a 3v3. (Deva Path, Animal Path and Naraka Path) Chibaku tensie restricted. Deku and All Might = 1 gigaton and class T. AFO scales to 748 Megatons and Class T. Notable hax are...
  35. IxaSaga2

    Record of Superheroes Round 11 - All Might vs Thor

    Record of Superheroes - Tournament Hub Round 11 All Might vs Thor (Ultimate Marvel) Weakened All Might and Base Thor is used. Speed equalized. Range between them is 15m. Victory via SBA.
  36. Therefir

    My Hero Academia: Heat Resistance

    We've been talking about this in the My Hero Academia threads for a while, but we never actually applied it. I'm basically proposing that both Deku and All Might should have heat resistance for the following reasons: Deku: During his fight with Bakugo in chapter 119 and 120, Deku was able to...
  37. MHA: Vigilantes — the “Three Seconds” feat

    I know once saw an explanation why it’d be too difficult to do an actual calc for All Might doing this, but I don’t fully remember what it specifically was. Therefore: Would anyone be willing to explain the reason again? Even if making an exact calc for this truly would be impossible, would...
  38. NHTkenshin2

    Why is prime all might multiplier rejected? (My hero academia)

    He should be like 60x stronger i think?
  39. KashinKojiiiiii

    MHA Speed Upgrade Vigilantes Feats

    Let’s get to it. In MHA vigilantes latests chps being 119-122. We see in 119 Aizawa is capable of pulling koichi out of the way from no.6 punches multiple times while also see him dodges num 6s punches as well. We know from the last 30 chps that num 6 is at his peak in strength and speed and...
  40. Kingofwolves999

    My Hero Academia: Return of the Top Tier Speed Revisions

    And so we return... at the turn of the tide... Yeah, we're back. Upgrading some speed. Applying calcs. Getting faster. You know how it is. Here is the calc we will be discussing. Essentially: Lady Nagant's bullets are ridiculously faster than any other known sniper rifle bullets out there...