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sinbad (magi)

  1. Valeska24

    some hax additions for magi characters

    SINBAD Self-Healing Sinbad, who suffered a deep wound and lost his arm while fighting against Ugoo's soldiers in the Sacred Palace, also suffered damage to other parts of his body. These wounds disappear when Sinbad changes his Djinn equipment. So in a way, when he switches to another Djinn...
  2. Valeska24

    Magi General Discussion Thread

  3. DefectiveDoll17

    Hakuryuu vs Deku

    Both 6-B Start at 100m Speed equal Hakuryuu: Deku:
  4. PrinceofPein

    Magi's HDE Removal (Part 2 of ???? HDE Removals)

    This should be more straightforward. Magi characters like Sinbad and the other gods have HDE due to the fact that they are part of the god's hierarchy, a hierarchy that allows the higher god to view the lower god and his world as fiction and edit it as it seems fit. This is R>F difference and...
  5. HyperShadic6500

    Question regarding Magi Gods

    What Dimensional Tiering are The Gods of Magi, as well as Sinbad, David, and Ugo?
  6. Iiliminal

    Simon vs Sinbad

    💀🤓 Both on their last key Speed is unequal Simon : Sinbad :
  7. 1Nairove

    Gilgamesh vs Sinbad

    So that this is not a smurf comparison, we will first use the Low 1C key and not the seventh scripture for Gil Gilgamesh (6D/L1C key) Sinbad (6D/L1C) Speed equal I don't think this discussion will last long so I won't vote for gil or sinbad
  8. OriginFox

    Additions for magi characters

    Aladdin should have access to alp abilities from the series, except for the gods: Solomons wisdom connects Aladdin to the sacred palace which governs the Rukh. The rukh is the soul, mind, fate, and all natural phenomenons. By connecting to the sacred palace, Aladdin is able to learn magic from...
  9. Blackchocolate77

    What tier is the ugo mini universe ?

    What tier is the ugo mini universe ?
  10. Lormac_CC

    Magi massive Revision

    So this is going to be a massive Revision. It is going to to lead to a massive downgrade and rescaling. Magi is quite a powerful verse. Everything that occurs in the setting happens because of fate plot manipulation. Fate Fate is the force that governs the world. Everything moves by faith...
  11. OriginFox

    Sinbad Vs Kaido

    Sinbad VS Kaido -Human Sinbad -No help from gods -Sinbad starts from base form Sinbad:Nierre (1) Kaido:
  12. Star_King_Veldanava

    Minor Sinbad Abilities Revision

    Darkness Manipulation, Flight, Superhuman Physical Characteristics and Energy Manipulation - With Djinn Furfur (It is said that Djinn Furfur is Reigning Darkness) Weapon Creation, Flight, Superhuman Physical Characteristics and Energy Manipulation - With Djinn Vepar (It is said that Vepar is...
  13. SpiteBattles

    Sinbad(Magi) vs Sinbad(DreamWorks)

    Sinbad from Magi fights Sinbad from DreamWorks •Magi Sinbad is in base •Magi Sinbad has none of his powers and only has a normal Sword •DW Sinbad has his Swords and Knives •Both are in-character •Speed equal •Both are 10m apart •Battle takes place on a pirate ship Sinbad but DreamWorks...
  14. Kerwin0831

    Yogiri vs Sinbad

    Yogiri vs Sinbad •Both 1-B keys used (Equalized) •Win Condition: Death/Existence Erasure/Incap •Location: Neutral indestructible zone •Both in-character •Both are aware of each other existence and abilities Votes: Yogiri: Sinbad: Neither:
  15. Star_King_Veldanava

    Acausality Type 5 for Magi!!

    First, we discuss Rukh in Magi, Rukh is a Concept in Magi and also a Fate, Causality David & Sinbad who are Singularity get Acausality 4 because they can deviate from the flow of fate (Including Causality) And upgrade acausality type 5 for Magi characters who can NEP2 or who Exist without Rukh...
  16. Star_King_Veldanava

    Minor Magi Abilities Revision

    For Il Ilah Abstract Existence Type 1: Il Ilah when he first appears or descends from the upper dimension is just like a white light on his body, and not just white light but his body is in the form of Rukh namely Rukh which is a conceptual thing that forms a Magi verse For Sinbad and David...
  17. Star_King_Veldanava

    Magi Upgrade AP

    In Arba's case if Medium's strength was equivalent to 72 Metal Vessel ,where 11 to 13 Metal Vessel alone could destroy planets easily, In this way the Attack Potency and Durability medium is planetary above baseline. and Sinbad was able to break through Durability The Medium easily using...
  18. Star_King_Veldanava

    Upgrade High - Godly Regeneration Magi Verse

    David, who was originally able to exist without Rukh, where Rukh is the concept of things that existed before the Magi verse existed and the concept that formed the beginning of the reality of everything in the Magi verse aka NEP2. But he was able to successfully regenerate from that form...
  19. Lormac_CC

    Magi large size

    Why don't Ugo, Sinbad and David have large size. They are bigger than Ilah who is casually bigger than a universe within the Sacred Palace.
  20. Gohanblanco217

    UEG (Instant Death) Vs Sinbad (Magi)

    Both in character Fight start at 10 meters away from each other Both at their peak Sinbad : 1 UEG : Incon :
  21. Delta333

    Another Magi tier upgrade

    We can see that Il Ilah need go through a small hole in the ceiling to descend to Aladdin's universe,and since the ceiling is thing that seperate lower and higher planes,I would say that Il Ilah is above conventional space-time continumm,which is equivalent to 5-D entity,and what I have said is...
  22. ShidoTM

    Sinbad vs Fate Series

    Yea, sinbad vs fate series, things like tsukihime or kara no kyokai not allowed, like shiki ryougi servant. 1 Round: Sinbad 1-C Low without sacred palace so no change in hierarchy vs Fate Series 2 Round: Sinbad 1-C Low with sacred palace vs Fate Series 3 Round: Sinbad key 1-B vs Fate Series
  23. Lormac_CC

    Sinbad downgrade

    He should be downgraded to paper level, David tore him like he was paper
  24. Apollo

    Sinbad (Magi), vs Reinhard (Shinza Bansho)

    For this fight it’s Reinhard at 1B vs Sinbad taken as 1B. Speed is equalized. I got Reinhard on this one
  25. Lormac_CC

    Magi 1-B Upgrade

    Just wanted to try this. If this gets accepted Ugo, Sinbad, David gets affected https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/User_blog:Lormac_CC/Magi_Swap
  26. OriginFox

    Godbad Vs Ren

    Sinbad VS Ren Equal speed Sba
  27. SupremeNiva

    Minor Sinbad Abillities Revision

    -Vector manipulation(Block Falan attack and even twisted her legs with his dhoruf) -Existence Erasure(Erased Falan completely even the other members of Al-Thamen can't sense her and says she vanished)
  28. ShidoTM

    Madoka Kaname vs Sinbad

    both 1-C low, 1-B sinbad not allowed
  29. Lormac_CC

    Why don't Ugo, Sinbad, David tiers vary up to 1-B

    The trio are capable of switching places with higher gods on the hierarchy and Ugo shows us the relationship between layers after swapping.
  30. OriginFox

    EE for David, Sinbad, and Aladdin

    David while in possession of Sinbad erased Falan. Aladdin should also have this since he mastered al the magic of the old world.
  31. Star_King_Demon_Lord

    Extreme Magic User vs Sword Magic User

    Both Low 6-B Speed Equalized SBA Sinbad (Djinn Equip): SupremeNiva Kirito (War of Underworld): Xmark12 Inconclusive:
  32. JevilX

    Magi Stuff

    So are these applicable or nah?
  33. ShidoTM

    Why aren't sinbad, ugo and david High 1-B?

    this is more of a doubt than a request, but sinbad, and the other gods of the holy palace, david and ugo, shouldn't they potentially be high 1-B? They can transcend an infinite or endless hierarchy of the gods in magi, right? But I don't know exactly, so can you please explain? High 1-B...
  34. ShidoTM

    Sinbad vs Gilgamesh

    1 round: Gilgamesh with GoB and Sinbad with Djinn Equips 2 Round: Gilgamesh 2-A with EA and Sinbad 1-C Low (I don't use 1-B here because if I were to use it, it would be a stomp.) Votes for Sinbad: 3 (Ryuga21, OriginFox, Scottycj256) Votes for Gilgamesh:
  35. HypeVoid

    Update scans

    None of the scans works for Sinbad's page. These websites either don't exist anymore or the files are deleted.
  36. BakiHanma18

    Zim Zim Zalabim v Blue Man Group

    https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Sinbad v https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Doctor_Manhatta Speed Equalized SBA Naked Man: Naked Blue Man: Guardian of the Sacred Palace
  37. -BANLK-

    Sinbad (Magi) vs Mister Mxyzptlk (DC Comic)

    My profile pic vs An imp Speed is equalized. Win by SBA.
  38. Tincan123

    Magi Minor additions

    Magi Gods including David, Sinbad, Ugo and Solomo Regenerationn instead of Low-Godly it may be Mid-Godly for the Magi Gods based on this: After David died he became a part of Il Illah and return to life. If you are a part of Il Illah you are Phantom without Ruhk and Magoi so you cant use Magic...
  39. Tincan123

    Magi Cosmology Revision

    Highly recommend this https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/User_blog:EmperorRorepme/Magi_-_The_Labyrinth_of_Magic. by EmperorRorepme because most info comes for there. Magi (Gods) including Sinbad, David, Ugo and Solomo (Done) Conceptual Manipulation Type 2 For the Magi (Gods) based on this: Rukh...
  40. Tincan123

    Magi revision

    So right now we have magi characters who have resistance Fate Manipulation, Soul Manipulation and Mind Manipulation because they were unaffected by Sinbad rewriting the system of Ruhk, which governs the fate and souls of everyone in the world and altered their minds). However there is a problem...