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Update scans

None of the scans works for Sinbad's page. These websites either don't exist anymore or the files are deleted.
That is a problem. You should ask the active and experienced members listed in the Magi verse page to comment here and help us out.

Can you list an example of a deleted scan link please?
Limited Precognition (As a Singularity Sinbad can see the threads of destiny and guide others along)

Acausality (Type 4; as a Singularity Sinbad is born with a vast amount of Magoi and is capable of deviating from fate and "feel" fate. He is also halfway Fallen into Depravity)

Divine Protectio (Singularities are blessed by the Gods allowing Sinbad to escape another realm. Because of this controlling a singularity is next to impossible. they even raised him to Godhood)

Reality Warping (Sinbad took his pencil reality warping it into Il Ilah with a universe and then destroyed them both by reality warping back his pencil)

Higher-Dimensional Manipulation (With Sacred Palace which is manipulated by the whims of the bearer Sinbad can swap the hierarchy of Gods effectively becoming even more transcendent, superior to Gods like David who can create entire worlds with thoughts and manipulate every crevice)

Regenerationn (Mid-Godly: After Sinbad died his Ruhk returned to the Great Flow and according to Arba returning to the Ruhk means becoming nothing but Sinbad was able to return to life thanks to the will of the Magi Gods)

Power Bestowal, (Just like the other Gods)

Plot Manipulation (To put it in his words in comparison to him Sinbad is merely "a protagonist of the story" (due to higher gods influence) and he is "the author" (of that story) He even goes as far as to call himself "omnipotent" in comparison to Aladdin's World. There's also scenes where Aladdin himself who was in the Sacred Palace viewed the lower worlds by reading them in stories),

Conceptual Manipulation ( the origin of life.It is hailed as a supernatural force which governs the world. Causing all natural phenomena stated by both Matal Mogamett and Sinbad. and is all equal. According to Ugo the Ruhk compose the spirits inside living things and that the universe is composed of multiple dimensions. The Ruhk exist in both vertical and horizontal dimensions. According to Sinbad there are countless worlds with each its own God who control the Ruhk just like King Solomo)

All of these links are broken.
Well, many of them seem to list the relevant chapters and pages, so the scans should be possible to find and upload to this wiki.