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yujiro hanma

  1. Brogeefrong

    Üķæžĥĝgćŋĵêĥattþțųª | Garou vs Yujiro Hanma | 8-1-0 (Grace Finished)

    oops should have called larry Half Monster Garou is used and is At least Low 7-C (At least 2.492 Kilotons) Yujiro is 7-C (15.25 Kilotons) Speed is equalized Fight takes place in a boxing ring Profiles https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Garou?so=search...
  2. Undylan

    Yujiro Hanma vs Po (Kung Fu Panda) (0-0-0)

    Yujiro thought it was a funny joke to think a fat Panda that sounds like Jack Black is an master of Kung Fu. But here he is and is quite interested. This is KFP3 Po with Mastery of Chi. Speed is equalized. Who wins? Yujiro: Po:
  3. Tots_Real

    Yujiro fights an... Ogre?

    Yujiro Hanma vs Ogre https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Yujiro_Hanma https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Ogre_(Tekken) Speed Equalized Fight takes place during the King of Iron Fist Tournament
  4. ThanatosFTW

    Yujiro Hanma Vs Zeno Zoldyck

    The Worlds Strongest Creature: https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Yujiro_Hanma vs The Worlds Strongest Assassin: https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Zeno_Zoldyck 8-A key for Zeno Strongest Key for Yujiro which I believe is 8-B ( higher with demon back ) SBA Battle Location: Pickles Arena...
  5. DMUA

    Grappler Baki: Making a Tier 7 verse Tier 7

    Yeah I don't really get why Baki supporters didn't jump on this the second it was a thing, but Pickle surviving the meteor that killed the dinosaurs is a Low 7-B feat, as he was totally undamaged when he got preserved. That's really all I need but since I am making a CRT I might as well comb...
  6. ThatDarnFish

    Spider-Man vs Yujiro Hanma

    I forgot my first Yujiro thread existed so it died. Let's try another one! Main stream 616 Spider-Man being used. Both 8-B Speed Equalized Battle takes place in front of the Daily Bugle Yujiro winds up in Marvel New York and hears about this spider person. After folding some of Peter's rogues...
  7. DaReaperMan

    Yujiro fights a W O R M

    Both 8-B Speed Equalized Battle takes place on the Frozen glacier/island on 4546B Start 50 meters away W O R M: 0 Yujiro Hanma: 0 Inconclusive: 0
  8. EnderLord8

    Two Monsters that kill Iron Golems vs Yujiro Hanma (1/0/0)

    I don't know if this can be applied, but here we go. Enderman (Mini-Boss) and Warden vs Yujiro Hanma speed equal Yujiro starts in his Demon Back key (Which apparently scales to 2x the feat of 15.24t or 30.48t) Battleground: A very spacious underground city (Similar to where the Warden is...
  9. Shmeatywerbenmanjenson

    Yujiro's Questionable Abilities Removal + other changes

    So it's no secret that the Baki profiles are in extremely poor condition That's we me and a few other have started to try and fix that Yujiro in particular has a few abilities that I am amazed made it on his profile so I'm here to fix that Things that are going Self Sustenance Don't think I...
  10. DaReaperMan

    Yujiro fights a Sea Monster (10/1/3)

    Both 8-B Speed Equal Battle takes place in the Sandy Dunes Biome of the crater Sea Dragon Leviathan: 10 Yujiro ******* Hanma: 1 Inconclusive: 3
  11. ThePrimalHunter

    Homelander vs Yujiro Hanma (0-0-0)

    This match is now fair, somehow Homelander (TV Series) vs Yujiro Hanma Ground Rules: Speed is Equal Both have prior knowledge on each other's abilities They both start 15m away Fight takes place in NYC Yuijro scales to 15.24 tons of TnT Homelander is 43.43 tons of TnT Homelander has a 2.85x...
  12. OriginFox

    Yujiro VS Po

    Yujiro VS Po -Equal speed -SBA
  13. NikHelton

    Baki verse downgrade

    1)Yujiro stops the earthquake: The earthquake calculation was estimated at 15 kilotons or 7-C and implied that Yujiro had to hit with the full force of the earthquake to stop it. However, this has a number of problems. Since the earthquake is natural, we should use Total Seismic Energy instead...
  14. FictUnderstand

    Simple CRT : Musashi Miyamoto (Baki)

    Musashi Miyamoto Should Have This Ability. Spatial Manipulation and Darkness Manipulation : Musashi Creates an Endless Area with Darkness [1][2][3]. His Area Is Perfect and Expansive [1] Sealing, Possible Unholy Manipulation and Physics Manipulation : Area is Used to Confine Someone and Without...
  15. Kyato

    Yujiro 7 - C Scale

    Yujiro assessment with Kinetic energy applied to the ground. Lightning speed = 436.5236 KM/S(Mach 1282.798834) v = 1571484.96 KM/H m = 120kg Kinetic Energy = 1/2 mv^2 = 1.48173717735360e+14 J Attack potency = 7-C With Demon Back Higher Speed = Massively Hypersonic+
  16. Luca

    Small Baki crt.

    1.Awakened Power and regeneration Via Demon brain Baki has in difficulty against Yujiro but since the Demon brain got Activated Baki got a limited Regeneration And Awakened power even Yujiro recognize Baki Power 2.Empowerment via Hanma blood When the Hanma blood was "Wake" Baki get a Statboost...
  17. Luca

    Pickle,Baki, Yujiro update

    Okay so today i will try to update Baki pickle musachi and Yujiro via this Feat We can see that Pickle survived the impact of the meteor,we also know some event in Baki is take in real life events so i will just assume that the meteor was crash at the same place (Yucatan) pickle has found at...
  18. FictUnderstand

    CRT : Greater Xiao-Lee Users (Baki)

    [1] Additional Abilities : Probability Manipulation : Kaku Kaioh Turns Yujiro's Possibly Dangerous Punch Into Harmless[1]2] Mitigation is the Reduction of Something Harmful or Reduction of Potentially Harmful Effects or Managing Hazardous Incidents that Have Happened [2] Greater Abilities ...
  19. Luca

    Crt: Yujiro

    Okay so i take all the time yujiro is say to be stronger than a country and a nuke or any other statement (𝙶𝚛𝚊𝚙𝚙𝚕𝚎𝚛 𝚋𝚊𝚔𝚒) When yujiro stop the earthquake Strydum say that he Could dominate the World After Yujiro kill emi the akezawa group want to take revenge but someone explain...
  20. Dyngo

    Baki Speed Upgrade.

    Basically Baki manages to dodge Pickle's blows at point blank range, being able to dodge over a hair-width distance as told by Kaku Kaioh (Kaku also reinforces the fact that he dodges exactly at point blank range) Baki dodging several times The size of a human hair strand is about 0.12 mm...
  21. Luca

    Crt:Baki & Yujiro

    Baki hanma: Surface scaling:Baki climbing 9th floor to talk to Katsumi Telepathy:Baki can talk to yasha ape with this Telepathy Heat Manipulation:Baki can increase this Temperature Mind Manipulation:Baki can Scare a person by affecting this mind with a image of what this arrivals to him if he...
  22. Celestial_Pegasus

    The Ogre vs The Chuuni (Hanma vs Shadow)

    SBA Speed Equalized I am open to restricting Cid's magic and I AM ATOMIC if necessary, i am going for a skill battle here. Who wins? Yujiro: Shadow:
  23. FictUnderstand

    CRT : Yuichiro Hanma Upgrade

    • — Powers and Abilities Additional 1. Telepathy : Yuichiro Telepathically With Baki When Yujiro Uses Dress Technique 2. Weapon Mastery : Oliva Explains That Mastering Dress Techniques Requires Skill in Arms 3. Fear Manipulation : Not With His Aura, Yuichiro Can Still Frighten Enemies 4...
  24. Pepsiman25th

    Battle for world's top fighter!

    Battle for the best fighter the world has ever seen.... in the left corner, the world's strongest creature Yujiro! In the right corner is the returning champion for year in a row, Suiryu! The speed for both is equal. Suiryu scales higher in AP but yujiro has better skill. Suiryu has 3 days of...
  25. Luca

    Baki class m

    Yasha ape do this Casually the same thing As Julius feat https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/User_blog:NikHelton/Kengan_verse_LS
  26. Luca

    Baki Yujiro update?

    Okay so in Baki Grappler chapter 119. We learn that grip x body weight x speed=destructive power. You can see the image there
  27. FictUnderstand

    CRT : Baki Verse Speed Revision

    Previous Calculations : Here (MHS) New Calculations : Here (MHS+) Characters to Be Scaled : Yuichiro Hanma ( Should Be Scaled to Yujiro Hanma and Baki Hanma ) Yujiro Hanma ( Dodge Lighting ) Baki Hanma ( Comparable to His Father ) Musashi Miyamoto ( Comparable to Baki's Father ) Kaku Kaioh (...
  28. Luca

    Baki characters New hax

    Via restoration Here
  29. Luca

    Yujiro tanking 11,000 metric ton(11kiloton)

    There is a another town feat for yujiro at 16 years old
  30. FictUnderstand

    CRT : Baki Verse Character Upgrade

    1. Power & Abilities Addition — Light Manipulation and Creation : Yujiro Can Form Halos From Light — Speed Amplification : Kiai Technique Is A Technique To Increase Normal Speed And Attack Speed — Vibration Manipulation : With Just Silence, Yujiro's Anger Can Generate Vibration — Blessed ...
  31. denzeelmao

    Yujiro Hanma Earthquake feat revision

    So, in Grappler Baki, Yujiro Hanma performs this. But now that i go over it, wouldn't this be an outlier? For example (I know it sounds biased, but take a listen.) : A Verse that got a Low 7-C calc that was around 8-A got rejected because it was an outlier. I don't see how a verse that doesn't...
  32. ThatDarnFish

    The Dragon Warrior vs The Ogre

    Why not, right? I actually see many people think Po low-diffs Yujiro, so let's find out for sure. Does Po's abilities overwhelm Yujiro, or does Yujiro's skill and adaptability overtake Po? Speed Equalized. Both In Character Both 7-C Battle takes place on the Cell Games arena Current Yujiro and...
  33. FictUnderstand

    Massive Upgrade Musashi Miyamoto

    — Introduction Massive Upgrade For Musashi Miyamoto From Baki — Aura Thought Based Activation Just Like Other Fighters, Musashi Can Activate His Aura Only by His Will. Musashi's Aura Generates Electricity Manipulation, Heat Manipulation and Fear Inducing — Feats & Powers : Pressure Point...
  34. NotoriouSoda

    Grappler Baki General Discussion

    Hello is this a discussion thread for Grappler Baki and anything related to it. 💪 Where to start Grappler Baki Baki Hanma Baki Baki Dou Baki Dou (2018) Baki Rahen (Currently ongoing)
  35. NotoriouSoda

    Baki soul manipulation CRT

    No I’m not joking as this is fr. Baki the grappler have established consistently throughout the series that souls exist there a real thing. At first it would apply to tokugawa sister but reading the series for the new upgrades have shown this to be a consistent thing. Yujiro Soul manipulation...
  36. Tony_di_bugalu

    Let's make some chaos 2.0

    Since the OPM bois didn't care about this let's change some things. The World Strongest Creature vs The World Strongest Hobo skill only. The rules are simple: No hax for Dante, stats are equal, Dante only has access to Rebellion, E&I and Balrog. Yujiro at his peak. Fight happens in the White...
  37. RinneItachi

    Yujiro Hanma Vs. Pri-Pri-Prisoner

    SBA applied, including speed being unequalized. Although Yujiro is starting off in base form, as he would in-character. Starting range is 5 meters (15 feet). Yujiro Hanma Vs. Pri-Pri-Prisoner
  38. Eraxd___

    Yujiro Hanma vs Baki (Naruto)

    Yujiro Hanma vs Baki Battle Location: alley in Tokyo Starting Distance: 5 meters Both in-character Speed equalized World's Best Dad:2 The Other Baki: Incon:
  39. Baki the grappler crt

    in this crt i will be bringing forth reasons why i believe certain characters should get a higher tier i will be doing this by scaling them to yujiro in different parts of the series first of all lets get something out of the way , yujiro gets stronger throughout the series , shocker i know ...
  40. The_Pink_God

    Yujiro Hanma vs Garou

    Stats equal (Yes, I know that with this it means that it won't be added, you don't need to remind me) Both at their peak 5 meters Battle takes place at Rome's Colosseum https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Yujiro_Hanma Vs https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Garou