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thanos (marvel cinematic universe)

  1. BEYONDER19999

    MCU High 6-A Upgrade‽

    Gungir is at High 6-A, and in this scene we saw Pre-Awakening Thor and Mjolnir getting hit repeatedly by Gungir, and Mjolnir was able to break the Bifrost Bridge after being hit repeatedly, and in later productions Hulk is able to damage the bridge and Thanos is able to damage Hulk, and everyone...
  2. Small_Ophion

    Thanos Vs Shigeo Kageyama (Marvel Cinematic Universe Vs Mob Psycho 100) [0-0-0]

    Versions: Endgame Thanos, 100% Mob (6-B) Location: Empty Tokyo Victory Conditions: Death or Incapacitation State of Mind: Motivated to defeat the opponent Equipment: Thanos has his sword and armor Preparation: Thanos is prepared to battle an unknown opponent Knowledge: No knowledge on each other...
  3. Lloydblitzed

    Stormbreaker Upgrade (I promise this one isn't bad🙏)

    So hum I think Stormbreaker should be updated to 3-A for the simplests reasons In Infinity War, Stormbreaker was able to overpower a full blast from the gaunlet. Now this obviously won't scale to the snap, as the gaunlet was damaged bc of that, indicating more energy was put in with the snap...
  4. 2-B MCU Thor & Thanos: WoG Proofs

    MCU Thor and Thanos should be upgraded to 2-B because there are WoG statements that Thanos was the most powerful villain shown in the MCU at that point, hence above 2-B Dormammu, and Thor hurled Stormbreaker, which WoG called the "ultimate weapon", and hence above the Gauntlet, through Thanos'...
  5. RanaProGamer

    MCU's Big Bad vs X-Men's Big Bad

    Pitting the big bad of 2 Marvel franchises against each other Standard Battle Assumptions Speed equalized Thanos has the complete Infinity Gauntlet MCU Thanos vs Film Apocalypse Who wins and why?
  6. FuriousFieryFist

    Possibly 6-A Upgrade for the Power Stone

    Hello, I wanted to share my opinion on how we currently rate one of Thanos's feats with the power stone. Currently we accept it has a variable rating based on this now broken link (For me at least) which was in reference to this scene in Guardians of the Galaxy. However, the aforementioned...
  7. la_abeja_azteca

    rick vs mcu thanos (because we dint archive the lastone)

    so,since it seems another tread like this was deleted,were gonna do it again Phoenix Protocol Rick with preparation and optional gadgets up to 5-A vs complete Infinity Gauntlet MCU Thanos. Speed was equalized and both had 10 minutes of preparations with prior knowledge,everything else is...
  8. M3X_2.0

    MCU CRT: Thanos is not stronger than Carol

    Thanos’ profile says: He did not, at most, this is some Lifting Strength scaling, not Attack Potency. We see later on the movie that Carol overpowered past Thanos in Lifting Strength too, so even LS is not a guaranteed scaling. She’s overall stronger than him. Remove this scaling. And also...
  9. The_one_you_least_expect

    Mcu high tiers star lvl revision

    Ok so I think it’s about time we discuss the elephant in the room https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/User_blog:Revan_Laha/The_Marvels:_Captain_Marvel_reignites_Hala's_Sun Captain marvel has the best feat among mcu high tiers and now we gotta talk about who scales to what and how. To start...
  10. Marvel_Champion_07

    [MCU] Hulk Powerscaling

    Hulk briefly restrained and withstood multiple punches from Thanos before being knocked out Thanos does hold back, but it's suggested he does it after removing his armour and getting more Infinity Stones Though dazed, Hulk endured two attacks from Thor when he briefly awakened his real power...
  11. The_one_you_least_expect

    Mcu Captain marvel downgrade

    This is a bit long so I’m gonna separate these into 4 points Edit: In terms of scaling carol should be able to scale to her variant in the party Thor episode seeing as she’s shown to have the same relationship with fury like her mainline counterpart. Which would imply she went through...
  12. BEYONDER19999

    Thanos (MCU): Durability 5-C Upgrades

    While is Ronan being empowered by the Power Stone, he was unfazed by Rocket Raccoon's Hadron Enforcer, which can destroy entire moons. While is Thanos with the Power Stone, it should have moon level durability, and anyone scaling from it must be upgraded to 5-C. Wanda, Iron Man... etc. characters.
  13. RoTt35

    [MCU] Minor Tier 6 Upgrades

    Peak Hela & Odin A guidebook states that Hela was Odin's most powerful weapon in the conquest of the Nine Realms, which would put her above the Tesseract, which belonged to Odin with Hela having knowledge of it as implied in this scene and here, and the Bifrost, which can be used as a weapon to...
  14. Thanos vs The Annoying Orange

    This matchup probably sucks but my next best idea was Sans vs a Dragon Ball character (Okay, it wasn't. I just wanted to say those matchups are stupid) Rules: Speed is equalized Thanos has the complete Infinity Gauntlet Orange is bloodlusted Starting distance is 30 meters Who wins? Orange...
  15. Ryuga21

    Trafalgar Law vs Thanos (MCU)

    Mad Titan Vs. Surgeon of Death Both in-character. Law has fully knowledge on Thanos and his abilites with the IG; Thanos knows that Law is a pirate with spatial powers; Onigashima Raid and Infinity War keys. Speed is Equalized. Both start at 20 meters apart; Battle takes place at Onigashima...
  16. Marvel_Champion_07

    MCU General CRT⁶

    Thanos He should have Social Influencing, being a master manipulator who can bend even the most powerful beings to his will Stormbreaker/Mjölnir They should probably have the Material Transformation on Thor's P&A section, since he usually uses them to transform into his regular clothing...
  17. Apophis81

    Thanos Vs Shinra (MCU Vs Fire Force)

    Character Version: Great Cataclysm Arc Shinra, Infinity War Thanos Equipment: Standard for Shinra, Infinity Gauntlet with only Space and Power Stone for Thanos Location: Moon Titan Starting Distance: 30 meters Speed Equal Who Wins and Why? Thanos: 0 Shinra: 2
  18. RoTt35

    MCU General CRT⁵

    Celestials/Arishem Resistance to Mind Manipulation (Druig stated that he didn't have the power necessary to mind control a newborn Celestial, needing to combine his own cosmic power with that of four Eternals to do so) Thanos Resistance to Heat Manipulation (Unaffected by crushing the...
  19. RoTt35

    [MCU] 2-C Nine Realms

    The Art of Thor: The Dark World states that the Nine Realms are multi-dimensional: It also states that from the observatory you can look out over universes: The Art of Thor states that the Nine Realms are realms of reality: The Movie Storybook of Avengers states that Asgard is a realm that...
  20. RoTt35

    [MCU] Drax 6-B Upgrade + P&A Additions

    Drax & Abilisk Drax's knives were able to pierce Doctor Strange's Tao Mandala and draw blood from Cull Obsidian, therefore they should be upgraded to "At least 6-B". Since Drax was unable to cut through the Abilisk's hide with his knives, its durability would also be upgraded to 6-B Cull...
  21. ThanatosX

    MCU General CRT³

    Yes, I stole the name of the CRT from RotT35. This revision will tackle some stuff that I wanted to add for a while, but couldn’t due to time costrains. I hope it wont be too much problematic, so let’s start with some simple stuff. Thanos Standard Tactics: So, first of all I would like to add...
  22. Not_Icarus

    Quick MCU Thanos Revision

    Him with the complete Infinity Gauntlet should be full Low 2-C as the time stone is a part of the gauntlet and all the stones are amped together in tandem when fully together. The universe destroying statements of both the time stone and Thanos himself planning to remake the universe in his...
  23. OneBleachHurricane

    MCU Malekith 5-B/3-A AP Revision

    Currently Malekith has this in his AP Section: I made a blog containing all the things that I could find regarding the Aether and more, explaining why I think the "5-B up to 3-A" AP rating should be removed from Malekith's AP section and just be used for his Range Section...
  24. OneBleachHurricane

    Sanctuary II Profile Revision (P&A Revision, Stats Revision, References Addition, Etc.)

    Basically, a CRT meant to revise this profile: https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Sanctuary_II?so=search Suggested Revision: https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/User_blog:OneBleachHurricane/Sanctuary_II Staff Approvals: Dalesean027, LordGriffin1000, ByAsura
  25. Oliver_de_jesus

    Negative infinity | Thanos Vs Miles Dread

    Music Battle take place in End Game Battlefield Speed equal Thanos only have Space and Power Stone and Miles start in his Makino Mode Thanos: Miles Dread: The are food for Memeovore(Incon):
  26. Marvel_Champion_07

    The Mad Titan encounters a sassy lost child (Thanos vs Tatsumaki)

    THANOS vs TATSUMAKI Thanos has the Power Stone, Space Stone and Reality Stone Thanos has prior knowledge on Tatsumaki Speed is equalised Starting distance of 5 meters Thanos: 0 Tatsumaki: 0 Inconclusive: 0
  27. R4ndomPlayer315

    Vibranium Ultron VS Thanos (MCU)

    Both are 6-B. Speed is equalized. Thanos is in character while Vibranium Ultron is bloodlusted. Thanos only uses his Double-Bladed Sword. Thanos: 4 Vibranium Ultron:
  28. RoTt35

    MCU: Time Stone Upgrade

    Wong stated that Doctor Strange was breaking the space-time continuum while using the Eye of Agamotto. With a guidebook also stating that he was threatening the fabric of time and could cause irreparable harm. This also states that the Time Stone grants complete control over time and that...
  29. EnnardTrap1987

    "What was he cooking?" VS "Does he know?"

    Speed equalised Both have prior knowledge Wank both characters as much as you like Fight takes place in the Final Destination WHAT WAS HE COOKING?: DOES HE KNOW?: WHY NOT CHOKE EVERYONE?:
  30. Marvel_Champion_07

    The All-Father protects Asgard from The Mad Titan

    ODIN vs THANOS Thanos has the Infinity Gauntlet (Power Stone and Space Stone only) Speed is equalised Fight takes place on Asgard Starting distance of 10 meters Odin: 7 (@Doggo, @Excel616, @AnonymousBlank, @Recap_, @TheMonkeMan, @Popted2, @RoTt35) Thanos: 0 Inconclusive:
  31. Oliver_de_jesus

    Thanos Go to Minecraft and finds himself, literally

    Sba and Speed Equal The Mad Titan but is Minecraft The Mad Titan but is Movie The Mad Titan but is Comic
  32. ShionAH

    The MAD Titan vs Sans from MCU

    Thanos vs Sans (MCU) Thanos has up to reality stone (He doesn't have the reality stone because it would be a stomp) Both are in character Speed is equalized (Or sans blitz lol) Sans is 9-A 10 meterz Skelly boi 4 Mad boi: 8 Incon boi:
  33. Námor was NOT significantly weakened during he end fight of Black Panther: Wakanda Forever

    the title says it all. Namor wasn't significantly weakened during the fight against Black Panther and i will show yall why. We first gotta understand how Namor's power works. This following conversation is Riri and Shuri talking abou their powers: Riri then follows up by saying this: So now we...
  34. Knifeman29

    Could Larry the Cucumber Use the Infinity Gauntlet?

    Like he really don’t have any hands. So if he was to “Grab” the infinity Gauntlet could he use it without dying?
  35. Winter

    Cleaning Up Thanos’ profile a little

    So I was looking around at some random profiles and turns out Thanos’ profile is pretty unorganized in some areas, so let’s fix that Powers and Abilities So Thanos’ abilities in his profile really look like one big blue glob considering the amount of links in there. We could potentially...
  36. AzuRizzz

    Ultron (MCU) vs DIO (Over Heaven)

    Location: Post Apocalyptic Alternate Universe version of Earth All stones Infinity Ultron Post Absorption DIO 15 meters apart Speed Equalized Both are Bloodlusted Rebel AI: Vampire: Incon:
  37. SatellaTheWoE

    Diablo (WN) vs Thanos (MCU)

    Best boy Diablo vs The Mad Titan Thanos speed equalized SBA battle takes place in The Cardinal world Thanos shows up in the Jura Forest and diablo intercepts him 3A key is used
  38. CrimsonStarFallen

    MCU Gauntlet Question

    So recently I found out that the Infinity Gauntlet uses what appear to be scans from some sort of guidebook. These scans are what I mean. Cool, gives some neat powers, aye? Problem is, I cannot for the life of me find the source for these scans. In fact, looking down at the bottom right corner...
  39. AzuRizzz

    MCU crt for some character. (additional abilities)

    So I'll get to the point immediately. Vision: Vision should get Inorganic Physiology Type 2 (He is a sentient robot made out of vibranium) Likely Mind Manipulation (Scaling from his westview counterpart) should be able to perform the same feat through the use of mind stone Likely Memory...
  40. RoTt35

    MCU: Mind Hax Resistances

    Pre-Awakening Thor should have resistance to Mind Manipulation since he implied that a mind control that could affect a human would not be able to affect him because he was mighty, and took the longest to be affected by Scarlet Witch's mind control. Stormbreaker is stated that if a being tries...