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superman (dc extended universe)

  1. Golden_Void

    DCEU Superman Regeneration Buff

    Superman may be a Kryptonian so we don't know his exact physiology, but he is still a mammal. Severe dehydration in mammals (especially rapid dehydration in this case) leads to organ damage and organ failure. I propose his regen go from mid-low to high-low, which doesn't conflict with Doomsday...
  2. sageof8paths

    NewER way to calc the world engine

    Hello there, Firstly I’d like to give credit to @Ozcantabak for bringing this to my attention. This is a new possible way to calc the world engine based on the fact that it manipulates the gravity of earth. I really feel like this is much more accurate to what it’s actually doing that just...
  3. sageof8paths

    New way to calc The World Engine

    Hello there this is a new way to calc the world engine by how it’s explained. I spent a lot of time doing this so I please ask that you thoroughly read it through to understand. It’s stated to be increasing earths mass to that of krypton’s. For the longest time, there has been no precise way to...
  4. RanaProGamer

    Superman vs Omni-Man | One More Time (GRACE)

    With the recent update on Omni-Man's skill, I wanna see how he'd fair against the Man of Tommorow Standard Battle Assumptions Speed equalized Low 6-B Supes is used Evil Supes scales to 1.034 Teratons Good Supes scales to 1.029 Teratons Omni-Man (TV) vs Superman (SnyderCut) Who wins and why?
  5. DCEU Flash AP Revision - DCEU JL Durability Revision

    Batman tells Flash that he’ll need to travel faster than he ever has and make “physical contact” with Victor to “propel him inside The Unity.” Flash ended up completing this by running SoL+. Zack Snyder said Flash can punch at the speed of light, he essentially did an infinite mass punch in a...
  6. K4yshey1

    A Zombie fights the Man of Steel (3-0-0)

    Who would win in a fight between Super Brainz and Superman(DCU)? Saw no one doing this and getting answers, so I'm gonna try :3 Fight takes place in New York, both characters start at 10 meters apart. -Theatrical Superman and 6-B Super Brainz -Speed equalized -SBA A Really Strong Zombie: 3...
  7. Marvel_Champion_07

    DCEU SnyderVerse Heat Vision Question

    Wasn't sure whether to put this under Content Revision Threads or Questions and Answers As it is right now, SnyderVerse characters are scaling to a statement of using X-rays to superheat the scout ship metal to 3.5 million Kelvin However, this is something replicated by IRL scientists with...
  8. Marvel_Champion_07

    DCEU Kryptonian Lifting Strength Revision

    Early Superman, General Zod, Faora-Ul and Nam-Ek currently don't have any values for their Class M ratings. Early Superman does have two feats they can scale to: Holding up a collapsing tower Crushing a Kryptonian sentry drone I have been told that the tower section is called a derrick and a...
  9. Shmeatywerbenmanjenson

    Omni-Man (TV) vs Superman (DCEU): Battle of the Paragons

    Omni-Man vs Superman After running away from his beaten son, Nolan finds himself swept up into a dimensional warp where he is taken to another version of Earth. Here he notices everyone he knew doesn't exist and plans to start over, however he first needs to take care of anyone who would...
  10. Marvel_Champion_07

    Hero Hunter hunts down the Man of Steel (Garou vs Superman) [8-0-0]

    GAROU vs SUPERMAN (DCEU) 7-C Half Monster Garou and Superman are used Garou has prior knowledge on Superman Fight takes place in S-City Starting Distance: 10 meters Garou: 8 (@Phoenks, @Marvel_Champion_07, @XSOULOFCINDERX, @Epiccheev, @SeijiSetto, @Tatsumi504, @One-Mastor, @KingNanaya)...
  11. Cyber_VERGIL

    Superman (DCEU) is not a High 6-C. The World Engine is overrated.

    I checked this calculation in detail and came to some conclusions. The way you calculate his energy level per second is wrong. I have several arguments in favor of this: First, the method itself. You use the shockwave formula to calculate the total energy of an explosion. However, this is not...
  12. Marvel_Champion_07

    Bringing back Karathen scaling to the DCEU?

    As per @AnonymousBlank's suggestion: Black Adam and Superman are stated to be the most powerful and unstoppable forces on Earth and in the entire universe respectively (at this point of the DCEU) This is supported in the movie by Black Adam claiming to be incapable of being stopped by anyone...
  13. Marvel_Champion_07

    High 6-C General Zod

    Currently, General Zod doesn't scale to peak MoS Superman because he was fatigued during his fight However, the VFX people stated that Zod and MoS Superman were at the height of their powers, as per this source. So even though Clark is exhausted, they were both still at their peak when they...
  14. Marvel_Champion_07

    The Man of Steel fights the shortest 12-year-old boy I can think of

    SUPERMAN vs ALI 7-C versions are used Ali has access to all his Season 3 standard equipment (Tekno Magnetic Suit, yoyo, tops, etc.) Speed is equalised Fight takes place in Indoor M.A.T.A. Training Area Superman: 8 (@MARVEL_Future_Fight_Gamer, @AnonymousBlank, @Maverick_Zero_X...
  15. Marvel_Champion_07

    The Last Son of Krypton fights a ladybug

    SUPERMAN vs LADYBUG Theatrical Superman (7-C+ & Class M) and Season 1 Ladybug are being used Speed equalised Standard Battle Assumptions Superman: 0 Ladybug: 8 (@Gilad_Hyperstar, @RanaProGamer, @Artorimachi_Meteoraft, @jojo123, @Jimmy.robinson.5099, @Coolboy6, @MARVEL_Future_Fight_Gamer...
  16. Marvel_Champion_07

    Man of Steel vs Man in Black (DC Extended Universe)

    SUPERMAN vs BLACK ADAM (aka the super cool, heavily anticipated and hyped-up fight that we will now never get on the big screen) Theatrical Superman is used. Class Z Lifting Strength is restricted High 6-C and Relativistic BA is being used (in case it wasn't obvious) Fight takes place in...
  17. Marvel_Champion_07

    Giant Bat vs Average-Sized Alien (MonsterVerse vs DC Extended Universe)

    RODAN vs SUPERMAN Speed is equalised Theatrical Superman is used, Class Z Lifting Strength is restricted Standard Battle Assumptions Rodan: 0 Superman: 7 (@Arceus0x, @AnonymousBlank, @Artorimachi_Meteoraft, @Dalesean027, @Mariogoods, @The_one_you_least_expect, @Cimafranca133) Inconclusive:
  18. RanaProGamer

    Superman Fights... Himself? (GRACE)

    Multiverse rifts open, and the two Supermen meet at the Grand Canyon and dish it out. Standard Battle Assumptions Speed equalized. DCEU Supes scales to 152.7 Gigatons JLA Supes scales to 272.4 Gigatons Snyder Cut Supes vs JLA Superman Who wins and why?
  19. Nullflowerblush

    Superman's "true perception"

    The Wiki is currently under the notion that Superman's brief encounter with Barry Allen only counts towards his "true perception" speed. However, that is not correct. Not only did Superman visually track Barry, who moved fast enough for the Justice League to appear frozen, but he also launched...
  20. Maverick_Zero_X

    DCEU Additions

    Doomsday Resistance to Radiation (Withstood and absorbed a point-blank nuclear blast) Kinetic Energy Empowerment - Gets stronger every time he is hit Explosion Manipulation as shown here Large Size (Type 0) Superman Resistance to Radiation - As seen above he also withstood a nuclear...
  21. Popted2

    Tatsumi AGK VS DCEU Superman 7-0-0 Grace

    4th stage Incursio Tatsumi and Snyderverse Superman are used Speed Equalized https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Tatsumi_(Akame_ga_Kill!)#Powers_and_Stats : 7 ( Tatsumi504,Apex,Reploid,Eseseso,Pokemonfan,Pepper,Popted) https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Superman_(DC_Extended_Universe) :
  22. NHTkenshin2

    Come on bruh you knew it was coming (MCU vs DCEU)

    Thor (awakened) VS Superman (SnyderVerse) Speed equalised Who wins? Thor: 8 (@NaturalDestroyer, @Popted2, @Colonel_Krukov, @Sir_Marvulous, @I'm_Blue_daba_dee_daba_die, @Coolboy6, @Shizuka, @Unknownnah) Superman: Incon:
  23. AceOfSpaces3709

    Regime Superman VS Snyderverse Superman (GRACE)

    Who's ready for another Superman VS Superman fight? Three times the charm! Base Superman and Snyderverse Superman will be used Starting distance is 6 m, Snyderverse Supes has Class G LS, Speed is equalized, and Battle takes place at the Injustice Fortress of Solitude (Just like the first...
  24. NHTkenshin2

    speed upgrades (DC extended universe)

    I do think this one is pretty simple (i hope) In this scene, we see both the flash and superman viewing the entire justice league in almost frozen time. Which gives them their “far higher” ratings on their speeds. Considering WW for example, is comparable to pre-resurrection superman Then the...
  25. Zamasu_Chan

    DCEU Gets tier 6 back

    This calc was accepted at High 6-C. This scales to all the current High 7-As.
  26. Nullflowerblush

    Removing SoL Kryptonian Heat Vision (DCEU CRT)

    https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/User_blog:Nullflowerblush/%22I_can_do_things_normal_people_can%27t..._except_attack_at_lightspeed-%22_(DC_Extended_Universe) Currently, this excerpt from an otherwise sizable paragraph forms the basis of the Speed of Light attack speed rating for the DC...
  27. Mariogoods

    Superman (DC Extended Universe) VS Ikaris (Marvel Cinematic Universe)

    Rule: 1, Superman is in his SnyderVerse key (At least High 7-A, likely far higher) while Ikaris is At least 6-C. 2. Speed is unequalized. 3. SBA. Vote: Superman: 0 Ikaris: 0 Inconclusive: 0 Stats: Superman is >>>1.79 Gigaton. Ikaris is 41.59 Gigaton. Ikaris is about 23 times stronger than...
  28. Planck69

    Esper vs Alien: Shigeo Kageyama vs Superman (DCEU) (CONCLUDED)

    Or where Tome bribes Mob to capture her a psychic alien. Superman is...eh, close enough. This is 100% Anger Mob vs Snyder Cut Superman. So both are at High 7-A. Speed is equalized. Otherwise full SBA. White T Poison: 7 (Expectro2000xxx, Confluctor, Emirp sumitpo, Acer_, Sonicflare9, Vizer04...
  29. Maverick_Zero_X

    Justice League vs Avengers (Film edition)

    Justice League Superman The Flash Batman Wonder Woman Aquaman Cyborg Avengers Captain America (Base) Iron Man (Mark 50-85) The Hulk Thor (Awakened) Black Widow Hawkeye Round 1: All completely in-character (Morals on) Round 2: Standard Battle Assumptions (In-character but willing to kill)...
  30. NameIsForKing

    Superman vs All-Hunt.

    This is literally the best matchup. Same Tier, Speed and LS! Superman Vs All-Hunt Speed is NOT = Supes scales ABOVE 1.79 gigatons. I THINK All-Hunt scales above 2.64 gigatons. But you have to take into account that supes tanked this from a guy who scales above the 1.79 gigatons. So while i...
  31. NameIsForKing

    Justice league vs Team 7!

    This fight is only using the High 7-A of the teams! So no Batman, Sai or Yamato! For the Justice Leage Team you have - Superman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Flash and Cyborg. Speed is = here so the Flash would be pretty useless. The JL characters scale to 1.76 gigatons. All of the JL characters have...
  32. The_one_you_least_expect

    Dceu faora and Nam-ek should not scale to Clark

    I don’t believe that faora or nam-ek should scale to Superman’s World engine feat or any of his other feats later on in MoS(mostly after the smallville fight)or BvS. The reason for this is because Clark has gotten stronger over time since he started using his powers and had massively improved by...
  33. TauanVictor

    Superman (DCEU) VS Godzilla (Godzilla: Rage Across Time)

    Superman (DCEU) VS Godzilla (Godzilla: Rage Across Time) Fight Location: Metropolis Starting Distance: 20m Both in-character Equalized speed Pre-Mother Box Resurrection Superman Superman: 1 (@Planck69) Godzilla: Inconclusive:
  34. Vizer04

    DCEU [Resistance to Heat Manipulation]

    The metal from the Kryptonian Scout Ship can withstand temperatures of 3.5 million Kelvin. Superman can destroy the ship easily with his Heat Vision. Doomsday uses his own Heat Vision to overpower Superman's, who is fine after receiving the attack head-on. Cyborg can also withstand Heat...
  35. First_Witch

    High 7-A REBirth Tournament Round 7 (Naruto vs Superman)

    Welcome welcome, to the tournament of heroes and warriors! Follow along the fates of 16 remarkable individuals from across space and time, in this tournament of glory and honor! In this glorious Round, on the On the Left: Naruto Uzumaki! On the Right: Superman!
  36. sageof8paths

    Snyderverse Revision(tier 7 or 6?)

    Intro: What’s good people. This thread will be going over the reasons on why the high tiers of the Snyderverse( so no theatrical feats matter here)should at least be in tier 6. The characters were removed from tier 6 cuz of new creation rules so Zeus’s island creation feat didn't count...
  37. Vizer04

    The Greatest Hero vs The Man of Steel (0-1-0)

    Izuku and Superman decide to have a friendly sparring match. Izuku has extensive knowledge on Clark's abilities. They fight with this music because why not. Both at High 7-A and Speed Equalized. Izuku: Superman: 1 (@NameIsForKing) Inconclusive:
  38. The_one_you_least_expect

    Dceu Superman resistance to mind fuckery

    Zack synder states the reason why Clark becomes susceptible to the ALE is because darkseid bodied Lois, which would imply him being able to resist it under normal circumstances “Or if someone lost someone close to them they might become Susceptible to a certain Equation and blame a certain Bat...
  39. Vizer04

    Asta vs Superman (0-0-0)

    Both at High 7-A and Speed Equalized. Asta: Superman: Inconclusive:
  40. Maverick_Zero_X

    Superman vs your favorite character(s)

    …In an arm wrestle! Your character can win by any means that don’t involve inflicting harm onto Supes. Round 1: DCEU Superman Round 2: New 52 Superman Round 3: Post-Crisis Superman Round 4: Pre-Crisis Superman (Yes, the version that could throw a neutron star like a softball)