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sonic the hedgehog (game character)

  1. Chanimate

    BURY THE LIGHT vs FIND YOUR FLAME (Vergil vs Modern Sonic)

    I wanted to do this one because both have rad music. Vergil vs Base Sonic Speed is equalized Sonic has Caliburn along with his Standard Equipment, for fun (now they both have swords) I am the storm that is approaching (Vergil): 0 Now face it, you're just an enemy (Sonic): 0 The End comes...
  2. TauanVictor

    (GRACE) Sonic VS Mujin Park

    "Sir Sonic, Knight of the Wind" Sonic VS "Coordinator of The Six" Mujin Park Starting Distance: 5m Both are bloodlusted Equalized speed Optional Equipment allowed Adventure Era Sonic | Full Power Supreme God Mujin Park LOCATION: Sonic: 7 (@XxZetsuxX, @omegabronic, @Theuser789, @Eseseso...
  3. Brogeefrong

    Can the Weakest 5D beat a smurf with 5D? | Doomguy vs Base Sonic| 0-0-0

    Lol Doomguy sucks, but is he at least good enough to beat a guy with only 5D smurf shit? Doomguy is in his strongest key with all his weapons Sonic is in his Modern Key, and is Low 2-C (No Super Sonic) Fight takes place at an bestbuy Speed is equalized Votes Doomguy:0 Sonic:0 Sonic goes Super:0
  4. JJSliderman

    The Game Sonic cosmology upgrade 2: Dimensional Boogaloo

    Continuing on from this thread, hopefully we can stay more on topic this time. As before, all the relevant information and arguments are here. Credit to ShakeResounding and Greenshifter for looking over it and proofreading. As a tl;dr (this is primarily focused on the concept of hyper...
  5. JJSliderman

    Attempting to upgrade the game Sonic cosmology

    Now that the recent Otherworld Comedy and Sonic Dream Team have come out, I can finally make an attempt at upgrading the size of Game Sonic's cosmology (to coincide with the Archie boost). All the relevant information and arguments are here. Credit to ShakeResounding for looking over it and...
  6. Spinoirr

    Ruby vs Sonic

    Sonic is restricted to his base Modern Key Ruby is in her start TOP Key and Starts at Ultimate and can go up to UI Omen 2 Speed is NOT equal Sonic is 140 Septillion c and 48 Octillion c with Boost, Ruby is >59 Septillion c at Potential Unleashed, >2.95 Octillion c at Ultra Synergy and >59...
  7. Uuber1

    Hedgehog Trio invades your verse(s)

    Sonic, Silver, and Shadow invades your favorites verses in their super form. Round 1: Speed Equalized. Round 2: Speed Unequalized. 2-A Super form keys used for all of them. Do they clear? If so what difficulty? If not, how much trouble did said verse have?
  8. Remus1998

    Small Pentuple Hedgehog Enhanced Resistance Addition

    So recently, the verse received Dream Manipulation and Type 1 CM With both Void & the Time Eater gaining these abilities for affecting/erasing Maginaryworld. Amy, Knuckles and Tails have resistance to this for the below reasoning: Conceptual Manipulation & Dream Manipulation (Conceptual...
  9. Uuber1

    Sonic invades your verse(s)

    Round 1: Speed Equalized Round 2: Speed Unequalized SBA otherwise. Hyper Sonic 2-A key is used. Does he clear? If so what difficulty? Otherwise if said verse stops him, what difficulty did they have?
  10. ZespeonGalaxy

    Sonic vs Maxwell (Speed Panels)

    Speed is = Both are 2-A Sonic is Hyper Starting Distance is 100 yards Win via Incap or KO Sonic gets all equipment We Dont have time to be fancy. Notepad guy: Kid Named Incon aka scp 682
  11. Prime2024

    Base games sonic and his 4-C rating

    Base Sonic is rated 4-C based on the fact that he faught characters powered by a Chaos Emerald. We know that a single Emerald is capable of doing this. The question : why do we assume that every character who uses a Chaos Emerald are automatically 4-C ? Is there any proof to suggest that those...
  12. Lenyo456

    Trying to make Classic Sonic great again

    ~Context~ I think most of us know that the current profile of classic Sonic, his base scale to low 4-C for defeating those who have a chaos emerald, and that's not wrong, but my point is when they also count the events of Sonic generations in their superform as their peak (I think that's enough...
  13. ZespeonGalaxy

    The Freedom Blurs: Archie Sonic vs Game Sonic (7-1-0

    Surprised no one done this yet ! Starting Distance is 35 Meters Both Low 2-C Base forms Battle takes place in Angel Island (Game Angel Island) Winner via incap or ko both get optional equipment Speed is = What you see is what you get!: 2 (Hyperstar, Omega) Oh Yeah Cherry Flavored Chump? 7...
  14. omegabronic

    Sonic Revision: OP Parrying, VOID's rise and Emerald real warp, but not really tho

    Sonic Frontiers: Parry Through It All Simple stuff, Sonic's Parry skill allows him to completely block all attacks in the game, but to the extent of it is very high, since he can completely block attacks from Knight, while also, when at the right angle, one shot enemies that can take his...
  15. Uuber1

    Smash Bros. Free for All

    Round 1: Speed equalized and everyone is in character Round 2: Speed isn't equalized and everyone is bloodlusted Characters at their peak for both rounds Otherwise SBA. Round 3: Goku gets thrown into the fray.
  16. Uuber1

    Sonic vs Dimentio

    Speed equalized 2-B for both is used (Super Sonic and Super Dimentio) SBA otheriwse Sonic: Dimentio: Incon:
  17. Infinite is NOT WEAK! [Sonic Forces CRT]

    For the first time ever on this wiki, I'm actually going to propose an upgrade to the Sonic cast rather than a downgrade. A lot of people didn't like my arguments on downgrading Sonic's speed in one of my CRTs so I thought of making one that acknowledges Infinite and how powerful he truly is...
  18. Uuber1

    Hyper Sonic vs A Stronger Goku

    Speed Equalized 2-A Keys are used Round 1: No Keysword Round 2: Has Keysword SBA otherwise Sonic: Xeno Goku: Incon:
  19. Lenyo456

    Giganto faces the golden Hedgehog again, but younger. (8-0-0)

    Giganto: 8 vs Classic Super Sonic: 0 -Both 2-B -I don't know if I can, but if so, victory only by death, if not. Victory by any means -Battle take place's in Kronos Island -They are at a distance of 4 kilometers -Both in character -Battle theme
  20. Uuber1

    Sonic vs Spawn

    Speed Equalized 2-A is used (Super Sonic and Divine Spawn) SBA otherwise Sonic: Spawn: Incon:
  21. ZespeonGalaxy

    Fastest Thing Alive vs A Sponge! (Sonic vs Spongebob) 11-4-2

    4-A versions are used Both get Optional Equipment Speed is = Starting Distance is 35 meters Location: Green Hill Zone I'm Ready!: 4 https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Spongebob_Squarepants_(Character)#With_Equipment A Guy who loves adventure!: 11...
  22. One-Mastor

    Sonic (Modern) vs Thor (Comics) /0-0-0/

    Sonic Modern vs Thor Base was used Rules: Sonic is 4-A and Thor is 3-C Sonic have Caliburn Speed is equalized Any win-con is valid Bloodbuster in both 50 meters of distance in the start Location: A random planet in Marvel Votes: Sonic Modern: "The will to live, the drive to achieve, the...
  23. One-Mastor

    Sonic vs Twilight Sparkle /8-0-0/ (GRACE END, SONIC WIN)

    Super Sonic Frontiers vs Twilight Sparkle Rainbow Power was used Rules: Sonic and Twilight Sparkle in 2-A peaks Speed is equalized Any win-con is valid 10 meters of distance in the start Votes: Super Sonic Frontiers "You are too slow!": 8...
  24. HaloThereGeneralKid

    Some questions about Sonic (Game verse)

    Just a few questions I've wondered while checking out the Sonic wiki pages 1) How fast is Sonic? Yep I'm actually asking this, since on his page most of the feats are just light speed feats, where the main impressive one is the Dodon Pa's Rocket feat, but then I saw on this thread a while ago...
  25. One-Mastor

    Sonic (Modern) vs Anos Voldigoad /0-0-0/

    Super Sonic Frontiers vs Anos Voldigoad with Venuzdonoa was used Rules: Sonic and Anos in Low 2-C Sonic have Excalibur and Anos Voldigoad have Venuzdonoa Speed is equalized Any win-con is valid Bloodbuster for two Votes: Super Sonic Frontiers "You are too slow!": 0 Anos Voldigoad...
  26. One-Mastor

    Sonic (Modern) vs Ness /Super Sonic Stomp/

    Super Sonic Frontiers vs Ness End Game was used Rules: Sonic and Ness in 2-B All equipment for Ness Speed is equalized Any win-con is valid Bloodbuster for two Votes: Super Sonic Frontiers "We can stomp you very fast if you are too slow!": 0 Ness End Game "... Sigh": 0 Incon...
  27. One-Mastor

    Sonic (Modern) vs Neptune (Hyperdimension Neptunia) /x54 Speed stomp/

    Hyper Sonic Frontiers vs Neptune Next Form was used Rules: Sonic in 2-A, higher and Neptune in 1-C Sonic have opcional equipment Speed is equalized Any win-con is valid Bloodbuster for Sonic and Neptune Votes: Hyper Sonic Frontiers "100% Winrate? So easy!": 0 Neptune Next Form "Don't...
  28. One-Mastor

    Sonic (Modern) vs Hedgehog /Super Sonic stomp/

    Super Sonic Frontier vs Hedgehog Part 2 was used Botw in 2-A Speed is Equalized Any win-con is valid Bloodbuster in Sonic and... Obviously in Hedgehog Super Sonic Frontiers "Golden little heroe": 2 (@One-Mastor,@eseseso) Hedgehog part 2 "Black swordmonster": 0 Incon "They just get bored": 0
  29. SeijiSetto

    Mori Dan vs Sonic the Hedgehog (9-7-1)

    Mori Dan (The God of High School Key) VS Sonic the Hedgehog (Adventure Era) Rules: Speed equal. Both combatants are playing to win but not bloodlusted. Battle takes place in Seoul, South Korea. Sonic scales to 465 ExaFOE, Mori scales to 48.4 ExaFOE (but can go up to at LEAST 387.6 ExaFOE in...
  30. Lenyo456

    Mihoyo wants revenge, and that's why it brought a formidable opponent.

    Sonic the Hedgehog Vs Kiana Kaslana Rules: -Base Modern Sonic is used -Herrscher of Flamescion is used -Speed equalized -Battle take place in Green Hill -Win via Death or K.O -(This was made when Sonic was 4-A) Blue hedgehog: 1 Fried tuna: 1 Archie Sonic and HG2 Kiana come and solo both: 0
  31. ZespeonGalaxy

    Sonic Vs Kirby

    Yay I'm back with another Sonic matchup! This time against Kirby! Both 2-C Speed equal Sonic is in Super Kirby is in his post star allies key Starting Distance is 20 meters apart Both are allowed to have optional equipment Blue Blur (Or Yellow in this case): Pink Friendly Ball: Kid Named...
  32. Pippom3la

    Sephiroth vs Sonic

    Both at 2-A Sonic can't use Hyper Speed Equalized One Winged Angel: Blue Blur:
  33. ZespeonGalaxy

    Sonic vs Cloud (0-0-8) (CONCLUDED!)

    Yup. This is how it starts and ends. Clouds Bike got accidentally broken by Sonic. While Sonic was running. As Sonic tries to fix the bike Cloud insists he lets Sonic give cloud his shoes. So he can show Sonic how to be careful. And you guess the rest Speed is = Winner via KO, Death, or Incap...
  34. omegabronic

    Hyper vs Super (imma abuse the rules to make funny a match)

    yep, you heard that right Hyper sonic is in his "At least 2-B" Super sonic is in his "Likely 2-A" Super: Hyper: 3 (@Sir_Marvulous @PROPLAYEN @MrKerf ) Incon: theme song for the battle
  35. Eseseso

    Hyper Unleashed: Hyper Sonic vs Super Shadow without Limiters

    Hyper Sonic vs a Super Shadow without Inhibitor Rings (Since they both beat True Form THE END), both 2-A Location: Same field where Super Sonic fought Giganto Music: Find Your Flame, Undefeatable, or Solaris Phase 2 In-Character for both, asides from Super Shadow immediately choosing his...
  36. Rose_of_Ragnarok

    Hyper Sonic vs. Archie Illumina

    2-A versions. Who wins? Sonic: 0 Illumina: 0
  37. Dust_Collector

    Sonic vs Odin

    Sonic is again thrown into the world of myth, he's run through the Arabian Nights and Camelot and now he's thrust in- Wait I've done this speech before. Anyhoo, Super Sonic is flying through space because he's bored and ends up in Asgard, and the All-Father being in a incredibly bad mood just...
  38. Spinoirr

    I'm really feeling it! vs NOW I'LL SHOW YOU! (Shulk vs Sonic)

    Rules: Speed is equal Both are 2-A Fight takes place on Anur Transyl Sonic is super Sonic Monado II Shulk is being used Now I'll show you! Super Sonic style!: I'll change the future!: battle ost:
  39. Gabs22_Gamer

    The fastest known speedsters across creation, now face each other in a fierce brawl (GRACE)

    Sonic the Hedgehog VS Flash (Wally West) Conditions are stated below: Battle takes place across an indestructable universe, so they can use their full potential. Super Sonic comes to the fight at full capacity, meaning 2-A is being used, Flash is at his peak, so he is also 2-A and can use the...
  40. Tier Possibly 2-A to Possibly Tier 1 Sonic Cosmology

    So recently a revelation occurred to us. There’s this video: Time being one dimension of reality within the endless possibilities as well as anything being possible. https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/664653902742028300/1086018252578226176/IMG_5374.png...