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odin (marvel comics)

  1. Marvel_Champion_07

    [Marvel Comics] Odinforce Thor - Varies rating

    Just like his father, Thor should have a Varies rating for his Odinforce key due to the exact same justification. Even the scan used on Odin's profile is based on Thor needing to enter the Odinsleep to recharge his powers when near-depleted.
  2. Dust_Collector

    Sonic vs Odin

    Sonic is again thrown into the world of myth, he's run through the Arabian Nights and Camelot and now he's thrust in- Wait I've done this speech before. Anyhoo, Super Sonic is flying through space because he's bored and ends up in Asgard, and the All-Father being in a incredibly bad mood just...
  3. Suigetsuhyugs

    Thor and Odin scaling to Captain Marvel?

    Before going crazy on me hating better hear me out. First i will stablish a thing or 2 about Carol Danvers and her Binary form. Now lets head to the main subject about Thor and Odin Now that we know her binary form and her base form dont have a clear difference we can talk about the...
  4. Dust_Collector

    Simple Odin Addition

    In the recent Thor Vol 6 #25, it's shown that Odin was unaffected by Amoras seduction spell, so he should get resistance to empathic manipulation.
  5. Dust_Collector

    Odin vs Darkseid

    idk, this match just kinda popped into my head out of nowhere so I'm quickly making it before I go to bed. Darkseid is using his Pre-Flashpoint Emanation and both him and Odin are using their 2-A high ends, speed is also equalized. The (Former) All-Father of Asgard: The Ruler of Apokolips...
  6. Qawsedf234

    Odin (616 Marvel) vs Odin (Dungeons and Draongs)

    Odin Borson (Mavel Comics) vs Odin (Dungeons and Dragons) Speed: Equalized Mindset: In-character Standard gear Prep: They know the other is an alternate version of themselves. Otherwise none. Location: One of the floating planet continents of Ysgard Starting Distance: 15 meters / 50 Feet The...
  7. ObberGobb

    Marvel Comics - Odin AP Revision

    Two reasons: 1. There are more justifications for the "possibly 2-A" than there are for the 2-C, and only one of them (The "maybe infinite iceberg") is just a possibility. The rest are pretty clear cut, and it being separately stated to exist on all planes of reality provides justification that...
  8. Dust_Collector

    Marvel Odin Additions

    So a while ago while I had to isolate I thought I'd try my hand at looking through Odins appearances and see if he was missing anything (Missing a lot as it turned out, especially in the P&A department). Here's his current profile for comparisons sake, below are my proposed changes and...
  9. Quantu

    Odin (Marvel) vs Fu (Dragon Ball)

    Odin is at his peak 2-A Fu w/ Universe Tree and Dogidogi power (last key). Speed equalized. Odin: Fu:
  10. Rasputin

    Odin vs Hades

    Odin Hades
  11. Revan_Laha

    A question about the tier of Marvel Skyfathers (possible Low 1-C)

    We have put Odin and Zeus at At least 2-C, possibly 2-A, and we have Doctor Strange and Dormammu as measures for scaling. But both these characters are 2-A, possibly Low 1-C. Shouldn't Odin be put there too? Also this feat should be added to Uatu, who scales to Odin. Uatu and Aron eventually...
  12. Oliver_de_jesus

    Magic characters part 2 Revision (Marvel Comics)

    So let's get started, Mikaboshi, Beta Ray bill and Hercules pages is poorly structured, so i re-create their profiles Chaos king new profile Hercules New profile Beta Ray Bill Zeus add scans Stamina: The battle of Thor and Zeus lasted for months.-Thor vol 1 Annual #8 Dormammu New powers...
  13. Odin (Marvel Comics) vs Zenos yar Galvus

    Both at 2-C. Speed is equal. Both have morals on. Odin: 1 (ZetaMarishi) Zenos: 0 Inconclusive: 0
  14. Good matchups with Odin.

    Who is a good matchup for Odin from Marvel Comics at 2-A?
  15. Elizio33

    Barbatos (DC Comics) vs Odin (Marvel Comics)

    The fight take place in Asgard and Odin has Thor and the Asgardians while Barbatos has his seven Dark Knights such as Devastator, Red Death and the Merciless. Who win?
  16. Adem_Warlock69

    Odin vs Odin

    Odin (Marvel Comics) vs Odin (God of War) Both are 2-C Speed equal Odin: Odin: 2 Incon:
  17. Garchomp777

    Martian Manhunter vs Odin

    Martian Manhunter vs Odin Standard battle assumptions, but morals off for both Tier 4 vs Tier 2. Sounds like a spite match, I know, but morals off martian manhunter is a whole different character and he has extremely consistent tier 2 mindhax and beyond. J'onn: 1 Odin: Inconclusive: My vote...
  18. LordTracer

    2-A/Low 1-C Skyfathers and Hell Lords

    Alright, this thread has been a long time coming. There was a thread attempting to upgrade Odin to 2-A in the past, but it was rejected on the basis of being an outlier. So here I come, bringing examples from characters other than Odin to show that it isn’t an outlier. Yggdrasil We’ll start...
  19. Prdiksudik

    Odin possibly upgrade to 2A with destroyer

    If Destroyer got upgrade, why not Odin with Destroyer didn´t get upgrade
  20. Zenkaibattery1

    Odins Concept Manipulation problem

    https://vsbattles.com/vsbattles/1965082 On this thread it was discussed that Odin should have concept manipulation because he killed Hela, who is the embodiment of death, which then destroyed death itself and people could not die. However, isn't this just a chain reaction feat and would just...
  21. Ehnkr2beboh

    Whis vs Odin

    2-C for both, obviously speed is equal. Whis gets his staff, but Odin doesn't get the Odinsword. Whis: Odi: 3 (Tony Stark69, C2 of Omegon, ClassicNesFan)
  22. Elizio33

    Superboy-Prime vs Odin (Marvel Comics)

    The fight take place in Asgard and Base Superboy-Prime is used. For the second round; Countdown Prime is used. Both bloodlusted. Who win?
  23. Hykuu

    Odin Upgrade

    Since this follows into the Sentry stuff for the most part, I thought I should just get this out of the way. Of course, One of the Key Points here is that Mephisto is 2-A in his realm, and so are other hell lords, this is very important, as there is really no way to deny Mephisto and Odin being...
  24. LordWhis

    2A Marvel thread

    Since Dormammu bragged that he was the equal of Odin or Zeus so they should be comparable if not stronger than him so 2A. Furthermore King Thor was able to overpower half of the in-betweener. All characters who scale from them should be 2A. Furthermore Thor's Godblast was superior to Odin and...
  25. SenkosAquila

    Scan please

    On Odins page it has concept manipulation of him erasing and restoring the concept of death, can I get a scan of that please?
  26. Hagane_no_Saiyajin

    Thanos vs Odin/ A Thanos AP upgrade

    Thanos vs. Odi As we can see here base Thanos is decently able to hold his own against Odin who here is 2-C. Now according to our page for Thanos he is 4-B for being stronger than Silver Surfer however we aren't exactly how much stronger though. This comic though give a pretty decent high-ball...
  27. SuperAPM

    Odin Modern Key Addition

    It's been brought to my attention that there is a big disparity between Odin's classic and modern power level, especially with regards to how he scales to the rest of Marvel as a whole. I was asked to make this thread so that everyone can decide whether it is necessary to make a Modern 4-B key...
  28. LordTracer

    Odin v. Darkseid - Round Two (GRACE)

    Both 4-B. Modern Odin and Post-Flashpoint Avatar Darkseid. Speed equalized. Odi: Darkseid: 7 (Ionliosite, LordUrien935, The Unknown Warrior1, Schnee One, Oliver de Jesus, Migue79, Listentomyrhytm) Inconclusive:
  29. Hykuu

    Marvel Cosmics Upgrade (Including Sentry and Statement Analysis)

    I was hoping in this thread, to be able to compress and analyze all the feats and reasoning for why I think Captain Britian should be Atleast 2-A, Likely Higher, I am aware there have been multiple threads regarding these feats, and all of them have been declined, but I do hope we can carry out...
  30. Onnipotenteee

    Mangog Power

    4B tier? this is completely wrong...This last powerful survivor of his race have the power in 2018 comics mighty thor Mangog kill war thor, Mangog massacred easily destroyer....**** Odin,unworty thor,asgardians...is a 2A or hig..is absourd
  31. Not_Icarus

    2-C SHuman-Gorath

    Shouldn't he outside of his realm scale to the other 2-C characters?
  32. Lord_of_Apokolips

    Odin ( Marvel comics ) upgrade

    https://2.bp.blogspot.com/JuBVR5-HIA7S4cS7BT6rWHgp-5FWsru8JmJPOMvLqt0Zc4S_yJRc9E1wwcEeU9UOIwMGltVVMy0R=s1600 , https://2.bp.blogspot.com/BTXZSEosTTsKpWTwIpQ68KlvmCY7GMhscu0JErxqBc47YRlW19n8UmR12ZrfOvC5-bDysebxVR5u=s1600 ...
  33. Hellbeast1

    The Lord of Apokalips vs the King of Asgard.

    Let's be honest, you knew this was coming. It's Omega Effect vs Odin Force as two Gods go to war. Darkseid is Godhead (JK It's 2-C Seid) vs Odin in base. Speed equalized just in case One Eyed Willy: B E G O N E T H O T: 10 (Sir Sun, Ion, Emperor Doom, Ogbun, Zamasu Chan Lord Urien, Jack...
  34. Ultima_Reality

    Classic Doctor Strange Revisions

    hoi So, I'm not really a "marvel guy", but for the past few days, I've been reading through Classic Doctor Strange's appearances, as the current condition of the page is a tad lackluster and really doesn't meet my this wiki's standards of quality at all. Anyways, I will cut to the chase here...
  35. DanielIH15

    Odin and Gungnir

    Shouldn't Odin have in his abilities "Homing attack" thanks to Gungnir? I once saw that the spear follow its target to never fail, but I don't remember it very well.
  36. Firestorm808

    Thor (Jane Foster) fighting Odin

    https://***************.to/Comic/Mighty-Thor-2016/Issue-5?id=28010 Can someone explain the context of this? Is this Jane using the Odinforce? Is Odin weakened somehow or holding back? Is this PIS or an Outlier?

    Odin 3-b ?

    May i know why a skyfather being especially odin is at 3-b? when his battle with seth was destroying not just fabric of the universe but was echoing throughout multiverse and you guys know how big is marvel multiverse right plus if odin is still 3-b why is beerus low 2-c ? they barely shake the...
  38. The_2nd_Existential_Seed

    Reevaluation of those on Skyfather and Above (For the Dormammu Thread)

    WIP. This isn't something I'll be able to complete immediately. Characters who Feats scale to Skyfather level + Above Beings Uatu the Watcher. Surprisngly The Watchers has a lot of high-end feats to use of either Tier 2 to 1 of scale than even Tier 3 feats [ Stated multiple times that Uatu...
  39. ABoogieYesSir

    Odin Attack Potency Upgrade

    Odin head butt Galactus so hard that Galactus passed out. Galactus is a walking concept, a brother of Eternity and Death, and the one balancing the scale between them. Galactus defeated both Chaos and order (the embodiments of them) by litterally punching them. when Odin fought seth, he enarly...
  40. Alonik

    Odin Atack Level/Ability Additions

    Odin Ability Additions Atack Level 1) Odin tore Tenth realm,and sealed the universe in a hut (Universe Level) Ability and possibility to Attack Potency 1) The fire of surtur would burn all the multiverse (All nine realms, and the others realitys, Everything with a capital E), And Odin...